“Marry Him If You Dare” a.k.a. “The Future Choice” Shooting Photos Of Four Leads

Mirae’s Choice/The Future Choice’s English title is Marry Him If You Dare. It sounds very romcom-esque but I don’t hate it as it pretty much sums up the plot in a few words. I just hope this drama has a much happier ending than the similarly titled French film Love Me If You Dare.

The title is about Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) and Kim Shin (Lee Dong Gun) so I expect them to be the OTP. It’s no secret that Jung Yong Hwa isn’t the strongest actor in the world but I’m glad that he chose this project as it’s not teen-orientated thus is a departure from his previous work. The plot sounds promising so I’m looking forward to watching this storyline unfold.

Marry Him If You Dare will air its first episode on October 14th on KBS 2.

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  • tiffany says:

    omg her perm….. its so unflattering. otherwise excited for this!

  • soobin says:

    i’m soohhh looking forward to this rom com. LDG for me. it has been years since When Night Comes. i just hope that the story is ok because the actors are good.

  • serena says:

    YEH looks pretty except for her ugly permed hair. Wow, LDG oppa is sooo good looking, I am so excited already. JYH is also very cute. Looking forward to this drama, I would not want to miss… Luv LDG oppa and YEH. Hope her hairstyle would change later on. Excited already!!!!

  • nicole says:

    Finally shooting of this drama begins. Goodness, YEH’s hairstyle is so ugly. She got bad taste for hairstyle. Wow, LDG oppa appears, he looks so handsome, so good to have him back on screen… I miss him so much. Can’t wait to see the chemistry between YEH and LDG. YEH, please change the ugly permed hair. JYH is sooo cute. My first time watching him act. I believe this would be a good drama. Hope YEH would do her best…

  • denise says:

    Oh, LDG so nice to see you back after a long break. I hope this drama would be another of your great pieces. I also hope
    you and YEH would be a good combination. I like YEH and JYH too. Looking forward to these three actors…

  • sunshine says:

    YEH and LDG finally hit the screen. They are my favorite couple… The plot sounds interesting. I am so thrilled. LDG oppa is always looking so dashing. I luv him. YEH is also my favorite actress. I am beginning to like JYH too. He’s cute. Looking forward to this drama!

  • Dehgee says:

    Oppa LDG, missing you a lot. Very happy on your return to the small tube. ^_____^ :))☺️

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