“Secret” – Recap Week 7

Another fabulous week! Almost every little thing in this drama might mean something so I find myself paying super close attention. (LOL) I don’t mind at all because figuring this out and being mini-Sherlock Holmes along with all the wonderful people on the Soompi thread has been a lot of fun.
Episode 13 begins with a flashback of Yoo Jung at the Police station, arguing that a truck caused her car to swerve. She only hit a barrel, she didn’t see a person! Min Hyuk gives Gwang Soo orders to find this mystery truck driver. Back to the kiss scene we left off at last week. *squeals* Tears stream down Yoo Jung’s face while Min Hyuk softly kisses her. He pulls away and stand up, starting to explain …but Yoo Jung says its okay – he probably just made a mistake. He very clearly says its not a mistake.

Do Hoon realizes Se Yeon’s finger is cut and wraps his handkerchief around it. Se Yeon asks him to stay with her tonight. *vomits* The next morning, Do Hoon wakes up in bed, fully clothed. (HA! No sexy stuff for you!) He goes downstairs, Se Yeon is cold to Do Hoon who asks if she’s really going through with the marriage? She reminds him they’re from different worlds and puts him in his place.
Yoo Jung is at work, dealing with a crying young boy. His Mom takes his jacket off, his t-shirt has a moon and stars on it – similar to the design Yoo Jung sewed on San’s blanket. She cries, remembering San and hides in the locker room. Min Hyuk appears with a cup of coffee. She starts to leave but he blocks her path, asking if she’s going to keep avoiding him? He reminds her it wasn’t a mistake and that he had to come see her – so he can breathe. *long happy sigh*

He leans in like he’s going to kiss her – she leans forward, staring at his lips. (OMO!) Closer, closer – No, he pulls back. *throws stuff* He gives her an envelope, telling her it’s the contract. Gwang Soo will take her to Do Hoon’s after work. She thanks him and he says since he’s seen her, he’s okay.
She takes the contract to Do Hoon but he tells her it must be approval by the board. She tells him it doesn’t look good for him to desire other people’s things. This seems to infuriate him, he tells her to leave. She tells him not to act like a victim, it’s repulsive. He asks if she wants compensation? (OMG, slap him!) She calmly wonders how much she should get,  should she ask his parents? He yells her full name and she tells him not to. She will get all she can from him so he should be ready.

Gwang Soo tells Min Hyuk that Yoo Jung went by the bakery again on her way home. He asks why Min Hyuk isn’t returning that property to her? Min Hyuk admits he’s afraid Yoo Jung will disappear. Yoo Jung looks over the CCTV footage of her Dad again and calls a co-worker from the toll booth to ask for a favor. She remembers meeting Min Hyuk at the toll-booth and smiles. She gives her friend the make/model and plate number of a car, asking her to research when that car returned to Seoul.
Gwang Soo comes to get Yoo Jung from work because Min Hyuk is sick. He tells her Boss has an infection in his foot that caused a fever and begs her to take care of him. (LOL) Why do I feel like this is fake? She wipes a sleeping Min Hyuk with a cloth but notices the music box on his nightstand. She winds it up but no music plays. Min Hyuk suddenly grabs her arm and tells her not to touch that. She feeds him porridge while he stares at her intently. OMG, his stare! *blush* SO HOT! She suddenly realizes he didn’t injure his hands, implying he can feed himself. (LOL)

He explains the music box is his Mothers and tells her a story about his Mom. He believes his Mom dying was his fault. Yoo Jung comforts him, telling him that his Mom would be having a hard time right now if she saw how distressed he was. She reminds him she too once had a child so he should believe her. As she rises to leave, he grabs her arm and lays his head against her – begging her to stay for just a moment. She gingerly puts her hand on his back in comfort.
Gwang Min warns Do Hoon that he knows who spread the rumors about Chairman Jo being ill – it was Jae Ha, the jerk Min Hyuk beat up. He knows Do Hoon is friends with that guy. Se Yeon and Min Hyuk sign an official agreement to expand the restaurants in front of the press. Min Hyuk tells her to stop playing games – he read that book and throws it back in her face. *wild cheers*

