“Secret” – Thoughts on Week 3

Whoa, this drama has completely taken over my life. I’ve watched each episode several times and find myself thinking about certain scenes over and over. It’s fascinating – some actions by the characters can be construed many different ways so things are left open to interpretation. Did the writer intend for that to happen? If so, he’s brilliant! (I did read this screenplay won an award or something)
And the actors are all brilliant, playing characters ambiguously and leaving the audience with tiny clues to decide just who these people are. Or leaving the audience with NO clues and it’s up to us to decide what the expressions on their faces mean. Is this character evil? Or is he protecting a loved one? I wasn’t intending to recap this drama but I can’t shut my brain down. (LOL) So let’s discuss what happened this past week and you can let me know what you think.

We know the ending last week showed Min Hyuk offering Do Hoon a watch along with some files that implicate a high-ranking official of corruption. He mentioned to his assistant that there were 5 parole members deciding if Yoo Jung will be released – 2 are for it and 2 are against with Do Hoon the deciding vote. Did he offer a huge case in return for Do Hoon to vote no? Did Do Hoon accept that deal? Or did he vote to keep Yoo Jung in prison to protect her from Min Hyuk’s revenge? Hmmmm…
When Yoo Jung is released, Do Hoon is there to pick her up. He takes her to the orphanage San was supposedly placed in and forces her to read a death certificate showing San died of sepsis. There is no mention of San being taken from her following accusations of abuse. She doesn’t believe San is dead and runs out into the playground to search. *sobs* Do Hoon tells her he’s dead and takes her to a river, telling her his mother spread San’s ashes there.

He then takes her to her family shop where his mother is waiting. She tries to force Yoo Jung to accept San is dead and she should quickly move on. Do Hoon drags his mother out and tells her to leave. She continues her attempt to force her precious son from Yoo Jung by telling him he needs to come to his senses. This woman is horrible – no ambiguity here. She goes home to find her husband upset that Yoo Jung put San in an orphanage. What?
He says Yoo Jung should have told him if she needed money, how could she send that young child off like that? Do Hoon’s mother looks guilty as hell so I’m guessing father is being lied to as well. What on earth did this horrible woman do with San? And does Do Hoon know what she did? Did he possibly agree to San being adopted and then lying to everyone OR did he do it to protect his son from Min Hyuk? Another possibility is he didn’t want anyone to find out his connection to a jail-bird in order to protect his career. WHERE IS SAN?

Min Hyuk sits in his car outside her shop with his assistant who tells him after she visited the orphanage where her child was, she hasn’t come out. Ah, so Min Hyuk knows San was placed in an orphanage…does he know the child is supposedly dead? He wonders if he’s obsessing, it’s not like doing this will bring Ji Hee back. He then wonders if there is still something left to take from her. Did HE take San? He follows her to a grocery store and watches as she drops things. He helps her pick them up but she’s so devastated that she doesn’t even look at him or notice him at all. He watches as she lights candles on a cake for San and falls to the ground sobbing. This is really hard to watch.
When she returns, Do Hoon angrily tells her to let him know where she is – does she know how worried he was that something had happened to her? She assures him she’s fine now and he should concentrate on punishing the bad people for her and San. I have no idea what she means by this! We then see Do Hoon arriving at Min Hyuk’s office with a search warrant. Before Min Hyuk can hand over a file full of information about Yoo Jung, Do Hoon’s boss calls and tells him to cancel the search and get out. Min Hyuk implies it’s a shame as he really wanted to see Do Hoon’s reaction to the file.

Back at the office, Do Hoon is reprimanded by his boss who then gets a phone call and tells whoever it is that he took care of it. (Min Hyuk’s family has the prosecutor’s office in their pocket?) Min Hyuk visits Do Hoon to ask where Yoo Jung is and reminds Do Hoon that HE is the one who denied her parole. Ah, so Do Hoon accepted Min Hyuk’s proposal and voted against her parole. Scumbag. These two men hate each other but I sure would like to hear the true reasons behind the hatred.
Yoo Jung searches for and find a job. She also visits Ji Hee’s mom to again apologize on her knees but gets a bucket of water on her head and is shoved to the ground. Ji Hee’s mom also sends back everything Min Hyuk has sent her – turning down the house he wanted to buy for her, money and expensive gifts.

