“Goddess Of Marriage” Kim Ji Hoon and Nam Sang Mi’s Off-Screen Cuteness

As their characters’ marriage crashes and burns due to parental interference and lack of love (cheating on him very early on should have been a hint), the actors are full of cuteness when the scriptwriter has no say.

There’s nothing I love more than when the lead ends up with the second lead in real life like Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung and also the couple from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Maybe I should amend that a bit… there’s nothing I love more than when my ship crashes on screen to see them end up together in real life. Having said that, based on what I read online, many people are just waiting for them to divorce so I don’t know how many people actually have Second Lead Syndrome with this drama.

Regardless, while I only sense a platonic friend vibe from them in these photos, I still think they are cute. So go ahead and give me an early Christmas present by dating in real life.

In related news, Kim Soo Hyun, the scriptwriter of  Goddess of Marriage‘s follow up drama, The Woman Who Married Three Times is having a hard time finding a satisfactory actress (word is both Han Ga In and Kim Sa Rang were rejected). As a result, there are production delays so Goddess Of Marriage will likely be extended by at least two weeks. The drama was originally planned for 20 episodes but it got extended to 32 episodes. Can they really successfully drag it out further?

Source: TV Daily & Nate


  • goodange goodange says:

    I think the drama is terrible, and I’m really sorry that good actors are stuck with atrocious characters, but having said all that, I wish these two would hook up offscreen!

    Here’s another one … Kim Ji Hoon’s so naughty 😉

    credit: @jiraishin99

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Ah, so cute. LOL

      It’s a shame about the drama and since it’s so bad already, extending it will only make it worse.

  • SDV says:

    Just extend it… Love the cast…and drama even though it is torturing…

    I just hope they will show episodes of hw and jh having a peaceful married life…

  • dramagirl says:

    I actually might be one of the few people who don’t want them to divorce. Tae Wook has really stepped it up ever since they married. I really hope the writers don’t suddenly make him “bad” again just because of the extension. I think this show is trying to depict various ideas of marriage with the different couples and since Ji Hye’s the “goddess” of marriage then maybe she can miraculously make things work with Tae Wook. =P Haha one can dream.

  • selina says:

    I actually agree with dramagirl. I don’t want them to stay married cause JH is the worst, the worst wife and while TW does have his fault internatioal viewers villify him waaay too much and let homegirl get a pass on too much shit. Anyhoo I have Second Lead Syndrome (nothing new for me) when it comes to this drama. TW was never to me that bad (a touch of an ass a bit obbesive but nothing too drastic or that we haven’t seen before) or as bad as the other men in this drama. Also KJH is playing the heck out of this role. He is the nly person who is bringing something to his character that kind of elevates him from what is there and honestly his character is the only one that is truly interesting. LSW as handsome as he is is cannot act for shit. I swear he does nothing but stand on screen looking constipated which is supposed to be pinning. His character is sooooo boring, typical, does nothing, and really doesn’t have that much of omgbetogetherplease chemistry with NSM. I wish the writers would ship hin off somewhere and give TW and JH a real chance or make her single and find some one better.

    Basically I like TW/KJH and only watch his scenes of this dreadful drama. Also agree that KJH and NSM off screen are cute and would make a good looking couple.

  • Nev says:

    I really like KJH as an actor and he does tend to lift some crappy caricature roles into actual personalities, so I started to watch this, 5 eps in and Ive had to give up. She is just >_< infuriating and the rest of the families, OMG if Id seen one more stereotypical korean family whinge/trauma moment Id have thrown my lappie across the room. So that THIS drama is getting ANOTHER extention is like hearing finger nails across a blackboard.

    On a side note tho Im loving the BTS pics etc, which is why Im still here 🙂

  • cora says:

    i really like KJH since wish upon a star. such a good actor and good image. i hope he maintains both his personal and career life balance, so that we will still see him in the next years to come. pray always to GOD for guidance in everything you do. a star like you must be careful with accidents. thank you

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