“Who Are You” Episode 7 Recap

Tessieroo: I could look at Kim Jae Wook emote using only his eyes forever. *sigh* The opening with a tear streaming down his face was mesmerizing. I’ve been DYING for him to get a lead role.

Clockwatcher: Unfortunately, this ain’t it. Maybe his next drama?
WAY 58Tessieroo: I know – he keeps getting 2nd lead parts. Okay, so do we think she fully remembers now? Or does she remember him at all? They showed her having a flashback of the shooting but that’s it.

Clockwatcher: It’s too soon for her to remember everything.

Tessieroo: I guess, if nothing else – she remembers she was there when he was killed. Plus it’s still not clear to me if they were partners?

Clockwatcher: I remember him kissing her then going over to get killed. Even if you’re lovers, it’s highly unprofessional to make out with your partner at work.

Tessieroo: LMAO – very true. Mentor Sunbae is hiding something but so far, he doesn’t appear to be trying to lead the investigation in the wrong direction. But he’s not really helping either.

Clockwatcher: I could have sworn that we saw this scene last week.

Tessieroo: You mentioned last week that after Shi On talked to the Chief and told him her memories might be starting to come back, someone went after her. Now she asks to see the files from the 6-year-old case and he tells her they are inaccessible without permission. And he won’t even tell her who died.

Clockwatcher: I think it was one of the readers who mentioned that fact but Chief is clearly all talk and no action. He pretends to be helping her but really isn’t.
WAY 59Tessieroo: Funny how I don’t trust anyone. Shi On thinks back to the recent cases and realizes there has been an object tied in with each one. The gym uniform with the name tag, the silver briefcase and the tape recorder. She goes to the Lost and Found storage room to search through the objects.

The box is there but she doesn’t pick it up! *smacks head on desk*

Clockwatcher: It’s only Episode 7.

Tessieroo: I’m always so impatient, right? *kekeke* Shi On goes through a daily date book and finds a business card. Is this her date book from 6 years ago? Why wouldn’t Hyung Joon’s name or phone number be in it? Or why are there no pictures of him in her house?

Clockwatcher: Maybe he was already a ghost when they started dating.

Tessieroo: She immediately goes to the address on the business card. It turns out, the guy she’s trying to track down was the first officer on the scene 6 years ago.

Our lovely, sad ghost shows up in front of the Medium and he must be able to read her thoughts, he smiles when she says to herself a ghost is really sitting in front of her. *eyes glaze over at his smile*

He speaks! WOOHOO! But I guess she’s the only one who can hear him? Damn. He wants her to give Shi On the license plate number he took down but our Medium suddenly has an attitude. As in: “Why should I and what’s in it for me?” MEH, she’s annoying and I want to slap her face off.
WAY 60Clockwatcher: She’s been annoying since Day 1. But she’s right, though  – nothing in life is free. At least humans pay her.

Tessieroo: I didn’t mind her too much but now she’s messing with my lovely, sad ghost.

Clockwatcher: But all your lovely, sad ghost does is wear a blue shirt and stalk everybody. I really need to know what he’s been doing for six years.

Tessieroo: The man Shi On is meeting with waits until she leaves and then calls out to the guy she’s really looking for. So this guy was hiding in the back room the whole time. *sigh*

Clockwatcher: Considering how loud the other guy was, I expected her to hear him. And given that this haraboji already has one foot in the grave, will he be the ghost for the week?

Tessieroo: Rookie Sung Chan gets some advice from Gun Woo about girls *yawns*

Clockwatcher: Well, apparently, Gun Woo had overheard him say something about a girl with spiritual powers so he was trying to figure out how much he knows (thinking he knew about Shi On) but he was talking about the medium.

Tessieroo: Hee Bin shows up to talk to Shi On and give her the plate number. She lies about where it came from and what it is, telling Shi On it was from a hit & run in front of her building.

Gun Woo gets a flashdrive of the traffic cameras in the area Shi On was attacked. The man Shi On was looking for coughs up blood and figures he’s not long for this world so he should spill everything he knows.

Clockwatcher: And he totally tells his friend that he’s about to spill his guts to Shi On. *facepalm* He’s totally about to bite it.
WAY 61Tessieroo: LMAO –  how much more obvious can they be? Shi On gets a call to meet him and Gun Woo decides to tag along. He must know he needs to be there to save her again.

They meet at a cross-walk and of course, the mysterious black car runs the guy over. Gun Woo shoves Shi On out of the way just in time. The other guy ends up at the hospital.  I knew there was no way this guy would live to tell her anything. I guess I’m happy it wasn’t the standard Korean white truck?

Clockwatcher: And why are they showing the killer’s face? And while I knew he was going to die, am I really supposed to believe his friend betrayed him? Maybe his house or phone is bugged or something. And didn’t Shi On see the car approaching? If Gun Woo could lunge across and push her out of the way, then she could very well have jumped out of the way herself! And they should have saved that old man.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo takes Shi On home and she finally tells him she’s been investigating the case from 6 years ago. She notices he’s bleeding and takes him inside to clean his teeny, tiny dot of a scrape. He acts like she’s killing him and I LOVED that she pulled his huge ear. Bwahahahaha

Clockwatcher: Back to more sexual tension that’s leading nowhere (?).

Tessieroo: Okay, I’m disagreeing with those who say these 2 have no chemistry but maybe it’s only chemistry with their comedic timing? I think they’re cute and all the BTS stuff I’ve seen, they look like they’re having a blast filming.
WAY 62Clockwatcher: They are cute but the story needs to move along.

Tessieroo: The guy in the hospital is killed. (That was a total no-brainer)

Clockwatcher: There was an attempt on his life and they didn’t have a cop guarding his hospital room?

