“Heirs” Week 6 Recap: Let’s Hold Hands – Something Happened!

While the drama still remains slow, there was forward movement this week. We’re seeing a more human side to Young Do, Eun Sang has made her feelings clear and Tan has taken strides to change his life.


The episode begins with Tan arriving at camp with Hyo Shin in the driver’s seat. That dude sure is making use of his license. He witnesses the hug between his ex-bestie and future girlfriend and approaches them. The boys fight and Young Do asks Tan to convince Eun Sang that his feelings are real since she refuses to believe what she hears from the horse’s mouth. Both boys are so obsessed with their “feelings.”

Then to prove my point, Tan gets mad that he drove four hours only to see this. I could have sworn that she didn’t send you a text with her exact location. He tells her that he hopes that she’s not using Young Do to get away from him which makes me want to punch him. Has he forgotten that Young Do bullies her?

Tan returns to Hyo Shin’s car to find Rachel waiting for him. They all go to the hotel where Rachel and Tan have their usual conversation.

So Tan was away for three years but he and Rachel had their engagement in front of all their relatives. Does this mean they got engaged via Skype or their families went to LA for it?

Eun Sang returns to the camp and overhears the girls gossiping about her. Young Do shows up and takes revenge on them by throwing their shoes into a bucket of water. This is the kind of revenge that catty girls take at beauty pageants but okay. He then tells her that he knows she lives with Tan but doesn’t want her to explain why because if she answers all his questions, he wouldn’t be able to make her talk to him. I’m sure this was supposed to get our panties wet but he knows that she doesn’t like him but because he’s in “love” and needs to able to talk to her, she should tolerate all his uncomfortable, intrusive questions? If I were her, I’d immediately answer all current and possible future questions right there.

Then he looks hurt when he asks if she genuinely has feelings for Tan and she answers to the affirmative.

In the land of the parents-who-won’t-marry, Esther catches Young Do’s dad at the room salon Bo Na’s friend’s mom runs. Then we learn that he planned to announce their marriage without her knowledge. I hope the stock share increase is worth this uninspiring union.

Just as Eun Sang is getting ready to sleep (even though it looks like dawn outside), Tan comes to get her.

They sit next to a roaring fire he’s set up next to some caravans.

He tells her that he came because he missed her and won’t be letting her go so she needs to pick between sleeping inside or outside with him. Instead of protesting, she’s cool with it because their distance from home means she can enjoy the fantasy of being with him.

To his surprise, she confesses that she missed him too then they spend a romantic (but nonsexual) night together. What’s most surprising about the camping trip is that outside of paintball, I barely saw any adults around. Aren’t they worried about seeing Chan Young Jr. and Rachel Jr. in nine months?

The next morning, as they walk back to the camp together, it’s time for their push and pull conversation. She tells him that much like the Hollywood sign in LA, he looks close but is really far.  He’s one of the good things in her life but she has to let go of his hand again and return to reality.

And as usual, he doesn’t accept it and wants her to fight for their love.

All the kids move to the hotel where they find Tan and Hyo Shin having breakfast. Young Do and Rachel sit with them but instead of finding a table across the room, Eun Sang picks the one next to theirs. Then Bo Na and her friend show up and laugh at Rachel when they learn that she’d slept alone and not with Tan. To protect her, Tan says it only happened because she didn’t let him in which makes me want to sing Secret Lovers to our OTP. If I were Eun Sang, this would have been the moment I threw our love away because I can’t deal with a guy claiming one woman in the daytime then whispering sweet nothings to me at night.

Which is exactly what Young Do points out. Eun Sang walks out on hearing this and Young Do follows her. Then he holds her over the pool and drops her in it. Tan sees this and immediately rushes out, ordering everyone to stay put. I don’t understand what kind of hold he has over them because who gives a crap about his order? My nosey ass would have followed him and posted the video on YouTube.

With his usual ugly smirk, Young Do tells a wet Eun Sang that he only did it to illustrate what Kim Tan will soon do to her. So he’s gone from tormenting her for sport to tormenting her to test his feelings to tormenting her because of his feelings to tormenting her to protect her. They say there’s a thin line between love and hate but for Young Do, they overlap.

