Master’s Sun Week Four: Falling for You

I see heart’s flying out through the eyes. It’s a good thing. Your Coldness has already melted. The table has been turned too. When at first Joong Won commands Gong Shil to leave out of his sight. Now, he’s asking her to stay. Falling in love takes time, and we maybe on a slow motion right now but I’m enjoying this tremendously.

You know what happens when emotions are repressed. Waiting for it is going to be worth it.

Week Four:


Joong Won tried to heed Gong Shil’s advice that he should try holding her hand to help him read. He slowly reached for it, putting his on hers. And as if on a trance, he looked at her intensely memorizing her face. EEEEeee. His face came just inches close to Gong Shil, and then he pulled away quickly. He realized what he’s doing and came to his senses. OMO, your heart is in deep trouble, Your Coldness.

Before he drowns completely, he woke Gong Shil and reminded her of her date. While waiting for Secretary Kim, Joong Won explained that a line should be drawn between them and to focus only on each other’s uses. Period. Gong Shil said to him how comfortable she feels talking to him about random things. But Joong Won ordered to stick by his rules.


Gong Shil finally met up with Kang Woo, who has been waiting for her at the theater. Since Yi Ryung partially ruined the date, Kang Woo suggested something else. So they both went to the Han River and did some couple bike riding. A runner ghost started to bother Gong Shil again. So she excused herself and asked Kang Woo to buy her some drinks just so she can entertain the runner ghosts’ whim.

All this time Joong Won thought Gong Shil was having a sweet time enjoying her date. While he sulks in bed, having a difficult time sleeping. We know how he feels and I love him for it. He becomes ordinary and relatable this way. The date finally ended and Gong Shil went home sighing thinking about the turn out. She hesitates to call Joong Won, good thing he was the first to call. Just to ask about the play?? Hahaha. Oh dear. He was more than relieved when Gong Shil told him how her date came about. Your Coldness is really enjoying this more than anything. That smile, irresistible! He surely slept so well that night.


The ghost of the week were abused kids. So they attract kids who are experiencing the same. Their first victim are the boys from Gong Shil’s apartment. The ghost did not succeed on that so they moved on to a new target. This time the kid involved was being beaten by his own mother. Poor kid.

Secretary Kim got sick and took a leave. Gong Shil took over for one day, accompanying Joong Won as his secretary. Nice. He’s even willing to show her his world now. I’m glad she’s also showing that she’s interested. They are getting to know each other even when not dating. I love the scene during the meeting, and how each showed concern. Joong Won even stood up from his place just to touch Gong Shil, knowing how scared she was. Your Coldness, why do I love thee? The reasons now is endless.

To shower us more of the skinship, Joong Won showed the Giant Mall being built near his Kingdom through his telescope. OHEMMGEEE. The nearness just helps my heart skip a beat. So this is why he insists that she shampoo her hair. Hihee. Joong Won’s emphasis of him being a man protecting Gong Shil, is cherry on top. I love Gong Shil’s reaction, she knows her place too and not taking advantage despite of Joong Won’s moves. To distract her feelings, she thinks of him as a high class marble. His Coldness is thwarted for now.


Going back to the abused kid, the ghosts lead him to find the doll and took it home with him. Gong Shil saw the doll being taken by the kid and started to worry. She told Joong Won all about this but he’s not willing to help just yet. Gong Shil went on her own and found the kid in his home locked inside the cabinet. The kids omma arrived just in time when Gong Shil was taking him out. Good thing Joong Won arrived there and helped her go to the hospital with the bruised kid. They are becoming a tandem that saves now.

While they are progressing to somewhere, we have to see where Kang Woo is. When he saw the doll at Gong Shil’s office, he thought of replacing it. So sweet. The dolls name is even named after Gong Shil. Aigoo, heartbreak is coming. Before we deal with that, Joong Won and Gong Shil were arrested because the kids mother complained for kidnapping. Both were imprisoned. They surely are together thru thick and thin more now. But their suffering won’t be for long since Secretary Kim solved everything using his talents, nay titles.


When an insane sun rose in my world, I was trying anything to get you out. However I realized that I was actually the one being dragged into your gloomy world. I was struggling to stop and get out. But I realized in the cell today, I already went all the way.

Enough said.

You know how I enjoy when Joong Won and Gong Shil have conversations. How touching the talk they had outside the hospital. You can see how Joong Won is really concerned, and how he allowed himself to be close with Gong Shil despite how he resist it. I love how puzzled Gong Shil became, trying to understand if what Joong Won said is real. When she asked him if her touch does make him feel something, he responded through the beating of his heart. Damn. How can this not be true??

Though we all have to hold on our horses, grip it tightly just a bit more. Joong Won explained the difference between a friendly gesture and the one that makes people suspicious. But I just laugh that despite all that, his own gestures betray him especially when Kang Woo is mentioned.