Yoo Jung gets approval from the Chairman and the legal department, Do Hoon congratulates her but then warns her that Se Gwang group is still interested in the restaurants. He throws some pictures at her of Min Hyuk fighting with Jae Ha who owns Se Gwang group – implying it will be HER fault if Min Hyuk loses the restaurants. He tells her to make Min Hyuk apologize to Jae Ha. He sweet talks Se Yeon on the phone in front of Yoo Jung. *fumes* I wanna punch him in the face so badly.
Yoo Jung goes to apologize to Jae Ha herself. *fumes more* Jae Ha thinks Min Hyuk sent her in his place but he still feels humiliated. Min Hyuk has a great fiancée in Se Yeon, he doesn’t understand his taste in defective girls. He makes Yoo Jung pour him a drink. When she arrives home, Min Hyuk is waiting for her. He pretends his foot hurts and he can barely walk but it’s just to get her attention. (LOL) She catches him walking fine as he leaves and laughs.

Min Hyuk meets with the Prosecutor who warns him Gwang Min has been called in and that Se Gwang group and Shin Hwa are both out to get K-hotels. He also shows him pictures of Yoo Jung meeting with Jae Ha, which makes Min Hyuk furious. He rushes to TGIF and angrily confronts her. She admits it and tells him she went to apologize. He yells why does she always think things are her fault? She admits she did it for him – if she can help him by kneeling down or pouring someone a drink, she will. He grabs her fingers as she leaves, asking if she really did it for him?
Chairman Jo returns home and congratulates Min Hyuk on getting the investment. After Min Hyuk leaves the room, Gwang Min informs him that Do Hoon was the Prosecutor on Ji Hee’s hit/run case and that Min Hyuk is investigating again. He basically tattles on Min Hyuk – that he’s seeing Yoo Jung. *sigh* Why doesn’t he tattle on Do Hoon? WAE? I’m so angry.

Gwang Min brings Yoo Jung to meet with Chairman Jo. Step-Mom, Se Yeon and Do Hoon are all there. Chairman Jo thanks her for her help with the investment but tells her not to see Min Hyuk again. Se Yeon snarks at Yoo Jung and then smiles. Min Hyuk comes in and furiously tries to pull Yoo Jung out of the room but Gwang Soo stops him on the Chairman’s orders. Yoo Jung starts apologizing over and over while Min Hyuk screams at her to stop.
Yoo Jung leaves and Chairman Jo sends Do Hoon out to “deal with her”. Do Hoon tells her not to get involved any further with Min Hyuk but she throws Se Yeon in his face. *hehehe* Before she leaves, she lets him know that she’s aware he was listed as the contact person on her Dad’s ID bracelet.

Min Hyuk warns his Father not to touch Yoo Jung. Chairman Jo is angry but Se Yeon calmly states it doesn’t matter, the marriage will happen anyway. Min Hyuk yells that he’s NOT getting married. (WOOHOO!) Se Yeon says the dead Ji Hee couldn’t sit in that place and neither can the woman who killed her. Min Hyuk says Se Yeon can’t sit in that place and tells his Father he will not marry Se Yeon.
Se Yeon leaves, visibly upset – Do Hoon stops her from driving and comforts her. Min Hyuk goes to Yoo Jung’s home and bangs on the door, yelling her name. She tells him to leave. He continues to bang on the door, insisting she come out. She collapses in tears and apologizes about Ji Hee once again. He touches the door, cries and tells her he’s leaving. *sobs*

Yoo Jung visits Ji Hee to apologize that even if it’s only for one day – she wants to accept Min Hyuk’s heart. She cries, saying she knows it’s not right. She waits on a bench and steps on board a bus when suddenly Min Hyuk comes out of no where. He grabs her off the bus and envelopes her in a back hug. *squeeeeeee* He holds her tightly as the bus pulls away.
Flashback to Min Hyuk watching Yoo Jung leave after visiting Ji Hee, then another flashback to the first time she went. Did he hear what she said? (Either time?) He approaches Ji Hee and tells her he doesn’t want “that woman” to die. Present time – She puts her hand over his as he softly tells her it’s okay. *sobs* He tells her not to say she’s sorry anymore and even if he let’s go of everything else, he won’t let her go. They both cry as he pulls her closer. I can’t…I’m just buried in tears.

