Posters for “The Woman Who Married Three Times” Released + Trailer

Three posters for The Woman Who Married Three Times or like I call it, The Drama With Three Start Dates have been released. As many know, the upcoming SBS drama ran into a bit of trouble finding a satisfactory lead actress. Names like Kim Sa Rang and Han Ga In got tossed around but it was said that the writer, Kim Soo Hyun (Life Is Beautiful, Childless Comfort), wasn’t happy with them. So production got pushed back and the preceding drama, Goddess Of Marriage got extended.

It looks like things are finally on track with Lee Ji Ah signing on and it will premiere on November 9th. What is it about? From DramaWiki:

A family drama that centers around a mother and her two daughters from a normal family who deliver the reality and connection of marriage. It will depict the two sisters’ relationship, their personal struggle, love, and married lives. The younger sister gets married for the second time after she fails her first marriage, while her outwardly cold older sister has a crush on a guy with commitment issues. This drama will also deliver the different perspectives on marriage and divorce between the parents’ generation and today’s generation.

I didn’t watch Goddess Of Marriage but it sure looks like they are reserving this time slot for all that is marriage. Here is the trailer:

The posters:

I don’t have the stamina for a 50-episode drama but let’s hope that the on-screen drama is worth all that took place off-screen.

Credit: Newsen, DramaWiki, video uploader

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