“Master’s Sun” Episode 14 Video Preview + English Translation

Will she be playing the noble idiot for the time being? I hope I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look like Tae Kong Shil will be helping Joong Won recover his memories (yet) even though he feels their connection. Or does he have them back?

I hope they’ll resolve the amnesia thing by tomorrow’s episode. I don’t think we need to go through another whole week of waiting for him to remember.


Episode 14 Video Preview


English translation c/o Soompi’s creambunny

JJW: What am I to you?

TGS: I can make better use to my sixth sense than others. (?)

JJW: You don’t have any sixth sense no matter where.

TGS: You’re very careless and rude! Please be mindful/ careful.

Madame GO: You have not forgotten our contract, right? It’s better if you give up leading a normal life.

JJW: Is my candy lonely and sad here too?

Hanna: If you are by my side, I will apologise. I’m sorry.

(Ep 14 cameo ?): Are you saying that the lady (TGS?) is an employee of Kingdom?

Kang Woo: Is he someone that you don’t need to have now?

JJW: Do you really not need me?

TGS: Yes. 

JJW: Turn your head back.

TGS: Everything’s over now. 




Sources  |  SBSNOW1  |  Soompi, c/o creambunny




  • grace antonio says:

    I love every part of this drama.. and its near to end.. I will really miss the lead actor and actress.. awesome comedy drama..

  • LizJ says:

    Wow…well, the (fake) fiance thing was settled quickly, I hope that the amnesia thing will be as well.

    I’d love to see Joong Won storm into Madame Go’s lair, along with his faithful secretary, and say, “her contract with ME came before her contract with you, and since I have not released her from the contract, your contract is NULL and VOID. Give me back my woman.” When Madame Go protests, the secretary can take out his lawyer card and show it to Madame Go.

    • starmanis2bowie says:

      This rom/com is beautifully written. I love the fantasy and whimsy of each character.

    • Lizeth26 says:

      Had to comment on how perfect that sounds! XD *crosses fingers for the Hong sisters to see this* lol

      I’m with everyone in hoping this won’t be dragged out. I’m enjoying all of the characters and one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most is how well/fast they’ve worked through most of the typical Kdrama “misunderstandings.”

    • Crazynoona says:

      would LOVE to see that happens, hope he will remember her on tonight’s ep

  • jomo says:

    I love the trying to remember her amnesia aspect of the story. It allows characters to go back to square one as far as the romance and fall all over again.
    But how can TGS relent if she wants JJW to stay alive? Dragon Lady could *Poof* him back to deadland, couldn’t she?

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