“Who Are You” Episode 14 Recap

Tessieroo: I agree, if there was a discrepancy with the body height – it would have been more interesting.

Clockwatcher: Or at least made more sense.
Tessieroo: I was all excited last night thinking Hyung Joon was alive but if he’s brain-dead in a coma, it’s going to be more heartbreaking. It will take Shi On even longer to let go and move on.

Shi On speaks with nurse ghost’s Mom and learns she was transporting a patient in an ambulance and got into an accident. Oh! Was the ambulance carrying Hyung Joon? Ghost nurse watches her Mom cry.

Clockwatcher: lol. Didn’t Hyung Joon die six years ago?

Tessieroo: *hee* I’m trying to tie all the ghosts together. Gun Woo asks Prosecutor Park to keep this from Shi On – until they find out for sure. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Clockwatcher: He has to make sure. It’ll be worse if he raises her hopes up and they don’t find him.
Tessieroo: Shi On visits with Hee Bin to ask if she sees people who are alive. Hee Bin says those are lost souls because their body is just a shell. Hyung Joon pops up so Hee Bin harasses Shi On to let him go. *sigh* I’m back to wanting to smack her upside her head. Shi On cries.

At home, Shi On looks at the ring and cries more. Gun Woo comes in and she quickly puts it away but he can tell she’s been crying. He goes out to drink – is he jealous of a dead guy? Umm, I’d say yes.

Clockwatcher: I think it was mature of him to walk out but if it were me, I would have walked right to my own apartment.

Tessieroo: Okay, this bit was kinda cute. Shi On keeps looking at the camera monitoring the front door. She’s waiting for Gun Woo! Ahahahaha. She’s busted.

When Gun Woo finally comes home, he asks how long she’s going to look at a dead person? OMG, will people please give this girl a break? YEEESH!
Clockwatcher: It’s not healthy, though. Plus he’s got his own agenda. But again, she’s more mature than me because when he walked in however many hours later, I would have yelled at him.

Tessieroo: He asks how long she’s going to pretend she doesn’t know? He grabs her in a hug and confesses that he likes her.

Clockwatcher: He begs her to look at the person standing in front of her. Aww. But Hyung Joon also stands in front of her.

Tessieroo: She tries to hug him back but clenches her fist instead. They both spend a sleepless night.

The next day, there is awkward silence in the car. Gun Woo turns on the radio, it’s a sappy song that makes Shi on smile. She turns it off and tells him she’s not going to answer him until the smuggling case is solved. He kinda pouts, asking why. LMAO
Clockwatcher: I like that she addressed it and he’s the one who promised to put the romantic side of their relationship on hold in the first place.

Tessieroo: A young girl stops by the Lost and Found and picks up ghost nurse’s necklace. Wait, who is she? She must be part of our ghost-of-the-week story.

Clockwatcher: A pretty girl, according to Rookie #2 who suddenly finds a reason to love his job.

Tessieroo: Shi On finds out a girl picked up that necklace and asks Rookie #1 for her phone number. She meets with the girl, who claims her Mom gave her the necklace when she was younger. She also claims to not know Surgical Nurse Kim Jung Im nor has she ever been to the hospital she worked at.

Clockwatcher: They are related somehow.
Tessieroo: Prosecutor Park tells Gun Woo he found some of Park Il Do’s financial records, he’s been moving money around. Gun Woo wonders if it’s lobby money and Prosecutor Park admits Chief Moon has met with a few Congressmen. Gun Woo learns Moon Sik only paid for his son’s hospital bills and made monthly donations to one place. Ahhhh!

Gun Woo remembers his Sunbae telling him he made donations to the church to help poor people pay for hospital bills. So now we’re back to him being a good guy? I’m getting whiplash.

Clockwatcher: They should have added a little extra money to the budget and just made this sunbae two characters. He’s like Two-Face in Batman at this point.

Tessieroo: Evil Chief Moon meets with that Senator who tells him that he will be nominated very soon for Chief of Police so he needs to keep his nose clean. Too late, dude.

Shi On meets with ghost nurse’s Mom again to ask where she got the necklace. Mom says she got it from her birth Mother, she adopted Kim Jung Im when she was 5 years old. Shi On mentions she’s seen another necklace like that one. She asks if Jung Im had any siblings and learns she had an older sister. Her name was Lee Ji Won before they adopted her.
Shi On meets with the other girl again and shows her a picture of herself with her younger sister. The girl cries and remembers being separated from her younger sister. What kind of person adopts one kid but leaves the sibling behind? Some people suck.

