Heirs Week 5 Recap: What Will Make You See Me?

While Young Do remains despicable, his unpredictability makes things slightly interesting. Does he really like Eun Sang or just likes seeing Tan squirm? Is it both? How far will he go to hurt Tan and/or win Eun Sang’s heart? What is he thinking? What is he doing? When will he stop?


So the episode starts on the roof with the “shut up” kiss. She doesn’t push him away and even though she drops her phone, they stay in the same awkward position for ages and I’m not sure who to blame for the least sexiest kiss we’ve seen thus far.

I know it’s not Lee Min Ho because it was pretty obvious he was holding back as I could see his Adam’s apple bob up and down because he wanted to bring it! I mean, just watch the BTS  for City Hunter’s rooftop kiss. Is it the director? We have the parents’ hallway kiss to compare it with but perhaps he’s being more conservative for teen characters. As for Park Shin Hye, I like her well enough but when it comes to on-screen kisses, her track record speaks for itself. So I’ll say 75% Park Shin Hye’s fault and 25% the director’s. Please do better next time.

After the unsexy kiss, Tan gets even unsexier by threatening Eun Sang. He dares her to go against his will and answer Young Do’s call if she wants to see him run mad. What will he do? Take off his pants? Anyway, apparently Young Do is dead or something. On hearing this, she scurries away, leaving her phone behind. Love is, love is, love is feeeeeeling… scared?

Tan answers the call right as Young Do sees Eun Sang walk down the stairs. He grabs her hand but she immediately shakes him off because she’s just not in the mood for his BS. You go, Girl!

Myung Soo asks what the hell he’s doing bullying girls but he says it’s different this time because he wanted to see how he would feel after tripping her. Uhm, is this supposed to be an excuse? Is it okay if Eun Sang stabs you just to see how it feels? To help her realize if she likes you or not?

Tan goes around school looking for Young Dumb and when he does, greets him with his foot. Yippee! It’s time for Jeguk Wrestlemania. Tan is great with punches while Young Do puts his judo skills to good use.

Meanwhile, Eun Sang and Bo Na chat in the bathroom after the latter brought over a change of clothes. Instead of enjoying the show, Bo Na’s friend rushes in with gossip with Rachel following shortly after to pull Eun Sang’s hair. She’s mad because the boys are fighting over a “worthless girl.'” Jealous, are we?

Tan’s fake mom shows up and they get a scolding from her where she makes it clear that she doesn’t care if they kill each other as long as it’s not on school premises. As they leave her office, Young Do taunts Tan because his fake mom clearly doesn’t care about him and he fires back about him not even having a mother.

As usual, Young Dumb hangs Tan’s parentage over his head and this time, Tan tells him that he’s not scared of what he’ll do with the information, if anything.

Chan Young and Eun Sang talk and she’s still worried about becoming a wangta. He tells her that what’s more worrisome is everyone learning that Tan likes her because she’ll become the weak spot they all poke at to hurt him.

Eun Sang returns home and finds Tan waiting for her at the gate. They have their usual conversation where she tells him to leave her alone but he doesn’t listen. Then Won shows up and sees them. Then the two guys have their usual conversation.

He’s there to collect his mother’s wine (didn’t he already do this?) but when Tan texts Eun Sang to stay out of the wine cellar, it’s already too late.

He’s actually sweet and I guess his good side only comes out when he’s with young girls which is confirmed when he returns to his hotel and runs into Rachel. Unfortunately, his girlfriend was waiting for him and gets hurt when she sees them together. These two need to learn how to communicate better.

Anyway, Rachel tells him about Tan’s interest in another girl and he connects the dots.

Then it’s time for a Bollywood moment which begins with Eun Sang thinking of her unsexy kiss and Young Do thinking  of her.

The next morning, Tan gets up really early so that they can go to school together but not early enough and misses her. Wouldn’t she be better off just sleeping at school?

It turns out that instead of waking up early, she just skipped school entirely which makes Tan crazy with worry and as soon as the first period is done, he shoots out like a bullet.

