“Secret” – Finale

I can’t believe its the end! This drama is definitely the best thing I’ve seen this year and I’m kinda upset it’s almost over. However, I’m also very curious to see how this rookie-writer decides to wrap things up. I’m crossing my fingers that the wonderful story will continue right to the last moment.
We left off with Do Hoon threatening Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung listening to those threats over the phone. Do Hoon says he will destroy K-group and Shin Hwa both. He’s confident Min Hyuk will choose K-group, after all – does Min Hyuk really believe he is different from Do Hoon? He calls Yoo Jung again, asking what she’s going to do? Min Hyuk uses his own phone to call Yoo Jung and asks if she trusts him? He calmly tells her no matter what Do Hoon says, to go ahead and do whatever she needs to do. She squares her shoulders and marches into the courthouse. YAY!

Min Hyuk tells Do Hoon they’re different and then tells Se Yeon that he’s meeting her Father to cancel the wedding. She cries and walks out. Do Hoon starts to follow her but Min Hyuk grabs his arm, telling him it’s not bad enough he used Yoo Jung but now he’s using Se Yeon? Do Hoon tells him he will regret his decision and whatever happens to Se Yeon is Min Hyuk’s fault. Course it is, you never accept responsibility for anything in your life. Do Hoon reminds him he is K-groups successor and if Do Hoon goes down, he’s dragging Min Hyuk with him.
Yoo Jung meets Min Hyuk at the park. He asks if she’s okay, she replies yes and asks if he’s okay? He hugs her and tells her about breaking the engagement. She has nothing to worry about, she just needs to stay by his side. Do Hoon meets with a new prosecutor and turns over documents pertaining to K-group and Shin Hwa Group.

At home, Yoo Jung’s roommate turns off the news before she can hear it – about K-group being in trouble. Yoo Jung turns it on and sees Do Hoon giving a press conference. Min Hyuk rushes to the hospital to find out his Father stopped the news about the engagement. Chairman Jo is angry, yelling for him to stop talking about “that girl”. They watch Do Hoon’s press conference.
Min Hyuk leaves and is swarmed by the press. He goes directly to Do Hoon’s office but is told he didn’t come in to work today. He yells at the staff to prepare for a press conference in reply to the accusations. He tells Gwang Soo they need to go meet his brother, they can’t leave it like this. Do Hoon leaves his press conference, Yoo Jung jumps into his car with him. He reminds her he said he wasn’t going down alone – he’s dragging Min Hyuk with him. He taunts her to try making him stop. She tells him to meet her the next day for a cross-examination and he tells her to get out.

She goes home with Min Hyuk following her. When she turns around, he tries to hide and then waves his fingers at her from behind the wall, before peeking his head out. (LOL) They smile at each other but he can tell by her face that she’s really worried. He tells her to say that everything will be all right. He holds her tightly and pats her back in comfort.
Se Yeon is cleaning her house and picking up pictures of herself with Do Hoon when he arrives, asking what happened. She also has a bloody lip and tells him her Father did it. He wants to stop and asks her to go away with him. HA! He hugs her but she thanks him – because of him, she is marrying Min Hyuk. Do Hoon is shocked and releases her. She smiles at him. Why has no one figured out Ms. crazy-pants yet and called her on her crap?

Step-Mom orders Min Hyuk to tell Chairman Jo he will do the wedding. Min Hyuk argues didn’t his Dad leave his Mom for her? She corrects him. No, his Mom is the one who brought her into this house. (WUT?) His Mom was not happy and wanted to leave so she asked Step-Mom to take care of them for her. Oh, great – dump some last-minute guilt on him. *sigh*
Gwang Soo shows up to escort Yoo Jung to court. In his statement, Do Hoon says he picked up her Father but he disappeared. Yoo Jung brings up the ID bracelet – that Do Hoon put it on her Father, he couldn’t take it off himself and the bracelet disappeared. Do Hoon tries to say Yoo Jung was at a club, drinking. She counters that her Father was lucid that day.

Do Hoon tells her she’s wasting her time but she intends to keep going until he admits what he did. She leaves. The Prosecutor appears and tells Do Hoon he warned him that Min Hyuk isn’t such an easy person. Do Hoon says Min Hyuk is the one who did wrong, not him. (Oh, okay) He tells Do Hoon he will be in charge of the re-investigation of the hit & run. HA!
Do Hoon hears a news report that Min Hyuk is accusing him of embezzling 65 million from K-group. He meets with Min Hyuk saying he’s not worried, he has nothing to lose anyway. He says again that Min Hyuk should go down with him. Min Hyuk just smiles at him, which seems to infuriate Do Hoon more. He admits he was the one driving when Ji Hee was killed – Min Hyuk stops smiling. He asks if Min Hyuk wants to record him or should he say it again? (OMO, he’s truly evil) Min Hyuk says he had hoped for Yoo Jung’s sake that Do Hoon wasn’t such a worthless human being.

Chairman Jo tries to get out of bed to stop Min Hyuk from destroying the company. He tells Min Hyuk that they need Assemblyman Shin (Se Yeon’s Father) and then proceeds to dump MORE guilt on him about his Mom. *pulling out hair* On top of that, Step-Mom drags Yoo Jung to the house again to guilt her into letting Min Hyuk go. Yoo Jung begs her to take care of Min Hyuk and leaves. No! No, no, no, no! She calls Min Hyuk to meet her at her Father’s grave the next day. *throws things*
She talks about not being with her Father when he died, she regrets that it happened because of the person she loved. She tells him he can’t abandon his Father but he insists she not say another word. *yanks out handfuls of hair* Why with this noble sacrifice crap now? She doesn’t want to live being sorry to others anymore. Min Hyuk yells out his own annoyance. (LOL – I so totally agree)

Do Hoon arrives at Min Hyuk’s office. Min Hyuk pulls out the files and recordings and orders Gwang Soo to destroy them. Wait…WHAT? He’s giving up? Just like that? Do Hoon smiles and then …laughs this horrible creepy laugh. *chills* When Yoo Jung goes out, Min Hyuk is there. He asks her to play with him, just for today. *sigh* Here comes the good-bye scene.
They drive out to a countryside temple. She prays but tells him it’s a secret – what she prayed for. They travel to an open market and buy food, holding hands. She cooks and feeds him. He doesn’t want to leave, she agrees they should stay until tomorrow. He kisses her, somehow they end up in the bedroom. He undoes the buttons on her shirt and kisses the scar on her shoulder.

