“Who Are You” Episode 12 Recap

Tessieroo: As Shi On holds the gangsters off, Moon Sik asks Gun Woo why they came back. Gun Woo tells him not to talk. We hear sirens in the background and the gangsters scatter. Shi On gives chase but when she the pulls the trigger on the gun, it doesn’t fire. She used the last bullet firing into the air.

Clockwatcher: What a waste. And who brings a gun with only one bullet to a fight?
Tessieroo: I’m used to American crimes shows where everyone has automatic weapons and uses 2,000 bullets in one scene. LOL

Clockwatcher: At least they didn’t blur out the guns… that’s something to be grateful for.

Tessieroo: In the ambulance, Moon Sik Sunbae dies after gasping “I’m sorry” to Gun Woo.

Clockwatcher: He drops his wallet.

Tessieroo: Shi On arrives at Moon Sik’s funeral to find Gun Woo sitting in a corner alone. Oh, yea – Moon Sik was a dirty cop so there wouldn’t be a huge memorial for him! (I forgot – LOL)

Clockwatcher: But where are his wife and kid? Not enough $$ in the budget to hire two extras?

Tessieroo: I’d say that’s a perfect guess. *hee* Gun Woo looks pale and sick. Shi On arrives.
Clockwatcher: She holds him but he pulls her hand off him. I guess he’s not yet ready to be consoled. First you learn your hero is a crook then he dies before explaining himself. Awful week for him.

Tessieroo: Shi On gives him Moon Sik’s wallet, she believes his Sunbae was trying to give it to him.

Clockwatcher: Shouldn’t she have given it to his wife?

Tessieroo: Did she guess there might be a clue inside? He takes it and sits back in the corner. At the gravesite, he remembers times with his Sunbae. *sniff* They were cute together. Shi On grabs his hand.

Back at the Police Department, there is a tribute wall in the lobby. Shi On sees Hyung Joon’s name and picture listed along with the date and reason he died. He stands beside her as she tears up, happy that he’s finally been cleared.

Shi On meets with the Chief who tells her an investigative team is looking the suspect who killed Moon Sik. The smuggling case from 6 years ago is now closed with Moon Sik being the perpetrator. When Shi On starts to argue, the Chief warns her to follow his orders or he’ll take formal measures.
Clockwatcher: This dude has been trying to get her off the case for ages. If he didn’t look suspicious before, he certainly does now.

Tessieroo: Shi On storms back to Lost and Found. Rookie #1 and #2 inquire about Gun Woo – he’s been out for a full week.

Clockwatcher: They suggest they go to his home but Shi On refuses.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo is sitting inside his house on the floor remembering how Moon Sik died. Shi On bangs on his door asking if he’s just going to let the guys who murdered Sunbae get away with it? He doesn’t answer so she leaves.

The next day, Shi On receives a phone call regarding Moon Sik’s cell phone records and asks whoever it is to send it to her by fax. Rookie #1 and #2 are listening in on this but quickly scatter when she notices them watching her.

Clockwatcher: I think all their scripts consist of “Look at [ ] awkwardly then scurry out of the room.”
Tessieroo: LMAO. I’m still shocked that I found Rookie #1 the least bit appealing at the beginning. I’m over him.


Tessieroo: The fax with Sunbae’s phone records comes in.

The wormy cop who belittles Shi On is talking with his equally smarmy buddy about the smuggling case. They realize since Shi On is the one who uncovered everything, she’ll probably get a promotion. They decide to go congratulates her but Rookie #1 and #2 tell them she’s not in. Are they protecting her so she can continue investigating?

Clockwatcher: Yep. Okay, I admit it. Just when you’re over him, I notice that Rookie 1 really has a nice face. Not the character but the actor… the actor, dammit! The actor. What’s his name? He might be next on my stalk list…

Tessieroo: That’s No Young-Hak (7th Grade Civil Servant). Shi On scours the phone list, marking numbers she recognizes. When she comes across one she doesn’t know, she calls it and discovers it’s a pawn shop. She goes to talk to the owner and shows him Moon Sik’s picture but he won’t tell her anything. He just keeps telling her to bring the receipt.

Clockwatcher: I don’t think anyone in the world can guess who has the receipt.