Chan Young tells him where to look and he finds her in a movie theater. Then he watches her watch the movie as a pretty song about being each other’s resting place plays.

They eventually meet in front of a store selling dreamcatchers.  He takes her hand and they walk together. She asks how he can be out skipping school given his recent fight and blames herself for his ruin like a typical female lead. He tells her that no matter what, he won’t let go of her hand and hopes that she’ll be at the end with him regardless of how long their journey takes. His romantic declaration produces the opposite effect and she disentangles her hand from his and tell shim to dream on. He thinks she’ll continue to suffer like this with him? No way, Jose. He gets mad. So what does she expect him to do given his feelings for her?

“Feelings?” Pfft. She also likes him but so what? Have feelings freed her from all the stress of the last few weeks? From where she’s standing, considering he has two moms, shouldn’t he learn how to protect himself first?  Apparently her words are so painful that he turns around and leaves. How could she bring up his mamas?  And as usual, she cries.

Young Do – who has too much time on his hands – goes to the address on Eun Sang’s custom’s form.

Hyo Shin goes home to find that his tutor has been replaced. What I don’t get it why his mom replaced Hyun Joo with another woman since she’s bothered by his raging hormones.

Anyway, the tutor is crap and he spends his time communicating with his previous one.

Hyun Joo meets with Secretary Yoon and we learn that he’d offered her a position at Jeguk High. It’s funny how it was mentioned during the promos that she was a high school teacher and it doesn’t even get introduced till the 9th episode. What the…?

Eun Sang gets harassed at work by some old looking students. She threatens to call the cops but before she can dial the numbers, it’s Lieutenant Do to the rescue!

She tells him to leave but he thinks she should be thanking him instead. Thank him for what? He’s the reason she’s skipping school. She asks him what she did to deserve getting picked on by him. Is he going to chase her out of school now that he knows she’s not new money? No. Why? Because he kinda, sorta likes her. SWOOOOOOOOON… not.

Eun Sang and mom have a sweet moment on the porch where she’s comforted and not scolded for skipping school. Her mom is so pretty.

The next day, Hyo Shin’s mom, who’s the head of the PTA (which looks more like Moms’ Meeting), calls Eun Sang’s mom after getting the run around by text.  Tan’s mom takes the call because she can’t speak and gets an idea.

The next day, Tan’s mom shows up at the Moms’ Meeting dressed in designer duds and introduces herself as Eun sang’s mother. The ladies give her envious looks and even Rachel’s mom eyes her because she’s got a limited designer bag she couldn’t get her hands on.

In the end, Tan’s mother volunteers to foot majority of the expenses for a school trip. I guess they aren’t like normal schools where each kid pays their way?

Anyway, Tan’s fake mom shows up and later on, there’s a commotion between both moms in the restroom.

In class, Bo Na’s friend – who’s way too pretty to be so bitchy about a guy who doesn’t notice her, least of all Young Do – along with two friends, attack Eun Sang, questioning her nouveau riche status. Both boys look on but when they start shoving her, Young Do tells them to back off. Then town crier Myung Soo shows up to tell them all about Eun Sang’s wealthy mom, leaving the three sides of our love triangle confused. Especially Eun Sang on hearing that her mother said she’d be footing the bill.

Later on, as Tan and his mom talk about her visit to his school, Young Do shows up to torture him. I guess Tan’s mom usually hid when he visited their place in the past.

Tan’s mom tries to disappear but knowing full well who she is, Young Do treats her like a maid, forcing Tan to introduce her as his mom. At this point, I was yelling at him to text Eun Sang to stay away.

And surely enough, while the boys are outside talking, guess who walks towards them?

Oh oh… how shall we explain this? Very easily. Tan simply says that they’d previously made plans and after sending her away, Young Dumb assesses the situation. If she walks into your house freely, it must mean that she’s your sister! Not far fetched given that his mother isn’t his mother.

Tan tells him the one thing he wished were true – that they are dating. Then he promises revenge. And that’s exactly what he gets when he walks into Young Do’s father’s office and apologizes for their fight.