Kim Tan walks out and kicks him in with all the kids watching. He asks Eun Sang to take his hand and Young Do wonders if he’s trying to make her his mistress. Just as the guys are ready to come to blows, Hyo Shin shows up and breaks it up. It’s funny how that the otherwise tall Kang Ha Neul looks short in this drama.

More Kang Ha Neul, yay! I don’t care if they make him Tan’s personal chauffeur, the peacemaker, referee, or just an extra who walks in the background of every scene. The more of him, the better.

Chan Young and Bo Na show up to help Eun Sang and Jerk-off Young Do subtly brings up Hyo Shin’s bulimia to get him to back off. Gosh, I wish someone would permanently wipe off that smirk from Young Dumb’s face.

When Hyo Shin gets home after a night out, his awful mom’s only worry is that he missed a law school interview he isn’t interested in. And she‘s not interested when he brings up his attempted suicide. Why are all the rich parents on this show awful?  Don’t worry, Hyo Shin, you can come to me. I can be your mama (what the hell did I just write?).

Tan’s fake mom is on the war path after learning that his real mom had her followed to destroy her. Now, it’s on!

The news of the not-going-to-happen marriage breaks out. Tan consoles Rachel who’s having a hard time because of it. Eun Sang witnesses this and Young Do – who’s become her shadow – also shows up and just when he begins to harass-converse with her, she shocks him by asking if he’s okay. Did he just fall even deeper in love?

Some time later, while Eun Sang is working in the studio, Tan shows up and continues their kidnap romance. He puts up a barricade to keep her from escaping then explains that he regretted not helping her earlier. He did it to protect her from the kids but he wouldn’t have if he’d realized how bad he’d feel about it. It’s strange because while I understand where’s he’s coming from and that it’s supposed to be romantic, it’s also very selfish and comes down to his feelings. Which is more important? That she doesn’t feel the wrath of the other students or that he doesn’t feel bad?

Young Do and Myung Soo go to the restaurant where the former lost both his mom and best friend.

We learn that Esther and Secretary Yoon broke up because she prioritized her company over him just like Won is doing with Hyun Joo. I could have sworn that he told us that it was because everyone kept telling him that they weren’t meant to be. Then Tan’s fake mom begins her take down by telling Won that his father has been acquiring shares for Tan who might eventually have more than he does.

I still don’t understand this story line. Why in the world will Won’s position be threatened? Does his father favor Tan over him? Is Won not his firstborn biological child?

After school, Eun Sang is sent upstairs by a maid and ends up being pulled into Tan’s room. He doesn’t think to lock the door to flirt which means that his mom gets to walk in and catch them. Oh noes!

She yells at Eun Sang and he tells her to stop as things are already hard for her because he likes her which is just adding fuel to the fire. He sends Eun Sang to her room then tells his mom to stop using him to get what she wants and that she has no right to dictate his love life, which is fair. But how many people in the world can accept their son dating the maid (or her daughter)?

Tan’s mom rushes over to Eun Sang’s mom’s room and yells at her for allowing her daughter to seduce her son. Mom defends daughter by pointing out that Tan is the seducer but it gets lost in translation because she uses sign language.

Tan rushes over to get his mom but the woman isn’t having it and kicks Eun Sang out of her house. Why exactly didn’t Tan see this coming? And this is the first drama I’ve watched where the son constantly drags and pushes his mom.

After they leave, Eun Sang’s mom is supportive and agrees to move out by the end of the month. My mom would have been a lot more upset that my hormones jeopardized her job.

Tan goes to the cellar and begs Eun Sang to join him but she ignores him and spends the night with Bo Na who’s become her friend under the guise of keeping her from Chan Young.

The next morning, Eun Sang and Young Do wait to cross the street together after meeting at his favorite convenience store. Tan drives up and stands across from them. Young Do decides to annoy his ex-friend by forcing her into a side hug to see what he would risk for her. What exactly is there to risk by crossing the street? She could have easily escaped his grip but maybe she was curious too?

