“Who Are You” Episode 8 Recap

Tessieroo: Back in the storage room, I loved how Hyung Joon “protected” Shi On from being discovered by Moon Sik but…I don’t get it. Someone needs to explain to me how a ghost can stand in front of a live being and keep them from being seen. Is he like an invisible shield or something?

Clockwatcher: It makes no sense on any level. If he could shield her, Moon Sik would have seen his body. If he were invisible, then Moon Sik would have seen her. How in the world did he walk past and not see her?
WAY 66Tessieroo: Moon Sik gets a phone call and leaves while Hyung Joon appears to sigh in relief. Shi On calls his name and asks why he keeps saving her? Honey, we all wanna know why you keep needing to be saved. Aren’t you a police officer?

Clockwatcher: LMAO.

Tessieroo: She also asks if he knows who is trying to kill her. He just stares and walks away, turning around to see if she is following. He leads her down an aisle and nods his head towards a specific box of records. She figures out that a page or pages are missing. When she looks up, Hyung Joon is gone. Well, that was no help at all.

Clockwatcher: He cut out hours of searching through all those cabinets. That has to count for something.

Tessieroo: Well, that’s true but he could have taken her to Moon Sik’s desk or pointed to his name or something! Moon Sik shreds the sheet of paper he just removed. They’re doing a good job of making him look like the bad guy.

Clockwatcher: He waited six years to shred it?

Tessieroo: Gun Woo tries to call Shi On but she left her phone at work. He goes to her house because Moon Sik invited them both out to eat. While they wait for him, Shi On gives Gun Woo back his fake, lighter gun and he brags about shooting.
WAY 67Clockwatcher: That chicken looked good!

Tessieroo: Moon Sik arrives and tells Shi On that Gun Woo won a shooting competition. He demonstrates with the fake gun. Shi On has yet another flashback of Hyung Joon getting shot. She drops her drink.

Clockwatcher: Oh oh. Sunbae is the killer?

Tessieroo: She then asks if Moon Sik knows Lee Hyung Joon and he denies knowing who he is. Okay…LIAR.

Clockwatcher: Now that he’s really appearing evil, all I get are flashbacks of his disgusting, spitting character on Coffee Prince.

Tessieroo: LOL. I do love this actor though, he’s really good. Gun Woo asks Shi On where she was earlier and she replies that she was looking up some information in the records room. Ruh, oh. Moon Sik looks startled at this bit of knowledge.

Clockwatcher: You see why it’s hard for me to buy him as a baddie? He’s got a bad poker face when it matters. Yes, in reality, there are tons of bumbling baddies but in fiction, they are slick and smart.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo shows up to drive Shi On to work the next morning and starts babbling about car-pooling. Obvious crush is obvious. Shi On asks how long he’s going to act as her bodyguard and he says they don’t know who is trying to harm her.
WAY 68Rookie Sung Chan works with Gun Woo in the storage room and admits he’s going to ask Hee Bin on a date. We also learn Gun Woo hasn’t dated in a long time but I’m pretty sure we knew that already. LMAO

Clockwatcher: Given that he’s thisclose to having a “moment” whenever she comes close?

Tessieroo: Shi On looks up Hyung Joon’s address on the computer and goes to find it. On the way, she gets frustrated but somehow manages to find it. By feeling? Or memory? She walks past a neighborhood woman who seems to recognize her.

She finds the house and rings the bell – then comments to herself that it’s still broken. How would she know that? She opens the mailbox to find the keys, like she knew they would be there. The keys unlock the outside gate and she goes in.

The door to his apartment is locked so she looks through the window and sees several trophies lined up on a dresser. She also sees a doll with blonde braids which seems to trigger something in her. This part is kinda sad to me. *sniffles*

Clockwatcher: I guess he owned that house outright otherwise the bank would have moved to repossess it by now. Yeah, this is what I think of at a moment like this.
WAY 69Tessieroo: Why is all his stuff still there – 6  years later? When Shi On arrives back at work, the boys are gathered around Gun Woo’s computer looking at pictures of him winning a shooting competition. She glances at the pictures and recognizes the trophy Gun Woo is holding as being the same as the ones she saw on Hyung Joon’s dresser.

Clockwatcher: They ran with this story of him being a skilled marksman just for this scene.