They sit up in bed, Yoo Jung reading from a book out loud. He wants her to keep reading, she tells him to read the rest after she leaves. She cuddles up next to him, he closes his eyes. When he opens them again, it’s morning and she’s gone. *sniff* He reads from the book but it’s Yoo Jung’s voice we hear: “A human being, without a person to love, cannot live”. He breaks down into sobs, crying.
Se Yeon is waiting for Min Hyuk at the wedding studio again. When he doesn’t show up, she starts throwing things but he finally walks in. UGH! The press are gathered outside Do Hoon’s parents restaurant, asking about the 65 million he embezzled. Do Hoon is waiting for Se Yeon when she gets home, she thanks him for making Min Hyuk and “that woman” break up. Do Hoon asks if she’s satisfied and she says she has to possess Min Hyuk, just once. HA! That won’t happen, trust me babe.

Yoo Jung quits her job and sees a newspaper photo of Min Hyuk’s engagement as she passes a stand. She goes to Do Hoon’s parents restaurant. His Dad tries to get her to go outside to talk but she refuses. His Mom starts badgering her to leave when Yoo Jung brings up her Father and the fact that Do Hoon abandoned him. His Mom accuses her of making things up. Yoo Jung cries, calling her “Ajummoni” instead of “Mother”. His Mom drags her into a hallway.
Se Yeon arrives at a hotel room with Min Hyuk, telling him to cancel the honeymoon since she has no intention of going. He asks if she finds this fun? Because he doesn’t. She tells him coldly that they didn’t get married for fun and asks him to leave so she can change. He tells her to rest and leaves. Ahahaha. This is wedded bliss, I can tell she’s so happy now. Pfffttttt.

Yoo Jung yells at Do Hoon’s Mom – does she still think Yoo Jung killed someone? Mom calls her grotesque, how dare she come here and cause this ruckus? Mom thinks she’s lost her mind when Yoo Jung tries to guess how much time Do Hoon will get for killing someone by a hit & run and for abandoning her Father to die.  They fight with Yoo Jung yelling out the truth about Attorney Ahn Do Hoon. Do Hoon arrives, his Dad chases the reporters outside again.
Yoo Jung throws his Mom to the floor and she suddenly blurts out San’s name. She asks Yoo Jung if she wants to see him? Yoo Jung turns to stare at her in disbelief, her face turning pale. Do Hoon also stares in shock. Yoo Jung softly says how dare she speak of San so carelessly? Mom brings out pictures of San. Yoo Jung looks at them and cries while both Do Hoon and his Dad watch.

Mom says she did it for both Yoo Jung and Do Hoon’s sake. The child is being brought up well. Yoo Jung asks how she could do such a thing and then screams at her to give San back. She starts hitting Mom, screaming and crying. Do Hoon holds her back while Dad looks mortified. I cannot believe everything these horrible people have done to Yoo Jung.
Yoo Jung goes to see San, he comes out with his adoptive Mother. He kicks a ball towards Yoo Jung and as he runs to get it, Yoo Jung grabs him and hugs him. Adoptive Mom freaks out, takes San’s hand and runs. Do Hoon arrives to stop Yoo Jung but she screams and hits him. He says he didn’t know, Yoo Jung slaps him – screaming look what he’s taken from her! She falls to the ground, sobbing.

At home, Yoo Jung tells her Unnies that San didn’t recognize her and cries. They make a plan to find out who signed the death certificate. (Good plan – because that was forgery) Do Hoon comes home to confront his Mom, she tries to explain she met the adoptive mom at the sauna and she couldn’t have kids…but Do Hoon cuts her off, yelling. Mom starts berating Do Hoon about how he couldn’t raise a child, blah, blah – when the cops show up. AHAHAHA!
The cops ask about her paying someone to fabricate a death certificate? AHAHA, I’m dancing. She tries to defend herself, saying she did it for the child but the cops aren’t interested. They drag her out of the house with Do Hoon’s Father begging him to do something. What? So all this time, I’ve been feeling bad for Dad but he’s just as horrible. Pfffffttttt.

Min Hyuk arrives at his office to find Gwang Soo waiting for him, he tells Min Hyuk that Yoo Jung’s son is alive. Min Hyuk is shocked. Yoo Jung visits Mom in jail (LMAO) and asks if she thought Yoo Jung would forgive Do Hoon if San was alive? Mom tries making excuses again but Yoo Jung tells her to suffer – watch Do Hoon rot in prison. She tells her to suffer and walks away. *does a victory dance*
Adoptive Mom begs Yoo Jung not to take San from her. If she had known Yoo Jung was alive, she would have searched for her. (OMG, that cow lied that Yoo Jung was dead too?) She crawls forward on her knees to grab Yoo Jung’s hand, pleading and crying. This is so horribly sad! Yoo Jung says she can’t give up on San. They hold hands, both crying.