Min Hyuk takes her home, holding her hand as he pulls her out of the car. He hugs her, saying he has to go meet someone. He asks her to stay put – not telling, but asking this time. He goes home and gets on his knees to Chairman Jo, he wants to protect that woman. When his Father tells him to get out, he agrees. Chairman Jo tells Gwang Min that this time is different and to investigate Yoo Jung.
Gwang Soo finds the white truck but now it’s green? Did someone have it painted or did they just switch the plates? Hmmm… Gwang Soo reports to Min Hyuk that what Yoo Jung said is true. He found the truck driver but he doesn’t remember much since it was raining and he never saw the other vehicle. Min Hyuk orders Gwang Soo to manufacture the evidence? Noooo! Not a good idea!

Yoo Jung meets with her toll-booth friend who gives her an envelope. Yoo Jung looks at the picture and goes directly to confront Do Hoon. She traps him in an elevator and isn’t shy about bringing up her Dad in front of others. Do Hoon drags her out and onto a stairway. Yoo Jung shows him the pictures – one with her Dad in the car and another without. (after he dumped Dad) Both have date and time stamps. *hee* Do Hoon’s face twitches. (OMO, creepy! Brilliant Bae Soo Bin!)
Do Hoon informs her he just met with Chairman Jo and gave him 2 pages of information about her. He throws the papers at her and asks if she’s going to ruin Min Hyuk too? Ruining him wasn’t enough? OH MY GOD, SLAP HIM! *throws more stuff* He tells her to come to her senses. On her way out, she runs into Se Yeon. *sigh* Great, just great. Se Yeon takes her into a wedding chapel, telling her to stop using Min Hyuk. Yoo Jung tells her she wishes she had booted Do Hoon earlier but she held on…which isn’t love, it’s obsession. Se Yeon slaps her. Pffftttt.

Adorable, sweet moments between Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk – he’s waiting for her when she arrives home. They ask each other what’s wrong and both deny anything. She won’t let him give her his jacket, telling him he’s cold too. She grabs his hand, they both smile. They sit, drinking coffee and swinging their feet. He tells her he’s not going to get married and then wonders why she’s not showing any reaction. He cutely suggest she lay her head on him, wiggling his shoulder. She laughs and then does, he leans his head against hers and smiles. SO CUTE!
Back at home, her 3 roommates are trying to make Gwang Soo choose between them. Ahahaha, I love these ladies and Gwang Soo. They tease Min Hyuk about where he’s been with Yoo Jung and what they’ve been doing. Se Yeon storms into Do Hoon’s office and demands he cause problems for K-group. That will make Chairman Jo’s illness worse and force Min Hyuk to her side. Yea, that’s a great plan – destroy his family. Yeeesh, this psycho! She’s hoping the Chairman collapses!

Family dinner with Chairman Jo who is upset that Min Hyuk isn’t there. Gwang Min has planned an “escape route” and he will talk to Min Hyuk. They meet at the restaurant and he gives Min Hyuk keys to a safe deposit box full of information, including stuff on Do Hoon. He reminds him he is K-group’s successor. Yoo Jung overhears this. Min Hyuk sneaks around a corner to appear in front of her. He tells her to smile and grabs her face, squeezing it to make a smile. She laughs. He kisses her forehead.
He finds a file on Do Hoon in the safe deposit box and discovers Se Yeon was behind his dismissal from the board – she and Do Hoon working together. He confronts Se Yeon but she tosses the papers aside. He lets her know if K-group falls, her Father would no longer support the marriage. Isn’t that what she wanted? She screams at him that all she wants is him. She then screams she loves him, over and over. Min Hyuk looks stunned and says he’s sorry but she threatens him before he leaves.

Yoo Jung visits Do Hoon parents restaurant which sends evil-horrid Mom into a tizzy – she rants at Yoo Jung for not leaving Do Hoon alone especially now since he’s met a nice woman. Yoo Jung asks if they think Se Yeon suits him? Does Se Yeon’s family also think so? AHAHAHAHA! Do Hoon drags her out but she leaves an envelope on the table which Dad notices. Do Hoon throws money at her again and threatens to ruin Min Hyuk but Yoo Jung says at least that person is sincere. Do Hoon laughs his creepy, evil laugh. She tells him he’s pitiful and that it won’t end here.
Gossip at work is all about Gwang Min being imprisoned, the employees worry for their jobs. Min Hyuk tells Do Hoon to get Gwang Min released immediately. He tells Do Hoon he received an incriminating file from Gwang Min. He also gives him a tape recording of the truck driver, implicating Do Hoon. Is this the manufactured evidence? *squirms* I still don’t think that was a good idea.

