It’s All Smiles On The Set Of “Marry Him If You Dare” + Stills From Episode 7

While this drama might be hokey, I’m thoroughly enjoying it. And judging by these behind-the-scenes photos, it looks like the actors are enjoying themselves too, despite the tight schedule.

Like the trailers suggested, it looks like we’ll get two OTPs. I once called this “Final Destination: The Rom-Com” and it appears to be moving in that direction. Of course, if it really wanted to be consistent, all the characters would have started off falling in love with the wrong person only to eventually fall for the right one OR none would have fallen in love with the wrong person despite Future Mi Rae’s meddling. But instead, what we have is all but Park Se Joo staying true to their fated love while he stays true to the fated plot.

I understand why because it’s the only way to have a love triangle and give Mi Rae a choice between the two men. But going forward, perhaps what Se Joo needs is a second trip to Jeju (just like Kim Shin had a second car accident) so that he can fall in love with the right person. But then again, given the story so far, it looks like he will eventually be with Yoo Kyung regardless.

Anyway, enough of the babbling. Here are the BTS photos:

Speaking of Se Joo and Yoo Kung, here are stills from their rooftop barbecue date in the upcoming seventh episode:

Maybe she becomes his confidante because she’s the only one who knows his true identity.

Of all the dramas I’m currently watching, I find this to be the most romantic so I have high hopes for both couples. Fighting!

Credit: TopStarNews, Osen


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