Yoo Jung visits San’s bedroom at his adoptive parents and sees photos of him with these people as a family. She asks for the blanket she made – with stars and a moon. Adoptive Mom gives it to her. San arrives home asking who is that Ahjumma? Adoptive Mom and Yoo Jung both start crying. Yoo Jung leaves, telling Adoptive Mom she will see her at the trial.
Do Hoon meets her outside. Min Hyuk is sitting in his car watching, when he sees Do Hoon, he drives away. Yoo Jung talks about San, upset that as his Mother – she doesn’t even know what he likes or how he grew up. Min Hyuk arrives home to see Se Yeon doing paperwork for the gallery. He tells her she should just go back to painting. They both cry as he hugs her. BLECH

Yoo Jung watches San with his adoptive family at the park. Adoptive Mom brings him over to Yoo Jung, she bends down and smiles. Do Hoon arrives and watches. San asks if “Ahjumma” came again? Yoo Jung tells him she’s “Aunt”. *sniff* She tells him to go play and drops his hand. He almost crashes his bike into Do Hoon, who catches him. San looks up and says “Thank you, Ahjussi”.
Yoo Jung tells Do Hoon to look closely at what he took from her – look at what’s he’s missed out on in his life. Do Hoon tears up as Yoo Jung says abandoning a precious thing, look at what has become of them. Do Hoon falls to his knees and breaks down into huge sobs of remorse, telling Yoo Jung he is sorry. *sobs right along with him* She leaves him sobbing on his knees.

Yoo Jung tells Gangster unnie that San being happy is enough, she couldn’t take him away – he would feel the pain she felt when he was taken from her. She says Adoptive Mom told her he cried all the time when they first got him and wouldn’t eat. *sobs harder* So how could she do that to him again?
Se Yeon tears up the marriage agreement and gives it to Min Hyuk, telling him they should call it quits. Min Hyuk turns over all his shares to her and tells his Father to appoint Gwang Min President. He asks to be assigned to the toughest place in K-group. Gwang Soo gives Yoo Jung the deed to her bakery. She tries to refuse it but Gwang Soo tells her Min Hyuk insisted and he’s leaving today.

Yoo Jung races to the airport and rushes around, searching for Min Hyuk. She finally sees him and they stare at one another. As they walk towards each other – they end up walking right by each other? Okay, I’m not understanding this scene at all. Did they just need to see each others faces? Someone better explain. (LOL)
Do Hoon meets up with Se Yeon, she wanted to see him before she leaves. He informs her he’s to be indicted, he’s the one who killed Ji Hee – not Yoo Jung. Se Yeon tells him no, she’s the one who killed Ji Hee. Flashback to Se Yeon meeting with Ji Hee,  (OMO! I KNEW IT!) who tells her she’s pregnant. Se Yeon says they will keep the child. She threatened that Chairman Jo would never let her have the baby and told Ji Hee to disappear, forever.

Se Yeon tells Do Hoon she’s sorry he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do Hoon admits he killed Ji Hee, no one else. She thanks him for never releasing the Shin Foundation files. So …wait, do you mean he protected crazy-pants until the end? Idiot. He walks up the courthouse steps, removes his Bar Association pin and goes inside, turning himself in.
Do Hoon sits in court, admitting to kidnapping Yoo Jung’s Father and the hit & run. Flashback to the day it happened – we see Do Hoon getting out to mess with the broken wiper blades as  Gwang Soo passes him. Chairman Jo orders someone on the phone to bring “that child” to him. (Meaning Ji Hee) Ji Hee sees Gwang Soo and runs from him, possibly believing he was sent by Chairman Jo? A truck almost hits her, the same truck that almost hits Do Hoon and Yoo Jung.

The car swerves to avoid hitting the truck and slides across the road – right into Ji Hee. So it was an accident but the fact remains that Do Hoon saw Ji Hee and didn’t call for help. Do Hoon is sentenced to prison. Yoo Jung reopens the bakery. Min Hyuk returns and visits Gwang Min is his new, enormous office. Min Joo arrives and escorts Gwang Min out. Min Hyuk asks a smiling Gwang Soo what’s going on between those two? Gwang Soo admits they’re dating. LOL!
Gwang Soo gets a text message and calls someone to say “Oppa will be there soon” Min Hyuk guesses he’s dating now too? LMAO! Step-mom frets to Chairman Jo about the age difference between Min Joo and Gwang Min. (Yea, about that?) Do Hoon gets a postcard from Se Yeon in prison, it’s her painting. Okaaay, that’s kinda creepy.

Yoo Jung is with her Unnie’s at the bakery, Sandra is pregnant. (LOL) Gwang Soo arrives and plays cutesy-fingers with Hae Ri, who he’s dating. Sandra goes into labor so they all rush her into a car. When Yoo Jung goes back inside, Min Hyuk is there, eating bread. He didn’t come to see her, he only came to find out what she wished for at the temple? (Righttttt) She says it’s a secret because once she lets him know everything, it won’t be any fun and she knows President likes to have fun.
He grabs her, picks her up and sets her down on the table. *squeeeee!* She won’t tell him the secret so that President will keep looking for her. He tells her he’s not the President anymore so to call him by his name. She does but he makes her call his name over and over. She finally just grabs and kisses him.


I know some where frustrated with “too much San” in this ending but I loved it and felt like it needed to be dealt with. We all had suspicions that Do Hoon’s horrible Mother had done something with San and we were right. So proper closure to that part of Yoo Jung’s life was needed. I also admit I was more moved by scenes between Yoo Jung and Adoptive Mom than anything else. It once again shows us what type of person Yoo Jung is and why Min Hyuk was able to discover she’s not a person who would leave someone injured on the road. It’s why he fell in love with her – because of the kind, selfless, caring person she is.
It also made sense to me why she couldn’t claim San. She went through that very pain herself when he was taken from her plus she learned how much pain he had been in when he first arrived at his adoptive parents house: he cried and wouldn’t eat. She knew, deep in her heart that the same thing would happen again if she removed him from his home. She couldn’t do that to him and I applaud her decision. It’s too bad more divorced parents don’t realize the pain they inflict on children by using them as pawns or fighting over them when what they really need is stability.

