“Secret” – Recap Week 5

This week was amazing! It begins where we left on last week, with Min Hyuk grabbing Yoo Jung by the shoulders and yelling at her. Do Hoon actually has the nerve to try pulling Min Hyuk away from Yoo Jung. Pffttt, this guy. He can’t help her up from the floor but now he’s interfering just to make sure Min Hyuk doesn’t know anything. Jerk. He tells Yoo Jung to go. Min Hyuk yells for her to NOT go. He tells Do Hoon never to give orders to this woman in front of him. *fist pump*
Do Hoon tries to say Min Hyuk can’t say that but Min Hyuk hits him. YES! MORE PLEASE! *hehehe* I want Do Hoon to be beaten to a pulp. Yoo Jung jumps in front of Do Hoon, yelling “Oppa!” *vomit* She then turns to Min Hyuk and screams at him, asking why does he keep hitting people? Mmmm, I’m gonna go with anger issues. (LOL) Min Hyuk seems surprised she’s defending Do Hoon. Lets not forget – he has no idea that Do Hoon never told her he saw the dead woman.

Do Hoon grabs Yoo Jung and drags her outside while Min Hyuk angrily wipes tears from his face. Yoo Jung starts to examine Do Hoon’s bloody lip but he smacks her hand away. *fury building* He asks why she won’t listen to him and tells her Min Hyuk knows about their relationship. She doesn’t believe it, he yells back at her that’s why Min Hyuk is doing this stuff – that’s why he told her to stay away from him! His phone rings, he gets into his car and drives away, without even a glance her way.
She walks home, thinking about every word Do Hoon said to her. She remembers him accusing her of selling her body for Min Hyuk. She remembers him putting the ring on her finger the night he proposed. She remembers him running to meet her at the bus stop. She leans against a tree and cries. *sigh* I guess it’s time she mourn their relationship? I don’t like it but I guess it’s good she gets over it. It’s still heartbreaking to hear her cry.

The votes to dismiss Min Hyuk as President is carried, 8 to 12. Se Yeon smirks and walks out with a snarky smile on her face. Chairman Jo slaps Gwang Soo (Yah! Stop it!) and blames him. Min Hyuk steps in to protect Gwang Soo and is told he was fired as President. He’s also told Se Yeon voted for it. Min Hyuk looks surprised. Chairman Jo yells at him to get out.
Min Hyuk sees Do Hoon in the hallway and steps up to face him. Se Yeon walks up as well and notices Do Hoon’s bloody lip. She chastises Min Hyuk – he beat Jae Ha (the guy at the bar) did he also have to beat Do Hoon? (Do Hoon smiles smugly) She says he should apologize. He reminds her he told her not to take anyone side in front of him and that he’s the one who is owed an apology. Do Hoon asks what apology? Min Hyuk grabs his jacket but Se Yeon gets in between them and tells Do Hoon to go.

As she walks out with Do Hoon, Min Hyuk tells her if she wanted the hotel, she should have just told him. He would have given it to her as a wedding present. Ahahaha, I love his smart-aleck remarks. Se Yeon sticks her nose in the air and berates him again for bringing “that woman” to the party and even fighting over her. Do Hoon says softly to Se Yeon “Let’s go”.
Min Hyuk thinks about all the conflicting statements Yoo Jung has made. (Ah, so he hasn’t figured it out yet?) Gwang So confirms he learned Do Hoon and Yoo Jung were in the cafe together but doesn’t know if they were in the car together or not. Min Hyuk doesn’t think it makes sense that after a proposal, they would go their separate ways. Gwang Min tells Min Hyuk that Jae Ha is demanding he come apologize. Min Hyuk says he will but Jae Ha first needs to apologize to “that woman.” When Gwang Min asks who she is, Min Hyuk says she is someone who worries him. *big stupid grin*

Yoo Jung heads out, throwing out the black dress. Min Hyuk follows her, calling “Substitute driver”. She ignores him so he grabs her arm and yells her full name. She asks what he wants this time, how far is he going to go? He asks how long she’s going to keep her silence? (OMO, he does know?) She asks what he’s talking about and he asks about the secret she and Do Hoon are hiding.
She runs into a crowd of people and confess she killed someone. She deserves to be stoned to death because she a hit & run criminal. She yells at Min Hyuk, does he want her to run into the road? He grabs her, asking if she’s crazy? She screams at him, Yes – she’s crazy. She takes off her jacket and runs into the road. She is hit by a car, Min Hyuk screams her name. She gets up and walks away. Min Hyuk cries and then laughs hysterically, wondering what she’s trying so hard to hide.

