“Secret” Episode 13 Preview

What I remember from the written preview is Do Hoon and Se Yeon get closer after confirming Min Hyuk’s feelings. Yoo Jung gets worried when Min Hyuk gets hurt on site. Min Hyuk’s dad returns and learns of their relationship. Yoo Jung tries to find evidence against Do Hoon regarding her father’s death.

Credit: KBS


  • Skypandie says:

    Daebak!!! ♥
    Dying waiting for wednesday to come faster!

  • Askura says:

    Thanks for the video)
    I’ve been updating the search page for a day already)

  • Nev says:

    OOoooo this isnt looking good for YJ. Will Daddy not approve of her and use her and DH past relationship? I think so.

    I hope Im wrong but I really cant see this ending well for YJ, or not at least as us MH YJ shippers want it to.

  • jomo says:

    Pant pant pant

    watch watch watch

    36 seconds?

    That is ALL I get?

    I am supposed to wait two more freaking days with only 36 seconds to keep me sane?!

    I don’t think so… * makes crazy eyes * (Think Dr. Jin THT)

    Who am I kidding? The moment in Ep 5 in the grocery store when MH lost sight of YJ and backed up to find her, I was a goner.

  • tessieroo says:

    I love the look on SY and DH’s face when YJ is brought in. HA! But yea…it doesn’t look like Chairman Jo will be nice to her. *sigh* WHY does everyone gotta hate on YJ? *fumes* Thanks, Clock! 🙂 You’re amazing!

  • Nev says:

    Ive got this horrible feeling that its gonna end up with YJ dead, MH marrying SJ so he can devote his life to revenge making hers hell, (finding San and adopting him as his heir so by making SJ’s life completely obsolete and gaining revenge on his dad by stopping his bloodline running on) and DH going to prison. Oh and DH mum been left by his dad when he finds out what she did with San and that they had all lied to him all along about YJ.

    Very sad but totally makjang. Like A Love To Kill. No happy endings for anyone.

  • Caitlyn says:

    Oh God, what is the Dad gonna do? He’s such a pointless character, and so unlikable. What does he even do, apart from yell at Minhyuk?

  • mac says:

    i dont understand at all what they’re talking about, could somebody translate it plis? 🙁

  • Shushii says:

    Can any body tell me why choi go to prioson insted of mh . Ididnt get the company problem “(((((( please explain

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