“Master’s Sun” Episode 17 (Finale) Preview

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the last time I get to do this. No more speculations, no more theories, no more suspense… but lots and lots of happiness and satisfaction, we hope.

It’s a bit surprising that a drama with skinship written into the plot is failing (in my opinion) when it comes to passion. Will they turn things around in one episode?

It looks like there will be some callbacks with the bed scene and her outstretched arms but I hope they heighten the romance. As for me, I’m just happy to see Kang Woo smiling at Tae Yi Ryung!

Credit: Youku uploader; SBS


  • Reggy says:

    ohhh.. so sad hear u said this is the last time you will do this… this is mean we just have one episode more to see our couple.. thank you so much for your hardworking to make recap TMS.. this is a great drama, and we all love it.. thanks you

  • lil says:

    Kang Woo & Tae Yi Ryung all the way!!!!! It’s too bad we couldn’t get more of them until the last stretch ='(

  • DMKO says:

    What the heck are they saying!!! Help someone, please, i need to know if they are going to be together!!

  • Lala says:

    GS: I have changed
    JW: Wasn’t there any meaning during the time you were away?
    GS: My soul has made many promises
    GS: Please don’t call me
    JW: She said she’ll message
    GS: It’s just a story about people in love
    Kim: From what I know, he repeated that if there’s something to be brought over he’ll wait
    JW: You leave
    GS: I love you, I miss you
    JW: Tae Yang you’re awake?
    TYR: In order not to lose you, I will grab hold of you
    JW: I am totally….charismatic till death
    GS: JJW-ssi wanna come to me?

    (c) axerine_1 at soompi thread

    • DMKO says:

      Thanks so much!!!!Now I can sleep tonight.

    • leila108 says:


      Thanks for your generosity in providing us a rough translate!! I can’t wait for tonight!! It’s truly an amazing experience I have watching this series. I fell in love with Joong Won, big time.. He will be hard to forget. This series is on a list of its own, in my book ♥♥♥

  • FFF says:

    omg yay happy ending i’ll be missing them JW is charismatic till death?omg haha lol thanks for this wonderful preview 😀 great,best,daebak,awesome drama ever yeah! hope to see both of u SJS & GHJ in future ^_^

  • dramarookie.blogspot.com says:

    Dear CK, you are so right about the lack of passion. After the last episode with our beloved Master crying in the darkened hallway, I was in serious danger of disliking Gongshil. But this trailer gives me hope. Thank you for taking the time to put it up!

  • Lily says:

    I’ve watched the episode without the subs and its a happy ending. sad to say goodbye to the team. it was a nice and interesting drama overall. worth waiting and watching with all sorts of feeling. TQ master’s sun’s team for giving us such an awesome drama. gonna missed you guys…….Annyeonghi geseyo…….

  • Carina says:

    What is beautiful about this story is that they never took each other or their love, for granted. Hong Sisters has made a show which is like a throwback to old Hollywood like Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn. Now, if only the sisters can write their next epic romantic comedy for SJS and GHJ. A blogger wrote that these two can generate nuclear level strike heat… maybe, next project, that heat can be ignited!

  • Kimho says:

    Beautiful drama, thanks

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