“Marry Him If You Dare” Episode 11 Video Preview

I still haven’t seen Marry Him If You Dare, so, I don’t have much context to properly introduce the drama’s preview for the next episode, but after perusing through the comments on Soompi, it seems viewers are expecting Mi Rae’s rejection of Se Joo. Perhaps he’ll overhear that rejection, as shown at the end of the preview. It’s a terrible way to find out that the person you like is into somebody else, but then, there’s really no good time or place to be confronted by heartbreak.

In very simple terms, sucks to be him! LOL. It’s unfortunate that he has been innocently dragged into someone’s mission to re-write her destiny.





Sources  |  @HallyuYEH  |  미래의 선택 Hallyu Yoon Eun Hye 윤은혜 MHIYD  |  Soompi, c/o chichocs




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