“Heirs”: Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye Practice Their Kisses & Hugs


New BTS shots reveal what we know: Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye practice hard together to get their skinship scenes right for the cameras. However, I wish I can say I was thrilled by their rooftop kiss, but maybe the issue was that it was too choreographed. I didn’t need the camera to circle around them for endless seconds to remind me of Shin Hye’s reputation as a lackluster onscreen kisser. Maybe 3 hours to shoot the scene wasn’t sufficient time for Shin Hye, who should get in more real world practice. Min Ho always brings it on, so, tutor found.

But I can’t complain about the back hug and their near kiss in the pantry, which were romantic and toe-curling 😉




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  • Christina says:

    Even by Korean drama standards Park Shin Hye is a lackluster onscreen kisser. She always looks like she’s in pain or dying to run away the whole time.

    • peacegee says:

      I second that anytime of the day!! She needs lessons from YEH. 🙂

      • ReneeMomOf3 says:

        YEAH, She does need some tutoring from the expert kisser Yoon Eun-Hye. She is the best kisser in all dramas that I’ve seen so far! I’m a HUGE fan. I’ve watch almost all of her drams except vineyard man. Love you Eun-hye.

  • sally_b says:

    I find it wholly and completely unacceptable that this young actress keeps getting cast with the hot, hot, hottest males leads in Kdramaland …and repeatedly delivers dead-fish-eye, morgue-lip kisses to her co-stars. It’s just SO wrong.
    staaaaaaph it! (hahaha!)

    facepalms… and moseys over to watch the cute parts of Secret again. ~ ♫♪ ♥ I believe that I luuuuuuv youuuuuuu ~

  • Nev says:

    Maybe thats why they need the hours of practice, with her hot co-star she is struggling to get her slapped haddock expression right. Although you’d think by now she’d have perfected it after the years she has been pulling that face (@___@)))=<

  • chasen8888 says:

    It seems that practice does not cut it. Its possible that some real life experience will do in other words (get her a real date) then she can learn from that. Another bad kisser is Inoue Moue from Hana Yori Dango (its poor) that’s for sure.

  • jomo says:

    Someone needs to tell that Go Minam left the convent a long long long time ago.

  • Caitlyn says:

    This wasn’t meant to be a passionate kiss though. Everyone is blaming Park Shin Hye but the character she is playing was randomly kissed in a very unromantic way. Eun Sang was shocked. It was a directorial decision, not a PSH decision.

    • jennica says:

      I agree with you. Let’s try putting our feet in Park Shin Hye’s shoes. How would we be able to perfectly show the kiss? We can’t. She’s even a renowned actress in Korea. I believe everyone loves her. I think the best thing that we can do is to RESPECT one another’s craft. And stop acting like low class bitches who love making stories out of anyone’s life.

      • goodange says:

        We can RESPECTFULLY disagree, but calling others names will not be tolerated on this site. Because we champion free speech, we’re leaving your comment in full, but we’ve crossed out the part that we have an issue with. Next time, please refrain from name-calling, as it never lends to a discussion.

        And nobody is shading her acting, just her onscreen kissing.

      • Babatunde Crystal .S. says:

        She Will Get Use To It Gradually.

    • goodange says:

      I can totally buy this stance. It’s very logical, but, I’ve seen Park Shin Hye’s previous onscreen kisses that give validity to most of the comments here. And I think Kim Tan’s motive for kissing Eun Sang was unromantic, but the scene itself, I think direction wise—technically—the intention was to make it romantic, hence, the music and showing it from numerous angles for seconds at a time. Personally, I wasn’t even expecting passionate, but neither was I expecting absolute disgust. Because the moment she dropped the phone while they kissed was the moment she surrendered, so, she could have at least puckered back.

  • Roliesa says:

    i believe somethings wrong with park shin hye mouth…..i just dont get it

    i wish secret had this much kiss scene….heirs is such a waste of time

  • mary says:

    I can’t blame anybody here but I love you guys.LMH and PSH u rock. Fighting.

  • the kiss is quite dissappointing but the backhug is so sweet….KT whispered sweetly in ES’s ear asking her 2 enjoy herself at the camp n he will miss her……

    • hrtbrkgrl says:

      I agree with you. The kiss scene is a bit diappointing… Psh always have the pain expression when she’s supposed to like the guy giving the kiss.
      Well… I am hoping that in the next kiss scene… Psh will suprise us…

  • Andreas91 says:

    Park Shin Hye is such a bad kisser !
    i’ve watched some of her kissing scenes in other dramas an her expression is the same !
    i agree that she really needs a ‘REAL LIFE KISS’ !!
    Someone get her a boyfriend !!! ;p ;D

  • sara says:

    Don’t blame her too much.. She will learn eventually… I just love them both. You rock

  • augustina kpesse says:

    i love them both

  • augustina kpesse says:

    i love the two

  • Lhea says:

    When I watch the series, I thought it was just me who find it awkward everytime LMH kisses PSH but reading all the comments here makes me realize I was right. I haven’t watch any of PSH series so I don’t want to judge her but the series itself, it was totally different. The acting was good, there are some episodes that it made me cry but again the kissing scenes were lacking of feelings. I tried to compare the feeling AS A VIEWER on the kiss scene of the series Faith (the only kiss scene) and this kissing scenes LMH and PSH did couple of times in this series and honestly it has different feelings.There we’re no spark at all.

  • lolybabe says:

    yes PSH get a boyfriend! m wil be xo api if it is JYH or LMH. u cn do better PSH with ur kissing parts. fighting!!!
    luv u xo much PSH

  • Aira harune says:

    I like her very much in heirs she is so cool & a gud kisser

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