Heirs Week 4 Recap: I Like You (Even If You Wish I Didn’t)

These episodes were a little better for me because they cranked up the angst. I still wish the obstacle between the main leads was more than the very cliché and mundane rich-poor divide.  In addition, I wish they gave the mains much snappier dialogue and just made their conversations more interesting instead of having them constantly talk about their push-pull relationship. In addition, if Rachel and Young Do are supposed to end up together, isn’t it time for them to build the intimacy between them? Right now, they scheme but it isn’t even fun.


The episode begins with the scene of Young Do and Eun Sang in front for the convenience store as Tan watches them from across the street. The boys talk to each other on the phone while Eun Sang pretends to sleep. After Young Do repeatedly hits the table, she pretends to wake up. Young Do accuses them of having a planned meeting which they both deny it. I wonder what he’ll do when he finds out they live together.  Am I the only one who thought the band-aid on his cheek made him look hotter?

Eun Sang and Tan meet in his compound and he warns her to stay away from Young Do. Knowing this show, they’ll have this conversation a thousand more times. She asks why they hate each other but he refuses to tell her. She goes in, asking him to wait a bit before entering so that they don’t appear to have returned together.

Eun Sang walks into the kitchen to see Tan’s mom pouring herself a glass of wine and not up to thirty seconds later, Tan walks in too.

His mom doesn’t catch on and introduces the kids to each other. After Tan leaves, his mom tells Eun Sang to repay their kindness by becoming her spy and to remember that despite living together and being the same age, they aren’t on the same level so she can’t call him by his name. So she wants her to call him “Master” at school too? How about everyone calls you “Concubine” when they see you? Nonsense.

Eun Sang goes to her bedroom and finds the uniform her mother bought her. She’s shocked because it’s so expensive. Here’s my thing: if that woman has $1K to spend on a uniform, why are they stuck in an 8 by 11 room? I’m sure she can save better now that she doesn’t have to worry about rent but Eun Sang would be better off getting a room in some dorm than staying in that house.

Rachel is resistant to anything involving her new family  – probably because she’s still attached to her dad who for all we know may turn out to be gay – so she refuses to take the family picture the parents arrange. She tells Young Do to sort it out in exchange for whatever he wants. Luckily, this is a Korean drama, otherwise, this vile dude would ask for something like her virginity. I can’t be the only one who thought of this, can I? But seriously, only an idiot would make this kind of stupid deal.

The next morning, before daybreak, Eun Sang steps out of the house only to see Tan standing there. He’s making sure they go to school together and drags her into a cab with him. On the ride, he tells her that he overheard his mother’s request and we get another of their supposedly chemistry-charged scenes where he rests his head on her shoulder. They get to school and since they shouldn’t be seen together, she walks ahead but as she’s the light to his mosquito, he can’t keep away and apparently, her nape is so sexy that he makes her wear her hair down. You see, that nape is for his eyes only. Hey, I don’t write this stuff.

Anyway, in the end, Young Do’s tall friend sees them together and still can’t remember where he saw Eun Sang first. Will he finally remember next week and tell Young Do?

While Eun Sang is at her interview with Hyo Shin regarding the PD job, Bo Na shows up and after her initial opposition, supports her to keep some other girl from getting the job.  Later on, as Eun Sang walks on campus and puts her hair in a ponytail, Tan stops her.  Their playful flirtation is seen by Young Do who watches them with a pained expression. What in the world?

Won goes home and is his usual broken record: “Waaaaah, Daddy you had an illegitimate kid and brought him into the company, I’m leaving… waaah.” If he’s so proud, why can’t he just leave Jeguk Group? And as he packs his stuff up, Tan – in a cotton candy-like pink sweater – shows up and they have their usual conversation. Everyday is Groundhog Day with this guy. After a particularly painful conversation where Tan’s pleas and hugs are ignored by his awful brother, he steps outside to brood.  Which means that Eun Sang has to walk by. He tells her to return his dreamcatcher and meet him in the wine cellar which has now become their private spot. So how soon before they are caught making out in there?

She goes there and he’s got some mood music playing. With sexy music and countless bottles of wine at their disposal, what do they do? Talk. And not anything interesting but about their families. She leaves and goes to her room which means it’s time for us to get some flashbacks of Tan asking her if he likes her. Like how the hell is she supposed to know?

The next day at school, Young Do kicks all of Eun Sang’s classmates out of the classroom because it’s bullying time. Bo Na ignores the warning then walks in and yells at him to quit it. This just gives him an idea to prove his point so he snatches both girls’ bags and empties them on the floor. His point is: while everything Bo Na owns is from a designer store, all Eun Sang’s stuff is from an open air market so how is she nouveau riche?

