“Who Are You” Episode 10 Recap

Tessieroo: Gun Woo goes looking for Shi On and ends up at her house. A few more times and I’m gonna call him out on stalking. *hehehe*

Clockwatcher: Based on her reaction at not seeing him the other time, I guess she likes it?
Tessieroo: Shi On is still in the shop with Hyung Joon. I think her memory is coming back in bits and pieces. Somehow, they end up in the storage room and she picks up the box.

Clockwatcher: He leads her to it.

Tessieroo: She asks if he called her out that night because of the box? He nods yes.

Clockwatcher: I love how he walks towards her with so much emotion… like, I can’t walk straight because I’m just so damn emotional. And when she reaches for his face, why don’t they let her touch him… or will it cost too much for the special effects to have her fingers go through his face?

Tessieroo: I really thought he would be able to touch her! The schoolgirl ghost did. Flashback to that night – Hyung Joon was on a stake-out with Moon Sik in the shipyard. He told Moon Sik he was going to propose and that he would introduce her to him soon.

Shi On showed up with a couple’s shirt for him. (LOL) She made him try it on right then so he removed his bullet-proof vest.

Clockwatcher: NO!
Tessieroo: Ah, crap. He hugs her and right when he asks about marriage, Moon Sik calls him on the radio to let him know they should go. Buzz kill.

He starts to run off (without putting the vest back on) but comes back to kiss her. He tells her to wait for him, she hasn’t given him her answer yet. Awwwwww

Clockwatcher: He dies because of a couple shirt?

Tessieroo: In present day, Shi On cries saying she remembers the shirt. Well, that tells me NOT to buy couples stuff. Not that I would anyway…

Clockwatcher: They are corny but seeing a man be corny for his girlfriend is very sweet.

Tessieroo: Back to the flashback, when Hyung Joon returns to the car, Moon Sik is gone. He notices a flashing light on one of the ships, almost like a signal. He radios Moon Sik that he’s going to check it out but gets no reply.

Now we see the opening scene from the first episode – Hyung Joon creeping along with ship with his gun out. As he nears the smugglers, he hears a blast from his radio. Moon Sik tells him to get out of there, now!

Clockwatcher: The smugglers are alerted of his presence.
Tessieroo: And the chase is on for what feels like the millionth time that we’ve seen this flashback.

Clockwatcher: Why do I think this won’t be the last time?

Tessieroo: It ends and we finally see Moon Sik’s face as the person who confronted Hyung Joon. He tells Hyung Joon to just let the smugglers go but Hyung Joon refuses. So Moon Sik shot him. Dirtbag.

Clockwatcher: I actually thought he got shot from the side, but he was actually pointing his gun at the sunbae. But the funny thing is the old man was telling him to just let them go when a minute ago, it was Hyung Joon running from them.

Tessieroo: In present day, Shi On confirms that it was Moon Sik who shot Hyung Joon. She asks if he’s still here because of her?

Clockwatcher: When she started crying, asking if it was because of her, I thought she was about to say that he died because of her. Too many makjang dramas.

Tessieroo: I thought she would say it was because of the couple shirt. She opens the box and finds the ring.

Clockwatcher: With a diamond you need a magnifying glass to see.
Tessieroo: LOL, no kidding. More tears as she tells him its pretty and thanks him. *sniff* He walks her home. (Yes, that’s kinda strange – he’s a dead guy)

Clockwatcher: It’s love.

Tessieroo: When they arrive, Gun Woo is waiting outside for Shi On, asking where she’s been. Should this be considered a red flag warning? He’s possessive? (LMAO)

Clockwatcher: Oddly enough, I don’t think he’s come off as possessive yet. More like he takes his White Knight role a little too seriously.

Tessieroo: Or he’s just really into solving crimes and knows she has a secret weapon? He tells her he’s not going back to the Special Investigation Squad and when she asks why, he uncomfortably blurts out that he likes being by her side. I like the way he glanced sideways at her to see her reaction, kinda cute.

Clockwatcher: I like that Hyung Joon left and gave them privacy.

Tessieroo: Shi On explains that her memory is coming back. She now knows Hyung Joon is the person she liked and finding out what happened to him is her top priority. So it’s a big NO to any relationship.
Clockwatcher: Exactly what I was saying when they kissed  – a romance with him can’t be a high priority right now. That being  said, there are worse ways to get rejected. But on the other hand, it can’t be easy having a dead person as a cock blocker.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo meets Moon Sik to drown his sorrows and tells him Shi On and Hyung Joon were dating. Moon Sik is very surprised by this.

Clockwatcher: When Gun Woo prods him about Hyung Joon, he makes an excuse of needing to pee and leaves.