Do Hoon visits Gwang Min in prison and tries to bribe him to go against Chairman Jo, K-group and Min Hyuk – in return, Do Hoon will have him released. Whoa, this guy thinks he all-powerful. (LOL) He also demands the file they have on him. Gwang Min flat-out refuses and rubs it in Do Hoon’s face that he will continue to protect those he should protect.
Step-Mom calls Yoo Jung out and scolds her for ruining the wedding and the company being in trouble. Yea, cuz it’s all Yoo Jung’s fault *rolls eyes* She tells her to leave but Yoo Jung made a promise – she won’t leave until Min Hyuk tells her to. This infuriates Mom who says she will make her understand. (OMO, what does that mean?) *puts Step-Mom on the suspect list*

Se Yeon hands over information to Do Hoon to further destroy not only K-group but her family company, Shin Ah Foundation as well. He refuses to use it but she insists – she wants Min Hyuk to kneel in front of her and beg her to save him. She slides up to Do Hoon seductively and tells him to do as he’s told. He still refuses but tells her he will bring Min Hyuk to kneel before her.
Yoo Jung arrives home to Min Hyuk, looking worn out. He tells her she’s pretty and pats the seat next to him. Once she sits down, he lays his head in her lap and closes his eyes, smiling. He calls her name softly, telling her she can’t die before he does. *bad feeling* She strokes his hair.

Do Hoon’s Father arrives at his office with the envelope Yoo Jung left. He’s visibly upset and asks Do Hoon if it’s true – did he really abandon Yoo Jung’s Father? Do Hoon tries to say she’s doing it because of the break up, she’s isn’t in her right mind. (He’s describing himself) Dad knows Do Hoon is lying so insists he meet Yoo Jung to hear the whole story. Do Hoon tells him he will take care of it.
Do Hoon actually tries to tell Yoo Jung what happened to her Father was an accident. She firmly states it was murder – and she will continue to follow him and reveal it. He gets on his knees and apologizes. (LOL) She tells him she will meet him at the Prosecutor’s office the next day. Gangster Unnie comes out and pours an entire bucket of water on him. YES! Bwwahaha!

Yoo Jung tells him Hae Jin is coming – didn’t he write a recommendation letter for her? Aren’t they close? He storms to his car and drives off. He goes to Se Yeon’s house and starts tearing through files. When she appears, he says it can’t end like this. Well, I guess that means he no longer cares if Se Yeon is ruined – as long as his butt is covered. Se Yeon smiles her creepy smile. *shivers*
Min Hyuk arrives home to find Se Yeon sitting in his Father’s office. He asks why she came, she snarks something about hoping his Father gets better in time for their wedding. (LOL – WUT?) She claims to be trying to help improve the image of K-group but he tells her he doesn’t need her help. He tells her this marriage isn’t right – to her or Yoo Jung. He won’t live his whole life feeling sorry.

Crazy psycho-pants tells him she doesn’t care. She wants to see him being unhappy beside her his whole life. Do Hoon arrives, while Min Hyuk stares. Yoo Jung walks up the courthouse steps but stops to answer her phone. It’s Do Hoon but he only called so she could listen in. She hears Min Hyuk ask why Do Hoon is there. Do Hoon throws a stack of files on the table as crazy psycho-pants smiles.
Do Hoon threatens to expose all of K-groups dealings which means Gwang Min would rot in jail for 10 years. You can hear Yoo Jung asking what’s going on. Yoo Jung listens as Do Hoon implies Min Hyuk could be implicated for embezzlement.

Do Hoon lifts the phone to his ear and tells Yoo Jung he is the only person who can save Min Hyuk. Min Hyuk grabs the phone but Yoo Jung has already hung up. Crazy psycho-pants grabs the phone from him and tells him it means both of them are in trouble so he should choose: will they live together or crumble together? Min Hyuk yells her name, Do Hoon smiles.
Yoo Jung stares at her phone and looks up at the courthouse building.