Tessieroo: She looks up past competitions on the computer and there it is: a picture of Hyung Joon with Moon Sik standing right beside him at a shooting competition. So much for him saying he didn’t know Hyung Joon.

Clockwatcher: He could have come up with a better lie.

Tessieroo: Moon Sik locks the watch he found in a drawer and leaves but he’s not aware Shi On is following him. He goes to a church. Gun Woo tries to call Shi On which almost gives her away. He then calls Moon Sik and lets out that Shi On is away from her desk. At this rate, Gun Woo will be the one to get her killed.

Clockwatcher: lol. But his sunbae is like a father to him. I don’t blame him for this one. Anyway, he’s at the church he goes to whenever he feels troubled.
WAY 70Tessieroo: Gun Woo notices the picture left open on Shi On’s computer of Moon Sik with Hyung Joon. He also remembers Moon Sik saying he didn’t know Hyung Joon.

Clockwatcher: So he runs over to the church. lol

Tessieroo: Moon Sik figures out someone is following him and hides until Shi On comes forward.

Clockwatcher: I love how she was ‘hiding’ by using her short hair to hide her face. LOL. Like that would stop him from recognizing her if he saw her.

Tessieroo: He asks what she’s doing there and she shows him the picture of himself with Hyung Joon, asking why he lied that he didn’t know him?

He ends up telling her a story about the night 6 years ago, painting Hyung Joon to be a bad guy who was working with the criminals and himself as the innocent hero.

Clockwatcher: I call bullshit.

Tessieroo: I’m not buying it.

Clockwatcher: He claims that they were tracking some ship and I guess they were smuggling silver (it’s all about commodities these days) and Hyung Joon the dirty cop told him to walk away and unsee what he’d seen or something like that.
WAY 71Tessieroo: Hyung Joon shot him and he passed out but has no explanation for why Shi On was there.

Clockwatcher: The woman is obviously not going to let it go so wouldn’t it make sense for him to come up with a story that eases her mind and stops her from further investigating it?

Tessieroo: He asks what type of relationship she had with Hyung Joon but she says she doesn’t know. Gun Woo arrives and has listened in on this entire conversation.

Back in the storage room, she sits thinking while looking at Hyung Joon’s badge. Hyung Joon is there too but he’s looking at the box. WTF? Okay, I know he can’t talk to her but can’t he point to the box or something? He’s really not being much help here compared to the other ghosts.

Clockwatcher: lol. He’s been a lot of help but right now,  it seems he’s more interested in helping with the case than romancing her.

Tessieroo: Unless he truly doesn’t know the who and why of what happened? Moon Sik meets with the guy who tried to bury Shi On and gives him back his watch. Is this confirmation he’s the bad guy? LMAO

Clockwatcher: Which is worse: No twist or an obvious twist? I think no twist is still worse so there’d better be a twist somewhere.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo meets Shi On and tells her he overheard everything, he’s surprised that Moon Sik was involved in that case. He then tells her Moon Sik is the most honest cop he knows. *rolls eyes* Well, no wonder you work in the Lost and Found Department.
WAY 72Clockwatcher: LOL. He’s like me  – even in the face of mounting evidence, I still wanted Moon Sik to be a good guy.

Tessieroo: Shi On admits she’s been seeing Hyung Joon’s ghost and that he’s helped save her twice. When she questions what Moon Sik told her, Gun Woo gets angry saying she should believe Moon Sik over some dead guy she doesn’t know. *sigh* If you only knew.

Clockwatcher: He’ll come around soon enough. This is how he first reacted when she told him she saw dead people and see how much he believes her now.

Tessieroo: Rookie gets shot down by Hee Bin for a date and goes to drown his sorrows in beer with Gun Woo. They both complain about women. 

Clockwatcher: I love how she told him she doesn’t date babies. LOL

Tessieroo: At work, Gun Woo looks up Hyung Joon’s address on the computer. Before he leaves, Rookie shoves the movie tickets he bought for his date-that-didn’t-happen into Gun Woo’s hand, telling him to have a good time.

Clockwatcher: Folks always buy movie tickets in advance on tv but unless it’s the opening night for Iron Man 3, who does that?