Do Hoon gets Yoo Jung’s father an ID bracelet in case he wanders off. He then tries to force himself on Yoo Jung, stopping when he sees the burn scar on her shoulder. She assures him she’s fine and tells him she got a job. It’s obvious his guilt is eating him alive, he keeps apologizing until she tells him to stop. At home, his mother harps on him to stop seeing Yoo Jung. They fight because he keeps defending Yoo Jung so mom pulls out the tears. UGH, so annoying.
The job Yoo Jung got finds out about her criminal record and fires her. Min Hyuk hires her to work a big party his family company is having and also invites Do Hoon. When Do Hoon sees Yoo Jung, he drags her outside. She figures out he’s uncomfortable with her there and leaves. This self-sacrificing crap needs to stop SOON. It appears Min Hyuk made sure both of them would be at the party but to what end? Min Hyuk is called away before he can listen to Se Yeon’s confession of love which leaves her in tears. Do Hoon comforts her, giving her his handkerchief .

Thugs arrive to throw Yoo Jung out of her home but Min Hyuk stops them. She recognizes him and asks why he’s doing this? He tells her he is the owner of the building and she has one week to get out. He then yells at her that compared to what she took from his, this building is nothing. After he leaves, it finally dawns on Yoo Jung who he is and why he’s been hounding her – although I’m not sure she knows the exact relationship between Min Hyuk and the dead woman.
Se Yeon tells Min Hyuk the wedding is off and throws a tantrum by destroying one of her paintings. But the next day, she shows up with a contract and forces him to buy her the biggest, most expensive engagement ring. Is she bi-polar? Min Hyuk argues with his father, claiming Se Yeon is a childhood friend. Umm, no – she’s your worst enemy and will end up trying to destroy you. Pabo.

Since Yoo Jung was thrown out of her home, she takes her mentally ill father to Do Hoon’s parents house where her ex-mother-in-law yells at her for coming to their house since they no longer have any type of relationship. She also yells at her to stop calling her mother-in-law and snorts angrily when she calls the dad father-in-law. What a piece of work this one is, I yell at my screen every time her ugly face pops up.
Yoo Jung gets a job at one of Min Hyuk’s family hotels and he suddenly sees her everywhere. Ahahaha! These scenes are both kind of creepy but kind of cute and the background music that plays when he bends over trying to see her face implies there is something else happening inside his head. He sees her sitting on the stairs, lost in thought and just watches her.

Yoo Jung learns her father needs an operation to reduce swelling of blood vessels in his brain and pawns the ring Min Hyuk threw at her in episode 1. She is then caught and taken to Min Hyuk’s stepmother. The ring was designed by her for Se Yeon and she demands to know it came to be in Yoo Jung’s possession. Min Hyuk arrives to drag her out, telling his stepmother that he gave the ring to Yoo Jung. He then berates Yoo Jung for selling someone else’s belongings and tells her he will meet her at the police station.
She rushes out after him and throws herself at his feet, holding onto his leg and crying. When he asks if she’s embarrassed, she says no – she doesn’t think she’s paid enough for what she did to that person. He angrily tells her not to mention that person so casually. Se Yeon walks up with Do Hoon (UGH) and Min Hyuk sees this as an opportunity to mess with all of them so he invites everyone to have a drink. He does enjoy making everyone uncomfortable, doesn’t he? *hehehehe*

