Brand Spanking New (and Second) “Heirs” Episode 9 Preview

Now that Eun Sang actually confesses her feelings to Tan, she’ll never get rid of him.

Then we have Young Do beating people up for her so that’s three knights-in-shining-armor she’s got now. Who will be the fourth? You go, Rachel, pull all her hair out because she’s hogging all the men! Just kidding…

Translations by joonni can be found here.

Credit to the uploader.


  • Ivoire says:

    Thank you so much for this! I was looking for the translations as well. I appreciate it :-)!

  • Flair says:

    that was not nice lol the comment that said you go girl to Rachel for pulling her hair it had me laughing so much thanks for that… but one has to really see Park Shin Hye is one really lucky girl she has the most exposure with all the gorgeous guys I have ever seen!! the girl must have saved a country in her past life! I wish I were here 🙁

  • m2 says:

    sometimes i want to thinking wild…I’m imagining that not Kim Tan or Young Do got Eun Sang instead Chan Young, hahahhaa. That will be a great twist for the drama!

  • sally_b says:

    Thanks for the preview/s.

    I had mute on the whole time because….. ♫♪ •*¨*•.¸¸ LOVE IS THE MOMENT!!!!! ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪

    ಠ_ಠ. seriously. that song makes me wanna throw something. hahah!

    • ELBy says:

      You’re not alone Sally_B! I constantly find myself muting the show when that song comes on. It really takes me OUT of the moment. Just instrumentals would be so much nicer.

  • Vale says:

    Really can’t wait to see this episode! But …”so that’s three knights-in-shining-armor she’s got now” … wait….is Chan-Young in love with Eun Sang?!
    Thanks for posting!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Not that I know of. But Young Do previously said she had many knights-in-shining armor when Chan Young helped her.

    • BaeSeoRa says:

      being a shining armor doesn’t mean you have to be the lover of the person. remember that chan young is eun sang’s childhood best friend….so that’s it.

    • Ivoire says:

      In ep. 7 or 8, CY told KT that he did like ES when they were younger (around 9 or a little older). Some children used to harass and bully him, and ES, being stronger than CY at the time, would defend him and fight them off. He had a crush on her then, but has long moved on since. His heart belongs to Bo Na at the moment, and I think that they are cute together. KT and CY were having some confession time about when (in time) they liked each other’s girlfriend :-). That was when CY shared that info with KT. I hope this helped.

      • Vale says:

        Thank you Ivoire, yes yes, I do remember that conversation between CY and Tan. And I it’s true, you can see that CY is pretty in love with Bo Na! But I was just wondering if I did miss something between CY and Eun Sang!

  • ryan says:

    I found a website that provided fast updating for latest the heirs episode with english subtitle in HD.

    • goodange says:

      Hi, Ryan. While we appreciate the share (we truly do!), we will have to take down the link. In the past, we would have allowed this even if it presents a copyright issue with its broadcasting station and its subbing partner. However, we lost our first site early this year due to a DMCA takedown notice, and we’re avoiding going through that nightmare again. (Heh. Granted, we’re not being wholly responsible now by posting the previews.) I’m really sorry. I hope you understand.

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