Yoo Jung sits at a bus stop, remembering when she met Do Hoon and he gave her a four-leaf clover. Min Hyuk walks up with her coat and she tells him she doesn’t want to see his face anymore. Do Hoon goes to see Se Yeon (of course) and tries to comfort her, it’s not her fault Min Hyuk is like this. He takes her to eat at his parents restaurant. Both of his parents fawn all over her like she’s the Queen or something. It’s revolting – I can’t wait for this Mom to be brought to her knees.
Chairman Jo scolds Min Hyuk while they eat with the family. Afterwards, Min Hyuk tells Gwang Min to give him the files they have on Do Hoon. Yoo Jung arrives home but won’t tell her roomies what’s going on. One of them notices Gwang Soo is outside. Yoo Jung storms outside, grabs the phone from him (he was calling Min Hyuk) and asks if she disappears, will it end? He tries to tell her not to do that again (run out in traffic) but she hangs up before he can finish.

Min Hyuk calls for Do Hoon to come to his office the next morning. He throws out snarky remarks about Yoo Jung and pulls open a file he has on her. Do Hoon stares, it’s her criminal record? Min Hyuk watches his reaction closely. Gwang Min comes in to talk restaurant business with Min Hyuk and drops a bomb: he asks Do Hoon if he found the black box data? Ahahaha! Min Hyuk’s ears perk up. Do Hoon tries to blow it off and leave, both men stare at each other through the window.
Gwang Soo tells Min Hyuk that Se Yeon wishes to see him. He goes and asks if she’s involved Do Hoon in the hotel business? She replies Do Hoon must be doing a good job, he was approved by the board. She wants his restaurants to provide food an upcoming charity. He agrees, asks her if she’s happy – patting herself on the back that she’s such a good person? He calls her out on using Do Hoon and then says it doesn’t matter to him but it can’t be that guy. She tears up and tells him to get out. His parting words to her are never to call him over like an “employee” again. HAHAHA!

He goes to TGIF and meets with the manager to discuss business but in reality, he’s just there to spy on Yoo Jung. He silently watches her work. Do Hoon visits Yoo Jung and stares in horror at her Dad’s red jacket hanging up. He tries to reassure her that Min Hyuk can’t do anything to the bakery (like he can stop him) inflating his own importance. He gives her money and yells at her for working in Min Hyuk’s restaurant. Yoo Jung didn’t know. He begs her to stay away from Min Hyuk – for his sake.
Outside, he phones the cops. The next day, Yoo Jung is fired from TGIF. Min Hyuk visits the security office and discovers Do Hoon copied some files. He asks for copies of all the files Do Hoon has looked at. He also asks about vehicle black box reports. In an elevator, Do Hoon overhears 2 security guys mention Min Hyuk was looking for black box backup files.

Min Hyuk sees Yoo Jung leaving TGIF and asks why. She shoves the envelope of money into his hands and begs him to stop bothering her. He asks where she got that money? She screams at him, begging him to please leave her alone. (He looks at her like it’s just dawned on him she might lose her mind) He learns she was fired. She goes home to find out the fake bag business her Unnies were working on was raided and shut down by the cops too.
Do Hoon sneaks into the security room again but this time, is caught by Min Hyuk who asks what he’s doing? Do Hoon starts spouting nonsense but Min Hyuk tells him the reason he’s there: it’s to hide the secret he’s got buried deep inside. Do Hoon acts like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Min Hyuk says he will reveal that secret with his own hands.

Do Hoon visits Se Yeon again, isn’t she going to regret pushing Min Hyuk out of the company? She wants to take everything Min Hyuk has so he will finally notice her. *rolls eyes* Yea, because THAT shows how much you love him. Do Hoon says he’ll help her take everything from Min Hyuk. She calls him out on trying to pull some shady stuff against Min Hyuk (she caught him) but he asks how far he has to climb to win her? *vomit* She toys with him, encouraging him.
Se Yeon promotes Do Hoon to be in charge of handling the hotels. Min Hyuk discovers Yoo Jung is gone. He searches for her (like a crazy man!) and even goes to see Do Hoon. I love that he waltzed right by Se Yeon, not even sparing her a glance. LMAO. Do Hoon says Yoo Jung contacted him because she’s afraid of Min Hyuk so he gave her some money, that’s all. (LIAR!) Min Hyuk again brings up the secret Do Hoon is trying to hide. Do Hoon asks if Min Hyuk is upset his little toy is gone?