It’s time to deal with Kang Woo. We know that he’s working under Joong Won’s father. He now learned that Gong Shil might be connected with what he’s investigating more than what he first let on. He’s been observing that Joong Won and Gong Shil is together most of the time, and decided to finally end his personal feeling towards her. He’s been trying to reach out to her, but the distance between them just keeps on moving farther away.  He finally told Gong Shil about what he feels. However its covered with lies, and was badly hurt. It’s obvious he likes Gong Shil and yet he can’t do anything but to end it.


I’ve learned well enough that being a second too late is really never a great feeling. OMG Kang Woo, my heart just breaks for you. That run he had at the Han river was truly heart wrenching.

Gong Shil’s ultimate weakness is seeing water ghosts. And that’s the next ghost at hand. The Kingdom hotel had three accidents at the pool area and Joong Won wants to check if the rumor of a water ghost is indeed the ghost. He wants his radar there, but knowing how deeply scared Gong Shil is of water ghost, he first invited her to his hotel as a very special guest. Truth is, he has a hidden agenda. This guy, hitting two birds with one stone.

Gong Shil happily arrived at the hotel and did not expect a very busy President will be there treating her for dinner. She was feeling ecstatic, being in a beautiful hotel accompanied by Your Coldness. She was even lead to think that a special event is prepared just for her. Ottoke? Though Joong Won has something on his sleeves, I know he’s enjoying himself too. Heh. Gong Shil arrived at the pool area only to hear Joong Won that there isn’t an event after all. That she was invited to check on the ghost by the pool. Shoot. This will hurt.


Upon hearing this, she went back to her room immediately to change, realizing that she’s there to be the radar. Awww. I felt the pang of pain when she stared at her own reflection to ask herself why she’s so upset. The pain is her answer. I love the next thing that transpired. Joong Won also realized that Gong Shil might have thought wrong too, when his staff asked him if he want a romantic set up prepared. He met her at the lobby, and just held her hand, gripping it tightly not wanting to let it go. Darn it, Gong Shil you are the luckiest! His concern is focused on Gong Shil alone now, ignoring his employee gossips.

This is where honesty entered. How great it is to have two people just deal with the matter at hand, never having to explain much. Just the sincerity of what they felt at the moment floated for them to understand each other better. I just love how we don’t complicate things here. We end the hurt with truth. I’m seeing an amazing relationship this two will have when finally together.

You know, Kang Woo with Yi Ryung is turning out to be more than just a breather in the story. I’m liking them too, but nothing romantic in a sense. Haha. I’m enjoying their banter and how oblivious is Yi Ryung, doing everything for Kang Woo. Moreover, how dumb is Kang Woo? I know that Yi Ryung is a top star, but she still manages to spend her time with Kang Woo, without him realizing it. He always thought she isn’t that busy, like  already drowning in her schedule. But that train scene proved otherwise. She is still popular. How lovely is that scene when he grabbed her from the mob of passengers and runaway like there’s sunset! This two are a fun to watch and I think Yi Ryung is harmless so I’m actually enjoying her with Kang Woo. Let the lady have her bliss. Even for just awhile.


Joong Won’s showing his concern like he’s wearing it all out for Gong Shil. They both waited for the water ghost by the pool, but it didn’t appear. When Gong Shil wanted to try looking into the pool, Joong Won stopped her knowing how dangerous it might be. But like how Gong Shil was enchanted at the Han River, same thing happened. Good thing Joong Won was there, arriving on time to help her not get pulled in the water.

The water ghost isn’t harmful like the rest. She’s even alive, just in a comatose phase. The ghost just wanted to feel the luxurious life, and live it just like a fantasy. But this has to end, since she’s bothering the guests at the hotel. Gong Shil manage to talk to the Ahjumma ghost and convinced her to leave.

Joong Won now does not find Gong Shil weird talking to ghosts. *giddy* We are progressing to something good. I’m seeing Joong Won smile more often now and I just love it. A man falling in love is astounding to watch. Sparks are flying. I just want to cherish the moment that he’s finally falling in love again. I think he’s the one who woke up from a dream, and starting to live again now. Isn’t this wonderful?!


Be still my heart.

Joong Won is leaving for a week. When he checked with Secretary Kim if Gong Shil knows this, he was kinda disappointed to know she’s fine with it. Heh. He was worrying at first that he’d be leaving her alone for a week yet its okay. It’s a relief to know that Gong Shil is prepared somehow to continue living even without her safety hide out. This is a better way for her not to be too dependent on Joong Won. Nice. We have a heroine that thinks straight and not let herself be ruled by feelings alone.

This lead to the phrase we are hearing often this week. “When your heart doesn’t tell the truth, pain will give you the answer.” This phrase originally came from Joong Won’s dad, passed onto Kang Woo then Gong Shil. It is also something familiar with Joong Won since he heard it first from Hee Joo. Omo. Then Joong Won ask Secretary Kim to review Kang Woo’s resume. I love that he confronted him first. Since this story is not about beating around the bush, Kang Woo easily told Joong Won his purpose.