I’m a bit perturbed that Se Yeon seemed to get away with everything but I had to remind myself that she never really “got” Min Hyuk. (small consolation) It also angered me that she was able to scare/threaten Ji Hee and Min Hyuk never knew. I am glad Do Hoon realized exactly what he had given up and felt extreme remorse. I’m also glad he admitted to everything in open court and is paying for his crimes. I would have liked his Mom to also be shown in jail but I have to assume when Yoo Jung walked away – that Mom was found guilty and is serving time. Of all the bad people in this drama, she’s the one I wanted to smack the most.
I loved the ending, I loved that Yoo Jung re-opened the bakery. I also loved that Min Hyuk turned over his Presidency to Gwang Min. It was clear, even at the very beginning that Min Hyuk wasn’t interested in running K-group so I’m glad he and his family accepted that. And what about that kiss? *kekeke* Amazing! Let me know how you felt about the finale!


  • Maria says:

    ommgg currently dying right now, amazing ending. that kiss though. park shin hye could learn a thing or two.

    • peacegee says:

      LOL 😀 about PSH. that is so true to truth!!

    • Samy12 says:

      I loved it !!!This Drama was beyond amazing from the beginning to the end. I’m gonna miss it a lot.
      For that weird scene in the airport, I think that they did not run to each other because were not at the same time in the same spot .Just a guess

    • Nora says:

      I agree with you about Park Shin Hye I really like her but I hate her kisses scenes. I doesn’t seem to be real. Its not touching at all specially her reaction.
      Lee Min Ho done better in another drama *Personal Test*

      • Maria says:

        ikr its definetly lacking, which sucks cuz Lee Min Ho pretty damn good. you think they have kissing coaches/ workshops? lol

  • Kim says:

    Woah! What an end to Secret, haven’t watch it yet but ya thanks Tessieroo for the amazing recap.

    How do I feel abt the ending? Well must say the writer managed to tied up all loose ends n I too feel bringing San in is closure too. In life, one doesn’t need to own or be with someone to claim its love. Having the courage to let go and move on for the sake of the loved one’s well being etc etc is truly what loving is about n the writer absolutely nailed this humanistic principle. This goes for both MH n YJ when they both decided to part ways n also to San, handling him over to his loving secured adoptive parents. Bravo to a well scripted n excellent narrated drama!

    What can I say abt the actors..all 4 deserves some awards/accolades for a deserving drama of the year 2013!

    Lastly how do I feel abt Secret? 16 eps are way too short! I too am upset

    • Jed says:

      At first I thought 16 was short too, but the storyline has ended in the most perfect way that I couldn’t ask for more, but I couldn’t deny that if it was extended, and looking from the great storyline the scriptwriter has provide us with, extra few episodes would be great 🙂

    • tessieroo says:

      Kim – I agree! Thanks for taking this ride with me! 🙂

  • grace antonio says:

    yeah.. well done!… the ending is good.. congratulations to the cast!

  • ratgirlina says:

    Thanx for the recap. Even with all the cliches of kdrama thrown in, in the last two episodes. Great drama, everything wrapped nicely. Great acting. Excellent writing for a first time gig.

    Eventhough i am not liking DH sudden grow of conscience. BSB acting cover that part nicely.

    Thank you again for the recap 🙂

  • sally_b says:

    Super Awesome! Thanks for your recaps, as always… and just one more time — Thank YOU for spurring me to watch this Fan-freaking-tastic show.

    I high-five ALL of your comments. And I’m a little amazed no one is screen capping Bae Soo Bin’s UGLY crying scene. MAN! that dude just let it rip – snot and all. There is no justice if he isn’t awarded something for Outstanding Outstanding-ness.

    I’ll miss this show – it was a hella-ride. (hugs all around)

  • falloutjane says:

    I, for one, am mostly satisfied with the ending although I do feel more minutes could be given for the OTP. And yes, every character was well-thought of and written very brilliantly. Also, newfound respect for BSB and HJE through this one!

    It had been quite a journey! And I hope we will meet again in another thread swooning over another OTP. Thanks for the recaps and the links for streaming. Also, for telling me how to use proxy! Your insights are always brilliant as well!

  • liz says:

    If you look on the wall at the last scene around 55:00, there is YJ and grow up San in a picture there, aww so they are keeping contact, love it!

    • tessieroo says:

      @falloutjane – Your live recaps are HILARIOUS! Thanks so much for sharing and I’m glad you joined us on the thread. I hope to see around! 🙂

  • Minn says:

    I super love this drama! This is the second melodrama that I love after Nice Guy, the storyline was perfect! And all the OST songs are wonderful, thank you for you recaps all this while 🙂

  • Caitlyn says:

    Did anyone feel like it was too easy though, at the end? Like, Se Yeon just leaves Minhyuk, Minhyuk goes off to Armenia, and Minhyuk’s dad just accepts everything that everyone does. What? Wasn’t the whole break up in episode 15 all about how Minhyuk has to marry Se Yeon to save the company? And then she just leaves and everything is magically okay? I don’t get that, am I just missing something?

    • tessieroo says:

      Nope, I agree. The part about Se Yeon was the only thing I wasn’t really happy with. It also infuriated me that she scared/threatened Ji Hee and got away with it. Grrrrr…

    • AdAl says:

      @Caitlyn – I think they DID get married. But their marriage didn’t work out so she came to him tore up their pre-nup and asked for a divorce. It kind of doesn’t seem that way because they condensed so much time into the 16th episode without clearly demarcating that time had passed. But I think he did the company thing, knew it didn’t work for him, convinced his father and checked out after going to Armenia.

  • total_newbie_to_k says:

    This finale ranks on the very top of finales all gone wrong for me. Even worse than Nice Guy and that says a lot. I am so, so disappointed.