Min Hyuk finds Yoo Jung (Thanks to Gwang Soo) serving food at a workers canteen. She drags him outside and asks why does he keep following her? She implies he’s the one who got her fired by saying she was a criminal. He wants her to come back with him and grabs her arm. They struggle, she asks if he’s crazy? He yells at her: Yes, he’s going crazy worrying about her – so she needs to stay beside him. They both stare at each other in shock to upon hearing him say it out loud. (LOL)
Min Hyuk seems embarrassed at what he just admitted. Yoo Jung asks why and he admits he knows she was with Do Hoon – he knows they’ve cooked something up between them and it’s driving him crazy. When she says that person doesn’t have anything to do with her anymore, he threatens to have Do Hoon fired. She grabs the phone to stop him and he yells, asking what Do Hoon is to her?

She does go back with him. Silence in the car, he just keeps looking at her. She falls asleep as they reach home and he catches her head before she falls over. He keeps holding on until she wakes up then quickly pulls his hand away. (LMAO) He tells her to go to work at the restaurant tomorrow.
There is a meeting between the Mothers of Min Hyuk and Se Yeon to discuss the wedding. Se Yeon’s Mother is a bigger snooty snob that she is – she talks down to Min Hyuk’s step-mother. This seems to bother Min Hyuk who speaks up, calling her “Mother”. She looks surprised and smiles. (Wonder if that’s the first time he’s ever called her that)

Yoo Jung’s co-workers gossip about her the next day while she works. When she walks out after work with her friend, Min Hyuk is there and tells her to get in the car. Her friend gets all excited and jumps in. Her friend is impressed with the car and Gwang Soo. (Ahahaha) She tells Yoo Jung that Min Hyuk yelled at the boss for firing her and got her re-hired.
Her friend invites both guys inside once they reach home. *giggles at her pulling Gwang Soo’s arm* Inside, Min Hyuk talks with Yoo Jung about the bakery. She should hurry and pay off her debt and take that off his hands since he can’t sell it. Awww, he’s offering her the store back? *tears*

Do Hoon’s parents sit in an expensive restaurant waiting for him. Turns out Se Yeon made the reservations for them and tells them to enjoy themselves. Do Hoon arrives and his Mom pesters him with questions about her. I’m disgusted by how much his parents praise her – Yoo Jung did more for them than this hoe has. UGH! These people are horrible, no wonder their son is a snake.
Gwang Min asks Do Hoon about what both he and Min Hyuk are looking into at the security office? Min Hyuk gave orders to have some files restored, does Do Hoon know anything about that? (HA! IN YOUR FACE!) Do Hoon angrily defends himself. Chairman Jo and his wife prepare to leave town, he tells Gwang Min to plan on breaking Do Hoon soon. *keke* I knew he didn’t trust Do Hoon.

Min Hyuk is given a list of people who attending a tasting as his restaurant and sees Do Hoon’s name on the list. He panics and tries to get Yoo Jung to leave but the guests arrive. Yoo Jung ends up being the server for their table. She stares at Do Hoon, he stares back. Se Yeon gets all snarky and calls Yoo Jung shameless for working there. Yoo Jung hides in the kitchen but Do Hoon finds her.
He asks why she didn’t quit and then berates her for accepting help from Min Hyuk. She mentions knowing what happened to her parole which makes him a bit crazy. He grabs her arm, demanding to know what she’s talking about. She tells him to move and defends herself. (YAY!) He says it tires him to see her and it’s horrific. *explodes in fury and throws things* She walks away.

Min Hyuk searches for her but finds Do Hoon instead. More nasty back/forth between these two men. Do Hoon sees Se Yeon walk up so he asks Min Hyuk a loaded question, designed to get him in trouble when Se Yeon hears the answer. Sure enough, Se Yeon gets all pissy again and demands Min Hyuk come talk to her. Do Hoon smiles at him. (Ohhhh…I wanna smack that smirk off his face!)
Se Yeon throw the wedding invitations down on the table and tells Min Hyuk to pick one – she’s not doing this wedding all by herself. Min Hyuk tells her again (for the millionth time) that the wedding is just a business arrangement. HAHAHAHA! She leaves.

Min Hyuk waits for Yoo Jung outside and tells her he didn’t plan that. He did the first time but this time, he even tried to make her leave. She thanks him and walks away. I love that he went looking for her to explain! At home, her Unnies feed and take care of her. I love these Unnies. One of the them steals all the covers from her that night so she grabs her Dad’s red jacket to cover up with. She hears crinkling paper inside and finds a food wrapper…along with a store receipt. She stares at the date.
She meets with the Ahjumma who owns the store and asks about her Dad. Ahjumma tells her that day her Dad came alone and it was raining. A man came and picked her Dad up, that guy she was gonna marry? OMG, she knows it was Do Hoon? Se Yeon visits Min Hyuk and he warns her again about Do Hoon. He then tells her they are no longer even friends and to get out of his office. HA! *dies laughing* I’ll bet you’re so happy with the decisions you’ve made, right Princess?

