Stills From “Golden Rainbow” Poster Shoot

Woo hoo! Here comes another 50-episode weekend drama.

Golden Rainbow is an upcoming MBC drama about seven children raised together as a family. Kim Han Joo (Kim Sang Joong) kidnapped his first love’s baby daughter after she was snatched by her deceased husband’s mother. Unfortunately, he’s unable to return her to his first love so he raises her along with his other adopted children. Baek Won (UEE) is that girl. Man Won (Lee Jae Yoon) joins the family after his father goes to sea and never returns. He takes care of the family when Han Joo is framed and sent to prison. He’s also in denial about his one-sided feelings for his sister, Baek Won. Cheon Won (Cha Ye Ryun) joins the family to escape poverty and her abusive home. She’s smart and beautiful but seduces Do Young to rid herself of poverty. Do Young (Jung Il Woo) lost his father’s love as soon as he remarried. Despite that, he grows up to become a prosecutor who loves Baek Won.

And there you have it. Seven siblings with three of them part of the love square. I guess we should be happy that the fauxcest love line only goes one way.  But I suppose it could be worse because they meet as kids and know from the beginning that they aren’t blood-related.

Here are stills from the poster shoot:

Golden Rainbow airs in November after Scandal.

Sources: Hancinema, Soompi, Newsen


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