He tells them Yoo Jung is an employee who does whatever he asks of her, which infuriates Do Hoon and makes Se Yeon jealous. (Seriously? Get over it) Se Yeon even follows Yoo Jung to the bathroom to make sure she knows Min Hyuk is marrying her. Yoo Jung tells her Min Hyuk is just a kind boss who is paying for her father’s operation and Se Yeon tells her as long as she knows her place. Really, she and Do Hoon belong together – his mom would LOVE this self-centered waste-of-space.
Do Hoon and Min Hyuk argue about Yoo Jung with Do Hoon saying she’s a normal woman who has paid for her crime. Se Yeon walks up just in time to hear this (That’s just greattttt) Do Hoon acts all holier-than-thou and seems disgusted that Min Hyuk uses his money/position to use people. Really? REALLY? And how are you any different? I’m so confused. (LOL)

Se Yeon figures out that Yoo Jung is the woman who hit Ji Hee and takes her turn to belittle Min Hyuk’s feelings. She acts like he has no right to be upset that the love of his life died, he should forget Ji Hee and love her RIGHT NOW. I’m positive she also believed Ji Hee was beneath her and finds it appalling that Min Hyuk could have liked someone “like that”. She threatens him that he better shape up or she won’t marry him. (Again?) Whatever, princess.
Yoo Joon discovers her father is missing and passes out fliers after reporting him missing. Do Hoon helps her search for him and finds him, only to discover this mentally ill father knows perfectly well that Do Hoon is the one who was driving that night and blamed it all on his daughter. Uh, oh – I got really scared for him then. Do Hoon drives off with him but of course, we don’t see where they go.

Yoo Jung gets a phone call that her father has been found just as Min Hyuk arrives. Even though he finds this “so annoying”, he pushes her into his car and drives her to her father. (How did he end up so far away?) Her father is dead. Min Hyuk watches as she breaks down, sobbing hysterically over her father’s body. *sobs* I don’t know how much more I can watch of this woman losing the people she loves – this is horrible. I noticed her father is no longer wearing the ID bracelet.
It’s interesting that Min Hyuk shows up at her father’s funeral (although he doesn’t go inside) while Do Hoon doesn’t. This jerk doesn’t even bother to show up until the 4th day and his loser family doesn’t show up at all. When he finally shows up, he offers Yoo Jung money. *sigh* The break up scene that follows is one of the best I’ve ever seen. She leaves both the money and the ring he gave her and tells him she knows he’s doing things for her out of guilt so she wants to end things now.

Do Hoon is under investigation for trying to build a case against a politician after receiving information illegally. (from Min Hyuk?) He quits the prosecutor’s office for a nice, cushy job with the company owned by Min Hyuk’s family. So he’s now straight into the lion’s den. I’m also guessing he’ll begin seeing a lot more of Se Yeon which makes me want to vomit. *snicker snort*
I guess Yoo Jung disappears inside her house for days after this because Min Hyuk tells his assistant to find her. He then changes his mind and goes to look for her himself. He finds her inside the locked building he now owns – she is passed out on the floor. He calls her “substitute driver” like he did in the beginning and tries to shake her awake but ends up taking her to a hospital. He then silently (and with a strange look on his face) watches her before he says she can’t die – he hasn’t given her permission to die yet.  O_o


I am equally creeped out and intrigued by Min Hyuk. What is he up to now? Is he done with his revenge – having seen that both her son and her father were taken from her? Did he have anything to do with either of those? Or is he piling up evidence against Do Hoon to make Yoo Joon even more miserable once she realizes Do Hoon was involved? I’m 100% addicted to this one and feel like we’ve all turned into mini-detectives trying to solve every little thing that happens!

I went back/forth on Do Hoon a bit … until the incident with her father. I truly believe he took her father out in the middle of nowhere and dumped him knowing he wouldn’t make it back. (which makes him a complete monster) I initially thought Do Hoon might be trying to protect Yoo Jung from whatever revenge Min Hyuk wanted to take and was positive he didn’t have anything to do with what happened to San. But then he accepted that bribe which blew my mind. (LOL) Now I’m not so sure – is he really that evil? I laugh when he appears all self-righteous considering he accepted a bribe to keep his girlfriend in jail with his son and never acknowledged either of them.