I guess we should be glad that he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to disrespect? Bo Na is pissed but doesn’t out her and soon after, Chan Young shows up and saves the day. Young Demon says that the fact that Eun Sang has so many protectors makes him want to compete. Why don’t you do us a favor and compete in Russian Roulette?

Bo Na’s friend runs over to another class to tell all the other leads what Young Do did. However, as soon as Tan stands up to go and protect Eun Sang’s honor, the English teacher arrives and we get to hear this week’s English lines.

After class, a determined Tan sets out to find Young Do. And what does he find him doing? Bullying, of course. So basically, after receiving the cut on his cheek, he filed a lawsuit against Joon Young. So the kid now has to grovel to his attacker to make the lawsuit go away. I guess it’s because he has no money to afford a lawyer but doesn’t that school have CCTV? On any given day, they should be able to find evidence of Young Demon’s bullying, particularly the day he received that cut. Plus, there’s evidence of the kid filing a complaint against him, right? And given that Demon’s father is very wealthy, isn’t there some ambulance-chasing lawyer looking for $ and/or fame he could find to defend him pro bono? Or screw that, can’t he freaking countersue and file a complaint with the police?

Anyway, Young Demon makes him kneel down and beg to the embarrassment of all the other students watching. While all this is happening, no teacher shows up.

Tan approaches them and tells Joon Young to stand up. But the kid isn’t having it because Tan was a bully himself so why is he suddenly acting holier-than-thou? Tan apologizes for what he did in the past and to compensate him, he gives Young Do a nice uppercut then dares him to make him kneel too. Just when Young Do starts to retaliate, a teacher finally shows up. Great. So teachers only materialize when two rich idiots are about to fight? Couldn’t they have at least let us see them exchange like three or four punches? Boo hoo.

Both kids are called into Fake Mom’s office where Tan receives a scolding. Back in elementary school, we always felt bad for teacher’s kids because they always had it the worst. In an attempt to appear impartial, their parents were particularly strict with them. Anyway, Fake Mom tells Tan that if he’s going to act a fool, he should go to a different school. Both boys leave her office and when they get to the hallway, Young Do wonders if he isn’t taking her advice because she isn’t his real mom. Then we get a flashback to when they were like eighteen? Because those kids look like the ages these actors are playing now. Heck, the one playing “Young Tan” looks at least twenty. I guess they felt that it was already a huge stretch having the lead actors pass for eighteen so fifteen would be unbelievable.

The flashback explains what happened between them. Young Do was embarrassed because they caught his father with another woman and to cheer him up and let him know it’s not a big deal, Tan told him about his situation. I’m guessing Young Do’s mother was still alive otherwise, what’s the big deal? Anyway, instead of taking comfort in the knowledge that many rich dads are bastards, Young Do looks down on Tan for being a mistress’s son.

Rachel’s mom manages to get Secretary Yoon’s number but calls him at in opportune time which means another frustrating night for her. Secretary Yoon should get her all hot and bothered and just when she thinks she’s about to get some, leave.

Young Do blackmails Eun Sang with the lawsuit to force her to go over to his place and eat dinner with him. What exactly does he hope to achieve here? Rachel stops by, sees them and tells Tan. Which gets Tan’s panties all in a bunch so he runs out to find her.

To his relief, he finds her working at her cafe but instead of just turning around, he drags her out to talk. He’s mad that she went to a guy’s hotel room and she reminds him that she stayed at his place in America. He thinks it was stupid of her then and is stupid now. He demands an explanation and all I can think is, “Dude, you’re not her daddy.” I would have told him to kick rocks but she tells him everything.  He’s mad at her for not following his instructions but really, Bro, why do you think you have the right to dictate her life? Because you like her? He explains that he’s just trying to protect her because it’s his fault that she’s being picked on. Then Bro, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM HER! Which is pretty much what she says to him. All she wants to do is live in peace and is at her wit’s end with everything going on.

He tells her that she can do one of two things: leave his house or stay behind and like him, with her heart if possible. Oh, I see. Liking him with her heart is optional.

What awesome options. She’s too young for this drama. This girl needs to find an aunt or uncle to move in with. But then he confesses that he likes her and for a second, I weaken because I’m a bit of a sucker but then that stupid song starts to play and ruins the “moment.”  Oh love.

And because he likes her, he’s going to invade her privacy and involve himself in her personal matters whether she agrees or not. What the hell? She’s telling you to leave her alone but because you like her, you’re ignoring her pleas because her age-mate thinks he’s her daddy who has authority over her and is his responsibility. Bro, this is not romantic. You’ve just reduced her to a child.