Tessieroo: The next morning, Shi On steps outside to see Gun Woo there waiting. So I guess the carpool rides to work are back on now?

Clockwatcher: It’s nice he still showed up after the rejection. But the ride is quiet and awkward.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo asks her if she still “sees” Hyung Joon? She says yes. He tells her he will help with the case – they should be able to find something on the criminal’s phone. He wants a cease-fire, a hold or just a delay? LMAO Is he asking her to put him on hold for now?
Clockwatcher: Basically saying they’ll revisit his (and hopefully her) feelings later. It’s kinda cute. He’s not giving up but is giving her space. But I have to say that with the way he acts, he’s the kind of guy who crushes on you and you feign ignorance and just wait for him to get over his feelings.

Tessieroo: I don’t know why but I adore him and want one just like him for Christmas.

Clockwatcher: Done!

Tessierroo: They meet with Hee Gu (Choi Woo Shik) who must be an electronics expert of some kind and he also has a history with Gun Woo. *squeals* He’s adorable.

Clockwatcher: Who is this guy?

Tessieroo: I have a feeling he’s been arrested for something to do with computers in the past. LOL He tells them the phone is trashed but he’ll try to see what he can get out of it.

Clockwatcher: I don’t like her attitude. Shouldn’t she be more grateful seeing as he’s taking time out of his day to do them a favor? I doubt they are paying him.

Tessieroo: They also meet with the restaurant owner who knew Hyung Joon. He takes them to Lee Young Geol who is still in hiding. They give him his friends ashes and offer a ride to the airport so he can get home safely. The ghost of his friend is there and also bows in thanks to Shi On.

Clockwatcher: I’m less sympathetic to their story because they were playing with fire and inevitably got burned. Anyway, there’s a scene of Rookie going to Hee Bin’s place to ask about her birthday because he wants to take her out.
Tessieroo: Shi On goes to Hyung Joon’s house again and meets his Mother. She tells Shi On her son being made into a corrupt cop is crazy. Finally Detective Choi Moon Sik came to talk to her. He told her the case was too big and for her to just let Hyung Joon go. OMG, he’s so evil.

Gun Woo goes to see Hee Gu again and check if he’d recovered anything from the phone yet. Hee Gu managed only partial recovery and everything is encrypted in a number code. Gun Woo tells him to try Chinese characters and it works – it shows trades and dates from 6 years ago.

Clockwatcher: LMAO. He’s using a program called “Code-breaking.”

Tessieroo: Shi On begins a flow-chart showing when everything started, where it started and who all is involved. She has Moon Sik’s picture in the middle but doesn’t believe he acted alone. When Hee Gu gets back to his room, it’s trashed and all the computers are gone along with the cell phone.

Clockwatcher: Poor guy. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. And they don’t even seem to care that his place got trashed. The least they could have done was look apologetic.

Tessieroo: We see Moon Sik burning everything even the cell phone. He gets another mysterious call.
Clockwatcher: We don’t actually see him burn the cell phone.

Tessieroo: Shi On goes to see the Chief but eavesdrop outside his door. He’s talking with Moon Sik and asks him if he told the truth about the case from 6 years ago? Moon Sik asks if he thinks he’s lying and if it’s because of Shi On. Hmmm, maybe the Chief isn’t in on it?

Clockwatcher: That’s what they are hinting at but we don’t know what story he told the chief.

Tessieroo: Moon Sik texts Shi On that he found a witness from 6 years ago and wants her to meet him. Of course she does, even though I’m screaming at my screen. No one ever listens to me.He talks her into coming with him to meet this supposed witness.

Clockwatcher: At least, she’s not blindly going with him since she knows there’s no witness.

Tessieroo: Hee Gu calls Gun Woo to meet him. Gun Woo goes out into the hall and sees Shi On leaving. He meets with Hee Gu who shows him a list of phone numbers left behind in his room. Gun Woo recognizes one of the numbers – it’s Moon Sik’s. He runs to Moon Sik’s office but he’s gone.

Clockwatcher: Why is everything from 6 years ago? Did their operation stop then and why is everything on this special phone?

Tessieroo: Shi On goes to grab a taxi and runs into Hyung Joon. She tells him she has to go, this might be their only chance to find out what Moon Sik did that night. Gun Woo remembers back to Shi On saying it didn’t make sense that Moon Sik didn’t see her that night since she was found there unconscious.
Gun Woo goes back to the Lost and Found office and searches Shi On’s desk to find out where she went. Hyung Joon starts typing the location on her computer screen and Gun Woo freaks out when he sees the keys moving on the keyboard. He yells, asking who’s there. Hyung Joon types “Gosam Reservoir”. The lights flicker and Gun Woo runs out – no doubt to rescue our fair maiden yet again.