Okay, so Tan’s fake mom supposedly viewed the CCTV tapes and contacted both parents but his dad never found out because of the deal Young Do has with his secretary?

Anyway, Pops is very amicable, saying that fighting can be good for the soul. But you have no soul so how would you know? Once Tan leaves , the short man gets in front of his son and slaps him. Then he pulls out his belt in preparation to whip him. Psycho Daddy isn’t mad that his son is a brute who fights in school. Nope. He’s mad that he allowed himself to get hit and didn’t win the fight. They are really trying their hardest to make Young Do a precious woobie, aren’t they?

Then Young Do finds one of his father’s floozies hiding in his office. I’m not trying to be cavalier about the old man’s sexual exploits but are guys usually this worked about their dads’ escapades? For starters, his dad isn’t married. Secondly, he’s engaged to someone he doesn’t like. Why do I think that many guys would actually give their father props and find this aspirational? Or am I giving teen guys too little credit?

Then to answer my question, we get a flashback to when Young Do and Tan caught their father and some woman really giving it to each other in a make-out session.  Hmm… based on this, I’ll say that rooftop kiss’s blame is split 95% Park Shin Hye and 5% the director.

Young Do watches them like he wants to push them into moving traffic and was this before or after his mom left them? If it’s before then I can understand his feelings. But why do I think that it’s after?

He steps into the elevator and Tan joins him saying that it’s best to leave their families out of their fight. Young Do readily agrees but reminds him that Eun Sang is still fair game.

In an attempt to bond with Young Do, Rachel’s mom checks up on him. As expected, he’s not receptive and in slightly more polite words, tells her to get lost.

She leaves him and heads over to see his father when his floozy walks past her. So she calls her floozy as she applies make-up using some mirrored wall near the elevators. I’m quite sure this isn’t something a classy CEO should be caught doing. And she is caught by Secretary Yoon.

It’s like deja vu and while they reminisce about their college romance,  all I want them to do is just make out already. But to ensure that doesn’t happen, Young Do’s dad pops out of the elevator and sees them. After Secretary Yoon leaves, his violent side rears its ugly head and he tells her to watch what she does in public. She’s not fazed and asks if she’d be better off doing it in her office like he does.

Why again do a fashion designer and hotelier need to marry for business reasons?

Tan returns home but Eun Sang isn’t yet back. When she is, he drags her to the wine cellar to talk, tells her that he’d told Young Do that they are dating and guess what happens? The same thing that happens every episode:

Tan: I like you!

Eun Sang: We can’t be together!

Tan: I don’t care!

Me: Zzzzzzzzzz.

If Young Do were here, while going on and on about new money, he’d at least make things interesting by maybe smashing a wine bottle on someone’s head.

This time, Eun Sang tells him that their relationship wouldn’t last because it would ruin his life and leave her hurt. He’s upset that she’s disregarding his feelings and she’s upset that he’s disregarding her life. I don’t get this to be quite honest. I understand that he likes her but he acts like she’s his air and can’t live without her yet all I see is puppy love that’s unworthy of all this angst. Either sneak around like normal teenagers or get over it.

She doesn’t think they fit each other and he agrees because while he has been fighting for her, she hasn’t fought for him. Then he promises to leave her alone if that’s what she really wants. He walks out but we all know this won’t stick. Then she cries as usual. ♪ So tell me a story… ♪ Or in this case, the same story over and over again. I could have sworn we already saw a version of this scene when she told him to protect himself instead.

At school, while Young Do taunts Tan by threatening to tell Rachel about seeing Eun Sang  at his place, they both get called out to wash windows. So let me get this straight: they got pulled out of their lessons to serve punishment? Isn’t the normal practice to keep them after school or make them come early? What kind of school is this?

Now that Kim Tan is ignoring her, she can’t stop thinking about him so when she goes to the roof, she remembers their “kiss” and he sees this and smiles. Then our favorite soundtrack starts to play. This song is my pain.

They take their midterms and even though Young Do doesn’t read the questions and shades the same number for every one, he still manages to beat Myung Soo and Tan.

