“Who Are You” Episode 11 Recap

Tessieroo:  I still can’t believe Moon Sik managed to disappear with all those cops around. And is Gun Woo angry because she didn’t tell him or is he upset because his Mentor betrayed everyone?

Clockwatcher: Both. But it is funny how they were just standing and watching him run away. LOL. She was pointing her gun at him but it’s not like he was in a car moving at a fast speed.
Tessieroo: When Shi On arrives home, Hyung Joon is there. *big grin* She tells him Moon Sik confessed and plays a recording of Moon Sik saying he didn’t mean to kill Hyung Joon.  Shi On is deep in thought about Gun Woo – I wonder if Hyung Joon can read her mind.

Clockwatcher: It certainly doesn’t bode well for their love if he’s next to her and she’s thinking of another guy. I think he left because he can read her mind.

Tessieroo: The Chief wants Moon Sik found and brought in ASAP since he murdered another officer. He also wants the investigation reopened which leads to Internal Affairs confiscating everything from Moon Sik’s desk. Both Shi On and Gun Woo are interviewed and from the way the questions go, I’m guessing they think Gun Woo was involved. Was he even an officer 6 years ago?

Clockwatcher: I think they just suspect that he knows where Moon Sik is.

Tessieroo: Shi On tries to talk with Gun Woo afterwards but is called to a meeting with the Chief. She asks to be included in the investigation but he tells her it’s being handled by Internal Affairs and the Special Investigation teams. He wants her and Gun Woo to rest and then return to Lost and Found. Okay, now he’s being sketchy again.
Clockwatcher: LOL. Anyone who is overly nice and caring is sketchy by default.

Tessieroo: The lead gangster shows up at Moon Sik’s hiding place to give him a bag with escape items – his passport and other stuff. Moon Sik asks about his family and lead gangster tells him he spoke to his wife. They’re preparing for Moon Sik and family to escape on a ship that’s leaving the country.

Clockwatcher: This episode is so slow.

Tessieroo: I totally agree, I feel like I know exactly what’s going to happen next. Moon Sik tells this guy to give a message to the “boss” that if he tries anything stupid, Moon Sik will leave him a surprise. Who is this “boss”? I don’t think it’s the Chief but I could be wrong.

Gun Woo gets drunk, thinking about how close he was with his Sunbae and how much he trusted him. Shi On finds him drinking.

Clockwatcher: It parallels how Moon Sik also found him depressed and drinking when he got demoted to the Lost and Found center.

Tessieroo: He tells her he thinks Moon Sik might have had a reason for what he did.  At home, Shi On remembers Lee Young Geol telling them “people were looking after him” – Police officials. (but of course, he didn’t know any names)
The next day, Gun Woo goes to the hospital and walks right past Moon Sik who is disguising himself with a hat. (LOL) Moon Sik’s son has cancer and goes to the hospital once a week for treatment. He learns that Moon Sik was just there and runs out but doesn’t see him. Okay, so is this the reason he got involved – because his son is sick and he needed money?

Rookie tries to stop another guy from picking up Hee Bin in the park. He then complains to himself because she wants to go bike-riding when he obviously had something else in mind. LMAO

Clockwatcher: So they are just here for comic relief? Not that I hate them that much but still…

Tessieroo: While cleaning, Shi On finds a hair pin under the sofa. It brings on a flashback of Hyung Joon moving furniture when she lost it. He teased her about losing things and she snapped at him. She runs from room to room searching while he’s sure she left it at the office. I love his smile.

Hyung Joon appears and she shows him the pin, she didn’t leave it at the office. He smiles. Her phone rings and she runs from room to room searching for it while Hyung Joon watches her. Adorable!
Gun Woo goes to Moon Sik’s house which is being guarded by cops. He remembers bringing his Sunbae home drunk and trying to keep him from waking everyone up. This scene is really cute too.
Moon Sik and lead gangster have a conversation which leads me to believe neither side trusts the other. Lead gangster tries to find out what Moon Sik has on them while Moon Sik dares them to mess with his family. Gangster also brings up those “young kids” (meaning Shi On and Gun Woo) who won’t let things go. Sounds like a subtle threat to me.

At home, Shi On sees a very drunk Gun Woo on her security cam outside the front door. She brings him inside and he passes out on her sofa.

Clockwatcher: She’s really taking care of him in this episode.

Tessieroo: He mumbles an apology to Shi On and that Moon Sik should turn himself in.
Moon Sik looks at a hidden photo in his wallet of himself with Hyung Joon. Flashback to the night Hyung Joon was shot but we do see more. Moon Sik tried to dissuade Hyung Joon from coming aboard the ship. He appeared shocked to discover Hyung Joon wasn’t wearing his bullet-proof vest.

Clockwatcher: He definitely didn’t shoot to kill.

Tessieroo: Hyung Joon shows up and questions Moon Sik in his mind – what made him turn out this way, he wasn’t this kind of person. Moon Sik seems to make some sort of decision and goes to call Gun Woo but he’s passed out on Shi On’s sofa.
When Shi On wakes up, Gun Woo is gone. She finds him at work and takes him out for hangover soup. She tells him she wants to find Moon Sik, that’s the only way they can discover what really happened. She gets a call but whoever it is hangs up. Gun Woo has the number traced.

Clockwatcher: Gun Woo also received a call from the same number.

Tessieroo: Flashback time again – Moon Sik phoned someone after he shot Hyung Joon saying he couldn’t continue. He must have been given orders to clean it all up, knocking Shi On out and shooting himself in the foot. He apologizes to both Shi On and Gun Woo, checks his fake passport and leaves.