Clockwatcher: So he can touch things like this? Does this mean we’ll get a kissing scene? And instead of scaring him with flickering lights, why not just type “yes” with the keyboard?

Tessieroo: So many questions. It did seem odd to me that he could touch the keyboard. Shi On is actually dumb enough to walk off into the dark with this guy. *bangs head on desk*

Clockwatcher: I don’t think she’s dumb since she was fully aware of the situation. But she should have somehow gotten some back up  – even if it’s just asking that old friend from the academy to tag along with her.

Tessieroo: When they stop, she confronts Moon Sik: is there really a witness? Did he kill Hyung Joon? Moon Sik denies it, saying it’s a misunderstanding. Oh, okay.

Clockwatcher: He’s definitely shady but since we still have six more episodes, why do I think there’s a possibility there might be some misunderstanding somewhere?
Tessieroo: He pulls out a gun and aims at her face. He yells it wasn’t him! She yells back, asking why he killed Hyung Joon! Gun Woo runs up and Moon Sik points his gun at him. Shi On whips out her gun and points it at Moon Sik. I know this is supposed to be intense but it’s really not. They both tell Gun Woo to back off.

Clockwatcher: Imagine if one of them was holding the gun lighter?

Tessieroo: Gun Woo asks if he killed Hyung Joon, Moon Sik admits it but says he didn’t mean to. Cop cars show up with lights and sirens blazing. Shi On tells Moon Sik it’s all over. Gun Woo tells him to stop now and he lowers his gun. But as Gun Woo goes to take the gun from him, Moon Sik knocks him out of the way and runs. Shi on aims but doesn’t fire.

Clockwatcher: He shoots into the air before running. He also told Gun Woo that he doesn’t know the whole story and I kinda believe him.

Tessieroo: A manhunt begins but they don’t find him. Shi On tries to comfort Gun Woo but he angrily asks when she knew. When did she know Moon Sik shot Hyung Joon? She says when her memory came back. He calls her a scary person – when she knew something that big but didn’t say a word. She admits she needed evidence but he then brings up her coming to this dangerous place alone? With a gun?
Clockwatcher: I like how he asks her if she can imagine how he must have felt on his way there, knowing her life was in danger. I don’t know, I’m a sucker for men who openly express their feelings (unless, they are the second leads who don’t understand the word “no”).

Tessieroo: She claims she was going to tell him but she knows he’s close to Moon Sik, she was afraid he would be hurt. Awwwww, is this her admitting she cares about him? He’s very upset and asks if she thinks he looks calm and happy now? LMAO at his voice cracking when he yells at her.

Clockwatcher: I loved it. I am a sucker for angst and all the pain and EMOTIONS that come with it. lol. But Gun Woo kinda needs his own storyline. All he does is worry and save her.


Tessieroo: Another good episode! I don’t know what happened last week but I feel like this week, we’re back on track. I enjoyed both the romance and the crime solving. It’s also nice to finally know what happened on that ship. I hope we don’t ever see another flashback of that. Ever. (LOL)

Clockwatcher: I bet we get another flashback of what really happened.

Tessieroo: I’m surprised that I’m enjoying Gun Woo’s character as much as I am. I guess that makes me a Shi On/Gun Woo shipper? He’s just an all around nice guy who wouldn’t harm a fly and he seems good natured, with a warm heart. I’m now second or third guessing myself on Moon Sik’s guilt though. We’re being thrown some tiny curve balls with both him and the Chief.
 Clockwatcher: My guess is Moon Sik was a dirty cop… or more likely, he was undercover as a dirty cop. Hyung Joon showed up and ruined everything. He shot to hurt but not kill (to keep his cover) but because Hyung Joon wasn’t wearing a bulletproof vest, he died. Perhaps he was even aiming for his leg. They covered up the death and that’s why Moon Sik is now panicky and trying to cover his ass.

I’m probably way off but I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


  • dramagirl says:

    Wow clockwatcher, your theory totally sounds legit. Like why else show that whole scene where Hyung Joon takes off his bulletproof vest. I agree that this story has a lot of curve balls, which is good because it keeps the audience guessing. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of that flashback. There’s probably a “missing” part that Hyun Joon wasn’t aware of. Moon Sik is probably too embroiled in the whole dirty cop that he can’t back out of it now and has to do whatever they say.

  • Min says:

    oooh I soo got a flashback of rooftop prince when I saw Choi woo shik… he was so adorable as cutie Chi-san and is adorable as the computer nerd 🙂
    Thanks for the recap gals 🙂

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