“Marry Him If You Dare” Episode 8 Ending + Episode 9 Preview

So now, Meddling Mi Rae has pulled her brother into her plan. Do we yet know exactly what happens in the future?

Credit to HallyuYEH


  • olive says:

    I don’t think, he’s gonna kiss her this time..but, he is testing her, to know she likes him or not..LOL

  • refino says:

    I wonder why Mirae likes Kim Shin, in other hand She didn’t comfort with him. Sejo is right that Shin is bad and cold hearted guy.. not make sense.. You confessed your feeling to person who like you most..making him broken hearted.. aiigoo.. so naive , innocent or dumb..Mirae.. I want she ends up with Park Se Jo..Plzzz..

  • roojee says:

    Oh my I hope she ends up with Park Se Jo too. She shouldn’t have run out and left Park Se Jo and the flower he gave her to chase after Kim Shin and just left without saying a word. That’s cruel. But I want them together.

  • tey says:

    I hope Mirae finally realize that Shin is not the right match for her, and she understand better that Sejoo is his man after all.

  • kelly says:

    can i know how she injured her leg?? thank you! 🙂

  • soobin says:

    LDG is the best actor here.And also the actor who plays Mirae’s brother. YEH is a revelation here as an actress.
    So far MHIYD has been interesting enough to be worth- watching.
    I’m with Team Kim Shin! I like his character that is hard to read yet he gives away his vulnerable side in a straightforward, crisp manner.. and so brilliantly delivered by LDG! and so handsome, too!

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