Both of their phones ring. He ignores his dad’s call and demands that she ignore his mom’s. She tells him that the major difference between them is that while he can ignore their calls, she can’t.  And that’s why they can never be. He snatches her phone, answers it and tells his mom that they are in the middle of an important conversation and will call her back. He claims to be protecting her but is callously making things worse for her.

He hangs up, dismisses her differences excuse and demands a different reply. The absolute worst admirer is the one who can’t take no for an answer.

He refuses to return her phone and she starts to cry. Sweetie, tears again? Which makes him go crazy and hug her.

He begs her not to reject him and take some time to think about it. I want him to stop already but then I’m also kind of melting here.

Anyway, they get home, Tan tells his mom that he was with Eun Sang to discuss hiding his fight from her and later on, she threatens Eun Sang saying that if she doesn’t stay away from her son, she and her mom can’t stay in their home.

His dad learned about the fight and after telling him that it’s too late for him to care about what happens in his life, Tan finds Eun Sang and asks what his mom said to her. She refuses to say and he offers to apologize on her behalf. He tries to lighten the mood with jokes but she’s not having it. Then we have a Bollywood moment a.k.a a music break with a song that tells us he wants to make her his . But instead of watching people dance on snow-capped mountains, we get to watch both Eun Sang and Tan lying in their beds and flashback scenes. I really wouldn’t have minded a dance number instead.

The next morning, Eun Sang wakes up earlier than usual to avoid Tan but finds him waiting at the bus stop. This is just to show her that he’s not backing off and will be involved in her personal matters.

There’s some boring business stuff  and as usual, the business is failing under Won’s control.

At school, Young Do calls Eun Sang and when he sees that she’d saved his number under “Don’t Answer,” makes her change it. Hyo Shin leaves a message on the bulletin board announcing Eun Sang as the new PD. As Eun Sang reads it, Bo Na shows up  and takes it off and behind it is the message Eun Sang had left on Tan’s school’s notice board about her American dream being like a midsummer night’s dream.

She confronts him about it, saying she didn’t expect him to read it and he mentions that he didn’t expect her to leave a note given her refusal to call him. And what did he want to say back then? The usual lovey-dovey stuff  about how he wants to be with her and doesn’t want her to leave. I can’t wait till he starts saying something new.

Then he tells her something that we all know – that she was part of the reason for his return to Korea. Then he asks for a response to his proposal and she scurries away.

Tan sees that Rachel was watching them from afar and asks to speak to her. He confesses his feelings for Eun Sang to her. She already knew this and points out that even if they can’t be together, he can’t be with Eun Sang as she’s not on the short list of chaebol’s daughters that he can pick from.

He knows there are a lot of obstacles ahead of him but hopes that she won’t be one of them given that they were once friends. How cute. Given how disrespectfully he’s treated her, it’s quite rich of him to ask for a favor.

Secretary Yoon meets with Tan’s father who grills him on Eun Sang’s mom. We learn that her family is in debt because of her father’s hospital bills. We also learn that Tan’s father sent her to Jeguk to have all those rich snobs constantly remind her that they aren’t at the same level.

Secretary Yoon takes it to heart and takes it out on Esther Lee when he sees her at the school later that day. Apparently, this difference in social standing gave him a complex back in the day and now he realizes that they broke up because he was constantly reminded of it. Does that mean he broke up with her?

He dismisses her when his phone rings and I actually feel bad for her. Despite her attitude, he obviously wields the power in their relationship. Maybe it will later be revealed that she never wanted to break up with him or something. She’s the more desperate one but Yoon obviously stills wants her.

Anyway, Tutor Hyun Joo was the one calling him and we see her scarfing down her dinner in a convenience store. Hyo Shin sees this too so he gives her more time to eat by texting that he’ll be late.

Then there’s some bit where he asks what she ate then leans in to smell her. I ship them.

Young Do challenges his dad to a judo match for the family portrait. They fight and are evenly matched till Psycho Daddy chokes his own son. What in the world? I’m sure choking isn’t legal in judo but that’s the lesson of the day – it doesn’t matter how you win, all that matters is that you do. What a great message to impart on one’s son.

Young Do shows up at at Eun Sang’s cafe because he’s lonely. What? Myung Soo is busy? Tan arrives and we learn that Young Do knows about her numerous part-time jobs. The boys verbally spar as always and the evil one makes it clear that he will resort to dirty tricks to win. Eun Sang goes home without telling them and when they leave, we see that Tan has already resorted to his own dirty tricks by getting Young Do’s bike towed.