Clockwatcher: It does suck but on the other hand, at least they gave one a loving home. I’m kinda torn when it comes to issues like this.

Tessieroo: Shi On takes her to her sister but she dies. Nurse ghost shows up and bows to Shi On.

Clockwatcher: She held on so that she could meet her sister. The poor mother is devastated. I hope the patient that she risked her life saving pays his/her respects.

Tessieroo: Shi On gets a call from Prosecutor Park who tells her he found Park Il Do’s hideout. She and Gun Woo go alone to capture him. Okay, I get that they can’t trust anyone but really?
Clockwatcher: Going alone is fine as long as they have weapons. Gun Woo had a stick but these two need guns.

Tessieroo: As they go inside, Park Il Do is outside the building, watching. He calls evil Chief Moon to tell him. Chief Moon tells him to stay hidden, he’s getting him a boat ticket. Uh, huh.

Clockwatcher: Instead of hiding, why didn’t he just leave the country? It’s not like he was wanted. Now he has to wait for a boat ticket?

Tessieroo:  And he tells him he will take care of Shi On. He makes another call to someone else. At the same time, Gun Woo is telling Shi On he won’t be with her tonight – he has somewhere to go.

Hyung Joon appears and remembers a fight he had with Shi On about walking another woman home. He claimed the woman was scared but Shi On said someone else could have done it. The woman is interested in him, that’s why she asked him to do it. LMAO
Clockwatcher: People say Gun Woo is childish but Shi On was way more childish in her relationship with Hyung Joon. But she was 24 so I guess she gets a pass. But I think this scene was about her promise to never fall for someone else and from her interactions with Gun Woo, I get the feeling that Hyung Joon thinks she’s broken her promise.

Tessieroo: As Hyung Joon starts to disappear, Shi On comes out and calls to him.

Clockwatcher: Did she see his ghost on the security camera? How the heck did she know he was there?

Tessieroo: She tells him she’s been worried since she hasn’t seen him. She asks if he’s leaving and tells him she knows she should let him go. Lovely scene but lame the way they left it hanging.

Clockwatcher: It’s not yet time for their final goodbye.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo discovers the money Sunbae donated was transferred to a private sanitarium. Prosecutor Park is told the Attorney General is looking for him. Ah, crap – trouble? The Attorney General tells him to stop his investigation into Chief Moon. Yeesh, how far does this corruption go?
Clockwatcher: We already know that senators are involved.

Tessieroo: Prosecutor Park turns over his research to Shi On and tells her about the order from above to stop the investigation. They discuss getting Park Il Do to turn on Chief Moon, that might be the only way to resolve it. Shi On goes back to Park Il Do’s hideout and searches but finds nothing.

As she leaves, Park Il Do follows her. Shi On walks home but doesn’t go inside.

Clockwatcher: She knows she’s being followed.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo arrives and sees her walking away. Something is about to happen, right?

Park Il Do turns around and Shi On steps out in front of him.

Clockwatcher: She tells him she’s glad he followed her since she was looking for him anyway but did she think before confronting him? Especially as we know she doesn’t have Jet Li’s skills.
Tessieroo: LOL, she must believe in her communication abilities. He pretends he wants to talk but then tries to stab her. Gun Woo jumps in front of her and he’s stabbed instead.

Clockwatcher: I still prefer the Time Between Dog And Wolf scene.

Tessieroo: Agree. Park Il Do runs as Gun Woo falls. That knife sound was sickening!

Shi On screams at Gun Woo to come to his senses and wake up. (WTF?)

Clockwatcher: LOL. She’s just begging him to stay conscious but when one is in so much pain, unconscious is what they’d rather be.

Tessieroo: She manages to call for help but then continues screaming. Hyung Joon appears and she screams at him to help her – help her save Gun Woo.

Clockwatcher: My favorite part is how she keeps calling him three ways: Detective Cha, Cha Gun Woo, Gun Woo yah. And she rotates them. LOL

Tessieroo: The ambulance arrives, Shi On rides with Gun Woo to the hospital.

Clockwatcher: She cries as she holds his bloodied hand on the ride.
Tessieroo: He arrests as they wheel him in so they shock him back to life. He’s taken immediately into surgery. Shi On paces, waiting. The Doctors finally come out and tell her there is damage to some internal organs and he lost a lot of blood. Shi On sits by his bed and holds his hand.

Clockwatcher: She blames herself. It finally came. lol. We jumped the gun expecting her to blame herself for Hyung Joon’s death but we still got it.

Tessieroo: She apologizes and asks him not to leave her alone.

