Marry Him if You Dare: Week 3

Is it really possible to change our destiny if given a chance??

It is said that our present decisions affect our future. Having this in mind, I still believe some things are inevitable. What’s bound to happen will. Just like how our heart beats involuntarily, we can’t control fate. The “but-what-if” surely plays out here in the drama. Fu Rae is playing fire with fate, taking risks to have a better future. However can things be altered when it’s meant to be??

Interesting set-up indeed. I’m loving the story so far.

Week 3:


Fu Rae seriously loathes Kim Shin. She’s not even afraid to broadcast it, telling everyone that Kim Shin’s future is dim. Heh. We really need to step on Kim Shin’s pride more. Well, everyone seem to enjoy him at this state. Sad.

Mirae promised to have outdoor lessons of some sort with Kim Shin. He was at the meeting place earlier than expected. I love guys who are never late. However, Se Joo came worried about Mirae and asked to meet him. Shoot, where to go now?? East or West gate?? Fu Rae left Mirae to choose for her sake and to choose wisely. Lo and behold, she went out and met with Se Joo.

I don’t know if this is a cause for celebration. It’s not really a matter of choosing her love anyway. Technically, she just went to the safer route and invited Se Joo to go at an amusement park the next day. Mirae also called Kim Shin next and asked that their lessons be moved. Okay, she’s gonna play it both sides. AJA!

Back home, Fu Rae is curious as to whom Mirae chose. Since her pond is basically empty, she’s going to let the two guys swim there until she decides who to keep. Aigoo, I feel like my heart will be drowning. Moving on, the amusement park date is clearly a bad idea, especially since its heavily raining that day. Obviously, not meant. Do we need more proof??


Kim Shin had a brief meeting with Granny Chairwoman. She re-assigned him again, this time to be a Provincial Correspondent. Granny is manipulative, controlling everything according to her will. Kim Shin can’t do anything for now but to heed her command. Fu Rae seemed to be waiting for Kim Shin. I love this confrontation. It just proved me that her heart – past, present, future, beats only for one man.

Mirae and Se Joo’s date still continued despite the rain. We know that Se Joo is trying hard not show he is a chaebol. So he asked his assistant to get a small unit that is passable enough to show Mirae how he lives. Dude, why pretend?? This will really turn sour in the end. But we must savor what is presented, yeah?! So the date turned into them watching Se Joo’s directorial debut. It’s a short film he made in college that he gladly explained to Mirae the concept. He was so mesmerized watching Mirae, she understood the film the way he meant it.


Awww. He finally found someone who shares his thoughts. *be still my heart*

Yoo Kyung’s character is now starting to be interesting. She’s trying hard to fit in, pleasing everyone. She’s annoying at first but I think she is just lost, wandering around not knowing her direction. She seemed to be climbing the ladder in heels, not using the right gear. That aside, I think I can understand her somehow. She doesn’t know yet how to stand out being her own. Her past conversation with Se Joo brought tears because I think she also wants to get out, but struggles as to how she’d do it. Like the way she’s living now is the only road she is seeing. I hope she sees the fork in the road soon.


If a guy really wants to see you, he will surely find a way. Whatever it may be. Kim Shin simply won’t settle to wait longer. And who in their right mind would resist him?? Kidding aside, I love a guy who is persistent. If he’s willing enough to spend time with you, even letting you win a game, obviously.. you have me. Kim Shin surely knows his way to a woman’s heart. And break it at the same time. It’s also a farewell treat since after a week, he’d be transferred.

Shin is never afraid to show another side of him to Mirae. For a man to be comfortable telling you his thoughts and feelings, is rare. It moves me to see Shin this way.

Another unexpected event happened. Granny Chairwoman announced that due to Shin’s behavior, the whole team of his Morning Show will be moved to their respective Provinces and be assigned to work there. Everyone in the team gets furious, especially those who are starting to have their life set in Seoul. Ottoke?! Poor Shin, he’s the one being blamed. This is too much weight to bare.


Fu Rae called out Shin one stormy night and also asked Mirae and Oppa to come along separately. They all saw how the Namsan tower collapsed. Fu Rae already know this event since she read it in her diary. She was trying to convince Shin to believe in her. Fu Rae told them another event, there will be a fire at a train station few days from then. They devised a plan to prevent casualties when it occurs. The Morning Show team will conduct a fire drill that day, and broadcast the event as an exclusive report. The tension between Shin and Se Joo is now on full swing along with this.

Se Joo uses his name to get things done, under the table. He even asked the CEO of the subway station to get permission for the fire drill. He also used Yoo Kyung to cover it. Heh. Cute. Shin won’t simply do the live broadcast without condition. He argued with the Team Leader and asked that Mirae comes along with him as his writer. Poor Oppa, he can’t even stop his own sister.


Shin and Mirae had an ocular at the subway station, taking photos before filming starts. I think its just a time for them to be alone and ask personal questions, be jealous, scatter excuses. You know those stuff. Well, we know where this is heading. Shin finds Mirae special, doing things he’d never do with anyone. Aww.