Elsewhere, Won waits outside Hyun Joo’s place and sees a man drop her off. He rushes over to confront them and it’s Secretary Yoon. Apparently, he wants her to tutor his son. Isn’t Tan’s father somehow involved? I think he asked him to get in touch with her. Anyway, Won is there because he wants to spend the night as he has nowhere to go. Are all the hotels fully booked?  He really thinks he’s slick, huh?

At bedtime, Tan stands in front of Eun Sang’s door and contemplates knocking at it. How does he plan to explain this to her mom? Luckily, he doesn’t have to because Eun Sang steps out just in time. But then his mom starts calling for her mother and instead of Eun Sang to simply take one step back into her room, he grabs her and they hide in some closet. Why? Because it’s “chemistry” time.

He makes a move to kiss her but she looks pretty darn terrified so he backs off. Then they both go to her safe haven where she does her homework.  They discuss Young Do and Tan figures that his interest in her isn’t solely about him and that he genuinely likes her. Why, though?

And to drive this point home, while hanging out with Myung Soo, Young Do has flashbacks to his numerous moments with Eun Sang which still don’t explain his feelings.

The next day is picture day and Rachel is mad that Young Do didn’t keep his promise. But he does. How? He gets one of his father’s girlfriends to show up so Esther gets pissed off and leaves. His father isn’t pleased but he reminds him of the lesson he was taught at judo.

Rachel thanks him but he didn’t do it for free and asks for Eun Sang’s customs form. She informs him that Tan confessed his feelings to her and wants him to take care of the situation. He warns that what he would want in exchange might be hard for her to give but she chooses to take her chances. When the time comes, he should be cute and ask for her heart.

At lunch, Young Do snatches Eun Sang’s plate from her and makes her sit in the wangta’s chair. Everyone sees this and Bo Na wants Chan Young and Tan to show up and save her. Am I the only one who noticed that the lackey sitting next to Eun Sang didn’t touch his food? He just played with his chopsticks the whole time. LOL. I wonder how bad (or cold) the food was.

Tan walks in and sees the poor girl trembling like a leaf. He yells at her to get up and honestly, what the freak? Neither of these dweebs should be yelling and ordering her around. If this were me, it would have been my cue to get up and and walk the hell out of the cafeteria. She does what he says which pisses Young Do off. Tan grabs her, saying they planned on eating together and as they walk away, Young Demon trips her.

Tan gets mad and grabs Young Do’s shirt and she quickly jumps in and begs him not to fight. WHY? You need to run the hell out and let them fight and get it out of their systems. She can’t possibly enjoy being the rope in their tug-of-war.

Young Do taunts Tan that he’d made Eun Sang kneel instead of him. Eun Sang starts to cry again and begs Tan to leave with her.

They go to the roof and her phone rings as he checks to see where she’s hurt. It’s Young Do and she’s back to trembling like a leaf. He tells her not to answer it but she’s scared shitless because he knows the truth about her. Despite his protests, she answers it so he kisses her to stop her from speaking.


I have a confession to make: I suddenly find Kim Woo Bin attractive. I know he’s considered hot but I’ve never personally seen it but for some strange, inexplicable reason, I suddenly find him more attractive this week. What’s going on? Does anyone have an explanation for this phenomenon? Especially as it’s not like his character suddenly became human? Ottoke?

I’m a big fan of the “shut up” kiss but I don’t think it was really appropriate here. I usually squee when someone gets kissed when they are tongue-tied, nervous, apologetic, angry etc etc… those kisses can be so hot and cute! But to stop her from talking on the phone with her abuser? Seriously?

Given that he indirectly confessed his feelings ages ago and everyone in his school knows how he feels, his confession doesn’t have much impact. It’s not like this dude ever struggled with his feelings. But I have to admit that some of the things he said this week made me melt… a little bit.

I understand that it’s hard for him to let go of Eun Sang because he can sense her attraction to him and he genuinely wants to protect her but he’s too clouded by his emotions to actually see what is happening and that is that he’s making her life more difficult. And in what world is “I love you so you must obey me!” romantic?

As for Young Do, I think he’s read too many bodice-rippers or perhaps he’s watching Secret and thinks that this is the way to a woman’s heart? Dude, this isn’t some makjang revenge drama so just stop. If he’s genuinely interested in her, he can’t possibly think he can scare her into liking him, can he?

Right now, Eun Sang needs to get rid of both boys. The poor thing probably wishes she’d taken a chance on the open road that night in California. She doesn’t need to be pawn in their little game nor become their plaything. Young Do is more overt but both boys are attempting to control her because of their feelings.