  • ratgirlina says:

    You mean like somebody flip a switch somewhere and everybody a ok?

    I kinda can accept or let’s just say let it slide all the characters changes.

    Except DH. I cant see someone who was willing to kill a sick old man (yj’s dad) just because he could remember he was driving that night.

    He had the upperhand. Kgroup in shambles. Yj’s case against him as i suspect wasnt going to be a slamdunk case. He came out clean from kgroup as a whistle blower. Even MH had to destroyed all his evidence on the hit n run case. But somebody flip a switch on him. Thank god BSB snot did a remarkable job covering the switch.

    I would much rather he goes down with a bang! MH n YJ drag him down to where he belong, deepest hell, if not i’ll settle for worst cell block and loose the key.

    But, that would need a few extra eps. Not just 16.

    For kdrama, even with all the typical plot minus the amnesia. It was done nicely, wrapped with a pink bow on top :).

  • Patsy M. says:

    One word….POWERFUL!!!

  • A new writer?!! Can we all say AMEN?!! That explains so much! It explains the difference in the scenes, the story and how it went. It explains how the writer took actors that were newly married at that and STILL made us believe in the utterly deep and loving relationships on the screen. I don’t know about anyone else but I saw things I’d never seen before in a drama. And can I say, for the first, I saw noble idiocy that made sense?!! Yes,Yoo Jung let MinHyuk go but did anyone pay attention to what Do Hoon said about Yoo Jung? How willing she is to make sacrifices for those she love? When he said that, what happened next made sense. Damn this writer for making me except noble idiocy for the first time!!

    MinHyuk’s mother? I have no words for that selfish bitch! To not only do that Yoo Jung but also to her own son! Damn! I’ve seen evil but that takes it to a new level. Even though I felt no sympathy for Do Hoon when they were at the playground but I had to admit, that was a powerful scene!

    Also, the scenes between San’s adopted mother and Yoo Jung? I think I cried every time they did! But Yoo Jung’s decision, a hard one but hers to make. In hindsight, I think I would have made the same decision but would remain in his life as she was doing. But not many of us could have come to the same one as she did; again, that plays to the characteristics of Yoo Jung again; willing to make sacrifices for those she love. See, just like what Do Hoon said.

    This truly was a rough drama to watch at times as I started out with a sheer hatred of MinHyuk, even though I understood his anger and sadness but for the writer to take a character and evolve him to what we saw at the end? Sheer genius!!

    As far as the acting. Again, mind blown!! EVERYONE excelled! No, what we saw were STELLAR performances for all. But most props go to our OTP, Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum. These two made me believe in their love; simply with looks, touches, caresses, hugs; damn, those alone were so poignant that I didn’t feel cheated that there were only a sprinkling of kisses. But when they did, sparks were flying and I truly believed in their love.

    This drama has soared not only to the top of my favorites for 2013 but definitely into my top 10; HELL, top 5 dramas ever!!

    • tessieroo says:

      I loved DH crying at the park…with YJ just walking away, no expression on her face. It’s kinda the way I felt too. (LOL) Yes, Dude – pay close attention to what you missed out on, look closely. Awesomely done. Excellent writing, excellent acting (YES! How did a newly married actor manage to convince me he’s in love? *brain explodes*)
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  • Nev says:

    Ep 16 left me with the same kind of feeling I get when I spent money on a Kinder Surprise, yeah there was this outer coating of sweetness, but the surprise at the heart of it just didn’t pack any punches.

    I think I must be the only person who found it kinda unsatisfying. There were some issues, and if anyone can explain them Id be way happier than at the mo, cos I feel cheated of the amazing ending I expected from a series that has been the Dogs B*******s for the last 15 eps.

    Th whole MH / SY storyline. He somehow forgives her for being a bitch from hell and gives her a hug for old times sake?? And so just when it looks like SY has some thread of hope, after, what, 20 years of obsession and doing everything with her power to ‘get her man’, (including threatening his pregnant girlfriend with the forced adoption of her child and a life of hell and attempting to bring down a national conglomerate) just decides on the cusp of her wedding that “its okay, we just wont bother after all”. WTF. Did she take a happy pill finally? It makes that whole story line obsolete.

    DH’s Evil-mom as we knew was a self centred evil hag from hell, but it doesnt explain how a woman who had shown herself financially incapable for years and even had a hated ‘daughter’-in-law pay off loan sharks and bills for her, suddenly had enough money and evil street connections to pay off someone to fake a death certificate for her grandson. Evil in Kdrama world, that cant be cheap.

    MH dad, wouldnt accept JH, wouldnt accept YJ when MH said he would protect her, but in this final ep we are to assume that he is suddenly fine with her?

    AND WTF was that airport scene about??? You love him, he loves you, he is about to leave, you go to the airport to stop him. And then you dont even bother to say hi or bye?

    And finally………….. DH. WTF! I know Id said previously that I didnt think he knew about San and what I wanted was him to have a nervous breakdown in court over the guilt etc. But I wanted that crying scene in court, in front of his peers, where all the nastiness he had caused was created for. Not in some quiet corner of a peaceful park, and then him stroll into the police station of his own accord. Where in the world of payback does that equate?

    All in all too much nicey-nicey forgiveness and not enough real payback. DH gets off with just prison. SY gets away with everything and goes back to her nice life as super rich bitch. We’re left hanging as to what can happen to Evil-Hag-mom.

