“Who Are You” Episode 13 Recap

Tessieroo: So evil Chief Hong Joo tells Park Il Do to get rid of both Shi On and Gun Woo. I’m guessing no red flags would be raised if both of them were killed? Or am I thinking too logically?

Clockwatcher: He can just blame it on Sunbae’s ghost.
Tessieroo: Park Il Do tells Gun Woo to bring the SIM card and not to make any copies. Hee Gu is confused when Gun Woo tells him not to make a copy and to destroy everything he pulled up.

Clocwatcher: He tells the poor guy to go into hiding for three months. Nothing good has come from helping these two.

Tessieroo: I wish my computer tech guy looked like him. Gun Woo runs out to save Shi On.

Clockwatcher: Surely, there had to be a way of saving something, like doing a print screen.

Tessieroo: How can they tell a copy was made?

Clockwatcher: Haha. Park Il Do used some program to check that.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo goes to the empty warehouse where the gangsters have taken Shi On hostage. He hands over the SIM card to Park Il Do, who confirms its intact.

As the gangsters begin to walk out, Gun Woo rushes to untie Shi On and make sure she’s okay. Just then, Park Il Do turns around and says leaving them alive doesn’t seem right. He orders his minions to kill them. As the gangsters advance on them, the lights flicker off and on.
Clockwatcher: It’s Hyung Joon to the rescue! Is he an electrical ghost who only knows how to flicker lights? But I remember that he was able to type on a keyboard so why doesn’t he mess with the gangsters by poking them in the eyes?

Tessieroo: There does seem to be some inconsistencies in the ghosts abilities, we need the manual. Shi On sees Hyung Joon standing behind the gangsters. He nods to her (as in, “follow me”) and leads them outside.

Clockwatcher: I need to know what was going through Gun Woo’s mind as he watched her communicate with the ghost.

Tessieroo: I wonder if Gun Woo will even ask her? They still have to fight a few of the gangsters, with Shi On throwing herself on top of Gun Woo to protect him from being hit.

Clockwatcher: My favorite version of “hit me instead of my love” was in Time Between Dog and Wolf. I rewound that scene several times.
Tessieroo: They manage to escape in their car. It looked like Hyung Joon disabled their cars some how because when they tried to give chase, none of their cars worked. He’s awesome!

Clockwatcher: What baffled me was how the gangsters waited for them to get into their car before chasing after them.

Tessieroo: In the car, Shi On is angry Gun Woo gave away their last bit of evidence but he counters that her life is more important. As she passes out, he notices the arm that was hit when she tried protecting him is bleeding. He rushes her to a hospital.

Clockwatcher: Her wound is deep but her bone is intact.

Tessieroo: Hyung Joon shows up at her bedside and watches as Gun Woo tenderly brushes the hair from her face. Awww, poor baby – he looks miserable.  Hyung Joon flashes back to when Shi On was in a coma and he watched over her, wishing her a Merry Christmas.

Clockwatcher: Why do the guys always have parallel romantic scenes?

Tessieroo: Moon Sik tried to remove Shi On’s respirator but Hyung Joon stopped him by flashing lights off and on and scaring him. OMG, so Moon Sik tried to kill her when she was in a coma?
Clockwatcher: Was he really that evil?  And Hyung Joon isn’t an effective ghost. After watching that happen, he should have followed him home, and when he was in the shower and steamed up the mirror, should have written “Stay away from Shi On or die” on it.

Tessieroo: LMAO! And by the way…where is Moon Sik’s ghost?

Clockwatcher: Maybe he went straight to Hell?

Tessieroo: Hyung Joon says to himself that he prayed she would wake from her coma but now, he doesn’t think he has much time left. Whaaaat? What does that mean?

Clockwatcher: It means that we’re arriving at the end of the drama so it’s time to start wrapping up his storyline.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo tells Rookie’s #1 and #2 that Shi On is will be okay. They beg to visit and Gun Woo gives in.  Hyung Joon shows up at Hee Bin’s and she chews him out. Where has he been & what has he been doing that his face looks so horrible? (Well, he IS dead) She reminds him if he makes any mistakes, his soul could disappear forever. The only thing he’s afraid of is leaving Shi On alone in this world.
Clockwatcher: She’s a grown woman, not a child. Hyung Joon, she will manage plus can’t you see she’s got Gun Woo now?

Tessieroo: Hee Bin visits Shi On (obviously to have “the talk” with her about letting Hyung Joon go) but the Rookies and Gun Woo show up. When Hee Bin asks who is helping Shi On, Gun Woo announces he is. LMAO at everyone being all shocked – “a man and woman must maintain some distance”.

Clockwatcher: Hee Bin is such a cockblocker. But Shi On had this kind of pleased look when Gun Woo announced that he was taking care of her.