Tessieroo: LMAO! I wake each morning praying for some Clock sarcasm, my whole day is ruined without it. Sure enough, Gun Woo opens Moon Sik’s wallet and discovers a pawn ticket receipt. Zzzzzz *grabs coffee to stay awake*

Hyung Joon is at Moon Sik’s gravesite remembering the night he died. He remembers looking down at his own dead body in shock ala Patrick Swayze in Ghost.  He’s angry Moon Sik Sunbae is dead instead of living and begging for forgiveness for what he did.
Clockwatcher: Well, it’s not like he killed himself or something.

Tessieroo: Shi On visits Hyung Joon’s sister (?) to give her a trophy and let her know Hyung Joon will also be receiving a Medal of Honor. His sister tells Shi On to stop coming to visit, saying this is what Hyung Joon would want too. Shi On isn’t ready to let go.

Clockwatcher: It might be six years but it’s only like two or three weeks for Shi On. How can she be ready to let go?

Tessieroo: Hyung Joon visits Hee Bin who tells him he should go now, he needs to stop lingering around Shi On. He refuses, saying until he’s sure Shi On is safe – he won’t leave. Hee Bin keeps pushing him to leave so Shi On can get on with her life and let him go.

Clockwatcher: True. How can Shi On move on if she always sees him? It’ll start to get confusing after a while. Why am I even considering this scenario like it’s realistic?
Tessieroo: I’m totally up for a ghost romance. Shi On walks home remembering walking with Hyung Joon. She teases him that her Father wouldn’t have liked him but he counters that her Father liked him even when he was a child. Ah, so they grew up together? Cute.

Clockwatcher: Yep. They keep building up their history but want us to be happy to see her with her hoobae. Wrong move.

Tessieroo: She arrives home to see Hyung Joon standing outside and says in her mind that he’ll stay by her side forever, right? He looks at her and then disappears as she cries. She goes inside. *sigh* Is anything going to happen in this episode? *kekeke*

Clockwatcher: Sunbae died. That wasn’t enough for you?

Tessieroo: I demand more ghosts and more romance! Gun Woo arrives to tell her he’s ready to catch the ones who killed Moon Sik.

Clockwatcher: She’s really happy to see him.

Tessieroo: She shows him the flow-chart she has inside on the entire case. He’s obviously impressed but also concerned that it was hard on her since it involved Hyung Joon.
As they pour over the information together, Gun Woo sees the phone records from Moon Sik’s cell phone. He notices the number Shi On listed as a pawn shop and tells her about the receipt he found. They decide to start with the pawn shop.

Clockwatcher: Apparently, the best way to hide a cell phone or camera with incriminating evidence is to hand it to a pawn shop.

Tessieroo: They go to the pawn shop the next day with Gun Woo bumping into a hooded guy outside the door. When they hand over the receipt to the pawn shop owner, he tells them he already gave out the item. Someone showed up with proof of Moon Sik’s death and paid for the item – which turns out to be a broken cell phone. Ah! So Moon Sik didn’t burn that phone! You were 100% correct.

Pawn shop owner tells them the guy in the hoodie who just left is the one who redeemed the cell phone. Gun Woo gives chase while Shi On is given a key Moon Sik also left.

Clockwatcher: What does this key unlock? A safety deposit box with a video tape that exposes everything?

Tessieroo: Why would I rather read your comments than watch this?

Clockwatcher: Ditto.

Tessieroo: LMAO – like we should take shots every time they mention “Sunbae”. Gun Woo sees hoodie guy and chases him into a building and up the stairs. Hoodie guy jumps on an elevator going down but Shi On is waiting when the doors open.
Clockwatcher: What I don’t like about her fighting technique is that she doesn’t chase after people. She hit him once then acted all confused.

Tessieroo: They’re stunned into submission. He drops the phone in his attempt to get away from her. They retrieve the phone but once again they’re surrounded by gangsters.

To escape, Gun Woo throws the phone, grabs Shi On’s hand and they run outside. He quickly flags down a taxi and they speed away as the gangsters run towards the car. In the taxi, Shi On is angry that Gun Woo gave away the evidence but discovers Gun Woo pulled the chip out of the phone so the gangsters essentially have an empty shell.

Tessieroo: They take the chip to Hee Gu, who isn’t at all happy to see them again. LMAO He got all new, updated equipment since the theft last time. When they hover over him, he freaks out and tells them to leave. LOL – they should have used this guy all along for the comic relief.