Then there is his mother. It’s so obvious to me she did something with San and is lying to both her husband and Yoo Jung. I don’t know if Do Hoon was also involved or if he only found out after the fact. Not that it really matters – it makes him a coward. It’s the same with the hit & run, it doesn’t matter if he didn’t hit Ji Hee – he still left an injured woman laying out in the road and didn’t call for help. But is he the worm I think he is? Arrrggghhhh!

I can’t wait for this weeks episodes and feel anxious that we don’t have a preview yet. (LOL) Let’s discuss! I love reading everyone’s opinions, idea and thoughts because you guys always point out things I’m missing or haven’t thought about yet. This one really is making my brain hurt. Ahahaha.


  • cynkdf says:

    Hi tessieroo, thanks very much for your awesome recap of an equally amazing (so far) drama. Bring back San!

    May post more thoughts later – still coming to terms with how much more slimy DH is turning out to be (but I still love you, BSB)!

    • tessieroo says:

      BSB does the sad villian character brilliantly – he’s amazing. The entire cast is amazing, I’m loving all of them!

  • Oo says:

    I hate it when a character claimed another person’s life as theirs..you can’t die cos I did not give u permission…who the hell r u to tell me whether I can die or not…

    Not that I promote suicide

    • Aoiaheen says:

      MH is a complex character. He says she can’t die without his permission, but I think what he really means is that if she dies he probably will be the reason and he doesn’t want that. It’s just that he doesn’t realize it under all that hate and jerkiness.

  • ripgal says:

    This drama has also taken over me too, makjang it may be. I am so hooked!

  • snow_white says:

    These type of characters are way too twisted for my dama taste….as they have an emotional detachment with me…have seen only Nice Guy in this genre…

  • Vanessa says:

    Thank you so much for the recap! And yes I agree, this drama’s characters make me feel a ton of extreme emotions that leave me confused but I want to keep watching LOL

  • nana says:

    here is the preview http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/secretlove/view/preview/index.html
    here is the translation:
    Kang Yoo Jung are you awake now?
    An Do-Hoon to Jo Han-Il : the chance you gave me i wish you can give it to me again
    someone to An Do-Hoon : i will watch you
    An Do-Hoon to Jo Min-Hyuk :Se Yeon is a wonderful person so much so i want to steal her from you
    Jo Min-Hyuk to himself while looking at the picture : An Do-Hoon you were that great
    Jo Min-Hyuk to Kang Yoo Jung when he was drunk : very very very very
    unni dont forget (somthing sorry i couldnt translate this part)
    Jo Min-Hyuk to his secretary : what about her she found anew part time job
    Kang Yoo Jung to Yang Hae Ri : Yang Hae Ri get beaten thousand and hundred times
    the secretary to Jo Min-Hyuk : its taken at the day that Seo Ji-Hee got into the accident
    forgive me if there are some mistakes cause iam from egypt so iam kind of weak at english

  • Mae says:

    Thank you for the recaps..please continue ,it’s really good drama and your writer make it more interesting for me for watch the secret .Lots love

  • jomo says:

    Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!
    I have no coherent thoughts, actually, on Secret, as I watch it.
    It’s all emotions all the time.

    Who did the bad things?
    Who should I hate?
    Who hurt the baby? WHO THE F HURT SAN?!
    Please not MH! He has to be redeemable, but that? I cannot forgive that.

    This is the first time I wanted a drama to be one of those looooooooooong dramas.
    Is it really only 16 episodes like the soompi thread says?

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I don’t think MH could have hurt the kid because that’s unforgivable and ajummas are the prime audience for dramas. He’s part of the OTP so I don’t think they can make him that evil. It might be DH’s mom since she desperately wants them separated. Or DH.

      • jomo says:

        Who do you think ordered that San be fed bad food and bruised San in prison?

        • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

          I’m the worst person to ask since I skipped those episodes. lol.

          • baek says:

            I thought it was the prison girl that called Yoo Jung unni, they showed her with an evilish glint in her eye (lol) when everything happened in ep4 and that’s why the other prisoner attacked her saying why did she do that.