So intense, so gripping, so entertaining! This has now topped my best list for 2013 – no other drama I’ve seen this year has kept me this enthralled. I’m never bored, there are never any wasted moments and I haven’t fast-forwarded once – in fact, I go back and re-watch things to make sure I didn’t miss anything or to pick up more clues! (LOL) Yes, I’m obsessed.

I know it’s pretty standard to have the bad guys win up until the end but in this one, it’s been fairly even. Just when you think things can’t get worse, they don’t – they get better! But only temporarily. It’s been like watching a tennis match with the ball going back and forth. But certainly not boring! It’s fascinating the lengths Se Yeon will stoop to in order to “have” Min Hyuk and equally fascinating to watch how low Do Hoon will go to protect himself.
Crazy psycho-pants scares the hell outta me. She wants Min Hyuk, even if he’s miserable? Wow, scary. I still believe she tried to take out Ji Hee but don’t have any further clues yet. It could also have been Chairman Jo or even Step-Mom. This writer just keeps tossing ideas out – almost as if she’s tried to make every character a tiny bit suspect. I’m blown away at her ability to keep me guessing.

I wish there was something I could say to destroy the illusion that this is a depressing melo. It’s really not! It’s a suspense thriller, a mystery with a tiny bit of comedy and romance thrown in. Yes, there is heartache and tears but it’s not nearly as depressing or angsty as originally thought. It’s forced me to put on my thinking cap and reason my way through problems – to figure out who did what and when.
After Se Yeon screamed at Min Hyuk that she loved him, you could see the the shock, the fear maybe? I don’t think it dawned on him that Se Yeon is crazy but it seemed to hit him right between the eyes. I don’t know where those thoughts will lead him but I’m hoping he starts wondering about Ji Hee…did Se Yeon ever meet with Ji Hee? Did she threaten her? I don’t want him to falter in protecting Yoo Jung for even a second and I hope his eyes are wide open as to how evil Se Yeon is.

Will Min Hyuk protect his family – Chairman Jo, his Step-Mom, Step-sister, Gwang Min and Gwang Soo? Or will he throw them all to the wolves (including Se Yeon and her family) in order to protect Yoo Jung? I’m praying there is either a trump card amongst all those files he has or this was all a set-up by Chairman Jo to bring Do Hoon down. Can’t wait for the finale next week!


  • fatma_1 says:

    “So intense, so gripping, so entertaining! This has now topped my best list for 2013 – no other drama I’ve seen this year has kept me this enthralled. I’m never bored, there are never any wasted moments and I haven’t fast-forwarded once – in fact, I go back and re-watch things to make sure I didn’t miss anything or to pick up more clues! (LOL) Yes, I’m obsessed.”

    exactly what i’m experiencing right now..

    BTW awesome recap as always… Since I first discovered this I kept coming..
    See u in soompi! LOL

    • Lcscook93 says:

      It would be really cool if in the end Mins daddy came bringing yo Jongs baby after finding out the whole truth and wanting to settle min down to take over the company. I would like to see something to this effect in the end instead of someone dieing for someone in the end and no one being happy! Wouldn’t this be a surprise ending that no one would expect? His dad actually wanting his son to be happy. What do you think? Is that to good to be true?

    • tessieroo says:

      Thanks, @Fatma!

  • Kim says:

    Absolutely love this drama. U are so right, this is more a suspense triller than melo melo drama. Fantastic script writing keeping story tight with suspense n characterization n thus all 4 actors could focus n never failing to deliver their acts. Enjoying the intense moments as well as funny scenes esp when MH acting dorky in front of YH. And all those tender moments between them

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey Kim! Okay, so help me spread the word that this isn’t an angsty melo. I’ll take the West Coast and you cover the East. 🙂 (LOL)

  • Kim says:

    My gosh..MH romantic eyes, just looking at them can send one to I don’t care where!!

    I’m with u here, Secret may just be the best drama of 2013!

    Thanks for the recap too.

