SQUEE! Jung Joon Young’s “The Sense Of An Ending” MV W/ “We Got Married” Wife Jung Yoo Mi!

I very rarely post about k-pop or k-rock (I think this is soft rock) and that’s because my Korean music knowledge is mostly limited to drama soundtracks. So why this one? Because this music video stars my current favorites on We Got Married:  Rocker Jung Joon Young and Don’t-Call-Me-Noona Jung Yoo Mi.

I’m well aware that this variety show is pretty much scripted with the producers setting up scenarios and reactions for them (not to speak of the editing) but what I love about the Jung-Jung couple (or 4D Couple as known in Korea) is what they say. And how they are constantly laughing.

Joon Young burst onto the scene in 2012 as a finalist on singing competition Superstar K4 while Yoo Mi debuted as an actress nine years ago and has appeared in movies and dramas like You’re My Pet and Rooftop Prince.

My first introduction to Joon Young was on Monstar where he played the young ahjusshi but since I couldn’t care less about that storyline, I didn’t pay much attention to him. His hilarious appearance on Happy Together where he showed off his off-the-wall wit did grab my attention.

Yoo Mi is quite funny herself and can give as good as she gets so unlike some other couples who need to be given tasks to entertain us, they can just sit at a table and talk. Their good-natured teasing and bickering provides endless fun.

It’s a tale of opposites attracting so we get to watch them be together despite having little in common. For example, she’s very outdoorsy while he’d rather stay in and play video games which leads to conversations like this:

On hearing that he enjoys skateboarding, she asks…

And since he’s an otaku who’d rather play games than clean the house, we get scenes like this:

I haven’t watched WGM much since the JoongBo era but I’ve seen a few couples here and there and I’ve never seen any pair be so natural with their skinship. Maybe it’s because they have a casual friendship hence don’t feel shy around each other but there’s always touching in their scenes. Case in point:

The 4D couple has been receiving quite a bit of attention since their September debut so it’s a huge treat for the fans to watch them together in Joon Young’s music video for The Sense Of An Ending (or 10 Minutes Before Breaking Up). It’s from his debut album which makes it that much more special.

The video gives a nod or two to their WGM married scenes for example, his skateboarding in the house:

But I have to say that the romantic scenes make me laugh because it’s hard to imagine them like this. In the video, he gives her a cute bracelet:

But on the show, they’ve only given each other gag gifts (for example, last week, she thought he’d prepared a gift for her but it was couple video games. LOL).

On the other hand, seeing them smile together is a common sight.

In addition to the music video, they recently filmed WGM outdoors where they promoted his guerilla performance. Here’s a fancam:

I can’t wait to watch this episode. I’m sure there’ll be lots of laughter and teasing. But in the meantime, they should keep capitalizing on their fame by doing more things together. Like he could visit her on set. One of their most hilarious scenes took place when he was practicing her drama lines with her. LOL. I think every JoonMi fan knows what an “overlap” is.

I’m looking forward to many more months of JoonMi scenes.

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  • oozzeee says:

    ,I am enjoying following these couple too..

    I saw the feed about new wgm couples last Sat and since I have nothing else better to do, I watched the latest subbed ep available, and I enjoyed it, much to my surprise. So far, I can’t see the “romance” yet but the bickering between these two are vastly entertaining.

    Aside from watching Mina-Hongki pair from WGM-global, I haven’t been following WGM much after the first season. But the new two couples are pulling me back to the rabbit hole.

    Re YooHan, he seems to be gunning to dethrone Alex as the resident Mr. Romantic of WGM..

  • Jandoe says:

    You totally hit all my squee-worthy button and feels that I felt when watching the MV and them onscreen! Took the words and emotions right out of me and at the nick of time too ^_^ this couple is hilarious and adorable. I find them all kinds of wrong and really, just one kind of right – but perhaps that one right thing is enough. We’ll see, I hope I’m right haha.

    PS his voice is just eargasm HOMG.

  • lyrayoo says:

    if WGM will show their BTS, this is a daebak collaboration of MBC and CJ @ EM music . ^_^

    @clockwatcher , i love your post . a squealing noona here on a lazy afternoon.

    I admire Jung Yoo Mi since 49 days and QIHM, and knowing her personality as patient noona buin to Jung Nampyeon is squee worthy. I adore how she handles the quirkiness and 4D-ness of Joon Young.

    I agree with you how the set up in WGM is based on script /scenario given by the PD’s. But I think once in a while couple can sizzle and top the show by an instant if the chemistry fires up from the beginning which this couple did! (biased aside, im a noona killed unknowingly by Racoon’s cuteness but awesomeness on his singing prowess. however this couple is a bonus! ).

  • Chia Thao says:

    I love this couple!! squealing all the way lol

  • Rossi says:

    He’s such a kid sometimes but it’s refreshing to see how he doesn’t give an eff about going the “my wife so beautiful/kind” spazz that most of the later couples fell into right off the bat. I think she has an expectation of that being the case but upon meeting and a series of “WTF?” realizations, Yoo Mi is adjusting her views but you can see she’s still holding out hope. I’m so looking forward to her outburst cause it will make for some great TV watching XD

  • h0ns_niech says:

    I just want to say BIG THANKS for your post, coz I find myself squeeeing over the couple now! Which before i haven’t discovered…

    They’re so hilarious… cute-weird couple… Me like it, like it! Thanks again..

    Nampyeon acted so childishly but yet his voice.. *melt.. melt.. melt*

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