Tessieroo: Rookie #1 brags about how thorough he is in his work, they picked up some Lost and Found items on the way and he’s keeping them safe. Shi On notices a string necklace falling from one of the bags and as she grabs it, a ghost in a nurse’s uniform shows up. Evil Chief Hong Joo meets with a Senator and they begin making evil plans for when he becomes Chief of Police.
Tessieroo: The ghost nurse shows up again and Shi On reads her badge – she is Surgical Nurse Kim Jong Im. Hee Bin comes back in and asks Shi On how long she’s going to hold onto “that Oppa”. Shi On is surprised Hee Bin knows Hyung Joon and asks why she didn’t tell her? Shi On realizes Hyung Joon is the one who gave Hee Bin the tag number.

Hee Bin tells Shi On she doesn’t know what Hyung Joon has been doing lately but he looks really bad. Shi On needs to let him go, he needs to be able to rid himself of regret and worry. Shi On cries upon hearing this. I know she means well but I still don’t like Hee Bin.

Clockwatcher: Well, Hyung Joon is stuck in limbo but I wish she wouldn’t blame it on Shi On. Hyung Joon isn’t sticking around because Shi On won’t let go, after all, he was still sticking around when she couldn’t remember him. He’s doing it because he’s unable to let go.

Tessieroo: Plus people are trying to murder her. Gun Woo arrives to pick Shi On up the next day with a backpack he bought for her to carry things in since she can’t use her arm. Okay – he’s kinda adorable.

Clockwatcher: He’s alive.
Tessieroo: Gaaahhhh! I’m torn between these two men! First time this has ever happened!

Clockwatcher: I’m used to that feeling even if I don’t feel that way with this drama. The good thing about it is, you’ll be happy either way. The bad thing is you’ll be sad for whomever is left behind.

Tessieroo: Park Il Do meets with evil Chief and tells him Shi On and Gun Woo haven’t made any moves. Evil Chief tells him to disappear until the appointment of a new Chief. Hyung Joon shows up right behind Park Il Do and watches him walk away.

Shi On thinks about what Hee Bin told her. Gun Woo tells Shi On he saw the contents of the SIM card before he handed it over, Chief  Moon Hong Joo was behind all of it. Right then, evil Chief calls Shi On to meet him at his office, he has something to say to her. Shi On is shocked and devastated.

Clockwatcher: It’s her turn to be disappointed by her sunbae. Will she now brood for one episode?
Tessieroo: She meets with evil Chief in his office where he tells her to stop everything she’s doing right now. He’s not threatening her, he’s ordering her. He laughs and says she needs to learn when to give up – especially when she has no evidence. She tells him her respect for him ends now and he basically threatens to kill her, then he laughs again. Aissshhh!

Clockwatcher: Technically, it’s a David and Goliath situation and it’s only in fiction that Goliath wins so Psycho Chief is very confident. You’d think he’d know better given that he’d ordered her death and she’s still alive.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo asks if she declared war on the Chief? They need to find some evidence, she finally shows him the key she got at the pawn shop. They can’t trust anyone at the Police Station and Hee Gu has gone into hiding. (LOL) Gun Woo remembers someone they can trust.

They go see Prosecutor Park (from episodes 4 & 4) and tell him the whole story. He calls them reckless plus they let the evidence get taken. AND their opponent is up for Chief of Police. Shi On shows him the key. He offers to look through Moon Sik’s financial records.
Tessieroo: Gun Woo takes her home but she seems reluctant to go inside. Gun Woo follows her with his suitcase. LMAO! He’s moving in? Oh, this should be good. He calls it Gun Woo’s Witness Protection Program. *kekeke*

Clockwatcher: It’s cute and even when she absolutely rejects the idea and he ignores her, it’s clear that if she’d really put her foot down, he would have left.

Tessieroo: He plops down on “his” sofa and tells her a 2 meter radius around the sofa is his zone – so she needs to stay out of his zone. It’s even more hilarious when he asks for food. I think I’m getting sucked in to the younger guy crushing on the older woman thing. *hee*

He calls her a rude ahjumma and she smacks him with a pillow…which leads to her falling on top of him. She hits him on the head and storms out of the room. Gun Woo looks super pleased with himself.

Clockwatcher: He totally enjoyed having her on his lap.

Tessieroo: Back at work the next day, our Rookies are delighted to see them both and start harassing Shi On to take them out to eat. Gun Woo offers to pay so she gives in. In the storage room, she finds the string necklace and the nurse ghost shows up again but she strangely flashes in and out.
Before Shi On can talk to her, Gun Woo shows up. Prosecutor Park then calls with information from Moon Sik’s financial records. They visit a bank with the key and it opens a safety-deposit box. Inside is a voice recorder. They take the recorder to Prosecutor Park’s office to listen.

Clockwatcher: Is it sad that we pretty much predicated this? The good thing is that Shi On immediately guessed what the key was otherwise it would have been too pathetic.