Min Hyuk instructs Gwang Soo to bring Yoo Jung to his house to work for the day. She looks around the grand house and begins by washing the windows – but they aren’t even dirty. (LOL) Min Hyuk’s sister, Min Joo sees her and asks who she is? She whines that she wants something spicy to eat. Yoo Jung makes dukboki and invites Gwang Soo to eat some too. Adorable.
Yoo Jung brings coffee to Min Hyuk and tells him the house is clean, so she’s going to leave. He gives her the “Wuthering Heights” book and tells her to read it then write a summary for him. He makes her sit at his desk so he can keep sneaking glances at her. (LOL) She begins reading.

Do Hoon arrives at Se Yeon’s place, angry that she called him because she’s drunk. He doesn’t want to see her sad because of Min Hyuk. (Oh, get over yourself – you worm) She says she wishes he had been born into a better family, she would have liked him instead of Min Hyuk. He tells her she can pick her own spouse and starts to leave. This pisses her off so she orders him to come back, then grabs his hand. He yanks her closer to him and goes in for a kiss…but she slaps him.
Min Hyuk falls asleep, Yoo Jung wakes him to say she’s leaving. He tells her to come work there again tomorrow. He reads the summary she wrote about “Wuthering Heights”. She goes again the next day and is cleaning his bedroom while he’s sleeping. He has a nightmare so she tries to wake him and sees a folder with his signature on it. It matches the signature she saw on the hospital receipt! She knows!

He wakes up and asks why she’s there? She quickly says she needs to wash his bedding and makes him move. (LOL) She thanks him for saving her that day and he cutely says who told her to pass out in someone else’s building. She goes outside to hang a line, tying it around a tree. He watches her from the balcony. She smiles, hanging the sheets. He smiles, watching her hang the sheets.
Flashback to her doing laundry in prison, with San there. Is this his flashback? Was he watching from somewhere above in prison? He looks conflicted. He comes downstairs, coughing and sees her leaving. She tells him she’s going back to work at the restaurant, he doesn’t say anything so she leaves. He watches her leave.

Arriving home, the friend who betrayed her shows up. The gangster Unnie beats her while Yoo Jung cries, saying she wont forgive her. Do Hoon texts her that he’s outside. She goes outside and sits in his car. He tells her they are re-investigating the hit & run – and he thinks she asked them to? He then says he’s not worried because she was the one driving. OMG, what? He’s gone full on psycho!
She realizes he only came to confirm that and gets out of the car. She then stands beside his window and tells him she needs to confirm something too. A woman at the store said she saw him the day her Dad disappeared, was he there? He denies it but she says it’s lies. She can tell he’s lying.  He closes the window in silence and drives away. Her friend comes out and tells her that’s the man who stopped her parole. (OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!) She collapses onto the ground, screaming.

She walks up to the railroad and sees the CCTV camera. The next day, gangster Unnie goes to the police station with her. She tells Yoo Jung to stay in the car, she’ll go get the video. Gwang Soo reports to Min Hyuk that she didn’t go to work, he tells Gwang Soo to find out why. At home, Yoo Jung puts the computer disk in and views the video. She sees her Dad on the street and cries.
Do Hoon pulls up to a river and pulls the ID bracelet out of his glove-box, remembering what Yoo Jung asked him about her Dad. He hits the steering wheel in frustration, crying out. Yoo Jung sees Do Hoon’s car pull up on the video. She sees him get out, run to her Dad in the rain and help him into the car. Do Hoon throws the ID bracelet into the river. Yoo Jung runs out to the street, crying.


This episode was completely riveting, I couldn’t take my eyes from the screen for a second. It was one of the best directed, best acted episodes I’ve ever seen – everything was stellar. And if Bae Soo Bin doesn’t get some kind of mention for his acting in this, there is something wrong. He’s mesmerizing, he’s amazing, he’s SO talented. The entire cast soars and the writing is perfect.
Yoo Jung not only discovered her ex-boyfriend was the one behind her parole being denied but that he also paid her friend to falsify charges of child abuse against her. She then discovered he also found her Dad the day he disappeared and was with him in his car. This person she loved, even more than herself. This person whom she worked for, to help pay for his schooling. This person, whose family she helped out. This is the person who has been making her life a living hell.

