“Secret” Episode 15 Preview

We got sweet scenes last week so all I need is for the annoying couple to get their comeuppance.

From the written preview, Do Hoon betrays K Group but Min Hyuk counterattacks. Also, Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk go on a trip.

Translations by melliflourence@soompi

 MH to YJ on the phone: Yoo-Jung ah- trust me and go ahead.
DH to MH: I won’t go down alone. I’m taking you down with me.
some dude talking to DH holding some papers: If this is real, this is going to be big news.
YJ to DH: Then I can just let everyone know the truth- what kind of person you REALLY are..
MH’s stepmom to MH: Are you going to regret your life forever just because of a girl like that?!
MH: My father threw away my mother- because of someone like you!
Prosecutor dude: I’ll have to take over your case
DH to MH: Are you going to try and record me? I killed that person.
MH to YJ: Yoo-Jung ah, play with me.

Credit: KBS


  • Skypandie says:

    *squuue and melt in the puddle*
    Can’t wait for the next episode,! Omo otokee… it’s the last week тт_тт

  • LizJ says:

    Wow…looks like the OTP is still standing strong after last week’s cliffhanger. I suspected that Min Hyuk would at least temporarily cave, or that Yoo Jung would cave for him.

  • bella57 says:

    I like the MH father; gently touches his shoulder as he is leaving the room; maybe finally giving him permission to pick the woman MH wants. It’s a nice scene. waiting to see what it plays out to be.

  • pluie625 says:

    That’s not fair! They’re gping to play? What about us? We need more BTS on this trip 😀
    We need Kwangsoo-yah to take pictures wherever they’re going LOL

  • Roliesa says:

    Soooooooo sad this drama’s over
    I felt like we didnt have much romance in this lol…..or am i being greedy
    hopefully noone dies in this at the end like what happened in bali.

  • Eva says:

    I love this drama so much… & its OST
    brilliant writers & kudos to the actors / director/ crew

    I have a feeling that they will find her son alive during their getaway. I am very suspicious of DH’s mother… That devil might have hid the little boy somewhere…

    Can’t wait for the next episodes…however feeling sad that it’ll be the end too !

  • mskololia1 says:

    I’ve no longer watching this drama after 14 but still reading about it and someone posted a screen cap of DH’s face when his mother mentioned San as a bargain tool against YJ.

    It probably just hit him that he is an actual spawn of satan….poor baby.

  • ratgirlina says:

    After watching ep 15 with subs. I have this bad cliche feeling creeping up. DH mom kept san hidden: That’s kidnapping even if she was the grandmother. DH will he take the wrap for it? I honestly dont like the cliche he suddenly grow a conscience.

    I am not to familiar with legal system in korea. Can a lawyer turn wisthle blower? All information he got while working at kgroup are priviliged, attorney client confidentiality is sacred. Even if a client confessed to a crime the lawyer bound by law to say and do nothing. Even a court cant force a lawyer to breach it. How can that now being used as evidence? DH should at least be disbarred.

  • Jackie Perez says:

    Ji Sung is a great actor. more Koreandramas and movies. I love you my handsome Ji Sung.

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