Both sides cross paths in the middle of the road and stop when Tan grabs her hand. If this were a makjang drama, a white truck would have shown up and hit Eun Sang.

She loses his grip but he begs her to take his hand and walk with him on their difficult journey. Young Do tells her not to. Shut up, Dude. Truck, where are you?

She takes his hand and tells them that they’ve reached the end of the road. As she walks away, Young Do tells him that he still makes people leave. Why in the world does this fool even think that he has a leg to stand on?

Young Do chases after her to comfort her in his own way but to his disappointment, she doesn’t let him. Later in the locker room, Tan tells him to keep dreaming if he thinks this will be his chance to swoop in and steal her heart.

When Tan returns home after school, his mom wants to know more about his relationship with Eun Sang. She’s scared his dad will send him back to America if he finds out. No Ma’am, Daddy’s solution upon learning about their relationship was to enroll her at his school and give them more time to spend together.  Tan asks if she’s happy being a mistress who can’t publicly claim him. She obviously isn’t but her happiness now lies in his success.

Realizing that he can’t be happy if things don’t change, Tan comes up with a plan. Does this mean we’re finally getting off this merry-go-round? He meets up with Hyo Shin to tell him about his true parentage. Not because he wants to share it with his friend but to test what it would be like to confess it for a second time. It’s still difficult.

After hiring Hyun Joo, Won’s father releases an article chronicling her rise from a poor orphan to a teacher at Jeguk High with the help of their foundation. Won rushes over to his father’s and finds Hyun Joo there. It’s a ploy to get them to break up and his father calls her ungrateful for accepting their help then turning around and dating his son.

She accepts what he says and leaves in tears. Then Won asks his father why he’s doing this to the great son who never disobeyed him and soared to the head of the company through hard work. Nasty Dad points out that his position was given to him because of their familial relationship, the same one that gives him a say in his love life.

A crying Hyun Joo walks out of the house, past Tan and recognizes him. When Won steps out a few moments later, Tan tells him where she went but he isn’t interested in chasing after her. He just tells him that his father has them followed so he should be careful. Why would Won drive away knowing that the girl he thinks he loves is crying somewhere?

Since Big Bro isn’t doing his duty, Tan finds her at the bus stop and learns that Won speaks of him fondly.

Eun Sang’s mom waits for her at Young Do’s favorite convenience store while he’s there on the phone asking her out. She initially turns him down but when she sees him there, accepts it to get him to leave without seeing her with her mom. After he does, she gets her stuff from her mother but for some reason, instead of just standing him up, actually goes to meet him with the bag her mom carried, which he recognizes it.

Then to show us that he’s more interested in being Columbo than spending time with the girl he purportedly likes, he ditches her to see if his hunch is right. So he goes to Tan’s place and now knows her mom is mute and a maid.

Eun Sang’s mom texts her about his visit so she freaks out and goes to meet him. She tells him that they’d be leaving soon and that she doesn’t care if he tells everyone about her mom – she just needs him to stay away till they leave. He’s dismissive of  it, saying that they should just go on their date but she insists on knowing what he plans to do with the information.

Nothing! He really just wants to spend time with her, goddammit! When did he say he was going to do anything with the information? He doesn’t even know how to deal with his own issues so how will he help her? And even if he tried to do something, how could he, given all the things he’s done to her in the past? Kind of touching but I still dislike the mofo. Plus how fun is it for him to spend time with someone who wishes she were somewhere else?

Tan and his brother meet with Young Do and his father for a business meeting on a golf course. Evil Dad has no choice but to lose for business reasons and instructs his son to make sure he wins.

Tan and Young Do walk together and the latter goes on and on about his illegitimacy. In his twisted mind, this is probably his only way of talking to the Tan he misses.  Young Dumb tells him about the other card in his hand – Eun Sang. If Tan wants him to keep the secret that he’s dating his maid’s daughter, he needs to back off and stop protecting her. In other words, if he stays away from Eun Sang, he’ll keep his mouth shut? Bro, Tan isn’t the reason Eun Sang doesn’t like you – you are.