Min Hyuk has a hand in some of that, but has since begun to redeem himself by helping and protecting her. His motives aren’t completely clear – he wants the truth but it’s getting murky for him where Yoo Jung is concerned. Is that guilt? Or something more?
I believe Do Hoon is screwed. Not only will they probably find footage of him driving that night, they have evidence of their relationship, (which means he should not have been the prosecutor on the case) they have her friends testimony that he paid her to falsify charges of child abuse, they have video footage of him pulling her Dad into his car, (last one to see him alive?) they have the testimony of that Ahjumma that she saw him that day and they’ll probably find something on the documents he gave Jae Ha regarding Min Hyuk. Oh, and I think Se Yeon has evidence of his corruption as well.

Not that she’s any use to anyone. (LOL) I’m guessing Min Hyuk’s Dad will have her tossed out on her ear eventually. She voted against his family, he doesn’t appear to be one who will tolerate that. I also doubt any wedding will take place. Se Yeon also messed up, Min Hyuk realized the depths of her obsession and doesn’t even consider her a friend anymore. I also believe she has no genuine interest in Do Hoon, she considers he beneath her.

Will Do Hoon attempt to harm Yoo Jung to keep her quiet? I can’t wait for next week!


  • Marie says:

    Thanks for the recap. This show is very nice. It makes you think and wants to find out what is the secret.

  • Caitlyn says:

    I’m glad she (and us now) know what happened about the parole because I’ve been thinking it was Minhyuk and having trouble coming to terms with him being the reason she lost her son. But if it wasn’t him, then that’s fine. And she’s realising that Minhyuk is actually being nice to her now, even if he didn’t start out that way. He’s being genuine and straight with her now, thank god. He still confuses her but at last she acknowledged that it doesn’t seem like he wants to hurt her anymore.

    He did see her with her son hanging the washing at the jail, he was talking to the manager of the jail at the time. In episode 3 or 4.

  • cynkdf says:

    tessieoo, thanks for a great recap and a round of applause for your magnificent live-blogging. Ep 10 was amazing. I hope BSB gets an acting award for his powerhouse performance – if there is any justice, he should (here’s hoping). I came across this blog in French which praises BSB’s acting (that’s what I gather from Google Translate):


    Some great moments in Ep 10 – I love the part where MH sneaks looks at YJ while she’s reading Wuthering Heights. So romantic – up to a few years ago, I read lots of Mills & Boons, bodice-rippers, Regency romances etc. One of my faves many years ago was ” The Windflower” by Laura London – and going off- topic somewhat, Secret led me to this hilarious snarky review about the book:


    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO – I found that French blog too a few days ago! I love that BSB is getting praise for his role. I can’t wait for next week!

  • I swear to God..I keep worrying about that wedding. Will they stop the wedding one day before? Se Yeon doesn’t seem able to stop herself. Who knows what threats she may use against the heroine in order to keep her man?

    • tessieroo says:

      I feel like SY is powerless against YJ since MH always protects her. AND she knows full well that MH doesn’t love her – he no longer even sees her as a friend. I don’t believe the wedding will happen at all, it wouldn’t fit with the story. (to me) I wonder if SY will actually stoop low enough to help DH harm YJ in some way?

  • missienelly says:

    OMG I seriously can’t wait to watch next week’s episodes. Do Hoon is an asshat (if you have not heard me say that already on tweeter) 😛 With his new position as Director of nothing, I don’t think he realized he’s been played not just by Min Hyuk, but from Se Yeon too (my hunch). And the devil is out…

    Ep10 was amazing, ep9 amazing as well but really 10 clears out everything. Now that Yoo Jung knows everything, the parole and death of her dad, I’m so curious how her revenge would be. Ooooh ooooh and also, Do Hoon probably the reason behind Sam’s death (disappear or adopted, I refuse to think that kid is dead).

  • sally_b says:

    Awesome recap as always! (Thanks.)

    Two random comments:
    *At the good ol’ TGIF (damn, they hammered their PPL harder than THOR) when Do Hoon prompted Min Hyuk to say something incriminating about his interest in Yoo Jung (while knowing Se Yeon was in hearing distance) — How crappy was that to do to Se Yeon?

    I have no personal sympathy for her, of course, but for a guy that professes to not want to be around her ‘if she only calls to cry about MH’ ….why then, would you create situations that CAUSE that to happen? errr….oh…maybe you’re a bastard? (check mark)

    * I absolutely LOVED it when Se Yeon casually/drunkenly reminded Do Hoon that he’s low-born. (not that I believe in any of that kind of stuff) but our characters DO … and it’s of life-altering significance — so it’s extra sweet when delivered by the object-of-desire.


  • KnightOfNegative1 says:

    does anyone know what song plays when she’s hanging up the laundry ?

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