        • Aoiaheen says:

          I don’t think MH would have ordered it to that detail. That would have been the plan of the guards, if MH did in fact pay to have her kid taken away.

          And it looks like I’m smitten with MH after all.

      • Caitlyn says:

        I agree with you because yeah, if Minhyuk really was the reason Yoo Jung’s son was abused and then taken off her, how can we forgive him? The audience are meant to support (or at least, be happy to watch) the romance between them but there’s no way I can support that if he was the reason San is no longer around. I have no idea though, I wish they’d hurry up and tell us what happened!

    • Aoiaheen says:

      Hmmm… Now everything points to MH. But I can’t imagine him actually planning it. The kid would have been taken away in a few months anyway, but maybe he wanted it to be sooner. It’s easy to forgive MH when he is played by JiSung. But if he did in fact have the kid taken away, that is cruel towards the kid as well. And that is quite unforgivable.

      • tessieroo says:

        I initially thought it was all MH’s doing but he just paid someone off and left the details up to them? But it appeared later that he’s not aware San disappeared from the orphanage. I don’t know! Arrrggghhh!

        • jomo says:

          I don’t think MH had anything to do with San’s disappearance.

          The blood-related gramma did it to sever all ties between her son and the mother of her blood related grand child. Which is totally not cool.
          It is interesting to me that the all important blood ties we see in most K-dramas do not matter to her.

          There are two points on which I believe MH and YJ will bond that I predict:
          1..Their debt to dead GF’s mom. Both of them want so badly to give that poor woman peace. That woman really has to forgive someone in order to get to a non-misery filled place. Both their hearts look in the same direction there and this will bring them closer.

          2. San. Strangely enough, MH’s ultimate epiphany of sympathy will occur over San. MH will be able to let go of the loss of his unborn child by viewing the preciousness of the living child, San. MH will end up being someone important to San’s survival, which will help his own sanity and healing. If he can be a hero to San, he will feel a lot less worthless when it comes to dead GF/dead unborn child. This will be another instance where blood ties or lack thereof will be proven less important than actual life experiences.

    • cynkdf says:

      Hi jomo, thanks for your awesome post. “It’s all emotions all the time” – nail. head. This drama is already something special, I hope for the sake of all involved with it that it doesn’t get derailed. I started watching Secret mainly because of BSB (am obsessed with him) but now consider myself a fan of HJE’s acting (never seen her act before). 16 episodes hopefully – I want BSB to move on quickly to another drama – rom-com, please.

  • nana says:

    i am sure that the one who kidnapped her son isn’t MH as he felt sorry for her when he father died i don’t think that he did something like that maybe its her ex-mother in law as she is so evil or maybe DH as he threw her father or even might have killed him so i think he can kidnap his son

  • hipployta says:

    I think Do Hoon is complicit in it all…he did let Yoo Jung confess thinking it was a barrel rather than a PERSON after all. I’m glad Yoo Jung walked away but there is going to be some hell raised when it becomes apparent what Do Hoon and his Mother have both done. When Min Hyuk’s obsessive need to know everything reveals that Do Hoon actually was driving and what happened to San and her Dad I expect his guilt towards Yoo Jung and anger at Do Hoon and his Mother will be amazing since he’s already emotionally invested in her.

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey @Hipployta! Long time, no see! I’m eagerly awaiting DH’s mom’s downfall, she’s horrible. Can’t wait for her to find out her what her precious son did. (but she’ll probably find a way to blame it on YJ no matter what) O_o

  • maimymlt says:

    I hope the writer has YJ beating the absolute CRAP out of that girl that abused her son!!

  • sally_b says:

    ok….dang it. I don’t actually 8like* revenge dramas — but all my favorite people are watching this and commenting on it — so ~ here I go. Gonna start with episode 1 — will join in once I catch up.
    (waves non-threatening fist in the air – uselessly. hahah!) (ง•̀_•́)ง #

  • aoiaheen says:

    Well, now that I’ve got back to my laptop and am not typing into my teeny tiny phone, I can write a little more. First of all, thank you for recapping this. I’m so glad I have someplace to spazz. I found this site today while searching soompi for recaps and its always nice to have a new website to add to morning surf list.