    If the cast weren’t so amazingly bloody brilliant this would go down as one of the worst endings ever for me, as it is BSB manages to pull off the redeemed soul and HJE plays the perfectly angelic forgiving YJ well enough to make it work. Oh and MH and YJ snog, so thats okay 🙂

    • tessieroo says:

      Ahahaha! No, trust me – you’re not the only one who wasn’t happy! I myself was very unsatisfied with the ending as far as SY goes. I truly hate it when an evil baddie gets away without any punishment in revenge dramas (the “all is forgiven” crap) As I said, I had to keep reminding myself she didn’t win anything – she lost. Still, I wasn’t happy about it.
      And I wanted to see DH’s horrible mother in jail for a very long time.
      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

    • ratgirlina says:

      Cant answer all the question. But i had the same thought about dh’s mom and how she pays for her evil deed.

      With the way it happened in ep 16. She obviously the source of DH evil, she deserved all the credit.

      She duped the childless parents into adopting san. Most likely duped them for money too. I imagined she says it’s to pay for the adoption process. But since there’s no adoption, she uses the money to pay for all the forgery.

      Legally there’s one thing i still dont get. If she’s arrested, adoptive parents were duped, the most important piece of evidence as in “san” shouldnt the police took him and hand him to YJ or social services till custody issues cleared?

      Even if at the end yj decide to let adoptive parents to keep san. It doesnt errased dh’s mom crime. She forged official papper, kidnapped san.

      • tessieroo says:

        Yes, she told adoptive parents that YJ was dead. I do believe YJ could easily have won custody since the death certificate was forged which means the adoption wasn’t legal. She basically “sold” her own Grandson. UGH – horrible woman.

    • R says:

      I thought I was the only one who was shaking her head and screaming WTF. Glad to see I’m not the only one.

  • R says:

    Thank you so much for your recap. I appreciate the time you have taken to recap this drama. Thanks to your recap i don’t have to watch the frustrating unnecessary noble-idiocy part any longer. This drama is so much better than the Heir however I do have few things to get out of my chest. First the heroine seemed a little 2 dimensional. She’s a typical K-Drama heroine who likes to self sacrifice, cry, and can be difficult where she shouldn’t be.. An occasional airhead. The villains are also a bit two dimensional. They don’t really have any other layers to them other than being villainy. For example Do Hoon’s mom.. I understand people like her exists in real life, but the way Yoo Jung took her craps it’s just astonishing. Good thing that YJ grew a spine (also brain) at the end of the drama (somewhat) but the journey has been frustratingly rocky for me.. I wish they had staged it better. But for a rookie writer it is definitely an excellent outcome.

    I guess my rant is about those weak female lead that Asian dramas prone to have. They do the most random-est thing to prove their naivety that it makes me wonder if it’s naiveness or just mental retardation.

    As for the best k-drama of the year award goes to (that is strictly my opinion).. would be.. Cruel City / Heartless City. That drama was so smooth and stylish (not for the faint of heart). Every self sacrifice had a reason behind it. Oh those post army choco abs .. that would make Lee Dong Wook blush. And the intense stares.. Oh the stares .. Lee Min Ho definitely needs to get tips from Jung Kyung Ho. Bottom line it was the best performance ever by JKH.

  • gaby says:

    Adoré este drama, uno de los mejores que he visto este año! Buena trama! Buenos personajes! Buenos actores! Y buena quimica entre Ji Sung y Hwang Jung Eum!… hermoso final, aunque daba para más capitulos…sin embargo, totalmente satisfecha con el último capitulo!

  • LizJ says:

    I think it kind of makes sense that his dad would go easy on Min Hyuk at the end. With Gwang Min and Min Joo moving toward marriage, and Gwang Min being extremely capable to fulfill the role of president, the company will remain in family hands. The next best thing to a son worthy of inheriting the company is a trustworthy and capable son-in-law inheriting it.

    I wasn’t sure how I felt about the big reveal regarding the accident. It was more like there weren’t any real villains, just a bunch of coincidences and flawed individuals all coinciding to cause the death of a young woman and her unborn child.

    Mostly, the villains are just selfish. I did like DH’s “semi-redemption” with the realization of what he had lost (his son), although the actor played crazy so well (that laugh!) that I really wanted to see him go all out. And to see SY just give up like that, really took the steam out of her character. It’s kind of ironic that the kind of self sacrifice YJ did for DH, DH has turned around and done, time and time again, for SY, who never fully appreciated it.

    I guess the writer made the harder choice by not stepping up the villainry at the end, and it was successful, even though the show lacked some steam by taking this route. Still a very solid series.

    • tessieroo says:

      Great point, Chairman Jo is getting a very capable, trustworthy son-in-law to run K-group. Also agree about SY, I didn’t much care for her ending. Still, this was the best drama I’ve seen this year! Suspenseful, powerful, and moving. 🙂

  • mskololia1 says:

    Thanks for the recap Tessieroo as I could not watch beyond ep 14. Still pissed that San was left in that home by YJ who I saw as a poster woman for all that I dislike in K-land’s brand of candy characters with that one move. It taints her actions as she should have been allowed to be selfish (if one can call it that) for once in her angelic life. I would have preferred to have her fight for her son in the end and develop a relationship with him but the OTP having to come together in the end. MH’s pain was not tangible to me because he tortured another human being for years only to fall in love with her and not acknowledge any wrongful actions towards her in the end. Pshaw.

    Yet this new scriptwriter had me pinning for more episodes…that is until the YJ character fell in love with her tamer for some unk reason and all the clichés came falling out of the closet because they could not contain being ignored any longer. The only person I was looking forward to a change in was the YJ character but her blinders regarding trusting others and martyrdom is a major fail for me as a character. The only saving grace is that the writer put her around “good” characters. A phrase about fools and babies comes to mind….

