“Empress Ki” – Episode 9 Preview

*squeeee!* He saw her! I had a feeling our cliff-hanger this week would be Ta Hwan finally seeing Ki. And OMGosh – next week looks even more squeeworthy if you’re on the TH/SN ship. He searches for her, can’t take his eyes off of her and gets right up in her face.

If Ta Hwan was looking at me like that? I wouldn’t even be able to remember Wang Yoo’s name. King who? *kekeke* However, by singling her out like this – he’s probably putting her in a lot of danger.

Credit Official MBC Empress Ki Twitter via YouTube


  • Phara says:

    Thank you ^°^ Man this drama is breaking my heart. I Don’t think I can wait until next week. My poor heart ><`

    • tessieroo says:

      I know! I’m dyyyying for next week already. Luckily MBC has been pretty good about releasing BTS or clips from the set but having to wait 3 days for subs is also making me insane. O_o

  • aerandre12 says:

    Still haven’t watched this week’s episodes (waiting for subs which usually gets completed by Friday/Saturday) and I can’t wait for next week already.

    What punishment do I inflict on myself! Ottoke? Aghhhh…

  • Bluebell says:

    so there’s no Ta Hwan ❤ SeungNyang ‘s moment this week? nooooo (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ The subs is already long to wait… oh god I’m gonna die waiting for next week episodes (;*´Д`)ノ

    As for Ta Hwan and the way he looks at SeungNyang (๑>ᴗ<๑) so dam hot!!! Please please writers, please let them be together soon!!!!

  • Annie says:

    “If Ta Hwan was looking at me like that? I wouldn’t even be able to remember Wang Yoo’s name. King who?” I’m with you!!!

  • ashura199 says:

    *Squeal!!!!!* i am definitely on the TH/SN ship. It will be hard for me to watch SN no returning TH affections in future. That said, i cant wait for next week’s episode with so much of TH & SN moments!!!

  • Gaeina Lee says:

    Uhh, till now I’m flip flopping between 2 ships… HJW have explosive chemistry with both male leads, and Idk why I even love the whiny emperor’s chemistry with the charismatic king!
    Guh! Just for once, I wish 3 is not too crowded.. *winks*

  • Serenity93 says:

    They have such amazing chemistry and in a way they balance each other out. If SN were to be with WY they would be amazing because they’re both really strong characters, but then it’ll be no fun and actually be pretty boring. With TH and SN sparks are flying everywhere and it’s never boring! Can’t wait til the next episode comes out~

  • anonymous says:

    Dramastyle[hulu-mbc] have the english sub of episodes 7 and 8. OMG, I couldn’t wait for Monday to come.

  • Ki ki says:

    I have this preview many time already … Waiting for Monday to come faster. I really like u said that who is king 😉 hahha yes I am TH & SN shipper 🙂

  • naeus says:

    im loving this drama even though fearing maybe the ending would be tragic…im in WY-SN ship right now but I dont know maybe TH-SN ship wouldnt be bad… i love all the leads…i only see WY’s interaction with SN. this week my heart will be confuse especially if I see the changes to TH…he has to become strong in order to protect SN perhaps he did become strong as the wedding implied in the first eps…but boy it breaks my heart to see SN and WY teary-eyes looking at each other from afar…

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