“Who Are You” Episode 9 Recap

Tessieroo: Ahahaha. Reactions to the kiss.

Clockwatcher: LOL. After boldly turning around and kissing her, he’s back to being a shy virgin.
WAY 85Tessieroo: The music is really pretty.  I think you’re correct, that was the worst kiss I’ve seen on tvN.

Clockwatcher: The music and different angles make it look better in the flashbacks. Still terrible, though.

Tessieroo: Some guy is running from gangsters – it looks like he’s been stabbed. He drops his phone in the middle of the road and it gets run over but he manages to pick it up and shove it in a mailbox. I’m gonna guess hiding evidence of some sort?

Clockwatcher: I guess someone is going to find that phone.

Tessieroo: The next morning, Shi On walks out but Gun Woo isn’t waiting there with his car like he usually is.

Clockwatcher: Sweet. At least they are showing some of her feelings now.

Tessieroo: Ahahaha, he can’t face her? When she walks towards the Lost and Found Department, Gun Woo sees her and quickly hides. LMAO.
WAY 86Clockwatcher: It’s cute. But does he plan to run away forever?

Tessieroo: Inside the office, she asks Rookie where Gun Woo is, he tells her he went out but then just looks at her smiling. She asks “What?” and he lets her know Gun Woo asked about her too. LMAO

Clockwatcher: Rookie is such a shipper.

Tessieroo: New items come in and as Shi On picks up a cracked, broken phone, she gets strange feelings. She looks around like she expects a ghost and throws the phone back into the box. Gun Woo walks in, sees Shi On – grabs the box of new Lost and Found items and runs back out. LMAO

In the storage room, Gun Woo seems flustered as he remembers the kiss. Wait…is he blaming HER? He thinks she provoked him and seems to feel guilty, like he did something wrong.

Clockwatcher: At some point, he was smiling as he reminisced before he got frustrated. If this is how he acts about kissing her, you wonder what his next step would have been if he’d managed to put his arm around her at the theatre.

Tessieroo: Shi On follows him to the storage room and asks if he’s going to keep running away. LMAO – obviously she was channeling her inner Clock. *hee*  I really like her character. She gets up in his face and tells him to stop thinking about useless things and just work.
As he leaves, SHE’S the one who seems flustered. She’s having a hard time breathing and her heart is pounding. *kekeke* Me thinks she’s not as unaffected as she’s trying to appear.

Clockwatcher: The Shi On/Hyung Joon shippers might not be happy about this.

Tessieroo: A guy walks in to claim his cellphone but Sung Chan tells him he has to show I.D. first.

Clockwatcher: Sung Chan is a power tripper. He makes use of any opportunity he has (not that he wasn’t right here).

Tessieroo: He tries to grab the phone, it’s the same one Shi On picked up earlier. When they refuse to give it to him, he leaves.

Clockwatcher: Like he was really going to grab and dash at a police station?

Tessieroo: Sunbae Moon Sik calls Gun Woo to meet him, he wants to meet Gun Woo and Shi On later for drinks – he has something to tell them. Uh huh.

Clockwatcher: After tagging the items, the final step is to lock them up in storage. Rookie’s junior wants to do that but Rookie the sunbae, tells him not to. Why? Because he says so. Clearly, this will come back and bite him in the ass.
Tessieroo: The guy who came for the cell phone has been hiding in the bathroom and sneaks out after everyone is gone. Who is this actor? He seems very familiar but I can’t place him.

Clockwatcher: I don’t know him.

Tessieroo: It’s gonna drive me crazy until I figure it out. Moon Sik tells Gun Woo he paved the way for Gun Woo to return to the Special Investigation Squad. Gun Woo doesn’t seem thrilled.

Clockwatcher: Sounds like love…

Tessieroo: Moon Sik gets impatient that Shi On hasn’t shown up yet and leaves.

Clockwatcher: What exactly is he waiting for?

Tessieroo: Shi On finally shows up and Gun Woo tells her he’s been asked back to the Special Investigation Squad. She congratulates him, isn’t this what he wanted? Neither seem happy.

Clockwatcher: She’s better at hiding it, though.

Tessieroo: She tells him not to worry about her and just do well. As they walk home, Shi On sees blood dripping into a puddle on the street.

Clockwatcher: Yay! Finally, a ghost.

Tessieroo: The blood drips on to her hands. She follows a trail of blood dripping on the sidewalk and sees the man we saw at the beginning who was stabbed. His body is propped against a wall in a back ally and he’s dead. Gun Woo checks the body, it’s still warm so he didn’t die too long ago.
Clockwatcher: The next morning, the cops investigate as a crowd gathers.

