“Who Are You” Episode 15 Recap

Tessieroo: It’s the last week!

Clockwatcher: Yay?
Tessieroo: Did you have any idea about the fierce shipping wars going on in this drama? I didn’t. (DOH) I didn’t realize Kim Jae Wook fans were actually angry that he might not live or get the girl.  So…should the writer change the story just for the fans? Thoughts?

Clockwatcher: When I’m on the losing side, I usually wish the writer would change the story just for me. But I won’t really call this a shipping war since there’s no battle between the fans. It’s mainly just Hyung Joon fans upset about the outcome.

Tessieroo: On to this episode! Gun Woo tells Shi On he saw Hyung Joon and then passes out.

She’s shaking him again. *sigh* I just don’t get it. A Doctor comes in and brings Gun Woo around again. He tells Shi On that Gun Woo has post-operative bleeding and they need to move him to Intensive Care.
Shi On sits by his bedside, asking him to wake up.

Park Il Do is on the phone with someone, getting boat schedules. He tells whoever it is that he hasn’t heard from “him” – which I’m guessing is Chief Moon.

Clockwatcher: It’s sad that this dumb ass is still waiting for the chief.

Tessieroo: Agree, he’s one of those ultra stupid criminals. Hyung Joon appears in the room and reads the departure days and times for the boat.

Shi On goes in to work and flashes back on memories with Gun Woo. She cries.

Clockwatcher: Dude has to be in a coma for her to realize how much she cares about him?
Tessieroo: Shi On meets with Hee Bin who gives her the boat schedule. This time, Hee Bin tells her that Hyung Joon said to give it to Shi On. She asks Hee Bin if it’s possible other people can see Hyung Joon? She admits Gun Woo said he saw Hyung Joon. Hee Bin believes he might have been close to death and was seeing things.

Clockwatcher: This was actually one of those well done misunderstandings because Hyung Joon appeared right after he was stabbed. It’s one of the few well written scenarios in this drama.

Tessieroo: When she arrives back at the station, she sees a group of cops running out. One of them tells her they got a tip that the person who stabbed Gun Woo is at a bus terminal. I’d say Chief Moon is throwing out false leads.

Clockwatcher: I wonder if your guess is right.
Tessieroo: Chief Moon tells someone on the phone that he’s removed all the check-points so that person needs to move quickly.

Clockwatcher: Yep, you were right!

Tessieroo: He meets with Park Il Do, he’s not happy at the mess he made by stabbing Gun Woo. He gives Park Il Do some money and tells him to stay hidden. I think he’s planning to get rid of this guy.

Sure enough, as soon as Park Il Do walks away – Chief Moon calls someone. A guy on a motor-scooter hits Park Il Do with a baseball bat and steals the money and his wallet.

Clockwatcher: He would have killed him if some ajumma didn’t see them and scream for help.
Tessieroo: Shi On visits Gun Woo in the hospital and touches his face.

Clockwatcher: Aww. But why did it look like Gun Woo was just pretending to be asleep?

Tessieroo: I can’t tell with Taecyeon. (LOL) Hee Bin calls, obviously to tell her Hyung Joon stopped by with news of Park Il Do’s location. (I’m filling in the blanks on my own here) *hee*

Shi On sits with the cop who told her Park Il Do was at a bus terminal. They’ve tracked him to a hotel  but he’s not alone. Shi On wants to wait for backup to arrive.

Clockwatcher: He asks her how she found Park Il Do and she says she’s got an informant. It would have been more fun for her to say she sees ghosts.
Tessieroo: They see Park Il Do being helped out and stop him as reinforcements arrive.

Clockwatcher: And the only reason this goes smoothly is that Gun Woo isn’t around to save her.

Tessieroo: LMAO! Park Il Do is taken to the station. Shi On sits across from him in an interrogation room and puts an evidence bag with the bloody knife on the table in front of him.

She asks how long he thinks Chief Moon will keep protecting him? Does he really think he was beaten and prevented from getting on that boat by chance? She tells him the guy who beat him up was caught and confessed to everything – including who sent him.
It’s working, she’s getting under his skin. He’s angry that Chief Moon sent someone to kill him. She calls Prosecutor Park.

Clockwatcher: This show is awful at suspense. They told us last week that this was how this case would be solved.

Tessieroo: The next day, the corrupt Senator is arrested for illegal contributions, bribery and hiding money. She also bursts into a meeting to arrest Chief Moon for ordering murder and smuggling. Chief Moon asks if she has evidence and Park Il Do is brought in.

Clockwatcher: So unrealistic. They brought the witness to his arrest? But is it odd that I somehow found him attractive? I think it’s the way the bandages covered his face.

Tessieroo: Chief Moon threatens Shi On that it’s not over as he’s led away.

