“Who Are You” Finale Recap

Tessieroo:  So our handsome Hyung Joon Oppa dies. I’m happy he had a chance to say things he wanted to say, and it brings closure for Shi On so she can fully mourn.

Shi On visits his final resting place (what’s the word for these places in Korea?) and places the box with the ring, saying she’s returning it to him.  She will live happily so he can stop worrying about her.
Gun Woo is waiting and takes hold of her hand. She says she’s okay and pulls her hand away.

Clockwatcher: He pulled the same move on her when she held him when his sunbae died.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo is waiting to drive her to work the next morning, saying he’s a man of his word – he told her he would be her driver. She doesn’t say a word but gets into the car. *hee*

In the storage room, he watches her put away items and asks if she doesn’t see dead people these days when she touches the objects? She admits she no longer has headaches either. He asks if she has plans for the weekend but she shoots him down, she’s just going to rest.

Clockwatcher: She’s lost her ghost-whispering ability?
Tessieroo: I kinda saw that coming. MEH. The next morning, she notices Gun Woo standing outside, motioning for her to come out. He tries to tell her hiking is the best thing for a busy mind. LMAO – I wouldn’t fall for that in a million years. I can see why a younger guy would keep you on your toes.

Clockwatcher: I don’t know if he’s right about hiking but spending time with someone is definitely better than sitting at home alone at times like this.

Tessieroo: So they go hiking. She asks why he became a Police Officer? He tells the story about his father getting into an accident which caused his disabilities. The accident was a hit-and-run but the cop assigned never gave up, he eventually found the person responsible. Gun Woo thought he was cool so decided to become a cop too.

Clockwatcher: I thought he was going to reveal that the cop was Sunbae.

Tessieroo: I thought it was Sunbae all along too! It ends with Gun Woo bragging about his shooting skills again. *rolls eyes* I guess guys just can’t help themselves, can they.
Clockwatcher: It’s because she hasn’t given him any. Maybe after she does, he’ll find something else to brag about.

Tessieroo: LOL. She pretends to see a snake at his feet which causes him to jump around like a little girl. *hehehe* She teases him about being a first-class shooter but he’s afraid of snakes?

Clockwatcher: As he points out, one has nothing to do with the other.

Tessieroo: She tells a story about attending training at the Police Academy. She beat all her male counterparts during night training and got first place. But that night, she came face-to-face with a black bear. She weaved her way around the bear and came out alive. So…who’s bragging now?
Clockwatcher: Did she leave out the part where her partner showed up and saved her? Because it’s kind of hard to believe.

Tessieroo: Ahaha! She goes on and on about how bears and snakes won’t attack. He stares at her, asking if she normally talks this much? He says it’s good to see her smiling and talking so easily.

Clockwatcher: I guess she’s getting to a good place now.

Tessieroo: That night, Shi On realizes she lost her phone and searches for it. She remembers she left it in Gun Woo’s car. She also remembers the last time she left her phone and he brought it to her, which resulted in them being physically close. *hehehe*

Clockwatcher: And by physically close, you mean they had their strange kiss.
Tessieroo: I totally forgot they kissed when she lost her phone before, shows how much it impressed me. Gun Woo hands her the phone asking how long she’s going to keep doing this? I’d say as long as you keep bringing it to her, big boy – she’ll keep doing it. *snicker*

He turns to walk away but she calls him again. She fumbles around before remembering to tell him to wear his uniform tomorrow. He walks back and hugs her, telling her she’s been through a lot so she doesn’t have to rush anything. He’s not going anywhere. Awwwww…he’s so sweet.  She tears up and smiles as he hugs her tighter.

Clockwatcher: She will definitely keep forgetting her phone if it always leads to romance… although, you know, she doesn’t need to go that far and can take the initiative if she needs some Gun Woo-loving.
Tessieroo: Agree, he’s up for it. The next day, they are both given stars of commendation for solving internal corruption. She notices him talking to the leader of the Investigative Unit afterwards. She gives him the evil eye while they eat, basically telling him he shouldn’t be wasting his talents. She shakes his hand and tells him to try his best. Six months later, Gun Woo is kicking ass and arresting criminals.

Hee Bin is consulting with a client when she hears a voice. The voice helps her with the client and when she leaves, an older woman appears. The older woman tells her she has something tell her husband.

Clockwatcher: It looks like she’ll be meeting more spirits now.