Tan warns him to stop trying to unleash the beast he’s kept hidden for three years. Because  if he does, he will destroy him, his father, his father’s father, his father’s company, his friends’ fathers’ companies, his friend’s father’s father’s mom’s aunt’s classmate’s girlfriend’s niece’s dentist’s foster brother’s wife’s twin’s grocer. Everyone around him will be destroyed. Oh really, now?

I laugh at this and so does Young Do who doubts that an illegitimate child can’t wield such power. That may be so but Tan is still the second son of Jeguk Group. They flashback to a similar scene three years earlier that still doesn’t convince me that Tan was ever powerful. Young Do says that back then, he should have come at him earlier before he lost his mother.

Apparently, Tan was only mad at him for five minutes but within that time, Young Do lost the chance to meet with his mother one last time. Mmkay? Your ass was the one who chose to spend those minutes calling Tan a mistress’s son instead of meeting with your mom so how is it his fault?

Tan reiterates that he can’t touch Eun Sang and begs him to just let him be because he no longer has time to waste fighting with him. Perhaps now is the time for Young Do to come up with a less evil way to stay close to his ex-friend.

Later on, even though Tan ignores Eun Sang when he runs into her in the hallway at school, he goes to the broadcast studio just to see her. Aww?

Then it’s time to get down to business. He asks Rachel and her mom to come over for dinner with his fake mom and dad. Tan’s mom isn’t told about it so she’s upset to see his fake mom who reminds her that she’s nothing but a live-in mistress who can’t be seen in public.

While both moms are tearing each other down, Tan waits for Eun Sang at her job. He’s about to do something monumental and needs strength from her. They talk about their relationship as usual and he tells her that he saw her in his dreams. She tells him she’s leaving and he shuts her up with a kiss.

After letting go of his hand and not texting him since ditching him on the road, how dare she ask him to leave? Especially as she missed him too? She counters that she didn’t miss him and he kisses her again for lying. Squee?

We are getting kisses but they need to build up the sexual chemistry between them. Eun Sang says she likes and misses him but is she physically attracted to him?

He leaves after telling her not to come to his home even if his mom asks.

Rachel and her mom are at the gate of their home so Tan’s fake mom nastily tells Ki Ae to disappear. The latter goes to her room in tears, wondering what she did to deserve such awful treatment. Hmm, let me think: you slept with a married man?

All but Tan have a polite, boring dinner till he saunters in late to meet them. Instead of joining them for the meal he set up, he asks Rachel to his bedroom. She thinks that her threat to end their engagement whipped him into shape but he only apologizes for what he’s about to reveal. I found it funny that she asked him to hide whatever scary thing Young Do saw at his place. Does she suspect he’s into some twisted, kinky stuff?

Instead of simply enjoying her status as a rich man’s wife, Tan’s fake mom goes to Ki Ae’s room to gloat. She’s there to remind her that eighteen years after sleeping with her husband, all she has is a big room to hide in. Ki Ae gets mad and tells her to get out so Fake Mom shuts her up with a glass of water to the face. Her shut up technique is further proof that she and Tan are not related.

And to prove my point, Tan walks past her to his humiliated mom. He crouches down and wipes her face while keeping her make-up intact. The scene reminds childless Fake Mom that even when she wins, she loses because she doesn’t know a son’s love.

Then son shows just how much he loves his mom by dragging her out and introducing her to his guests as his real mom. Esther initially recognizes her as Eun Sang’s mom which should come into play sometime in the future.

Then he says that he understands that this means that the engagement is off. What needs to happen is for Rachel’s mom to reveal that her daughter isn’t her ex-husband’s so yeah, the engagement still stands.

Once the guests leave, Tan’s father slaps him. Twice. Ki Ae jumps between them and takes all the blame. She begs Tan to kneel and apologize but he’s defiant. Not after how he’s lived all his life. Not till he regrets what he’s done, which he doubts will happen.