Tessieroo: Shi On is at Hyung Joon’s house again but stops herself from opening his mailbox. Hyung Joon is just inside the gate watching and stops himself from going to her. WAEEEE! I’m so annoyed.
WAY 73Clockwatcher: Why? Dude can’t even speak to her.

Tessieroo: I know but I wanted him to lead her somewhere or show her something – like all the other ghosts did.

Clockwatcher: LOL. He would if he only had two episodes to do it… not twelve like it appears to be.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo shows up and Hyung Joon watches him and Shi On stare at each other, almost like he can sense something between them? Gun Woo takes her home. He pulls out the movie tickets as she’s about to go inside.

Clockwatcher: Well, I bet he can read Gun Woo’s mind and knows all his nasty thoughts.

Tessieroo: They go to the movies where Gun Woo is uncomfortable being surrounded by couples everywhere. Shi On teases him that he’s jealous? He tries to say he does go on dates but she says he must go on dates with his male friends from work? Ahahaha. They tease each other as they walk into the theatre while Hyung Joon watches.

Flashback on one of Hyung Joon’s memories: He’s at the movies with Shi On. She smiles and calls him “Oppa” – he tells her not to smile like that at other guys. Whoa, I see SO much chemistry.

Clockwatcher: Lots of chemistry but it was hotter when he didn’t speak.
WAY 74Tessieroo: In the theatre, Gun Woo notices all the other couples are snuggling close. He attempts several times to put his arm around Shi On’s shoulder but finally gives up. At her front door, she thanks him. Inside she picks up the male doll that matches the female doll she saw at Hyung Joon’s house and stares at it.

We see another flashback of Shi On with Hyung Joon as she positions the dolls to kiss. He sits beside her and teases that she purposely placed the dolls like that because she wants a kiss. LMAO They kiss several times. *melts into Kim Jae Wook’s smile*

Clockwatcher: It’s cute.

Tessieroo: As she readies for bed, she walks by the computer and sees Gun Woo outside her house waving at the CCTV camera. She left her phone in his car. Are they making a point of the phone thing for a future episode? She leaves her phone behind all the time.

Clockwatcher: Yeah, I don’t know if it’s just a plot device for this episode or it will carry on.

Tessieroo: She goes to grab it, he holds on to it. He asks for ID before he’ll hand it over, she whines for him to stop teasing and give it. He doesn’t want to give it up for free so she leans in. Does he want a kiss? LMAO
WAY 75Clockwatcher: I’m quite sure that a superior joking about kissing her subordinate is sexual harassment.

Tessieroo:  He acts all disgusted and gives her the phone. But as she turns to go, he grabs her and swings her around for a kiss.

Clockwatcher: He’d better. He’d been trying to figure out how to make a move on her at the theatre and when she gives him an opening he feigns disgust and leaves? Yeah, he’d better go back and get that kiss.

Tessieroo: She pulls away to stare at him but he goes in for seconds.

Clockwatcher: He first searches her eyes to check that it is okay.

Tessieroo: In the background, Hyung Joon is watching. OUCH! Oh, my poor heart.

Clockwatcher: I don’t know why she’s kissing him/letting him kiss her. Yes, he’s a strapping young man and it’s been at least six years for her but while he’s into her, and they’ve had a few sexually charged moments, I haven’t gotten the idea that she’s into him… I mean, she’s got way too many more important things to think about than starting a romance with her junior.
WAY 76

Tessieroo: I’m kinda at a loss for words here. I mean, we moved the romance between the “live” couple forward but I still don’t see the need for it. I firmly believe this drama would have done just fine with Gun Woo and Shi On only being partners or friends – I never felt the need for a romance between them. Of course, it ups the inevitable conflict between them if she continues to suspect his Sunbae of evil doings but that would have happened anyway.

Clockwatcher: It’s a Korean drama so yes, there’s romance. And her lover is dead so there’s also that. I like the idea of a romance between them but I’m not a huge fan of the execution. Yes, she’s been playing damsel-in-distress and he’s attracted to her and they are even cool as friends but I haven’t yet seen that emotional connection I like to have with my OTPs. Like why would she pick him over every other man? And why would he pick her over every other woman? I haven’t seen why they are “it” for each other.