Clockwatcher: Shi On doesn’t want to leave him with it given what happened the last time but Gun Woo convinces her to.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo walks her home, she tells him the reason she doesn’t drive – her parents were killed in an accident. Thanks to Hyung Joon, she learned to drive but she still doesn’t like to. Gun Woo offers to be her driver from now on. This mirrors the scene with Hyung Joon almost exactly, leaving out the lover part.
Clockwatcher: It was funny how he was like, “I’ll be your driver, Team Leader.” It reminded me of “Stifler’s Mom.” It made him sound like a high school kid with a crush on his teacher and when she told him not to make promises he can’t keep, he reacted like being her driver was similar to taking responsibility for her unborn child.

Tessieroo: He did totally look like a little boy in that scene. Lead gangster hands the cell phone to someone inside a car but we don’t see who it is. Hyung Joon stands outside the car, looking shocked. Arrrgggg! Who is it?

Clockwatcher: Haha. Try your first guess.

Tessieroo: Rookies are happy to see Gun Woo back at work the next day. Shi On shows Gun Woo the key but he doesn’t recognize it. They decide to visit Hee Gu and see if he’s made any progress. He hears them coming in so pretends to be asleep.

He brags about the code breaking software he just developed and runs the program. It pulls up a list of dates with the name Park Il Do. They ask Hee Gu to run a check on the name. It’s the lead gangster and he’s a former police officer. They make Hee Gu run a check on Park Il Do’s phone.

Someone wearing a white police shirt pulls open the back of the cell phone and throws it after discovering the chip is gone. Hyung Joon shows up, stares at the phone and disappears. Park Il Do receives a phone call obviously letting him know the chip is missing from the phone.

Shi On arrives home alone and wonders where Hyung Joon is. She falls asleep on the sofa.
Clockwatcher: Oh oh… something bad is about to happen.

Tessieroo: Hyung Joon visits Hee Bin to ask a favor which evokes an angry outburst from her: if he does whatever it is he’s planning, his soul will disappear. He doesn’t care, Shi On is in danger and he must protect her.

Clockwatcher: I still expect him to inhabit Hee Bin’s body but why would that make his soul disappear?

Tessieroo: Outside Shi On’s house, Park Il Do shows up with his minions. Gun Woo is at Hee Gu’s place, waiting for the final bit of information from the cell phone. Hee Gu tells him it’s coming up now so Gun Woo tries to phone Shi On. Hyung Joon arrives at Shi On’s place to find it trashed and she’s missing.

Park Il Do answers Shi On’s phone and tells Gun Woo they have her. He demands the SMS card from the cell phone in exchange for Shi On. Gun Woo tells him they better not touch one hair on her head. Park Il Do tells him where they are. Hee Gu tells him the code breaking is complete.

As Gun Woo scrolls through the information on the screen, he recognizes a name. Park Il Do asks someone on the phone what he should do with Shi On once they get the records? As the screen moves, we see it’s the Chief. He tells Park Il Do to get rid of them – both of them.


Tessieroo: Nothing happened in this episode until the last 5 minutes! I watched it while talking on the phone AND listening to videos on YouTube. Pfffttttttt.

Clockwatcher: I’m beginning to think that this should have been a movie instead.

Tessieroo: So we finally know for sure it’s the Chief. What exactly do you think Hyung Joon is planning? Is he going to somehow use Hee Bin’s body to save Shi On? I hope she’s healthy and in good shape. LMAO I really hope next week picks back up.

 Clockwatcher: Yeah, my first guess is he’s going to use her body. But instead of using it to fight, he should use it to make 0ut with her – that’ll be more fun for the audience. The truth is, I literally don’t care what happens in this drama. There isn’t that much dramatic or romantic suspense and any ending is fine.  All I want is for Sunbae to return as a ghost.


  • Mara says:

    Do u remember Hee Gu (the actor who plays him) from Rooftop Prince? He was hilarious in RTP and a little bit of comic relief in Ten and Ten 2.

  • SoyB says:

    This week was incredibly slow… It’s always a let down when the big reveal was so obvious, why bother drawing it out? They should have just revealed that the Chief was the big baddie and worked on moving the story forward. I guess they must not have enough left in the story line to make it to 16 episodes for them to take 2 episodes to take like a 1/4 of a step.

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