“Heirs”: Young Do & Rachel Conspire

I’m so turned off by Young Do and Rachel that I considered ditching this post. Their characters aren’t fleshed out enough for me to understand their bitchitude, but this week, perhaps Kim Eun Sook could turn that around … or maybe not?

The soon-to-be step-siblings dress up in formal wear for a family affair. They meet sub rosa and conspire together, maybe against their parents’ wedding.




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  • JinSoo says:

    Woo bin ssi is so gorgeous and hot in suits. hehe

  • AmberRose says:

    is it wierd I love kim woo bin’s character??? not just because hes hawt… I swear

    • Shug Avery says:

      No it is not weird. I think he is really great in impersonating Yeong Do. And I just hope to learn more about his character, I think his relationship with Kim Tan needs to be discovered, why are they not friend anymore? How will he develop feelings for Eun Chang. In brief I am really curious about his character.

      I am not particularly fond of his face, but I believe he has a lot of charm and charisma^^.

  • Lumiere says:

    I’m shipping them together 😛

  • kfangurl says:

    Kim Woo Bin in a suit is one of my favoritest things. In the world. Thank you for these!!! 😀

  • IAS says:

    Hum, everyone has some degree of bitchiness in this drama. Plus, even if you’re going to play the straight dumb-ass act but I’m still going to let you know. Rachel does not have it easy, maybe it’s not obvious to you as the other characters’ problems in the drama because hers is more emotional but she still does. Also, it’s just a drama, Kim Jiwon (Rachel Yoo) is a pretty damn talented actress so blame the character not the one who plays it. My bad if you were referring to the character, it still sounds like you were referring to the actress. Unlike, the cliche type of heroine in k-dramas that are helpless and play-the-hard-to-get type, she actually knows what she’s aiming for and she’s going for it even if she didn’t quite realize that it’s about time she lets go and with some fieriness added to her attitude, that’s it. I just hope she ends up with Young Do as many others who have eyes to see. Young Do has the same bad attitude but just because you’re a girl and he’s hot, you accept it, don’t be a bias jerk. I’m also pretty sure that if you were engaged to someone, liked him and you had set feelings for that person and all of the sudden, that person started to act like Kim Tan. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be too satisfied and you know it too.

    • goodange says:

      I’m a pretty smart viewer, so, I can distinguish an actor from the role he’s playing. So, yes, I’m critiquing the characters, which is why I stated the characters’ names, not the actors’, and which is why I said “their characters.” As you said, it’s just a drama, so, everyone will have a subjective stance.

      And I’m sorry, but I’ll disagree respectfully. I don’t think the drama has explored enough of Rachel to excuse her crap behavior. More than enough episodes have passed since this post that I can understand Young Do’s motivations for his negative actions, but I still don’t accept his maltreatment of others. There are people who have it bad (or even worse) and don’t turn out to be spoiled witches or bullies. I can give Rachel credit for her confidence and being goal-oriented, but I don’t have respect for her immature and less than humane actions, like charging up to a girl and pulling her hair or for pushing that girl’s luggage down the stairs, etc. It’s not to say I wouldn’t like to see Rachel’s and Young Do’s growth. I’d definitely like to see them become better people, and that’s part of the challenge Kim Eun Sook has on her plate.

      “Young Do has the same bad attitude but just because you’re a girl and he’s hot, you accept it, don’t be a bias jerk.” As for this, I hope you’re saying “you” in a general, collective sense, and not specifically referring to me as a jerk. In any case, I’m not really sure what you’re saying here.

  • sally_b says:

    @goodange – RE: ” And I’m sorry, but I’ll disagree respectfully. …”

    And so you did. Much more so than IAS deserved for such an ill-worded, aggressive post.

    “Plus, even if you’re going to play the straight dumb-ass act but I’m still going to let you know. ”
    (WTH does that mean?)

    seriously. ಠ_ಠ

    @IAS – the ladies who run this site (beautifully, by the way) are nothing if not thoughtful and courteous — please reply likewise in future.

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