    Now, my thoughts about MH: I believe he’s heart of hearts a good guy. Having been raised in a family where bad is the new great, he obviously believes that he’s not all that nice. He thinks he’s the kind that can chose money over his lover, but later he finds out that he’s really not that shallow. He thinks he wants to hurt the woman who supposedly killed his lover, but when he actually sees her hurting and crying, he can’t take it – and he doesn’t even know why!

    He thinks he wants to follow her to torment her, but later on he’s actually doing it out of concern. So when he finds her dying, he’s actually very very worried for her. His expression is nothing but concern. And then he battles with himself “what the hell am I so concerned about?” and so he thinks “oh, yeah, its probably because she can’t die that easily. she needs to repay her debt.”

    and tessieroo, the reason MH hates DH so much is because he finds DH contemptible. DH doesn’t come clean that he is dating YJ and that he’s the father of the baby. And yet, on MH’s request, he give YJ a much harsher sentence and still pretends to be holier than thou. MH, for all his faults, is not a hypocrite.

    And as to why DH hates MH: I think DH wants to believe he is a good man in a bad circumstance. But MH is forcing him to be even worse and he has no choice but to agree. Hence the hate.

    About YJ: its truly pitiful that she thought that San was with her mother-in-law and DH while in jail. They must have lied to her through their teeth. Another instance to show DH’s cowardice. Like he can’t tell someone the truth.

    She really feels a oneness with DH and that’s why she feels so guilty about JH’s death. When she finds out that DH actually saw the JH bleeding and still left, I don’t know what she will do.

    I can’t wait for Wednesday!

  • nana says:

    iam happy that he is going to see this picture so he will know that they were Together that day then he must suspect DH i want him to find out that she wasn’t the one driving so that he stop Torturing her as she is miserable enough

    • trotwood says:

      I know everyone is waiting for this as well. How much longer can we watch her cry. Good grief, she has to exhausted after filming this. What I want the most though is for him to find out about the deception and then still be angry at her for being so stupid. I want him to be the one who yells at her for going so far for love and then recognizing that they really are kindred spirits because she is probably the only one who could understand the kind of love he has (had?) for Ji Hee. Then I want them to start working together on the revenge plan. Do Hoon is really contemptible, but at least the writer has made him complex. Se Yeon is just annoying and only necessary to pair up with Do Hoon. I feel like the writers get worn out by the time they get to her lines and just give directions: “pout and whine again abotu whatever happens to be happening at this moment.” It is dissapointing, because this actress can do more than this.

  • Swee says:

    Thanks so much for the recap.After marathoning 6 eps in a day, I have ran out of tears and I feel like kicking someone to vent my frustrations , so many unanswered questions…. Arrrngggghhhhhhh. Boy am I glad to find this blog.
    I think MH played a part in San taken away from prison but that’s it.San was taken from prison by DH’s mum and supposedly sent to orphanage as per YJ’s request, I gathered this from DH’s dad convo that he regretted not following DH mom to prison to see San and can’t believe a person like YJ would sent her son to orphanage .
    Anyway, the more I think about this, I have more questions unanswered, Wed please come sooner ….

  • Mae says:

    Guys ,can you tell me where can I watch stream or download from 1st episode to the last episode with subtitle ? I like to watch it all. Thanks

  • Phara says:

    Actually i found it hot when Min Hyuk said that she couldnt die without his permission. I believe that he is using ji hee as an excuse to torment woo jung. All these years he’s been watching woo jung and actually fell in love with her. Min Hyuk hasn’t realize his feelings yet, but that is how i see it. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  • Samy12 says:

    I love u’re recap and u’re right I think DH dumped her father somewhere Did u see episode 8 it was fabulous he fell for her can’t wait for ep 9

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