Clockwatcher: How come the old man was the one who got to Shi On – after receiving orders – and not all those other younger gangsters?

Tessieroo: Gun Woo and Shi On drive to the pay phone location and check the building behind it. Moon Sik get a phone call from lead gangster telling him his family will be waiting at the terminal office. Okay, dumb question: Why couldn’t they just trace Moon Sik’s location by his phone since he still has it? *rolls eyes*
Clockwatcher: LOL. It didn’t fit the plot.

Tessieroo: Lead gangster tells Moon Sik some “guests” showed up at his hiding place – meaning Shi On and Gun Woo. He implies they’ll take care of it and he should just go rest. Pretty obvious he means they will kill them.

Shi On calls for backup while they search the building. They find evidence that Moon Sik was there but before they can leave, the gangsters show up and surround them. Gun Woo believes Moon Sik set them up. A fight breaks out and I’m happy to see Shi On holding her own.

Clockwatcher: I guess it’s better to go down with a fight than just go down. Personally, if I were this outnumbered, I’d quickly get on my knees and start begging God to forgive all my sins since I’d be meeting him very soon.

Tessieroo: A shot rings out – when they all look up, it’s Moon Sik. He points the gun at lead gangsters face and tells Shi On to leave with Gun Woo. Shi On drags him out, insisting they wait for backup. Gun Woo tells her Moon Sik will die if they leave and goes back inside.
Lead gangster wants to know why Moon Sik didn’t board the ship, is he going to let misplaced conscience ruin his life? Moon Sik says it’s not misplaced, it’s the least amount of conscience a human being should have. He is stabbed in the back and then lead gangster also stabs him.

Clockwatcher: I thought someone conked him on the head. Regardless, at least finally, someone used their brain. I was wondering if those gangsters would let one old man with a gun bully them when they were standing behind him.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo rushes to Moon Sik’s side as lead gangster tells his thugs to kill them. Shi On picks up the gun and aims it towards the gangsters. Gun Woo yells for Moon Sik to wake up as blood pours out of his wounds.

Clockwatcher: Is he about to become a ghost?


Clockwatcher: This episode was slower than molasses – I almost fell asleep twice.

Tessieroo: LMAO – me too. My thought process last week was correct, we haven’t discovered who the real villain is. It’s someone above Moon Sik on the Police Force. I keep wavering on the Chief, what are your thoughts? Could it be someone we haven’t met yet? They also let us know why Moon Sik could have turned corrupt – he has a sick son.

Clockwatcher: I think the chief is involved. A sick parent or child is usually the reason one turns corrupt or to prostitution in dramas. But when did he turn corrupt since after killing Hyung Joon, he told the person on the phone that there’s an accident so they should stop now. Was he already corrupt or was that when he really became corrupt?
Tessieroo: The romance was pretty non-existant in this episode but I did enjoy more flashbacks of Hyung Joon and Shi On’s relationship. It still doesn’t make sense (to me) that not one single person knew about their relationship though.

 Clockwatcher: Korean dramas are really made for people like me because while in theory, I’m not a a fan of the romance in this series, I missed it and wanted some more. The flashbacks were good but also served to show us how forgetful she is. It’s been a theme in this drama and like you previously wondered, does it serve an even larger purpose?

So our sunbae got stabbed during his redemption. If he’s really a baddie then he should die. But if he dies will this be the last we see of him? He’d better reappear as a ghost in the future.


  • sally_b says:

    Hi gals ~ 🙂

    Thanks for the recap(s)… I’m in this show for the long run — because, well…Kim Jae Wook. <3
    (and my twitter buddy, SungPil, who PM'd me with several ㅋㅋㅋ's because I called him a nappeun namja/bad man…plus I'm really surprised he has such a big role. Yay! for him. Minion Baddies don't usually get so much screen time)

    Anyhoo — I gotta say — the paaaaaace of this show is killing me.
    FFS can we please actually GO Somewhere with the story? If they replay that damned wharf/port scene again… I'm going to flip something or throw shoes.

    At this point the chemistry is almost entirely hefted by Jae Wook. He's not only the second lead…. he's DEAD.
    When the MUTE, DEAD guy has more charisma than every other person on screen — you've got a problem. (ha!)

    What's with the seer/medium and rookie lost & found guy's romance? Do we need this? Her character is important obviously (or we'd have almost no opportunity to hear Jae Wook) but the guy…. is furniture.

    Actually — I don't hate the show…at all. I'm just really frustrated. But I very much appreciate the two of you doing such enjoyable recaps ~ (sending hugs)

    • tessieroo says:

      Where ya been, I’ve missed you! I know exactly what you mean and agree with everything you said. I did think Rookie was a cutie-pie at the beginning but now I’m over it. *hehehe* Kim Jae Wook’s smiles are burning up my screen, I really hope he gets the girl in his next drama. I don’t think he will this time because…well, HE’S DEAD. I hope to see you more often!

  • Gihoe says:

    I love Kim Jae Wook’s acting, he really deserves to get the girl in some drama.

    Don’t you think he’s gotten a lot more madure with this caracter and sexier? I really ship these two and really believe they’ve more chemistry than with Taecyeon.

    I imagine a way for my Kim Jae Wook to get the girl, but don’t think anyone would like it.

  • nutty says:

    Maybe moon skik will become a ghost & jaewook can meet him & demand what went wrong that night…but that would mean the show ends fast.

    Thanks for recaps!

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