“Marry Him If You Dare” Episode 14 Video Preview + Se Joo Proposes To Mi Rae?!

Gasp! Is this “moonlight proposal” a game-changer?! Has Fu Rae succeeded in re-writing her fate? Is this the writers’ way of keeping the audience guessing about the ending/future?

Some of the viewers are calming themselves from the potential—likely—developments on the next episode of Marry Him If You Dare. Some are disappointed, but they’re remaining collected because Mi Rae doesn’t exactly appear overjoyed by what should be one of her happiest days ever! Even the hug is dull …

On the one hand, the preview seems to indicate more distance between Shin and Mi Rae.

Oh how, oh how will it end?




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  • AlekaOnu says:

    Thanks for sharing the spoiler pics. To be honest, I like Seju with Mirae. Even though I know many fans will be sad if Mirae don’t ended up with Shin…I still hope its Mirae and Seju in the end :).

  • soo bin says:

    i still want to see Mi Rae with Shin. you can read from her face and her reaction to the situation that that isn’t what her heart wants and hopes for. i hope that true love wins in the end.

  • Chese says:

    I’m sorry I just can’t even !”£$%^&*() what the hell has the writer done to this drama she could have given us two very happy couples a few weeks ago and the rest of the drama fan service, but no she dose the typical stupid thing and making all four leads unhappy. She could hav had fmr tell all the four leads her past their future and go back then they could have changed the lives for the better themselves (there all adults for crying out loud). I don’t think writing a drama by her self was a good idea for miss hong jin ah she should stick to writing with her sister like they always do, their dramas are so much better when they write as a team. It’s such a shame, so much talent in its stars this drama but wasted thanks to the writer. Sorry for my rambling but when i saw these spoiler pics I just couldn’t anymore.


  • kyoko says:

    i think someone will still die..if her brother will not die because he was cured of cancer then maybe mirae will die..because of the scar she has..and at the end of episode the black man said that she cant change the future and whatever she did in the present will be useless because a new one will be created..oh i hope she will not..

  • ktl says:

    Anyone here rooting for see joo n yoo kuyng?? I think YK deserves it

  • Pearl says:

    OMO!! I love it if this drama will end with Se Joo and Mirae very happy together and that she will erase Shin in her heart. I mean, Se Joo did a lot of things for Mirae… He deserves her love!

  • tuba says:

    I think, se joo and mi rae very sweet couple. kim shin is bad.because he didnt save to your love.kim shin deserve to this.

  • whoknows says:

    waaa i want .. seju and yoo-kyung.. well because im yongseo fan… weird though because i saw han chae ah a little bit looks like to seohyun.. ohh also the name sounds like hahah..

  • Tangerine says:

    Writer, please put the rightful pair back to each other’s arms. Please. LOL. I love all the stars. But chemistry-wise it is obvious that Shin and Mirae have great chemistry together, so as YK and SJ. 😉

  • angeline says:

    i dont like han chae ah with yong hwa. she is the bitch character.

  • angeline says:

    i dont agree with tangerine. anyway, by guessing the story….. both men loves eun hye.

  • angeline says:

    Han chae ah star in style. which her character is bitch! same as this. so i dont like she with yong hwa!

    • Haniel says:

      What is wrong with you? Is because of people like you that are leaving dumbass comments like this that there is a backlash on JYH fans, and also are you that 1 dimensional? Seriously? YooKyung’s character is not the bitch character, she is not the one that deceived SeJoo, she is the only one that has been supportive and a good friend to him, while Mirae only uses him to cheer her up and when her needy self needs a dose of attention since Kim Shin won’t give it to her.

      Also, Yonghwa and Chae-Ah are just actors, they are not the characters insulting them because of their characters (such as calling Chae-Ah a bitch) is the stupidest thing anyone can do.

      • angeline says:

        well, did you watch the style drama? is the director given her the character. Maybe she is good on the acting for that character. so why do you so upset about! i think most of the fan prefer Mi rae with Se Jo. it is ony a drama anyway. i guess the ending wont be good anyway.

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