There’s some blah blah boring stuff where Secretary Yoon informs Won that his father is tailing him. Why are my boyfriend’s scenes so bland in this drama? I need to watch I Need Romance again.

He warns him that his father knows about his relationship with Hyun Joo so it would be best if they didn’t see each other for a while. As we watch her wait for him in front of her house, our Won is asked to choose between his precious girlfriend or his precious daddy’s company. So he sends a text that he won’t be seeing her. At this point, if Won is asked to choose between his first born son and Jeguk Group, he wouldn’t even have to think twice.

Hyun Joo reads the text and translates it as a break up. But there’s no need to shed tears for her because Bachelor #2 drives up to her at the right time.

She’s surprised to see him. How does he know where she lives? How come he can drive? Hyo Shin got her address from her resume and has been old enough to drive for a while. But she hasn’t noticed, right? What does he have to do to make her notice that he’s a man? Especially now that she’s quit and is no longer his tutor?

SMOOCH! It’s lip to head and still sexier than a certain kiss. And quite sweet too because when he turns around, it’s clear that it took a lot of courage for him to do it. Adorable! A part of me wants Hyun Joo to ignore and hurt him for the rest of the show then in the final minute of the drama, use a pen he’s given her but the other side wants to forgive him for Monstar and hopes he gets the girl.

The engaged couple has dinner with their parents where Rachel informs them that she’s breaking off their engagement. But of course, she isn’t doing this to end things but to make him face reality.

Dad wants to know why and when Tan explains that he doesn’t like Rachel, his father’s response is that things were better for everyone when he was in America. Thanks for the compliment, Appa! Then he reminds him that he needs Rachel more than others because he’s an illegitimate child. Nice words from the person who created the problem. If he’d kept his pants zipped, would they be in this predicament? I’m still hoping Tan isn’t even his son.

Tan walks in on his mom interrogating Eun Sang and warns her to stop making her spy on him. He leaves and Eun Sang chases after him to ask why he isn’t attending their class trip. He goes up the stairs, saying that it’s because he doesn’t want to see her. She tries to follow him but stops because she’s not supposed to go upstairs. It’s their upstairs-downstairs divide.

She eventually follows him, stands outside his door and contemplates entering his room. He waits till his patience runs out then flings open the door. I am not sure I’m even rooting for this couple but why do I still find some of this stuff swoony?

There’s obvious symbolism about her crossing over to his side. Other than climbing up the stairs, she hesitates before she crosses the threshold.

She’s up there to convince him to go camping but all he can think is that she was also in Young Do’s room. His mom interrupts them for a second then they get back to their conversation where he makes it clear that he can’t go to camp if Young Do is there. When she gives up and starts to leave, he threatens to alert his mom of her presence if she does. I hate that he uses her position in his home against her. Not swoony at all.

Our favorite song starts to play which means it’s time for their usual conversation. He wants her to stay longer as it’s her first time there and as usual, she tells him that they are not meant to be, using the metaphor that there are some doors she shouldn’t walk through like the one to his room, even though she did exactly that a few minutes earlier. She turns to leave, he pulls her to him and love is the moment.

He tells her to be patient because he’s working on making it possible for her to walk through any door she likes. Bro, wouldn’t your time be better spent on working on a way to raise your grades so you don’t come last in your next exams?

They go to camp and Chan Young and Bo Na are quite cute together. Or should I say Min Hyuk and Krystal?

Eun Sang and Bo Na’s friend are sharing a tent but when the girl refuses to help our heroine  put it up, Young Do steps in and the special moment is captured by Myung Soo. He looks at the photo and finally remembers where he first saw her. She immediately denies ever walking out of Tan’s home early in the morning but Young Do doesn’t buy it.

Although Tan doesn’t go on the class trip, he still has to show up at school which is weird because I doubt he’ll have lectures.  And despite it being a few days before the national college exams, Hyo Shin has time to randomly pop up near him.