Clockwatcher: There are flashbacks of his confession.

Tessieroo: She tells him he has to wake up, he still hasn’t heard her answer.

Clockwatcher: This implies her answer will be positive otherwise, that’s a cruel thing to beg him to wake up for.

Tessieroo: Park Il Do tries calling Chief Moon but gets his voice mail. He leaves a message that he stabbed Gun Woo. He wants to know when he can leave and threatens Chief Moon.
Clockwatcher: Dude, with all your stolen money, why didn’t you just move to Brazil? And what’s he waiting for? The chief owes him money? Now he’d have to get a fake passport since Shi On had him put on the no-fly’list for stabbing Gun Woo.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo wakes up and tells Shi On he saw Hyung Joon. He passes out and Shi On notices his wound is bleeding again. She calls for help. I’m sure shaking him and yelling isn’t helping. *sigh* They do that in every drama I’ve ever seen when someone is injured.

Clockwatcher: LOL. We can’t control our reflexes.

Tessieroo: We see what happened when Gun Woo arrived at the private sanitarium. He asked about the patient who is receiving donations and was taken to the patients room. The nurse said his vitals were normal and announced he had a visitor. Gun Woo slowly walked toward the bed. It’s Hyung Joon.

Clockwatcher: If he’s not called Handsome Oppa, he’s Handsome Ahjussi. I guess he really is that fine.


Tessieroo: He’s alive! But most likely brain-dead or something, right? I’m gonna guess Moon Sik hid him away to protect him from Chief Moon. I can’t even imagine what will happen when Shi On finds out.

Clockwatcher: Hee Bin said the person is alive but their body is just a shell. I suppose the question is if all coma patients have wandering spirits or only the ones who will die eventually. And if all coma patients do, did Shi On’s spirit wander?

Tessieroo: Now that Prosecutor Park can’t help them anymore, what will happen? How will they take down Chief Moon? Maybe Park Il Do will turn on him and testify. Next week is the finale and I’m back to being excited! But I probably need to buy tissues for the ending.

 Clockwatcher: They saved the best for last which makes watching all those boring middle episodes worth it… almost. I have no idea how it will all be resolved. Maybe Park Il Do will testify since the chief has pretty much abandoned him at this point.

This won’t happen but this is what I want to happen: Gun Woo appears to Shi On as a ghost. He leads her to Hyung Joon’s hospital. She has a teary reunion with him. Gun Woo sees this. He’s sad for himself but happy for them. Then he leaves. Shi On tells her oppa “I love you but goodbye.” She gets some kind of dramatic Kdrama reaction from him then he dies. Maybe he squeezes her hand or something.

When Gun Woo wakes up, he doesn’t remember anything from his ghost-coma.

Tessieroo: I’m in, let’s do your ending.


  • sally_b says:

    Thanks for the cappy!
    (I really do love the banter – you two should just do random topic banter posts now and again 🙂 )

    Wow. I can’t believe it’s almost over — it seemed to trudge along with such sloooowwww-conviction that I haven’t noticed it’s at the end. Honestly, it’s the first TvN show that I haven’t completely fallen in love with — and doubly-sad because I adore Jae Wook enough to have had him as a screen saver for several months before his army stint.

    Here’s my completely made-up ending:

    Gun Woo doesn’t die, but the doctor informs Shi On that it’s likely that the trauma has left him in ….a coma.

    Il Do (henchman) tires of waiting for Chief Moon to save him and decides to go to the hospital to make a deal, with Shi On, to testify.

    She misinterprets his approach and grabs a nearby lamp –cracking him in the head…resulting in….. a coma.

    Chief Moon receives word that Il Do is now hospitalized and sneaks in to pull the plug, but Hyung Joon, in an effort to save the criminal witness — does his flickery light trick causing Chief Moon to trip and fall into a bedside table…. …… ………… coma.

    Rookies #1 and #2 are doing a late night numbering of lost goods in the basement storeroom when Hee Bin arrives and startles them… causing a cascade avalanche of metal shelving on all 3 …
    coma (s)

    Shi On __________ ah~ has already been in a coma and had amnesia — I got nuthin.
    Maybe a birth secret?


    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      The poor Rookies have been stuck in coma-inducing roles so putting them in a coma in addition to that is tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment. 🙁

      The rest sounds just about right

      As for Shi On, after her 40th year of seeing ghosts and coma-ghosts of her friends, she will be awoken in her car by Hyung Joon. It’s that night on the dock and she’ll realize that it was all a dream. She definitely won’t let him leave without his bulletproof vest this time.

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