Tessieroo: And the nurse was in his room just moments before, she didn’t see anyone enter his room? Shi On blames herself, cries and burns pages out of her date book.

Clockwatcher: After the tears dry, she should avenge his death.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo notices the license plate number on her desk and tells her it’s the same one he’s been looking in to. It was at the scene the night she was attacked.

Clockwatcher: Wasn’t that the same one he called in after the old man got hit? If so, these murderers are sloppy.

Tessieroo: Shi On angrily confronts the Medium.

Clockwatcher: She wasn’t angry enough. She should have pulled some Hyung Min from Heartless City moves and beat the truth out of her.

Tessieroo: Once she leaves, the Medium then asks Hyung Joon what his relationship with Shi On is? He says she’s the woman he loves. *sniff*
WAY 63Gun Woo tells Moon Sik he’s tracked the car and all about the retired cop who was killed. *sigh* When he asks him to look into it, Moon Sik tells him it’s a special case and he can’t. Uh huh.

When Shi On arrives home, she notices her door is open.

Clockwatcher: With no gun, it’s time to turn around, Sweetheart.

Tessieroo: When she goes inside with a baseball bat – it’s Gun Woo.

Clockwatcher: I wish it were a baseball bat – it was a broom with a plastic handle.

Tessieroo: LMAO – I was keeping one eye on my dinner and one eye on the screen. Gun Woo has installed a CCTV camera outside her front door. She pretty much tells him she doesn’t want his help.

Clockwatcher: Her life is in danger and her home isn’t secure since Gun Woo and anyone else can break in. If it wasn’t clear that these killers really didn’t want her dead, I would say she was asking to be killed.

Tessieroo: Moon Sik looks up the case and reads some of the files on the computer. Wait, I thought he couldn’t? Pfffttttt. The computer screen goes wonky and Hyung Joon shows up beside him.
WAY 64The Medium has a client that Hyung Joon helps her with, giving her inside information about the woman such as her husband beats her and he’s also cheating on her. She makes a lot of money from that case but is still snarky about helping Hyung Joon.

Clockwatcher: She’s obviously going to help him but she makes a good point – he’s dead. But it’s good to know he’s not aiming for a forbidden love.

Tessieroo: Shi On goes through the envelope left to her by the guy who was killed. He was carrying Hyung Joon’s police badge. So now she knows his name and knows he was a Detective. When she keys in his badge number, nothing comes up.

Clockwatcher: Oh oh, Heartless City for real. He’s undercover. LOL.

Tessieroo: I wonder if it will really be like Heartless City and everyone is undercover? She goes to search paper records in a dark basement. (Of course) Moon Sik is there searching through a binder. He comes across something with both his name and Hyung Joon’s name on it and removes that page from the binder.

Clockwatcher: Well, if he’s undercover, should there be hard copies of his existence? Of course, I am talking Kdrama undercover where people can become cops by going to jail to trail unnies and not the regular one where you just have a phony cover-up job or pretend to be dead.

Tessieroo: Hyung Joon shows up in front of Shi On and forces her to step backwards to another aisle, putting his fingers to his lips. Moon Sik pretends to leave the room but goes back to search.

Clockwatcher: Then he tries to protect (and hide) her with his body. Has he forgotten that he’s a ghost a.k.a. Moon Shik will see through him?
WAY 65

Clockwatcher: This show has gotten quite boring. Please, let’s go back to the a-ghost-a-week format. It kept things interesting. Are we now supposed to spend ten episodes trying to piece together her memories? I’ve been giving Moon Sik the benefit of the doubt but there’s a limit. Is he conducting his own investigation or is he a bad guy?

Tessieroo: I actually thought this episode was a tiny bit better than last week but I agree that it’s moving too slow. I also miss the ghost-of-the-week stuff and now that Gun Woo knows, they could have written more with that idea: her following leads from ghosts that he can’t see. Instead they started resolving the case from 6 years ago and they’ll have to drag that out – otherwise the show is over.

Clockwatcher: Seriously, I’m freaking bored. I don’t care enough about that story to see 12 flashbacks of that one scene of him getting killed.

Tessieroo: Still, I’m very glad Hyung Joon can talk even if it’s to a person I don’t much care for. I’m getting the idea that he might not know who shot him? (Did you say that last week? LMAO) It feels like he’s trying to solve the mystery of his own death as well as help Shi On to uncover what happened.

Clockwatcher: Well, he was reading the document with Moon Sik. I don’t know… all I know is that if they are going to rip off Ghost, they’d better give us a pottery scene. Oh, my love, my darling…

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  • sally_b says:

    Thanks for the (very funny) recap ladies ! I wish I had more time to play by posting my numerous thoughts on this show — but I have a dawn-o-clock flight in a few hours and have to *try* to rest.

    For now…..Kim Jae Wook is wha’ts keeping me watching this show…. and surprisingly…also the bad guy who lost his watch trying (stupidly) to bury Shi On in the woods surround by cops as well as mowing-down the oldster in the road.

    Why? you may ask. The actor’s name is Kang Sung Pil and he played a minor role (bad guy again) in Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010. He was twittering behind the scenes photos of the cast all the time, so I tweeted him — thanking him for all the fun photos.

    He started tweeting me back — a lot. We talked about what kind of music we liked — well, more like we sent each other links for youtube vids — I don’t speak Korean and his English is pretty rudimentary. But anyway ~~~ long story made short:

    He got into some trouble with the LAW over having smoked some herb — here in the U.S., weed is the equivalent to being publicly drunk — in Korea it’s the equivalent of selling Heroin to 2nd graders. So he’s been paying his public duty dues and *reflecting* as demanded — this is his first role since the deal went down.

    I tweeted him congratulations and got a nice reply within the hour.

    So while the show may be slowwwww and tedious — I get to oogle Jae Wook and cheer for my twitter buddy.

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