We  learn that Hyo Shin attempted suicide the previous year and I wonder why we are getting this much back story on a character who appears for less than two minutes per episode. I like his face so I’m not exactly complaining but still…. He says that his home life hasn’t improved so he’s thinking about doing something to shake things up. It won’t be suicide this time because he hates hospital food.  Technically, someone who succeeds at suicide doesn’t get to eat hospital food but I’m glad he’s no longer suicidal.

It’s paintball time at camp so we have all these supposedly cute scenes where people pretend to die after getting hit. Chan Young protects his enemy, Bo Na, and they act out a melodrama.

Young Dumb and Eun Sang also have a face-off and when he attempts to use it to get more information about her meetings with Tan, she shoots him. He later sets her up to do all the dishes but I think it would have been easy to get out of.

Later on, he starts on again about this boring social welfare group nonsense in Myung Soo’s presence so she pulls him aside to talk. He tells her that it’s annoying that he has to do something bad to get her attention. Dude, you already know she doesn’t like you so that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Once again – zzzzzzz –  he wants to know what’s between her and Kim Tan and she tells him that it’s none of his business and that he should go ahead and keep picking on her because she’s no longer afraid of him.

She walks over to some lonely spot and calls Kim Tan because she’s worried about him. I’m quite sure he’s safe at home but here’s a tip, Eun Sang: if  you love him so much, try to say something different in your next conversation.

Rachel comes along and she’s also on her phone presumably calling the same guy. Hmm… I wonder whose call he will take? Rachel walks over, snatches her phone to see who she’s calling then slaps her. I actually don’t understand how Eun Sang can just stood there without slapping her right back.

Rachel says her usual nonsense then Eun Sang decides to say something worthy of a slap which is that she should return her phone so that she can call her fiance. She raises her hand to slap her again but is stopped by Young Do who tells her that no one can pick on Eun Sang but him. How freaking romantic.

He drags Eun Sang away then looks up, sees Tan approaching and pulls her into a hug.

This is officially the least sexy moment of the week and Park Shin Hye isn’t to blame this time.


I hope the first scene of the next episode has Eun Sang kneeing him in the balls. To be frank, Young Do is quite repetitive too but at least there’s a difference between tripping a woman and hugging her.

Young Do is still an ass and don’t feel for him like the drama is telling me to. We’re supposed to cut him some slack because his despicable dad never showed him love and his mom abandoned him. Since they worsen his father in every episode, they might as well make him a wife killer.

I would be crying with Young Do if he were just a rude, crabby, rough-edged sonofabitch but we know that he ran at least one innocent kid out of their school with his incessant bullying. Nothing can ever excuse that. And can someone please tell me how Tan personally hurt him and deserves to receive this kind of treatment? That’s why he won’t get my sympathy. He knows right from wrong (after all, he said he had to do wrong to get Eun Sang’s attention) and he doesn’t treat Myung Soo like crap so he knows how not to treat a person.

Moving on, am I the only one who noticed that they’ve thankfully cut down the “Love is the moment” moments?

Tan and Eun Sang are currently on an endless merry-go-round. When will they get off? It was cute at first but now it’s just boring. Can they please move their story along? Tan is all “us against the world” but they haven’t even really started suffering yet. The couples I care about – Esther/Secretary and Hyo Shin/Tutor –  get like 30 seconds per episode which doesn’t help matters. And it pisses me off that this drama has made it possible for me to groan whenever I see Choi Jin Hyuk. At this point, I can fast forward his scenes and not miss a thing. You deserve better, Oppa!

So our Tan hasn’t given up and is thinking of a way to make things work between him and his beloved. Since everything was better when he was still in America, he should get on the next flight to LA – with a big bag of bean flour for Jay – and become her penpal. Hopefully, this would mean that Young Do would move there too since he’s obsessed with him and Eun Sang can finally live in peace. Will this happen? We’ll find out next week.

Till then!


  • friends says:

    I’m from India and I’m used to the Bollywood moments…and so I like them and find them romantic 🙂
    I’m enjoying Heirs but I really hope the show takes a lighter and funny tone..
    And as I like the main pair, I don’t really mind giving them lots of screen space…but yeah..when we have so many good actors, why not explore their territories as well…

  • tessieroo says:

    For me…”Love is …finished” – I can’t take anymore. I’ll just read your recaps, it doesn’t appear I missed a single thing this week. Seriously, worst dialogue/script ever. *cries for CJH*

    • sally_b says:

      @tessieroo – RE: “Seriously, worst dialogue/script ever. *cries for CJH*”

      me too.