His father curses him out and Tan tells him that while he’s willing to be kicked out, it’s his father’s responsibility to take care of his mom. Mom goes to her room and continues to cry. How could her son do this to her?

Now that he’s been drained off all energy, he goes to find Eun Sang who’s been distracted and screwing up at work since he last showed up. They meet in front of her cafe. The tears in his eyes force tears from hers because love is pain.


Guys, this is what we call super love. She doesn’t even know why he’s sad but she feels his pain and cries with him. This is the stuff Korean dramas are made of but I think it falls a little flat for me because their love story isn’t very compelling. Maybe if there’d been a little more drama and heat in their romance, I would think this was more than a lonely boy fixating on a pretty girl who’s become his emotional crutch and catalyst for changing his life. They had conversations but I never felt they were life-altering. He says he can’t live without her but I honestly can’t see why. Having said that, I’m glad that there’s progress in their bootleg Romeo and Juliet romance.

What I would like is for Eun Sang to be a character in her own right. It almost seems like she exists solely to force Tan to make difficult decisions (and to bring about change in Young Do). And it doesn’t help that Tan is so single-minded that he makes decisions without thinking of its consequences to other people. He can’t tell his father not to get rid of his mom without having a plan if he does. He can’t reveal his relationship with Eun Sang to his mom without thinking of how it would affect her and her mute mother who has difficultly getting work. Not to say that Tan shouldn’t have revealed the truth. He absolutely should have but would it have hurt him to tell Rachel while they were in the bedroom? Being a child, he probably felt unable to discuss it with both parents as they wouldn’t agree in a million years but why rudely show up to the meeting late? What’s that about?

With that said, his parents are at fault for the current mess and I don’t blame him from trying to find a solution to his problems. He never asked to be born so they shouldn’t force him to live like a criminal. Let’s hope he’s adequately planned for the fall-out.

When it comes to bitchy characters, I probably understand Tan’s fake mom the best.  While she’s mentally better off cutting ties with Tan’s father, she’s probably better off socially and financially as an estranged wife than a divorcee. So yes, she is evil but on the other hand, that’s the woman who had an affair with her husband so she’ll always hate her. Plus it doesn’t help that (I’m guessing) she was able to give her husband something she couldn’t which is a child. It’s possible she played a part in it if she blocked Tan’s father’s attempts at ending their marriage prior to his relationship with Tan’s likely gold-digging mom.

I was never clear about the timeline of Young Do’s mom’s disappearance but according to this episode, it was three years ago. Unless his mom is in witness protection, why couldn’t she wait for her son? I still need more clarity about his mama issues. I grudgingly cut him some slack because he lost his mom and best friend at the same time which couldn’t have been easy but I still need him to go and find Joon Young and apologize. The bullying scenes are gone but the memory is still alive with me which is why each time I start to feel a little touched by his honesty, I remind myself that Young Do sucks! But I understand why some people ship him with Eun Sang because there’s still some suspense there.

Like many other people, I was expecting something to happen between Young Do and Rachel but at the rate things are going, she’s more likely to end up with Hyo Shin (if he stays alive). Yep, while I figured he was no longer suicidal, some other people still think he is. Let’s just hope that they didn’t make him more visible this week so that we can understand why his death has a strong impact on Tan. Instead of dying, he should postpone college, do his army service, come back with choco abs and get with Hyun Joo.

The melodrama has begun and our couple will have to fight for their love. Tan’s father thinks he’s smart by making these girls feel indebted to him but I guess he’s never met a shameless one like me. Yes, I will take your money and date your son. In his twisted mind, it made more sense to give Tan and Eun Sang the opportunity to have lunch together at school just to remind her about their difference in status. He really thinks sleeping in the maid’s room didn’t make that point clear?

There are so many rumors about birth secrets so this is what I want to happen:

Won constantly shakes in his boots because he believes that he’s not really his father’s son. It turns out that Tan’s father is sterile and the reason his second wife has no kids. Tan’s biological father is actually his uncle who died in a car accident leaving his pregnant girlfriend, Ki Ae, to fend for herself. So neither of them are his children but Tan has a biological tie to him. What does a girl have to sacrifice to make this happen?

