“Secret” Episode 11 Preview


The role reversal is complete  – Do Hoon has become her pain while Min Hyuk her comfort. But why is Do Hoon clinging to Se Yeon like that? Loser.

Summary of the written preview:

Min Hyuk looks for Yoo Jung and finds her at the bakery where he lends her his shoulder.

Se Yeon and Do Hoon team up to take everything from Min Hyuk.

Min Hyuk’s father’s medical condition is revealed, causing their stock to fluctuate.

After a painful confrontation with Do Hoon, Yoo Jung decides that in order to live, she must take revenge. So she approaches Min Hyuk.

Credit: KBS, Soompi


  • Reply October 28, 2013


    idk what they talk about. could u translate it plis!!!!

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    Damn, damn, damn. HJE and JS really have smokin chemistry. They need to get it on soon.

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    oh heck yeah, been wondering around searching where’s the preview like finally \o/
    omg finally a legit MH and YJ moment and DH lol whut’re doin leaning against SY like that? Uh-oh now MH needs to show who’s the boss and take back his position as the CEO once again
    YJ demanding apology in da rain but whuttaheck are you denying DH?

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    This is seriously one of the best shows ever I did not think it was going to be this good. dying for wed.

    • Reply October 28, 2013


      Agree, I think it’s the best. I’m very impressed with the whole thing. :)
      Thanks, Clock!

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    here is the translation
    dh to sy : just a second please stay like this just for a second
    mh to someone : kang yoo jung how do you think she’s right now
    mh to yj : substitute driver
    mh to dh :the day of the accident you were there too
    hs to mh : do you have evidence
    mh to hs : yes i have
    mh to dh : what about the matter of kang yoo jung father think about it carefully
    gm to mh : i make it so that no one can call him during the surgery day
    mh to gm :surgery
    yj to dh : kneel down and ask for forgiveness
    dh to yj : if i apologized will you disappear infront of my eyes
    yj to mh : i want to stay by your side there’s something i must do

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      @Nana – THANKS! for the trans.

      I’m crazy for the next episode — soooooo ready to see YJ get her *angry* on. (and Min Hyuk to get his arms open for solace)
      show. is. so. good. /dies

      • Reply October 29, 2013


        Oh, thanks Nana! I can’t believe it’s only Monday. This is torture.

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    Looking forward for epi11 onwards, JY revenge and to accept MH love. She has suffer enough for all this years, should have a happy ending with MH (to forgive MH and to give him a chance), Its also consider a blessing cos without MH, YS will not know who killed his father and the harm that caused her all this years!.

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    omggg abt darn time! stupid DH grrrrr he’s the biggest douchebag in all of kdrama history >:[ yessss our otp must unite and take down that evil man!

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    I cant believe I almost didnt watch this >_<

    This is the BEST DRAMA I have seen in years, I hope they keep up the pace. Also I don't see how they are going to get resolution in 6 eps! (Im assuming this is scheduled as a 16 ep series) without going crazy in the next 6.

    Guess Im going to have to keep watching to find out 😉

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    grace antonio


  • Reply October 29, 2013

    amy huynh

    OMGGGG YES FINALLY! i’ve been waiting for her to take revenge on him! im worried to see how things will play tho. i just hope justice is served to him! and she finds her son and discover every other sick thing that BASTARD did.

  • Reply October 30, 2013


    when is the next episode coming our and wat time??

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