“Heirs”: Heart-Racing Forehead Kisses Between The OTP


I’ll say it again. The kisses on Heirs fall flat, but I’m a sucker for all other forms of intimacy on this show, like the one we’ll be treated to on episode 14!

So, it appears that Eun Sang’s status as a charity student will be revealed to the whole class during Chan Young and Bo Na’s party. It all comes to light when she, dressed in her apron, makes a coffee delivery to the event, and what should follow? Well, probably a very awkward and humiliating moment for Eun Sang while Rachel dabbles in schadenfreude. Of course, Tan will be there for his lady and he might even make a violent scene.

However, what should be a nightmare of an evening turns out to be romantic when in front of everyone, Tan wraps his arms around Eun Sang to undo her apron. A bit symbolic! The burden of her secret is being shed off, but she’s not going through it alone. And later, when she’s all dolled up for the party, she’s given a corsage and the soft touch of his lips on her forehead—3 times!

I’m satisfied even if the show doesn’t have another kiss … as long as we get more hugs and loving forehead kisses. They’ve been better than the “shut up” pecks because Eun Sang isn’t recoiling in dumb terror, and instead, she’s reciprocating with genuine affection.

See, despite the writing being flawed, it’s a scene like this that makes Heirs so hard to quit!




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  • Pakykul Gunk says:

    Awwwww It’s so sweet !
    Waiting for you update and thank you for the photo set.

  • Ivoire says:

    I LOVE forehead kisses, just love them, when they come at the right moment and are done with emotions, the way HS did it to HJ. Thank you so much for this! I love seeing KT being tender towards ES. Scenes like that make melt, every time. Thank you for making my night. See how easy I am :-)?

  • Chrissy says:

    Talk about hijacking someone’s else party. hahahaha I’m not complaining.

  • snow_white says:

    Awwww……So. Romantic.

  • dramafan says:

    excuse me..how can u say the writing is flawed and then go ahead and say these moments make it better..the moments are not easy toget without the writing to back it up..i dont agree sorry..this storyline is good..it just doesnt do all the earth shattering weird secrets like ‘secret’..but the story line is just beautiful…er..just an opinion..lol…hehehe

    • goodange says:

      I respect your opinion. 🙂 But I still maintain my opinion: I think the writing is flawed. 😉 I didn’t say these moments make it better. I said it’s hard to quit Heirs because of these moments despite the flawed writing. And having toe-curling romantic scenes and whether a show has good or bad writing aren’t mutually exclusive. I like the show, which is why I continue to watch it and post updates on it, but if I distance myself from my bias, then, I can objectively say that Heirs has a lot of imperfections that could have been avoided or trimmed down by a more skilled storyteller. Needless to say, not every show will satisfy everyone.

  • bella57 says:

    If you like daughter; try Banks (she might be on soundhound, but is definitely on spotify). Similar to Daughter: Landfill. Let me know if you check it out!

  • tessieroo says:

    I gotta say I agree. I actually love that Tan kinda plays with ES’s hair? *hee* I’m a huge sucker for that but no K-dramas ever show guys playing with the girls hair! WAE?

  • Phara says:

    Great chemistry on screen ^°^ my heart stop as Kim tan reach to undo her apron. In front of everyone slowly removing her apron and kissing her forehead Man I didn’t know that such simple gestures had great meanings. **Heart please come down >°<`

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