Tessieroo: She then sees the guy who came for the cell phone in the crowd.

Someone broke into the Lost and Found office and stole the basket of new items – including the cell phone.

Clockwatcher: I think he stole all the cell phones to cover his ass.

Tessieroo: Shi On is furious because Rookie didn’t place the items in the storage room. Well, I think we know who stole it.

The Chief shows up (along with that smarmy cop) and chews Shi On out. When she tells them she will request an official investigation into the theft, they both seem worried? I don’t think they wanted that. The Chief makes everyone leave and then tells Shi On not to report it. Instead, he wants her to just quietly find the stolen items. WTF?

Clockwatcher: If the chief knows about it, I’m going to take a wild guess and say that it’s hardly a secret. And all this just because the writer wants the Lost and Found department to investigate it. lol

Tessieroo: The Lost and Found team review the CCTV footage and see the guy who came for the cell phone is the one who broke in. Shi On also recognizes him as the man she saw at the crime scene in the ally. She tells the Rookies to track the phone and tells Gun Woo to show the guys picture to Moon Sik. Moon Sik gets yet another suspicious call and we see Hyung Joon standing behind him, watching.
Clockwatcher: Hee Bin is at her place lamenting that after she told Rookie to back off, he really did. LOL. She wants to contact him but a girl’s got her pride, dammit! This kind of pride also leads to loneliness, Sweetie.

Tessieroo: Hyung Joon shows up at Hee Bin’s and tells her she needs to go to the Police Station. I hate that she’s the only one he can talk to. MEH!

Clockwatcher: I ship them.

Tessieroo: LMAO. Shi On and Gun Woo show the picture of the guy who broke into their offices around but no one knows who he is.

Clockwatcher: Hee Bin shows up at the police station and is awkward with the Rookie. They are both kinda happy to see each other.

Tessieroo: Hee Bin claims to Rookie that she has a Korean/Chinese customer after Hyung Joon tells her to say that. They think the thief is Korean/Chinese.

Clockwatcher: Hyung Joon has a contact in Chinatown.

Tessieroo: Rookie tells Shi On and Gun Woo to go to a certain restaurant and say a phrase. It works, the owner is willing to talk to them. He tells them the name of the guy who broke into their offices is Lee Young Geol. He worked there but quit a week ago to do business with a friend. He then shows them a picture of Lee Young Geol with the guy who was stabbed.
He tells them where to find Lee Young Geol and then asks where Detective Hyung Joon is. This guy was one of Hyung Joon’s informants? I’m guessing because Detective Hyung Joon was the only one who knew that phrase and/or this guy doesn’t know he’s dead.

Clockwatcher: Yup. I guess Hyung Joon must have been deep undercover if this dude doesn’t know he’s been dead for six years.

Tessieroo: They track down Lee Young Geol and the ghost of his friend shows up. We see in flashback they tried to blackmail some big boss guy because they had his cell phone.

Clockwatcher: Dumb as hell. Who threatens a gangster and doesn’t protect himself?

Tessieroo: The night of the swap, his friend was stabbed.

While questioning Lee Young Geol, they learn he’s been receiving help from officials at the Police Department and it’s also tied in with the ship Detective Hyung Joon was killed on 6 years earlier.

We see another flashback only this time, Detective Hyung Joon is the one who searched the ship – not Moon Sik. (I knew he was lying) We also learn this particular cell phone has information about that deal on it which is why the Police are looking for it. This implicates the Chief. (to me)

Clockwatcher: It’s going to be hard to convince us that he’s not a bad guy at this point.
Tessieroo: Moon Sik tells someone over the phone to find that cell phone, at all costs. Hyung Joon says to himself that he won’t let Moon Sik get away with it, he’s going to expose all of it.

Shi On and Gun Woo talk about the cell phone being damaged, they need to restore all the information on it as it lists smuggling deals plus a list of dirty Korean cops.

Clockwatcher: What a very special cell phone this is.

Tessieroo: Suddenly a group of gangsters show up and chase them.

Really? Why would Gun Woo attempt to take on 6 gangsters all by himself? He yells at Shi On to run and call for back up. Ummm…

Clockwatcher: And the best place to run and call for back up is the roof of a building where one is trapped….

Tessieroo: She runs to the roof of a building with 3 of the gangsters chasing her and she totally kicks their asses. YAY! She does have some fighting skills! Gun Woo shows up being chased by the other 3 and they’re surrounded. They continue fighting with Gun Woo bending over Shi On to protect her and then more cops show up.

Clockwatcher: The scene wouldn’t have been complete without him saving her in some way.