And as for Tan, does he really think that constantly mentioning that she’s living in his house helps matters?

Anyway, all of them have the power to change their lives so they need to get cracking. If Eun Sang really wants Tan to back off, she should look him in the eye and tell him that the only reason she was nice to him was because he gave her a place to stay. She doesn’t like him and hates that he misunderstood the situation. If he still refuses to leave her alone, she should tell his mom. The only problem is that her mother might end up unemployed. Is the option to transfer back available?

If Tan doesn’t want to be stuck engaged to rich girls, he should reveal his secret to the world. Yes, that would create problems and jeopardize his future but nothing stays hidden under the sun anyway.

Young Do should either reveal the secret or shut the hell up. The guy appears to be affected by his father’s philandering ways which probably adds to his dislike for Tan. But tripping Eun Sang this week just takes the cake. What kind of shameless guy bullies girls?

I’m glad to see that the boys will probably come to blows next week. Now, if only that fight would get them both expelled so that Eun Sang can study in peace.

Till next week.


  • sally_b says:

    Hi CK ~ ahaha! The Woo Bin Factor. He’s what my friends and I refer to as *ugly hot*. Seo In Guk is slightly more pretty boy, but he’s also…ugly hot.

    The thing is….Charisma. Woo Bin has been fantastic in acting in everything I’ve seen him in. He’s like the opening lyrics to Macklemore’s *Thrift Shop* :
    Now walk into the club like “What up?! I got a big c*ck!”
    Nah, I’m just pumped, I bought some shit from a thrift shop.
    Ice on the fringe is so damn frosty
    The people be like “Damn, that’s a cold ass honky”

    I’ve been into him since White Christmas. Not surprised he has a model girlfriend — those girls be-snatchin’-him-up as quick as they can. 😉

    As for the rest of the show …a big old MEH. (but it’s fluffy – I’ll keep watching and reading your FABU caps)

    p.s. drumroll ~ ~….hrrrmmhrmmm ~ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ ♫♪ Love IS THE MOMENT !!! ♫♪

    • Caitlyn says:

      Ugly hot! That’s exactly it. I’ve never found Woo Bin attractive either but ‘ugly hot’ is a great way to describe him. His charisma makes him more attractive than he is.

  • Ivoire says:

    Thank you for this! I have been refreshing and waiting, and it is finally here :-)… Off to read now.

  • tessieroo says:

    LMAO – best recap evah. I love the idea of calling Mom “concubine”. And no, I also thought Young Dumb would demand R’s virginity so it wasn’t just you. I’m so sick of the bullying crap, I can’t even watch those parts. And they seriously need to fire the music director who keeps playing “love is the moment” over and over – it’s horrifying.

    But for some reason, I’m still watching! O_o

  • Ephemera says:

    Gotta say, I loveyour sense of humour
    I personally find woo bin attractive because he reminds me of cumberbatch’s Sherlock character
    And partly because I dislike lee Min Ho

  • cg says:

    I liked this week’s Heirs a lot…..except that last scene from that cafe to that rooftop…

    P.S. I like LMH and PSH and please i’m not a crazy fangirl 😀 They are good actors..

  • Table Flipper says:

    Although Kim Woo Bin is a bada**, I still can’t stop looking at him. I just can’t. *uses a crowbar to get my face away from the screen* ^^

  • kako says:

    I can’t believe you actually mentionned the whole Kim Woo Bin phenomenon! It’s just what happened to me too! At first, I thought he was really ugly and that he had a very strange face. Plus, i got to see him in Busan when I was in Korea; at that time I didn’t know about him.

    I think he has an incredible charisma, and it’s all about his movements and expressions. I find them extremely attractive. Moreover, he is well built and tall.

    Ah… I guess Kim Woo Bin has a secret power to charm us all !

  • FB fan says:

    Not sure if this was something that would form a nagging thought for you, but I was just pondering over how they supposedly spent 3 hours filming a 3-second segment of a shut up kiss? That is 10800 secs…they must have examined every minute angle that could possibly have happened. 🙂

  • Rossi says:

    “Everyday is Groundhog Day with this guy. “…perfect summary of show is perfect.

    In the beginning, I was equal shipping Hyun Joo with either Won or Hyo Shin but after Won’s one minded track of “How dare you got born!”, I’m firmly in the Hot-for-Teacher/Tutor ship, cause damn, man! you’re getting pathetic. Plus it looks like he’s not even good at his job, so no wonder Daddy wants to bring Tan back cause knowing drama, he probably ends up super genius business mogul or something.

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