“Heirs”: Im Joo Eun Surprised By Kang Ha Neul’s Forehead Kiss


Episode 10 of Heirs dials up the love line between Hyo Shin and his tutor Hyun Joo.

When they meet up at night, Hyo Shin cups Hyun Joo’s face and lays a delicate kiss on her forehead. This startles Hyun Joo, her body tensing up and her eyes opening wide.

Feeling ignored by her boyfriend Kim Won, will Hyo Shin’s romantic attention touch her or will she rebuke him? Will she start having feelings for her student? Will it really take a love triangle for Kim Won to begin noticing the problems in his relationship? Why can’t Hyun Joo  just communicate her feelings to Won?




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  • BaeSeoRa says:

    and I feel that I love all the OTPs (may it be one-sided) in this drama.
    Tan-EunSang. YoungDo-EunSang. ChanYoung-BoNa. Won-HyunJoo. HyoShin-HyunJoo.

  • Damai says:

    Okey, now I want this noona romance just like IHYV did. Let them be together and surprise us, and let Won end up with Rachel.
    Hhahahaha, it doesn’t make sense, right? I know.

  • Rossi says:


    Like the sweetest romantic gesture in this drama for me has been when Hyo Shin texted Hyun Joo to give her 20 more mins to eat her ramen. It was sweet, thoughtful and no expectation of return!

    Plus Ha Neul should get the girl for once, man!

  • Ivoire says:

    Thank you so much for this!!!!! I LOVED this kiss *Le Sigh* I rewatched it several times. Why can’t they be together again???? (I know, Won likes her too, blah, blah, blah). I feel that at least HS would be willing to fight for her. I totally LOVE KNH in that scene, he was perfect and he did it excellently (is that a word?, Well…). I loved how he portrayed HS’s emotions, from showing that he had been dying to do something like that, to the look on his face, and his reaction after he just kissed her and what that meant.

    Someone explained to me that a kiss on the forehead is a huge game changer in the relationship. It means “I want to take care of you,” which is often an indication that the guy would be willing to marry the girl. I had not thought about it that way. It was interesting for me to realize that HS went from “smelling her breath,” (which was very sensual, and felt erotic, at least to me), to a tender, chaste kiss on the forehead. It felt as if, HS had gone from mere attraction (including physical attraction) to HJ, to something deeper, and more encompassing.

    HS said that he is planning something. What could that be? Would that involve HJ? I am looking forward to finding out… On a last note, can you tell how much I LOVED that scene?

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