What should happen is for both Ki Ae and Tan to get kicked out, forcing them to share a one bedroom apartment with Eun Sang and her mom. If one needs to get a $10k deposit to rent a $450 per month apartment, they need all the help they can get. Will this happen? We’ll find out next week.

Till then!


  • Lumiere says:

    Don’t kill Kang Ha Neul! I’m ready to ship him with everyone and anyone but please, you don’t kill my oppa, Writer-nim or I shall never watch your dramas again!

  • tessieroo says:

    No, no “squeeee” at all during any of the kisses. More like an eye-roll and a huge sigh. I love your recaps though so I’ll squee about that instead.

  • sally_b says:

    RE: “Tan’s father thinks he’s smart by making these girls feel indebted to him but I guess he’s never met a shameless one like me. Yes, I will take your money and date your son. ”

    LOLz ! High-five for that and your entire recap — so much more engaging than – the show.
    giggles for days. Thanks!

    p.s. I shall title the kiss screen cap “pickles and garlic kiss” – because Jeebs! what else would cause that kind of reaction?

      • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

        Yes, thank you! {{hugs}}

        They look awesome together. Why can’t we have this on the show?

        • Ivoire says:

          Is that the actress who plays Tan’s mom in the show? Wow!!!! He has his hand around her waist! Didn’t know they were that close.

          @ Clockwatcher, wouldn’t that be kind of icky if we had that on the show, what with KT and KW being brothers (for the time being), and KA being KT’s mom? 🙂

          • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

            Yes and that’s why I really don’t want KW and KT to really be brothers! LOL. I need a twist where KA never slept with KW’s dad. 😀

          • Ivoire says:

            LOL Clockwatcher,

            Your mind is sooooo twisted :-)… About this, “I need a twist where KA never slept with KW’s dad. :-).” Let’s just play along and follow your theory for a few mns. So KA never slept with KW’s dad, and yet we have seen her share his bedroom. What is she then? His nurse? (though, to be honest with you, I was a caregiver for a long time of a gentleman [granted, he was older than my dad :-)] who was bedridden. I never took care of him in the kind of nightgowns/negliges KA wore). What kind of nurse wears those kind of nightgowns to take care of her patient? OK, LOL, this sounded naughtier than I meant it to be, but you get my drift :-).
            2–We know Kim daddy is not a nice man. He always does things with a goal in mind. There is no way he would have taken KA in (with a child, or pregnant) if he thought the child was not is. Oh oh oh, I have a thought: maybe KA could have been two-timing him back when she was sleeping with him, and so KT is the child of another man? And yet she let him believe that KT was his child?
            3–Based on your theory, KW could become KT’s stepdaddy. I don’t know if I like that visual :-). That feels… weird :-). I can see them as brothers, but stepdad and son? Huh… That will take some getting used to, at least for me.

            • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

              I can get very twisted for my ship.
              1) Yes, they sleep in the same room but on different beds. They are essentially roommates and she just sleeps in there to keep up the charade that they are romantically involved. Daddy’s got ED so they can’t have sex anyway.
              2) He took the child in because he wanted another son and his wife wasn’t able to make that happen. Daddy is aware he isn’t his biological son. Or, maybe she is devious and they supposedly had a one night stand (but she drugged his drink and he only thinks they slept together. LOL). Then she showed up pregnant claiming he was the father. He didn’t order a DNA test because he wanted another child.
              3) It’s a little strange, yes, but they won’t have to live together. Plus Kim Tan loves his mommy and big bro so win-win for him. If his mom can’t dictate his love life, he can’t dictate hers.

              I sure am getting carried away with this fantasy 😀

            • Ivoire says:


              I have to say that I am actually loving your story, mostly because it is consistent, there is logic, it is actually dramatic and that would be an a great twist to the drama. Any chance we could contact KES and suggest these plot points to her?:-)

              I need to apologize, because when I wrote my 2nd comment, I was still reading the recap, and I had not read (yet) your last 2 paragraphs in the commentary section. I didn’t know that you already had a plan of your own, for the new twist. I have to hand it to you, you are way more creative than me, AND your ideas actually make sense.

