“Secret” Episode 12 Preview

I haven’t seen Episode 11 yet but I know it ended epically which is why the featured image isn’t from the preview but is the last shot of ep 11. Yes, Guys, Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung’s faces are thisclose and as he inched closer, she didn’t move away. She also didn’t close her eyes so the consensus is that lip might not touch lip in this scene. But who cares? Right now, they are both aware of Min Hyuk’s feelings and there are still five episodes where lip might touch lip. In fact, I demand it!

Credit to saranghaechoiseunghyu@soompi for the screen cap and illay@soompi for the video


  • Nev says:

    GAAAHHHHH…. I NEED EP 11 NOW!!!! >_<



    CALmmmmmmmmm *and breatheeeeeee

  • Karen says:

    I agree with you!

  • nana says:

    here’s the translation
    mh to dh : you came . anyway i was going to let you see something interesting
    dh to mh : at that day i was with yoo jung so what
    mh to himself while screaming : kang yoo jung a girl like you
    hs to mh : impossible prosecutor an is the one who did that ?
    gangster ajumma to yj : why are you like this . like someone who got death sentence
    yj to gangster ajumma : even if i want to die i can’t
    mh to yj : what revenge are you going to do while cooking at the kitchen
    yj singing : congratulation
    mh secretary to mh : congratulation
    yj to mh : would you like to have Lunch before going
    mh to dh : there is no secrets in the world , isn’t it ?
    mh to dh : the matter of kang yoo jung think about it slowly

  • tessieroo says:

    Thanks Nana! *hugz* Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  • pluie625 says:

    WHy is this drama so good???
    hello dear Tessierro, thanks as always for your awesome recaps. Can’t help it anymmore, I’m finally coming out from my cave hehehe

    • tessieroo says:

      Pluie625! *gasp* Where ya been? Isn’t this drama amazing? It’s so good, I’m in shock every week. (LOL) I’ve missed you! 🙂

      • pluie625 says:

        I’m always here, silently watching and reading but that unexpected cliff hanger made me delurk LOL. No news on any kissing scene, just BAM! That was a big surprise! And that’s why I love dramas like this one, you never know what’s in store for you. The people behind this drama are the best!

  • Liesa says:


    So gooooddddddd

    This episode was epic awesomeness

  • Nev says:

    I really DONT want this to be their first kiss. I want her to initiate it. So that he knows it is something she wants to do for herself and them as a couple, not that she thinks he wants as part of his revenge on her. If he kisses her now he will always be full of doubts on her and their relationship.

  • mskololia1 says:

    After watching epi 11, I perceive this writer is “wicked”….LOL!

  • anonymous says:

    Could somebody translate this video?

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