Slowly we are also uncovering the mystery behind the kidnapping that happened eons ago. Goodness. Nobody wants to bury this issue. I won’t focus much on this for now since we are just seeing snippets of the past. Cha Hee Joo indeed plays a big role in this. She’s the only one who knows the answer. Gong Shil saw her again but Hee Joo do not want to tell who the culprits are. Joong Won is badly hurt because of this and Gong Shil can sense that. But here’s the clincher, through this all Joong Won wants Gong Shil with him. I guess this time he’s the one needing a shelter.

Is she going to provide him that??

Personal Thoughts on Week Three: Fearless


I think our Royal Coldness is starting to melt. EEEeee. The warmth of the sun is causing a big change in his form.

I’m feeling happy being in the current place . Hearts are starting to open up and we know that this is a good start. Foundation is laid this week, having curiosity, concern and trust as key ingredients making it stable. Amid all the ghostly trouble, more important things are brewing. This just makes my heart giddy, and I find myself smiling even in the simplest of scenes.

We are getting into the sweet stuff and I’m elated. Joong Won is just on the brink of falling and it seems that he’s clueless of the edge he’s already in. If jealousy is leading him to think of Gong Shil more, then let it overflow!! I welcome you.


I’m obsessed with hand holding. There’s just something so special, so poetic and so sweet in this gesture that speaks so much. And the way that touch plays an integral part in this story, makes hand holding much sweeter. And Joong Won much more confused.

Speaking of Joong Won, the way I see him now is, he does not want anyone to come any close. Like the way he made Hee Joo, it leaded to betrayal. That is something he does not want to repeat. Because of this, he’s very careful not to let anybody in his life. Since that is his weakness, it seems that letting Gong Shil know of this fact brings her closer. Why let a person know that? I think he’s starting to trust her more now. At first he honestly told her that he can not read. Now, he even explained why. Big leap Your Coldness.

It is said, perfect love cast away fears. Have our leads finally found the one who can take away their fears?? We each have our own. Isn’t it the best when we have that person, just one person who can make life much more bearable? I think Joong Won finally find his.

Personal Thoughts on Week Four:

This show surely knows how to break my heart and make it whole again. What’s up with that? One minute my heart breaks into a million pieces seeing how Kang Woo lose a potential love of his life. And then Joong Won shows up, being the sweetest guy out there.

Heart, what to do with you???

This is not a pendulum swing, like I’m torn between Kang Woo and Joong Won. Nope. Because I think I’m fully on board Joong Won’s ship. I know Kang Woo is the most ideal guy out there and it breaks my heart to see him in pain. He’s the security guard, but he can’t even do well in protecting Gong Shil. Ironic. I can actually relate when he said that if our heart is confused, the pain is a hint to tell you the truth. Because without it, we would not know if something is real. We don’t just get hurt for no reason especially when the heart is concern. I just love how well this was presented to us, I really felt it. It hurts sooo good. How real this can be right?!? Surely you can relate too.


Joong Won defines the borderline, the price and even the distance as to where Gong Shil ought to be. And yet, he’s the first one to break all of that to be near her. Not just in time when she needed him the most, it’s when his heart takes over him. EEEEeeee. I can’t believe how giddy I am to say this. LOL. He Keeps on insisting that touching him is expensive and yet all throughout this week, he keeps on giving it for free. Hahahaah. How can I not enjoy Joong Won when he’s the one breaking his own rules? No matter how hard he tries not to be concerned, his heart dictates otherwise.

I’ve said it before that I’m just so in love with Joong Won. He’s so manly and yet so delicate, so fragile. I don’t want to see him hurt, in anyway. I’m glad that Gong Shil feels the same, like she won’t do something that will hurt him. And yet the thought of Hee Joo does. The fact that Gong Shil is a link for Joong Won’s pain to resonate, I think when Gong Shil finally understands the reason why her radar has glitches more now, she’d find a way not to see ghosts ever again. For Joong Won’s sake.


Gong Shil, you are just the luckiest girl in a Hong sister’s drama! That scene where Joong Won just grab hold of her hand and not care about what his employee’s might think, and just continued being by Gong Shil’s side just.. awww-inducing moment. I just love the honesty that envelopes our OTP. How genuine it is to have a relationship bonded by truth. I’m jealous of the honesty they have. No need to beat around the bush. Straight to the core honesty. I can’t barely contain myself if a confession happens. Oh truth, let it shine!

Actually this week it felt like the theme is dream vs reality. We may enjoy dreaming, and thinking of wonderful things. But you know reality can just slap us and wake us into the present. How awful do we feel when we come face to face with life’s reality? Day dreaming bursts like bubbles when it happens. I like how the story of the water ghost was presented to depict that thought. Especially how Gong Shil reacted into all this. We can see how badly she was hurt, knowing that Joong Won wanted to use her to check on a ghost. But we also know that Joong Won still wants her to relax somehow, and enjoy. He felt guilty misleading Gong Shil. However, the fact that he was bold enough to let his employee see them as is, his genuine concern, turned the event into something special.


Has the nightmare finally become a dream or something he now wants to have for real?




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    the story with the abused kiddie ghosts made me cry a river, this show is seriously playing on my emotions.

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