Tessieroo: I know, right? I got all excited when she pulled her moves out but then it was “Oh, never mind” when he saved her again. The gangsters escape.

Moon Sik shows up and stares as Gun Woo hands the cell phone to Shi On. He looks like he wants to smack her, grab that cell phone and run.
WAY 95Clockwatcher: He was looking at it the way I look at ice cream when on a diet.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo walks Shi On home, talking about the cell phone being Pandora’s Box. He thinks he should give it to Sunbae. *sigh* This poor kid is going to learn the hard way. Shi On refuses to hand it over, saying instead she’ll keep it. It’s like she’s attached a sign to her forehead that says “ATTACK ME”.

Clockwatcher: I thought it was smart of her to keep it away from Sunbae.

Tessieroo: Shi On talks about him being reassigned while he tries to say he’s not done training the Rookies yet. He thinks the Lost and Found Department can’t get by without him.  LOL

Clockwatcher: Excuses to stay by his noona’s side. Aww.

Tessieroo: Shi On meets with an officer the next day who seems to be a good friend but again, he acts strange when she brings up Detective Hyung Joon’s name. I firmly now believe that no one knew they were dating.

Clockwatcher: Yup, secret lovers. They seem to have met at the police academy.

Tessieroo: He tells her about a store Hyung Joon used to hang out at and off she goes.

Gun Woo meets up with Moon Sik who teases him about his relationship with Shi On. He also tells him his reassignment will happen next week.
WAY 96Clockwatcher: The sunbae tells him to stop overreacting because even if he and Shi On are in different departments, they’ll still be in the same building. After the older man leaves, Gun Woo rationalizes that yes, they are still in the same building so there’s no need for him to transfer just yet. lol. He’ll be staying longer. What has Cupid done to your ambitions?

Tessieroo: Shi On goes to the shop and sees pictures of herself with Hyung Joon hanging on the walls.

Clockwatcher: Earlier on, an employee noted that it had been a while since she’d been there. So she must have gone there with her oppa a lot.

Tessieroo: She suddenly remembers the day that photo was taken, it was her first day on the job at the Police Department.

Clockwatcher: It’s cute because in the flashback, he’d tried to surprise her but she’d sensed him approaching. That’s how close they were.

Tessieroo: As she turns, she sees Hyung Joon. They walk towards each other as she cries. And I burst into tears like the big ole’ softy that I am. She apologizes that she couldn’t remember, calling him Oppa.
WAY 97

Tessieroo: This episode has pulled me back in! *happy dance* While I miss the ghost-of-the-week stuff, I’m beginning to understand this case from 6 years ago is going to take a long time. I just hope we don’t have too many unrealistic twists and turns. I still firmly believe we could have done without the romance between Shi On and Gun Woo but I’m getting used to it. I do think So E-Hyun has chemistry with both of the leading men here so maybe that’s why it’s working for me?

Clockwatcher: I’m still bored but this episode was better. At least there was a ghost.

Tessieroo: The aftermath of the kiss was hilarious and watching Shi On with Hyung Joon during the flashbacks is really cute too. I have no idea who to ship at this point but I’m leaning towards the guy that’s alive. And I will throw a huge hissy fit if Kim Jae Wook doesn’t get the girl in his next drama.

WAY 87

Clockwatcher: I won’t be throwing any fits but I can’t ship a living woman with a dead one… yeah, yeah, I kinda ship him with Hee Bin but not seriously. I don’t really know why Gun Woo fell for her outside of hormones but I’ll go with it. Regardless, romance isn’t the highlight of this drama. What is? Well, maybe we’ll figure it out in the next episode.

Till then!


  • Anvesha says:

    Romance is not the focus but if it was.. it’s the one with the dead guy that makes more of an impact.. I’m shipping her with the dead guy especially after today’s episode. The ship will sink but I don’t really care..

  • Min says:

    I ship Hyung Joon with Shi On, I don’t really care that he’s dead… somehow it reminds me of how I shipped Casper and the girl in the 1995 movie Casper when I was a child…

  • DDee says:

    “Regardless, romance isn’t the highlight of this drama. What is?”– Well said! I don’t know either!!

  • SoyB says:

    I really like this drama so I really wish they did a lot better job with the details. As you mentioned, with all the side streets you can run to, why would you trap yourself on top of a roof? Or when you walk into the cafe and the worker/owner seems to recognize you, why wouldn’t you ask, “How do you know me?” or something? I think that would happen in real life, if I lost my memory and trying to recover it.

  • sparkerdelica says:

    The guy who stole the cell phones was in the band with Jang Keun Suk’s character in Mary
    Stayed Out All Night.

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