      Geez …the script for this show is mental.
      Eun Sang acts bipolar – Everyone else is physically aggressive stalker/psycho/suicidal/narcissist/ ….ad infinitum ~ the only character I actually find endearing is Tan’s mother – who is a crazy-pants-gold-digger — but a least she’s funny.

      I’ll keep watching for the occasional eye-candy – but my finger is on the FF ~

      • tessieroo says:

        I love how Clock just put “for conversation, see last week – or the week before” with links. LMAO! I’m depressed about this though cuz I REALLY, REALLY wanted to like this!

  • bay says:

    ‘Young Dumb’ – funny!

    Wasn’t there serious discussion between Shinhye, Minho and the Director about the kiss? And the filming took three hours? It’s not like their first drama kiss. I’m sure they know the pressure and the expectations. I put my trust in them.

  • belinia says:

    OMG I am ROTFLMAO. seriously. Your recap’s are hilarious. Better than the show. Maybe you should write for the show.
    ** Young Dumb LOL
    Love LMH, but not in this drama.
    although I am fascinated by Young Dumb; he is a bully.
    I was looking forward to this drama because of LMH, but the writing is sooo bad.
    it was a better drama in LA; and maybe they filmed additional scenes there before they left (for later in the drama).
    After watching the tightly written never repetitive always moving forward story line on Secrets (Secret Love); this drama is unbearable (sadly).

    Who the heck is watching these kids? why aren’t they studying? who let’s their high school student have his own suite?

  • bay says:

    Apparently the writer is pretty famous. Maybe I’m dumb and don’t get her writing. Occasionally there’s some funny witty lines, but mostly nothing that I see makes she famous than others. Never cared for so either Secret Garden or Gentleman Dignity. I watch Heirs for Shinhye first. But now for both Minho and Shinhye. I could not careless about the story. It keeps recycled the scenes. Sometimes so annoying. So I Skipped lots.

  • Pv says:

    oh wow … i thought i was the only one, to feel that the show is overly dramatized… and ….oh that’s all there is
    this is what happens when they are so many characters and stories, you have to give them all screen time…because of the main story has just disappeared/blurred/disappeared

  • Caitlyn says:

    Aww, you didn’t like the paintball scene? That was the best scene of the entire episode, lol.

    With Hyo Shin, he said he didn’t like hospital food but I feel like that means the way he’s going to kill himself will just be different to how he did last time. Like, last time he was saved, so it must have been slit wrists or he took a bunch of pills. But this time, he’ll jump off the roof. You can’t survive that. What else can a “big event” be? Unless he’s talking about getting together with the Tutor? I guess that would be a big event to his parents.

    • Rossi says:

      Yeah, I’m harboring the suspicion that Hyo Shin meant he will successfully pull off a suicide this time so he doesn’t have to end up in the hospital, eating icky food too =/ …but hopefully not, because I need Hot Tutor and Hot Student to end up together cause they’re the only pairing I care about in term of OTP-ness.

      Clock- as usual your recap is rocking my socks with all the lol and silent guffawing (silent cause I was reading this partially at work)

      For PSH’s lack luster kissing, I haven’t really watched any of her drama before so I can’t attest for her bad track record in this department, but I was thinking that for the roof top scene, it makes sense she wasn’t reciprocating cause like you’ve said, worst kiss scene ever. It wasn’t a romantic gesture but more of a show of dominance so I can’t blame the girl for not giving it back.

  • MinHoFan says:

    Hello.. thank you for doing recaps for Heirs, I love LMH so much, but I also love Jang geun suk.. will you be recaping for his upcoming drama, Pretty Boy?

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      You’re welcome.

      We can’t say yet. It all depends on how we like it but there’s a good chance we’ll at least do a first impressions post.

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