Before the clock strikes 7 in the morning, Shin and PD Na had trouble rethinking, worrying, and doubting what is about to transpire. What are they doing? Is it right or something they need to do? Well either way can get them to a certain place — at peace saving the citizens or have a chance to save the Team. This is nerve wracking especially hearing along ala Mission Impossible BGM. Fu Rae was at the booth with PD Na, and she remembers what really happened that day. OMO! The place where the fire really took place is not at the train station where the crew has a set-up. It is inside the train. Shoot. Now, even Mirae’s life is at risk.


Crazy-stupid red hatted arsonist started the fire, pouring gas inside the train. Darn.  Shin tried to capture him, while Mirae followed filming them. Who can even do that in real life?? Se Joo tried to get pass through security, worried about Mirae’s safety. While Shin is busy being the main hero, Se Joo went out of his way to find the water tank in the station. But since Mr. Red hat locked the rooms and disabled the sprinklers, Se Joo and the team had a difficult time getting the water running. Amid the chaos, everything was settled just in time. Shin caught the culprit while Se Joo successfully opened the water preventing the fire from starting. What a gruesome event. Aigoo, two men fought hard having Mirae in mind.


But the true heart wrenching moment is just about to happen. Se Joo rushed to see Mirae, only to find her happily enjoying the moment with Shin. Ottoke?? He left with a heavy heart alongside Yoo Kyung.

While the team celebrates the success of the live broadcast, Yoo Kyung discovers Se Joo’s true identity. Finally, someone knows! How is she going to deal with this? Is she going to take advantage? I’m curious. On the other hand, Shin is starting to change, in a very good way. Does this mean a change in his future too?? I think Fu Rae is missing out some important facts. Shin might not be as bad as she think he turned out to be, making her suffer in the future. Shin and Mirae are starting to really get closer. You know how much I love hand holding. But with this comes along another heart ache.


Awww. This totally broke my heart. Yong Babe, you are getting good at this. I hate the fact that sometimes the person you love could be the rain and the umbrella at the same time. Shoot. Just to be fair, Shin has to undergo a bad moment too.

Drama, why torture all of their hearts?? Also mine??

Personal Thoughts:

Honestly, the first episode bored me. However, from the second episode onwards, I’m all in! I’m not just saying this because Jung Yong Hwa is showing me something different. I think the story has a good premise, and Yoon Eun Hye’s charm brings light to Mirae’s character beautifully.A fierce girl with a bold personality surely wakes up a stubborn hero. Some spice doesn’t hurt anyone and I love that Mirae just has enough to give Kim Shin a kick. Giving someone like him an after taste, turned the table and I’m delighted where we are heading.

Lee Dong Geun, what to say? He’s such a wonderful man. There’s something innately in him that one can’t help but fall for. Drama surrounded him with a tough exterior that made Kim Shin hard to chew. But his sincerity makes his persona easy to digest. Lee Dong Geun is showing us multi-layered character, who is grumpy then jealous then sweet the next. I love that Kim Shin is tough and a very principled man. But he’s a true softie! Lee Dong Geun just play him so well. I’m emotionally driven at most time. Well that’s already given, Dong Geun is amazing in my eyes!

I’m uber happy for Jung Yong Hwa. My baby is definitely a man now. I’m glad he chose this project because Se Joo’s character is giving his acting a stretch. He’s not the best actor out there, just yet, but I’m happy to note his improvement. Se Joo’s warmth and sweetness is innately like that of Jung Yong Hwa. Se Joo still needs to be more courageous to scare his Grandmother, the way Kim Shin can. It takes a man with enough will to get what he wants. Se Joo still lacks a lot. But I’m glad for potential character growth. It excites me that Jung Yong Hwa gets to play this kind of character.

Mirae and Kim Shin have similarities especially when it comes to being the best out there, in their own terms. They aren’t the type who will take advantage just to gain position or elevate oneself. They both have a drive to improve and be better at what they are passionate about. I think the harsh conversations they had at first is like them facing a mirror, seeing a reflection of their own. Realizing how determined Mirae is, having guts to even speak to Kim Shin without fear, surely made him think of her more. It’s a rude awakening but a great way to notice Mirae, allowing himself to get out of his image and show his heart more.

The premise is great. Knowing the future means we get to prepare more. But reality is, we don’t know the future. We are clueless about it, and yet we still need to be prepared. Just like the fire Fu Rae told them. The drama changed the past, hoping it will bring about a better future. However, uncertainties abound and consequences arise when we alter things.

Until the next!




  • olive says:

    thank u for these respond..i love it…:)..these kind of thing that actually needed to help the rating climb up..not only all crap that says sejoo is better than Kimshin and so on…

  • soo bin says:

    effortless acting from handsome LDG. i would be really happy if Kim Shin and Mi Rae will be the couple in the end. It’s more appropriate that way objectively.

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