Clockwatcher: He’s right. In reality, she and Gun Woo would have died in like Episode 2.
Tessieroo: Gun Woo wakes up and congratulates Shi On on capturing Chief Moon. (the Rookies came by and told him) Shi On tells him to stay by her side from now on, she doesn’t think she could handle it if she lost him too. She adds he should get better and come to her. Is she making a date? *kekeke*

Clockwatcher: Again, the dude has to be on his deathbed to hear this? Although to be fair, she did say she’d give her answer once the case was solved.

Tessieroo: Hee Bin brings chicken for the Rookies and learns Shi On arrested all the bad guys. This makes her think “Handsome Oppa” must be gone.

Clockwatcher: *Tears* Oppanim!

Tessieroo: At home, Shi On looks through a box of things from her relationship with Hyung Joon. She finds a floor plan and flashes back to Hyung Joon telling her it was the house where they were going to live. He had planned rooms for 3 children. SO CUTE!
Clockwatcher: What a rare man. Who draws a floor plan including the children’s rooms at like 25?

Tessieroo: She tells him her dream is to be Police Commissioner, he teases he thought her dream was to be his wife? I LOVE the way she laughed at him about that. More cuteness, these two were perfect together which makes this incredibly sad.

Clockwatcher: Yeah, all their dreams weren’t meant to be.

Tessieroo: She cries and tells Hyung Joon today was the day she went to Gun Woo. He knows that and he’s okay with it, right? She keeps looking around for him, but he doesn’t appear. She folds up the floor plan and puts it back in the box. *grabs tissues* I knew I would need these.

The next day, Shi On brings lots of food for Gun Woo and tells him she might have become a chef if she hadn’t become a cop. He whines that it hurts to raise him arm and when she doesn’t play along, he asks if she watches dramas. LMAO He wants her to feed him.
Clockwatcher: Did they really eat all that food?

Tessieroo: I have read that Taecyeon has an enormous appetite so I wouldn’t be surprised. Before she leaves, he says he has something to tell her and says again he saw Hyung Joon. She thinks he was in a lot of pain and near death, that’s why he saw him. He then blurts out that person is still alive.

Clockwatcher: The poor guy contemplated not telling her especially after receiving her response but knowing him, he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself if he kept it from her.

Tessieroo: Shi On takes a taxi to the sanitarium where Hyung Joon’s body is.
Hee Bin talks with Hyung Joon about all the bad guys who were bothering Shi On being caught. So everything is over? Hyung Joon nods yes. She asks if he’s said good-bye to Shi On yet but he says no.
As Shi On approaches Hyung Joon’s room, something strange starts to happen to ghost Hyung Joon. His body starts flashing in and out. Hee Bin panics as she watches, asking him what’s wrong? He disappears just as Shi On enters his room at the sanitarium. Well, that was odd. I still need the rule book for ghosts.

Clockwatcher: I think this shows that he was really waiting for Shi On to find him.

Tessieroo: Well, that’s just the saddest thought ever. Shi On finally sees Hyung Joon’s body. She drops her purse and cradles his face, bursting into tears. She asks what happened, why is he here?

Clockwatcher: This poor actress has cried so much in the last few episodes.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo lays in his bed, berating himself for telling Shi On that Hyung Joon was alive. He should have just kept his mouth shut. He calls himself stupid and a loser. Awww, you did the right thing because you’re a nice young man. Sorry to Hyung Joon shippers but I think Gun Woo is very sweet.
Clockwatcher: He’s an absolute sweetheart.

Tessieroo: Shi On asks the Doctor if Hyung Joon will ever wake up? She woke up after 6 years in a coma so couldn’t he? The Doctor tells he she was in excellent health, her body was fine so there was no reason for her not to wake up. With Hyung Joon, it’s the opposite – he’s barely holding on and he’s in a lot of pain.

Clockwatcher: The good thing is he doesn’t feel the pain since he’s spent the last six years as a ghost… I think?

Tessieroo: A nurse gives her a box of Hyung Joon’s belongings that Moon Sik had given them to keep. It contains Hyung Joon’s bloody clothes and the couples shirt. As she goes through the box, she finds a letter from Moon Sik. He got in too deep with Chief Moon. To keep his own son healthy and to pay off all his debt, he involved himself in the smuggling job.

Clockwatcher: It’s good that we eventually got the back story of how he turned.

Tessieroo: It was Chief Moon’s plan to blame everything on Hyung Joon and make him the “dirty cop”. Moon Sik discovered Hyung Joon was still alive so he hid him away in the sanitarium and planted another body from the morgue. He tells Hyung Joon to never forgive him. Shi On cries.
Clockwatcher: He got the dead body from the dying old man who was killed by a car, right?

Tessieroo: That’s kinda what I thought too. She calls the Rookies to tell them she’s taking a few days off and for them to watch over Gun Woo. At the hospital, Gun Woo is up and walking around. He remembers Shi On told him to get better quickly and then come to her so he’s determined to heal fast, even if he’s in a lot of pain.

Clockwatcher: How cute but she’s with another man, Dear.