Tessieroo: The Rookies get two new recruits to torment. A guy shows up to claim a lost watch but he’s clearly there for dubious reasons.
Gun Woo has a new partner (Kim Yoon-Hye) who clearly has a crush on him. His fellow officers think if he keeps up his arrest record, he’ll be promoted in no time. His new partner harasses him into coming out for one drink. MEH – I already don’t like her.

Clockwatcher: She’s still far more pleasant than she was in Heartstrings.

Tessieroo: Rookie #2 talks Shi On into having a welcome party for the new recruits. Oh, I’ll bet they meet up with Gun Woo and whats-her-name. (No, really – they haven’t said her name yet)

Rookie #1 invites Hee Bin along and they head to the movies. Shi On walks in and remembers a date with Gun Woo – teasing him about reading a children’s book. He replies that he likes pictures more than words (LMAO) and likes looking at her more than reading. He continues trying to put his arms around her and she keeps smacking him. He’s a typical guy but so CUTE!
Clockwatcher: Now that Oppa is dead, all her romantic flashbacks are about Gun Woo. She’s really moved on.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo’s partner tells him their Sunbae isn’t coming because his kid is sick. Uh, huh. Why do I think she set this up? I’ve seen too many dramas and always suspect other females.

Clockwatcher: I feel like it’s a coincidence. Since she’s a newbie, I can’t imagine her telling her sunbaes not to come.

Tessieroo: Naturally, Shi On walks in with her crew and sees Gun Woo drinking with his new partner. They decide to go somewhere else to eat while Gun Woo looks on nervously.

Clockwatcher: He looked like he was caught with his pants down. He should have just made introductions.

Tessieroo: He must have felt guilty because he goes to wait at Shi On’s door. She walks up behind him and he complains about waiting for so long, after being out catching bad guys. She asks if he catches bad guys while drinking? In a BBQ restaurant? With a woman? AHAHAHA! She tells him to just go.
Clockwatcher: LOL. She sure is the jealous type. I like that she’s not hiding her feelings.

Tessieroo: He hugs her from behind and wants to talk. Shi On asks who that woman is? He explains she a recent graduate and his new partner. He spins Shi On around to face him, asking if she’s jealous? (She totally is) She pushes him away but he cups her face with his hands and tells her the only woman for him is her. He kisses her again and again.

Clockwatcher: How cute. And she kisses him back and hugs him. Still not one of tvN’s best but definitely better than their previous kiss.

Tessieroo: A woman shows up at the Lost and Found looking for the watch, Shi On tells her it was picked up already and apologizes. She promises to contact the woman as soon as they find it.
Turns out the guy who picked it up is a criminal with a long record of dealing stolen goods. Gun Woo’s team is assigned to hunt him down while Shi On pulls up his record and decides to find him too. Gun Woo and Detective Im find him but he escapes, jumping out of a window.

When Gun Woo goes to the window and looks down, he sees Shi On sitting on the guy. She calls up for him to throw his handcuffs down. Suddenly she’s this huge bad-ass?

Clockwatcher: Remember, she was the valedictorian of her class – she’s always been this bad-ass.

Tessieroo: As the guy is hauled away, Detective Im introduces herself – she’s heard a lot about Shi On and is honored to meet her. She notices Shi On and Gun Woo flirting and asks about their relationship? Gun Woo puts him arm around Shi On and says it’s exactly as it seems. *snicker*
Clockwatcher: So E Hyun laughed like she was out of character. lol. It looked like an NG.

Tessieroo: She returns the watch to its rightful owner and gets a phone call from the new Chief. Gun Woo waits outside for her and then slumps down, pretending he was sleeping. (LOL – he’s a goof-ball and I love it) She says the Chief told her she was getting a new recruit. What? She already has 4 employees!

Clockwatcher: Who is obviously Gun Woo.

Tessieroo: Gun Woo asks if it’s a man? Shi On dreamily says she hopes so. They bicker back and forth but it seems much more like flirting to me.

Clockwatcher: They made up for their fizzle chemistry in the last 10 episodes.
Tessieroo: Yes, Gun Woo transferred back to the Lost and Found. Shi On picks up a mirror in the storage room, has some type of reaction to it and drops it quickly. Gun Woo comes in and explains he volunteered – he begged them to send him to Lost and Found just for 3 months. Because he wanted to get some sleep…and go on a few dates.

