“Master’s Sun” Episode 16 Preview

The preview for Master’s Sun‘s penultimate episode is here!

It almost feels like we’ve been waiting forever, doesn’t it? We’re in the final stretch and since the Hee Joo drama has been dealt with, we have two episodes of OTP loving. YAY!

These scenes of them walking together… I can’t put my finger on it but there’s something strange about their dynamic. At first I thought it might be a dream but then some things are just too realistic. Maybe she remembers her time with the other dude but imagines it’s Joong Won. Whatever –  he begs her not to leave. How sweet!

No matter what’s happening, we can always count on Yi Ryung to bring us the laughs. Is she really sick or just putting her “acting” skills to work?

Credit: Youku uploader; SBS


  • Reggy says:

    thanks for the review.. can u add for the subs?? thanks

  • DMKO says:

    the OTPs walking together does seem strange, like she about to dump him and say they can’t be together.

    Thanks for the preview.

  • Omona says:

    but isn’t it the last episode plus one special episode airing thrusday? I thought so…

  • Marie says:

    Yi Ryung is very cute in this show. Really hope for a happy and sweet ending 🙂

  • Lily says:

    Can’t wait for the episode to air

  • jomo says:

    I don’t want to look! I don’t want to look! I don’t want to look!
    I loooooooooked!!

    I think she met JW overseas when she was traipsing about as a spirit with Chun-hee and when she goes back to the various places, she recalls seeing him….EVERYWHERE!

  • EJNA says:

    Trans. source: http://koreandramareviews.com/the-masters-sun-episode-16-preview-and-translation/

    Joong Won: Understanding…Consideration for others…From now on, I’ll have to try these.

    Gong Sil: When I even just think that I might not be able to see him again, I feel as though this (points to her heart) is going to disappear.

    Jin Woo: (to Joong Won) Mr. Joo Joong Won, unlike you, I’m someone who lives in the same world as Gong Sil…

    Kang Woo: (to Joong Won) Because she said that she was leaving, did you just let her go without even trying to hold onto her?

    Jin Woo: …When she recovers her memories from the past, she’ll change/become a different person from who you know now…

    Secretary Kim: (to Joong Won) I’ve booked you on a flight that leaves in 2 hours.

    Jin Woo: …Joo Joong Won, the safe haven/emergency shelter,…

    Kang Woo: (to Joong Won) This will help you locate Gong Sil. (rough translation)

    Jin Woo: …will cease to have any meaning to her.

    Kang Woo: (to Joong Won) Go and make certain you bring her back.

    Joong Won: (to Gong Sil with his arms around her shoulder) Tae Gong Sil…don’t leave. (Gong Sil places her hand on top of Joong Won’s)

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