              1–This was the best line, “Daddy’s got ED so they can’t have sex anyway.” For someone who likes to manipulate other people’s lives and be in control, Daddy is not in control in the bedroom, interesting…
              2–I like your plan better about Daddy being the one who can’t father children, so he can look bad for once (more than he already does), and so the responsibility of no children is not the 2nd wife’s, who was really good to him until he took in KA (though he didn’t give her the real reasons why). After that, Madam Jung changed, becoming jealous and bitter, which is understandable.
              3–I love your idea here, and I could get behind that, eventually. So, would KW still work and inherit Jeguk then? Because now, he would have to take care of KA, and we know the woman is high maintenance.
              Also, how did KW come to be seen as Daddy’s son then? Did his Korean American mom have him (as in was pregnant with him or literally had him), before she married Daddy? Did Daddy take him because he wanted a son back then too?

              This is soooo twisted, but in a good way. You should write a fanfic with those ideas, and add them to the ones you already have. I read three of those, the KHJ one, and the one in which the girl is left at the altar (that was a long one 🙂 ), and the KSS one. I liked the KHJ one more, because you gave him an emotional side that we don’t usually see about him.
              I loved that he “seemed” to be into the relationship more than the female, and that he “seemed” to be more hurt and emotional about them “coming out.” I liked how you wrote him (and her actually as well). The reasons behind her behavior made sense. I wished that story would have been longer. It was getting really good, when you ended it :-(. You should have given us one more chapter :-), now that they were both on the same page, about being public. I wanted more tender moments between the two, and HB being more aggressive/kind of badass with the reporters (that was really cute and touching).
              Maybe you will change your mind? 🙂

              I watched them on WGM, one of my favorite couples. Were they one of yours?

              • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

                Yeah, KJH/HB were my favorite couple on WGM. Well, the story of that fic is that basically, I was a big fan of the couple and wrote it on the spur of the moment in a Joongbo chatroom. Someone there liked it and actually copied and pasted it to keep a copy. Then I asked her to send it to me so that I could edit it. LOL. So sorry for ending it there. And sorry for no more chapters. lol. It’s been like 5 years already.
                Oh and thanks for reading my others fics! The Honeymoon (the long one) isn’t even my longest story. LOL. Well the other one has a sequel so there’s an excuse.

                Okay, back to Heirs. Maybe Daddy only learned that Won isn’t his biological son after his wife died, or maybe right before she died or something. By that point, it was too embarrassing to reveal the truth.

                Hahaha. I really wish I could suggest this to KES. lol

  • Ha ha ha...nice theory...i can agree that Won might not be Daddy Kims real son, but Tan must be his because why would a father put so much shares in Tans name and leave behind Won, thinking he is still incompentent despite the hardwork Won put in Jejuk Gr says:

    Ha ha ha…nice theory…i can agree that Won might not be Daddy Kims real son, but Tan must be his because why would a father put so much shares in Tans name and leave behind Won, thinking he is still incompentent despite the hardwork Won put in Jejuk Group? Nope..no Engagement between Esther and Young Do’s dad..but Rachel being not the kid from her divorced DAd..Could it be that Chan Young and Rachel are sibling??mmm

  • Kailani says:

    Best summary/recap EVER!!!! I find your summaries way more entertaining than the actual drama itself. Plus, finally someone else agrees with my opinion that Young Do is just a straight-up jack ass!! Why anyone would ship that ass hole with Cha Eun Sang is beyond my scope of comprehension. I’m still trying to wrap my head around “how did we get a connection between these two characters again?” “Oh, yah, right from the oh so titillating scene outside of the convenience store where Homeless Annie aka Cha Eun Sang has fallen so seductively to sleep atop the plastic tables! An asshole like Young Do wouldn’t have given two farts what some random chick was doing in a scene like this, but because we’re in Korean Drama world and the fates of EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER cross at the one intersection of ‘As If’ and ‘Yah, Sure’ he obviously falls for the one-girl-that-his-ex-best-friend-loves!!! Seriously, where do they come up with these storylines? Most of these characters walk that proverbial line between ridiculousness and stupidity.