Clockwatcher: They want to date at work? Then they both sense some entity behind. Gun Woo explains that he’s been having nightmares since he got stabbed and that the serial killer’s victims visit him in his sleep. Yikes.

Tessieroo: I think he just wanted a slower work schedule for a bit. But the serial killer stuff? Now that’s creepy! I felt like they were implying the ghost seeing ability has now shifted to Gun Woo.

Clockwatcher: Yes, they are definitely implying he’s developed something. Shi On is worried and suggests they visit Hee Bin but Gun Woo quickly dismisses it. Instead, he suggests that he sleeps on her couch that night and they flirt as they leave.


Clockwatcher: There was very little plot but it’s the kind of episode most people want from their OTPs. We don’t need a wedding or a proposal but it’s good to know that they are happy together.

There wasn’t a love triangle in the usual sense because there wasn’t a choice to be made. Shi On loved two men so in a sense, I feel like there were two legitimate OTPs. It’s sad that she can’t be with the first guy she fell in love with but life goes on and she was able to find a new love.

Tessieroo: I never felt like there was a triangle since I believed Hyung Joon was dead for 14 episodes. (LOL) I must say, I really enjoyed So E-hyun in this drama – I’m a new fan. I loved her full, open-mouthed laughter and her confident sexual bantering. She never appeared to be the shy, “never been kissed” type at all. I also think Taecyeon did a great job but it might be that the Gun Woo character was easy for him since it was most like his real self? Kim Jae Wook was amazing, as usual.
Clockwatcher:  Taecyeon’s acting wasn’t the best but he’s improved. He plays “boyish” well. I would probably have dropped this drama halfway through if I wasn’t recapping it with you, Tess. But I’m satisfied with the ending. There are no loose ends and I’m not frustrated or pissed off at anything. The drama could have been so much better but at least, the ending didn’t make me feel like stabbing someone or that I wasted all my time. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for romance and they gave us the kind of romantic finale we rarely get these days. Or maybe it’s because the last drama I completed was Monstar which barely had an ending so it makes this one look so much better.

Tessieroo: I’m very happy with the ending too and I know exactly what you mean by being wanting to stab someone. (Cruel City ending anyone?) I think this was done just right: not over the top romantic, not open-ended and not so sad that you feel depressed for weeks. Kind of a light, breezy and easy to watch ending. I also loved the BTS stuff at the end, they really look like they had fun filming.

Clockwatcher: As always, it was fun recapping with you, Tess. Let’s do it again sometime. And thanks so much to all the readers and commenters. Let’s meet again in the next drama.

Tessieroo: Ditto. You never fail to make me laugh.


  • DMKO says:

    Loved reading your recaps. You guys did an awesome job! Looking forward to your next k-drama review.

  • Mia says:

    Thank you so much for your recaps. I really enjoyed all of them :-))

  • shaselai says:

    Nice job guys! Can you share your thoughts on the creepy mirror and the shadows towards the end? It seems the case is not “closed”…

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks for recapping. I enjoyed your banter. Although this drama had some dark themes, it was kind of breezy and light at the end. I didn’t think Taecyeon (sp?) was so bad, perhaps because the character was so straightforward.

  • omiki says:

    ” I think this was done just right: not over the top romantic, not open-ended and not so sad that you feel depressed for weeks. Kind of a light, breezy and easy to watch ending. ”

    Totally agree with you on that. Loved the ending … I was smiling a lot in the episode … and finished watching it with happy thoughts for the rest of the day 🙂

    • tessieroo says:

      Thanks so much to you and everyone who replied! I love recapping with Clock so it’s nice to hear you guys all enjoy it too. 🙂

  • SoyB says:

    Thanks for recapping this series… thanks Clockwatcher for sticking with it. It was fun reading the difference of opinions between the two of you, especially since I could see both side. I like the drama overall even with all the sloppy procedural stuff and the swiss cheese holes everywhere. Ep. 16 felt like it wasn’t needed since the big climax happened on 15, but as you stated, it was a good ending since I didn’t want to chuck something at the screen afterwards. Hope you guys do another one together! May be Heirs? It may be a perfect vehicle for back and forth commentaries!

  • Thank you so much for the recaps! I loved this one!! And definitely I want some Detective Cha sugar!!! Mhahahah

  • Arun says:

    That was a good recap. I just finished watching this episode. The ending was as good as one would hope for. Wish there was a season 2.

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