Stills of Jung Ryeo Won, Oh Yeon Soo and Min Ho On “Medical Top Team”

We previously posted stills of lead, Kwon Sang Woo so here are stills of some of the others.

Jung Ryeo Won is perfectionist, Seo Joo Young.

Oh Yeon Soo plays Choi Ah Jin who only has two years of experience.

Min Ho plays maknae, Kim Sung Woo

The first episode airs on October 2nd on MBC.

Source: FNNews, UPNews & Sport Seoul

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  • jomo says:

    Totally way too soon to tell, but I think I will love this one.
    Just the fact that they cast Minho makes me want to hug the director.
    They know what he looks like and how the audience feels about him.
    If they do it right, THAT is how the other doctors and patients feel about him – a little wary that he could have the skills.

    I would like to see scenes pitting his soft beauty-genius against JRW’s “Do you know how hard I worked to be here?” intellectual gorgeousness.

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