TVN’s “Basketball” Drops A Slew Of Trailers In Preparation For Its Premiere

Be prepared to watch basketball like you’ve never seen it played before.

From AsianWiki:

Drama series is set within the turbulent period between the Japanese colonial era and the division of Korea into North and South. Kang San (Do Ji-Han) is from a poor family. He struggles to get away from poverty. Through the game of basketball, he becomes successful and meets a girl from the upper class. He dreams of their love overcoming the disparity in their social standing.

It’s like Fight Club with basketballs. This drama draws inspiration from the real 1948 Olympic games where North and South Korea played as a unified team for the first and last time. It will follow the struggles of the protagonist, Kang San, as he leaves his poor village and sets out on a voyage to find his dream. On the way, he falls in love with rich girl Choi Shin Young (Lee Elijah) who studied in Japan and works in Korea as a magazine reporter.

So it’s another melodrama about a poor boy and the rich woman he shouldn’t fall in love with. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she already has a fiancé. And if she does, would it be star player Min Chi Ho (Jung Dong Hyun), Kang San’s future teammate?

It premieres on October 21st.

Credit: tvN; Asian Wiki


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