Tessieroo: Meanwhile, the romance issue with the “dead” guy is still something we only know tiny bits about. We’ve seen a few flashbacks but I’m still wondering if anyone even knew they were dating? How is it that not one single person has come forward to talk to her about her dead fiancee? I felt disconnected last week and even more so this week.

Clockwatcher: Well, she’d been to his place several times which was why that ahjumma recognized her. And it’s been six years. Maybe folks at work didn’t know about it and she doesn’t appear to have any friends from her past. Not even family? And then the cops were yelling at her, asking how she knew him. So there’s obviously something strange going on.

I’m really not here for either romance, to be quite honest. I think Hyung Joon automatically wins in chemistry particularly because he played the strong, silent type majority of the time. Since he couldn’t speak, they had to build their chemistry with their eyes and body and that is the kind of thing that the audience eats up. Then Gun Woo is the chatty, childish type. That’s usually the guy you keep as a cute dongsaeng. I previously said that I wanted some complicated, passionate love with her ex but considering that the drama is now moving at snail pace, I’m no longer interested. And since he’s dead, he should stay dead and their love can die with him. As for Gun Woo, if they want us to buy their romance, they need to build it up from her side as well. She kissed him back so I guess that’s something. But speaking of kisses, that was terrible by tvN standards.
WAY 84

Clockwatcher: Will next week be any better? We can only hope at this point. Till then!


  • Christina says:

    Laughing at the terrible by tvN standards kiss remark. The standard kdrama lip press was disappointing. Hopefully if the romance continues the kisses will improve. I need something beside KJW to keep me interested.

  • total_newbie_to_k says:

    My guess is, that the kiss was so passionless, because she will push him away at the very beginning of the next ep. Like you I simply don’t feel this romance. Once she’ll really remember her dead love living guy is dead. So to speak.
    Gun Woo is attracted, just like most guys at his age he is very willing to feel up a nice female. She was in a coma for so long, she will have needs too. But love? No. Gun Woo can’t compare to the personified hotness KJW is.

  • dramacafe says:

    Ah yes, the kiss was crap considering its cable and from TvN at that. Oh well, this drama has so many plot holes than I could count in my fingers so I don’t care anymore. I’m just in for KJW and at least I’m glad to say Taec wasn’t awful here compared to all the other dramas I’ve seen him in. And yeah, I miss the ghost of the week arc. Hope they bring that back. It’s more interesting if they have a case to solve makes the drama feel half full than half empty without it.

  • SoyB says:

    I see the same plot holes, but I find the drama interesting enough to continue. But it does drive me kind of nuts that even if no one at work knew they were dating, that there wasn’t a single outside friend/family who knew. And that there was no signs whatsoever in his or her house unless the baddies cleaned up all the evidence of their relationship. And who keeps a house empty for 6 years when the owner is dead?

    And since HJ knows she can see ghost and he can talk to the shaman girl, why can’t he just communicate all that’s happened via the shaman?

    Thanks for covering the drama though especially since no one else is!

  • Didee says:

    I understand your disappointment but thank you so much for recaps. I have no time to watch and nobody else seems to recap this drama.

  • Yogurt says:

    Alright, even though am watching this drama in 2016, I have to say this. I was laughing so bad through out this episode and even at that kiss scene(so I didn’t notice it’s shabbiness) …. But while watching that kiss scene all I was thinking was about the poor poor ghost of Hyung Joon, he must be like, “ohkay! So umm I died in the first episode.. Now that I am here as a spirit my lady love doesn’t remember me..I have to wear these stupid (probably)stinking clothes through all the 16 episodes..I can’t even talk with my lady love.. And if that wasn’t enough, now I have to stand here and witness these two making out🤔🤔🤔..my ghost life sucks!!! Ah! Man! *sob*sob*

    Hehehe.. Couldn’t stop laughing thinking that.. 😁
    Anyway, I was just wondering, all of the ghosts, that appeared before had a wound or such that caused their death, for instance, Oh Reum had a head wound, Yeon Hee had the frozen look, except Gun Woo’s dad.. But going by that logic, shouldn’t Hyung Joon’s ghost have that bullet wound as well🤔

    Well that’s that.. But really your recaps are super fun.. Love reading them.. Thanks a bunch..!!! 💜 will check out other drama recaps as well.. 👍👍 keep up the good work!!😊

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