Tessieroo: Shi On brings a plant to Hyung Joon’s room. She sits by his bed, holding his hand and asking why he’s sleeping so long. She knows he stayed by her side while she was in a coma. She’s sorry for not coming sooner.  Suddenly Hyung Joon calls her name. OMG, I was so startled I almost fell off my chair.

Clockwatcher: LOL

Tessieroo: She looks around as ghost Hyung Joon appears. He tells her he didn’t think anyone in this world would love her the way he did. *sobs hysterically* But now he can leave peacefully.

Clockwatcher: Oppa, don’t leave!

Tessieroo: He says he died 6 years ago, that body is just an empty shell.
Clockwatcher: A post-army body. It’s a shame we never got to see him shirtless. Couldn’t she have called someone to resuscitate him, forcing them to take off his clothes?

Tessieroo: *hehehe* He smiles as he tells her not to be sick, to drive from now on, and not to lose her stuff. OMG, the tears will not stop! He says for her to have a baby with the person she loves and live happily. Shi On cries more but as she takes a step towards him, the machines start beeping behind her. She turns around and runs to Hyung Joon’s body, crying that he can’t leave yet. *sobs*

Clockwatcher: Jokes apart, they put her through the ringer. Just after her scare with Gun Woo, she has to watch her oppa leave permanently.

Tessieroo: Ghost Hyung Joon disappears in a cloud of gold dust. I can’t even see through my tears, I must be the biggest wimp on the planet.

Clockwatcher: My heart must be made of stone because my eyes didn’t even get a little moist.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo arrives and watches as Shi On sobs over Hyung Joon’s body, begging him not to leave her. The machine flat-lines.

Clockwatcher: Goodbye, Handsome Oppa.


Tessieroo: Wow, the last time I cried that much was during “Queen Inhyun’s Man” – I’m not normally a crier! I get it though, he did essentially die 6 years ago. There was never any hope of him coming back or waking up. I’ve been told the reason people hold open-casket funerals is so that people can see the body and say goodbye. I understand the writer wanting to give Shi On that kind of closure.

Clockwatcher: The writer was kind of cruel, though. Fans talk about their hope being taken away but imagine being Shi On and having this happen to you.

Tessieroo: I thought it was a lovely goodbye scene. He could go peacefully, knowing she had someone who loved her and would care for her the way he did. And although it was harder to say goodbye this way, being able to say the things you feel you need to say to a loved one before they die does bring closure.

Clockwatcher: I knew they had to have him speak to her and this is certainly better than him inhabiting Hee Bin’s body to say this. I still don’t know what he could have done to risk losing his soul or something. Did they ever tell us? I’m kind of pissed that we never got to see Sunbae or Gun Woo as ghosts. Those scenes were begging to be written.

The resolution of the case was very anticlimactic but I’m happy it’s over. I’m actually looking forward to the finale now.


  • LaquetaH says:

    Why am I crying while reading this? It’s so sad. I was upset for them getting our hopes up about him being alive only to just kill him off, but I can see they only wanted to give her closure to his death & for her to actually say goodbye. She didn’t get that 6 years ago when he was shot and then she hit her head, so I can understand it. It’s still sad though.
    Watching their flashback scenes, they have amazing chemistry. I would love for them to be an actual OTP in another drama..where he doesn’t die.

  • Min says:

    i started this show with a lot of hope and it was fun for a while but suddenly this show lost direction until I haven’t watched the final two eps fully… I just fastwarded almost everything…

  • sparkerdelica says:

    The last episode was like the ending of a totally different drama. I still ship her with the dead guy.

  • sally_b says:

    RE: Tessieroo: Wow, the last time I cried that much was during “Queen Inhyun’s Man”

    InHyun’s Man…..oh gurl ! I thought I’d have to call in *sick* to work, I cried to the point my face was swollen. Like you, I am NOT a crier — takes a hella lot (in a show) to flip that switch.

    …and no, sadly, I didn’t for this show.
    Such a shame – I like the actress, think she did the BEST job of everyone in Alice in Cheongdingdong or whatever it was called. Obviously ADORE Jae Wook ….even Taec doesn’t irritate me….AND my Twitter Buddy got major screen time as the bad guy, which was pretty fackin’cool.

    So why do I feel this show totally TANKED. (?) My apologies to those who like/d it — I liked the recaps better.
    THANKS GALS ~ ♫♪ ♥ ☮

  • Azra says:

    Oh MY! The last time I cried so much was watching rooftop prince =0
    Omo this ending had me in over flowing tears.0, so much so that I had to pause and recover from what just happened!!! Oh gosh whyyyy whyyy did he have to die :'( …. So sad and heart wrenching!
    I’m soo glad I watched this drama

  • Rachel says:

    Goodness, the last scene with hyun joon was so sad, I was mopping over it the past few days lol. In his last scene as a ghost he was so sweet:( I was sad hearing him let her go and wish her happiness, then die =__= But I think that si on and hyun joon were really cute, I really wished things worked out for them.

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