    I would still recommend this one. 🙂

    • mskololia1 says:

      Oopsy *pining…

    • tessieroo says:

      I think YJ will develop a relationship with San – adoptive parents seem to have no problem letting her see him. And he’ll know everything when he’s older.
      This writer blew me away – very creative, meaningful dialogue! (instead of “I like you” “Do you like me?” (LOL) I loved YJ’s toughness with DH and his horrible Mother (I really wanted to see her in jail clothing *hee*) With all the speculation last week, I’m delighted that none of the main characters died. I was biting my nails, I was so convinced that might happen!
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • mskololia1 says:

        Ugh. That’s not my thing…re-creating endings. San remained with that family to give a HEA in a melodrama to the OTP…. 😉

    • Chiomy says:

      I beg to differ. MH did realize he had done wrong and that’s why he asked his father to let suffer.

  • tessieroo says:

    There were pictures of YJ with San hanging up in the bakery at the end so she’s obviously currently seeing him. Also pics of him with the adoptive parents so YJ is involved in his/their lives. I think we would have had a happy ending either way. 🙂

    • mskololia1 says:

      Well, I’ll leave this series behind with this last comment….Since I did not finish watching Secret’s last two episodes, I’ll take your word re the HEA Tessieroo. 🙂

  • Chiomy says:

    Wooohooo! I really did enjoy this series and thanks to Tessieroo, i now know the ending will be happy! I have been holding off watching since episode 14 so that I don’t lose the suspense. LOL

    • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

      You haven’t finished the end? Be sure you have tissues! 🙂

      • Chiomy says:

        OMG! Best. Finale. Ever!
        I kind of liked how it ended with the villains. They all paid their dues. The mother got her time in jail and is separated from her son, the son is jailed (yay), rich bitch gets off her high horse and disappears from everyone’s life, YJ gets a new family through her son, the english speaking ahjumma has a baby with a Nigerian (?? lol’ed so hard here), and our happy couple had a fantastic make out session.
        I will say that the flashback was a little too long in that they did not need to show so much of what we already saw…. but what we did see was very important: everyone had a hand to play in the death of Ji Hee: Se yeon for pushing her to the edge, Kwang Soo for being the messenger that she ran from, DH’s father for not fixing his windshield wipers (if he had, they would not have stopped when they did and the accident would not have happened), YJ for not insisting on checking that everything was okay, MH for sending Kwang Soo, and finally DH of course for walking away after he did. Ultimately, he was the hand that dealt the blow, but he truly was caught up in circumstances beyond his control. Poor Ji Hee.
        I saw online that a lot of people were complaining when YJ gave up her son, this time knowingly. The truth is the child has already suffered enough. If she takes him away from ‘Mom’ a second time, she might end up with a seriously twisted kid. Better that he stay secure until he is old enough to handle the truth that the Imo is actually his mom who due to incredibly horrible circumstances, could not be his mother anymore even though she gave birth to him. That was the part that got to me the most. When she was breaking down. So sad. But she was very brave. Loving does not always mean that you get what you want. Sometimes, love is letting go. In that moment, you really see that. I am sort of numbed now to the letting go that happens between couples in dramas because it is used too often and unnecessarily and am SO GLAD they did not linger on that ‘noble sacrifice’ this time around. I love that the loss she felt there was overwhelmed by her finding and losing her child again. Very well done, Writer-nim!

      • Chiomy says:

        And yes, I did cry a lot in the scenes with the child!

  • skypandie says:

    Thank you for the review, Tessiero! *3*

    I feel the ending is a bit crumpled. In the end it’s all about “San, San, San, uri idze otokee” and suddenly it’s a “keutt-seumnida”, although we got our sweetest OTP moments *tehee*
    So the writers went the redemption road, as they are a good people. Well, I’m not so good, so in my mind I’m stabbing DH, drowning SY and dancing on the DH’s moms ashes, while uri OTP is happily getting married and they smile watching me torturing their enemies *muahahaha* But oh well)))
    Still, it’s the best drama I’ve seen and I will love it love it love it forever~~

  • AOUNET says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been satisfied with a drama – loose ends tied up but the plot makes it seem like anything can happen in the future despite the happy ending.. if that made sense.

  • cynkdf says:

    Tessieroo, thanks so much for yet another wonderful recap of an amazing drama., and thank you again for your awesome live blogging on Soompi for the last several episodes of Secret.

    I am happy with the ending. DH’s breakdown in the park is understandable. His character profile says that it is his longed for dream to be a happy father. In the scene where he reads YJ’s letter to her father and then looks at the photo of YJ and San enclosed in that letter, the look on DH’s face is that of a loving father.

  • tessieroo says:

    You guys are all awesome! It’s been such a joy reading everyone’s thoughts about this one so thanks so much for sticking it out with me! I hope we all meet again soon on another “suspense mystery” type drama. *kekeke* We’re such good detectives. 🙂

  • sheri says:

    WOW, I loved the ending…I think it ended reasonably and it felt so good that Do hoon admits his crimes and feels remorse and is prisoned..it’s also reasonable that Min Hyuk wants his fatther to appoint Gwang min as the successor since it was quite clear that Min Hyuk was not interested in being the boss !! may be you are right Tessieroo that parts about San is abit alot But still it’s going to be resolved nicely and that parts are very impressing & touching …at first I also felt somehow why Se Yeon didn’t punish for what she did as she was not innocent at all but still at the end she came to this understanding that she could never have Min Hyuk for herself even for once so I guess that’s the best punishment for her 🙂
    anyway I Enjoyed the ending and LOVED the drama..I’m just sad that it’s finished 🙁

  • AlekaOnu says:

    Thank you for the finale recap. Even though I have watched the finale few times yet I still read your recap :). Yeah today is Wednesday and I’m missing Secret. Secret is one of my top fave Korean dramas for 2013. And this drama makes me adore Jisung at last. 🙂

  • AdAl says:

    Love the series. Wished they had extended it and fleshed out the finale more but I’m satisfied with the ending. The chemistry between the OTP was just sizzling. I’m having a hard time believing that Ji Sung is a newly married man – it was just THAT good, their romantic scenes together scorched the screen!