    Anywho, just wanted to let you know how much your recaps are appreciated and enjoyed so keep ’em coming!!

  • Kailani says:


    “Tan warns him to stop trying to unleash the beast he’s kept hidden for three years. Because if he does, he will destroy him, his father, his father’s father, his father’s company, his friends’ fathers’ companies, his friend’s father’s father’s mom’s aunt’s classmate’s girlfriend’s niece’s dentist’s foster brother’s wife’s twin’s grocer. Everyone around him will be destroyed. Oh really, now?”

    • Pie says:

      I think It would be possible when I watched Empire of Gold when they use money to make someones business go bankrupt in an instant well as far as the story says that Tans Father company is richest among the rich so its possible I think. 🙂

    • bella57 says:

      Laughing so hard at your comment! Best one on here today!

  • Caitlyn says:

    I think Hyo Shin is still suicidal. I still think the event he was talking about last week is a suicide, surely? That’s the only thing that will get through to his parents; the actual death of their son.

    I have apparently forgotten everything Young Do did, and I have no idea how because it’s only been on for a month and a half, lol. But when you mentioned Joon Young, I literally thought “oh that’s right, he ran a kid out of school!”. Memory of a goldfish, seriously. I can’t help myself though, I find myself totally drawn to Young Do because he’s just so lost. And it just makes me go “awww, you need a hug, don’t you?”.

    I’m glad Tan has finally said that he’s the second son of Jeguk Group so even if his illegitimacy comes out, it doesn’t matter. I’ve been saying that since day one so thank you writers for finally acknowledging it. Who cares who his mum is? He is always going to be the powerful Jeguk heir! Although yeah, I don’t really see how he was ever a bully or “Lucifer”. We haven’t seen any evidence that he was anything other than a sweet 14 year old kid, lol

  • Piogi Queen says:

    I love what Tan did in this Episode. Atlest the fear of birth secret been found out is out of the way!!!!!! I love his courage and i hope Eun Sang will be able to give him the strenght he needs from her……………. Can’t wait for episode 13

  • Rossi says:

    I appreciate the last screen shot!..which is basically the only thing I appreciate in this drama aka hot sunbae. I NEED him to get a happy ending with his hot tutor cause he’s awesome and deserve good things unlike the titular stupid main trio.

  • Rossi says:

    Sorry for double posting but last screen cap distracted me from my thoughts!

    “Guys, this is what we call super love. She doesn’t even know why he’s sad but she feels his pain and cries with him. “….Man, I was almost feeling the moment b/c that was a lovely bit of crying/acting from Minhot but then I got all annoyed when ES started crying too. Like girl! Hold your shite together because this moment is about him and his needing comfort not you!

    When Hyo Shin asked his mom why she doesn’t ask him about his suicide attempt, I was like oof! right in the feels! It’s the 2nd time that I was on board with Ha Neul’s acting cause despite my fondness for his face, he’s not wow-ing me in the acting department so much.

  • Mello says:

    I think your theory about Tan’s father being sterile is not really OK-ish for a powerful main male character…I’ve only seen a case of sterility of a man in a Kdrama, hmm the guy was a real jerk though when I think about it so you might be right lol He wasn’t rich though. It’s just that male sterility is so rare (to me) in Kdramas.

    As for Tan finally having the balls to tell the truth and stand up for himself in front of his father, I’m a bit disappointed that he needed to fall in love to get to that point. Is your life so worthless that you can’t gather the courage to treasure it and get the full control of it? Was he depressed? If so, then I understand.

    OK, some people need some external stimuli to get really mad and get out of their comfort zone, I agree.

    I like Hyo Shin as well, I’d love him to stay alive, I like Clockwatcher’s theory for him. Go to the army Hyo Shin and move out from your parents’ !! 😉

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