  • trotwood says:

    I, literally, applaud at my screen when these recaps come up. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • trotwood says:

    I also had a bad feeling when he sid “You cannot die before me” Thos lines are never part of anything that ends happily, but can this end happily? YES!! Will it? My experience says, no. Still, I hopw that if MH and/or YJ goes down that the two crazy pschyo people also have long, painful ends. I also hope that the gangster posse ends up living next door to Gwan Soo and debating all his girlfriend choices and making him side dishes for the rest of his life.

  • Skypandie says:

    Tessieroo, just let me LOVE YOU!!! \(*3*)/

    Everything about Secret is awesome!!! ♥

  • jomo says:

    YAY! Thanks for writing this!!

    So many good things…but, I think we found something new in ep 14,
    Se Yeon is Heathcliff, not MH.

    I vote for happy ending with YJ and San, but possibly, MH dies, which would suck big time unless he does so taking both DH and SY out.

    OK changed my mind, MH dies (I’m sorry, but it is inside the realm of possibility for show) and leaves YJ pregnant with his child. DH and SY kill each other for all I care.

  • Yuhotarubi says:

    My first time ever commenting on your blog, I just want to say thank you thank thank you, let’s hope for an unimaginable happy ending next week 🙂

  • cynkdf says:

    tessieroo, thanks for your awesome recap. Your recaps are just as amazing as your Secret live blogging which is one of the highlights of my Secret watching experience.

    Poor BSB – it must be freezing cold out there, yet he gets a bucket of water thrown on him. Hope it’s warm water 🙂

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey Cyn,
      Dare I say I think BSB was kinda HOT all wet? (LOL) He was again amazing in this episode. Yeesh, when he steps it up – he really steps it up.
      I still wanna punch DH in the face but I want to buy BSB dinner/drinks as my thanks. 🙂

  • Anabanana says:

    I am now curious to know what was the truck driver’s testimony. It’s probably boring like he did see those two that night and he did witness Do Hoon doing what he did that night. But that’s huge evidence — that should be in the police’s hands by now!

    • tessieroo says:

      I think MH ordered GS to manufacture that evidence, I don’t think the truck driver really saw anything. (he says he didn’t because it was raining) I hope that doesn’t come back to bite MH in his cute little bum.

      • sally_b says:

        RE: ” He also gives him a tape recording of the truck driver, implicating Do Hoon. Is this the manufactured evidence? *squirms* I still don’t think that was a good idea.”

        I don’t think it’s such an awful idea if Mun Hyuk only intended to use it to unnerve Do Hoon. And I think that’s what it was for.

        …a virtual face slap ! “Think nobody saw your crime? Listen to this, Mo-Fo.” 🙂

        Thanks for the recaps – you’re the bestest-est ~ (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

  • Sheri says:

    I’ve fallen for this drama, the plot is so fascinating and I just can’t wait for the next episode,,I dont know korean so I have to read the subtitles but still I always enjoy watching this drama & some other nice k-dramas.
    Ji Sung and Hwang Jung eum are doing Great in this drama,,,superb…love them and love you too Tessieroo : ) for this nice recaps…keep up the good work
    Thankssssssssssssssssss ALOT.

  • Caitlyn says:

    You know what my first thought was when Minhyuk pulled Yoo Jung off the bus? “Why is the bus driver just driving away?”, ha ha. A girl gets on his bus and a random guy turns up and PULLS her off, and he just goes “alright then, see ya”. It’s got nothing to do with anything but it just made me laugh.

    I liked the little forehead kiss. After the assault in the car, we need to see him being soft and sweet to her. I hope she doesn’t die! I don’t like the foreshadowing!

  • sheri says:

    I think we should also mention something about OST of this drama, the songs are chosen perfectly that intensify the feelings of touching scenes, Great !! 🙂

  • belinia says:

    Love this drama. The recaps are fantastic; full of info and hilarious also.
    sometimes, I am just laughing out loud while reading the recaps.
    Why oh why (faint hand at forehead) does this drama only have 2 more episodes? why isn’t it a 20 episode; there is so much more to explore.
    How can they wrap it up in 2 more episodes?
    It’s not too angsty; more real life than Heirs (which I wanted to love, but am now thoroughly disappointed in).
    Thanks for another great recap!

  • Sen says:

    Thanx a lot ! Nice review & I love this drama tooooo !!!! Can’t wait for Wednesday !

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