    It just broke my heart that SY ended up giving up San – but as usual, she was selfless and did the best for him. I’m hoping that in the end she can get married to MH and have lots more babies – she would make a wonderful mother.

    I hope DH’s mother rots in jail. She really is poison. For her to do that to her grandson and rob her son of being a father – I hope something really bad happens to her in jail. In the entire series – she’s the number 1 villain and is responsible for her son being as reprehensible as he is.

    What a wonderful series. Really highly recommended and one of the best melos I’ve watched so far. I’ve nothing but praise for it.

    • tessieroo says:

      Agree – definitely the best melo I’ve ever seen. (not that I’ve seen a lot but still) I HATED DH’s Mom, what a horrible person! Very intriguing story and the acting was phenomenal. Thanks for the comment!

  • Pasta4Me says:

    Really great drama – had me on the edge of my seat waiting for each episode. All four lead actors deserve awards for great acting, especially Attorney Ah. Although many questions were left unanswered, overall a great story. I’ve watched many, many KDs over the past few years; this will rank among my top10!

  • carolies541 says:

    I enjoyed all these thoughts/insights about Secret Love, It’s certainly the most addictive melodrama in recent years and all those mysteries are woven out very smoothly with so much consistency. I really appreciate a drama’s conflicts that make full sense until the end. Plus, I was genuinely surprised by some of the twists they revealed in the end, like the true “reason” behind the death of MH’s ex-girlfriend. I admit I was more invested in the whole plot instead of the romance itself, nevertheless, it was an exciting ride till the end.

    Hopefully, this new writer’s upcoming works will be as good or even better than secret love. I foresee a new gem in K-dramaland. Btw, I’m also known as c_gunawan541 in soompi, haha. I was kinda busy with real life issues for the last few weeks of secret love that I couldn’t join in u guys too much for discussion anymore towards the end, but I really had a lot of fun with the whole long discussions we had in the secret thread.

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey! I know that Soomi name! (LOL) I’m with you, I’m really hoping this new writer is nurtured and given time/space/privacy or whatever she needs to continue writing. (and I’m praying we get some unique dramas out of her) 😀

  • toastytofu says:

    Just watched this drama for the first time. That last scene was hot.This actress is pretty damn sexy. Thanks for the recaps. I enjoyed reading them from beginning to end.

    Great drama!

  • maryxiah says:

    Yoo Jung races to the airport and rushes around, searching for Min Hyuk. She finally sees him and they stare at one another. As they walk towards each other – they end up walking right by each other? Okay, I’m not understanding this scene at all. Did they just need to see each others faces? Someone better explain. (LOL)

    This scene hit me the hardest because it resonates much powerfully to me. And I love it because it speaks volume for their characters, and no words needed because their eyes say it all. In the whole course of their love/hate relationship, Yoo Jung never did the chasing, it was all Min Hyuk even when he went pyscho hating on Yoo Jung for his ex-fiance’s death. But this time, Yoo Jung ran to the airport in hope to see Min Hyuk for the last time, to bid him farewell, or maybe just to catch a glimpse of him, it just shows how much she loves him and probably ready to take him back. When they were walking toward each other, Yoo Jung looked a little sideways with tears in her eyes, her vision was on Min Hyuk and she looked like she wanted to stop and talk to Min Hyuk. Min Hyuk on the other hand, looked right ahead, Yoo Jung may be on his field of vision but his eyes didn’t follow hers. Here I wanted to explain it from my POV, Yoo Jung was ready to take Min Hyuk back if that’s what he wanted, but Min Hyuk told his father he was ashamed of himself and wanted to redeem himself. He knew he was that selfish brat who think of his happiness first above everyone else, in contrast to Yoo Jung, in that sense he didn’t feel worthy of her, so he wanted to go away and prove himself and be a better man. Plus, they both have unresolved complications on hand, Min Hyuk’s father still does not approve of Yoo Jung, Min Hyuk was probably still in the middle of divorce, Yoo Jung on the other hand still has San to think of. They were both still yearning for one another but the timing wasn’t right. So when Min Hyuk finally walked pass Yoo Jung, she cried while Min Hyuk braced himself to enter the gate, Yoo Jung accepted that Min Hyuk was going away and not ready to hold onto her. I love it that instead of reconciliation, they opted acceptance. Sometimes wounds need time to heal and too much k-drama focuses on fighting the everything and everyone just to be together, which in my opinion make it all worse! So when they actually give it time, it makes their reconciliation that much sweeter, that much satisfying, because they waited and everyone slowly lose the reasoning to object them. I’m not sure if I’m making sense to anyone but that’s how I felt when I was watching.

    As for Seo Yeon, I think what made her finally let go was the fact that she really did own Min Hyuk for once through the marriage. And what melted her was Min Hyuk’s sincere apology. He had always ignored her despite knowing her feelings for him, but when he chose to finally confront her feelings and apologize for hurting her, Seo Yeon’s wall crumbled, her love was finally recognized albeit unrequited. Instead of owning his lifeless body, she decided to move on from this obsession by divorcing him. I think the pre-nup that she tore was probably the reason why Min Hyuk’s father could still keep his company.

  • Jackie Perez says:

    So amazing Korean drama. Great actors and actress. I love you Ji Sung.

  • Shelly says:

    I have a query. Does Yo Jung stays in the prison for 5 years or is she released on parole. Because in some of the episodes they say that four years have passed since the incident. But the term was for five years, right? Aaisssh. It’s really confusing me.

  • SecretFan says:

    I have found this drama after searching for another jisung’s work – after KMHM. Don’t know how may times I have rewatched it and still wanting to see it again!
    The chemistry between minyeok and jo yeong was awesome- credit to two super actors.
    I wished the drama didn’t end at 16eps! There were still lots that could be explored further!
    Does anyone know of another great drama that I can watch to get over this one. ??

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