“Heirs”: Park Shin Hye Comforts Lee Min Ho


It has been push and pull between Eun Sang and Tan since they’ve met, but it’s back to pull on episode 13 of Heirs, with a passionate embrace to show for it.

At the end of episode 12, Tan reveals to Rachel and her mom about his true relationship with Han Ki Ae and thusly, undeservedly earning him slaps from his father. After this unloading, he seeks out Eun Sang at her work, and standing face-to-face, they silently cry together. The episode closes with this ultimate display of empathy and love, and it seems it’ll lead to a hug that Eun Sang might initiate.

For more than three hours, Lee Min Ho and Park Shine Hye filmed the scene in cold weather, but I bet all that contact raised their body heat. Heh 😉

The hugs in this drama make me more giddy than those grade school kisses.




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