Tessieroo: The recording is a conversation between Moon Sik and Chief Moon. Moon Sik is reminding evil Chief that he’s the one who ordered Moon Sik to shoot Hyung Joon. Moon Sik also tells him Shi On doesn’t remember anything from 6 years ago so they should leave her alone.

Clockwatcher: If Shi On had listened in on the entire conversation instead of eavesdropping at only strategic parts, she would have known of his involvement sooner.

Tessieroo: Prosecutor Park says they can’t get Chief Moon with just the recording. Shi On and Gun Woo agree to continue pursuing this, no matter how hard it gets. Well, at least they finally have one honest person on their side. Plus I’m happy to see Prosecutor Park back.
Clockwatcher: He was on One Million Roses which is a daily drama that started my addiction so I always have a soft spot for him. But addiction is never a good thing so perhaps I should hate him instead.

Tessieroo: They take the Rookies out to eat at Hyung Joon’s sister’s restaurant. Shi On remembers being told not to come around but tells the sister it’s a company dinner. The sister gives her some food to take home and tells her she can come anytime  – but to bring her boyfriend with her. It’s annoying me that everyone keeps pushing her to let go of Hyung Joon.

Clockwatcher: It is annoying because it’s only been a few months for her. But on the other hand, it’s been six years.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo and Shi On walk home, teasing each other about him eating while watching TV and her having to pay the electric bill. Hyung Joon watches them walk into Shi On’s house together. *sniff* I can almost feel his heart breaking into a million pieces.

Clockwatcher: It’s time to let go, Bruh.

Tessieroo: Prosecutor Park goes through both Moon Sik and Hyung Joon’s records. He looks up something about Hyung Joon on the computer and seems surprised. What? WHAAATTT?

Clockwatcher: He was born a woman?

Tessieroo: *snort* I totally wasn’t expecting that, now I have coffee all over myself. Shi On gets the stitches removed from her arm and runs into an older woman who drops a necklace identical to the one that belongs to ghost nurse. Ghost nurse shows up and nods for Shi On to follow this older woman. I’m guessing this is ghost nurses’ Mom.
Gun Woo meets with Prosecutor Park who tells him there is a weight discrepancy between Hyung Joon’s records and the body. OH MY GOD, no way. Gun Woo thinks it’s because Hyung Joon’s body was in the water overnight but Prosecutor Park says the body weight is less than it should be.

Clockwatcher: What’s the big deal about a weight discrepancy? Unless he had his physical the day before, I don’t see why this is such a huge deal. People lose and gain weight all the time. My weight before my beach vacation is different from my weight after Thanksgiving. I would understand if it were a height discrepancy.

Tessieroo: True but you can see where it’s going! Shi On follows the older woman and sees nurse ghost laying in a hospital bed. Ghost nurse shows up and Shi On asks if she’s not dead? Ghost nurse nods. *hyperventilating* OMO, OMO, OMO!

Prosecutor Park tells Gun Woo that the body found that night was not Detective Hyung Joon. *paces around the room*

Clockwatcher: All because he gave up junk food for lent?


Tessieroo: I did not see that coming! There was some discussion at Soompi that Hyung Joon could be in a coma somewhere but I didn’t pay much attention to it. Things just got a whole lot more interesting to me, I was literally on the edge of my seat at the end of this episode.

Clockwatcher: The thought occurred to me but I didn’t really expect this to happen since they were quite adamant that he was dead. They finally gave us a twist. There’s now a possibility that he will return to the land of the living but my guess is that he’s still alive because he hasn’t let go. However, when he does, he will finally die. I don’t think he will wake up and reunite with Shi On, but I welcome the possibility. We know how much he loves her and part of his “sacrifice” could be to leave her to find happiness with Gun Woo. I could be wrong about this, of course.

What I like is that it’s breathed some new life into this show. It was on life support before but perhaps it’ll finally wake up. I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to the next episode.


  • sally_b says:

    Hello gals ~ Thanks for the recap! a super fun read as always!

    Geez Louise ~ I will not add spoilers, though I’ve also seen episode 14…..this show.

    It should have been called *Coma* both for the characters and for the audience.
    (I say this as a person who will most definitely watch it until the last gasping breath of the last comatose character — all of them — in an apparent viral-rampage-epidemic of somnolent, soporous slumber)

    Seriously — are you with me on this? How many cases of coma can one show do and get away with it?

    Kim Jae Wook, honey, get thyself to greener pastures for your next role – preferably one with a change of clothes and a shower scene. (thank you) (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♥

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO if they all end up in a coma – they could have a spirit party. (OK, that was lame) I said the same thing in our episode 7 recap, I want KJW to get the girl at least once? He didn’t in “Coffee Prince” either and he had no competition! So not fair…
      So happy you’re enjoying our recaps, thanks much. 🙂

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