Year-End Giveaway Contest Is Now Closed!


We love all our CK friends, but unfortunately, only two lucky people will be receiving major holiday presents from us.

Because Heirs is currently airing, our first prize winner will receive Lee Min Ho’s Special Album Vol. 1 – My Everything (CD + DVD + Photobook). Meanwhile, the second placer will receive his/her pick of OST.


Want to take your chances? Just follow these rules:


Winners will be picked using a list randomizer, and they will be announced on December 22nd. We hope that’s enough time to take part in the contest 🙂



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  • kazewiind says:

    Maybe my question is stupid, but what is a screen name ? ^^

  • Lizeth26 says:

    Omo! Definitely gonna take my chances! A Lee Min Ho package would be an awesome Christmas present! XD

  • Pakykul Gunk says:

    Wowww I’m in! I’m in!

    by the way, what is screen name?

  • Soraessence says:

    I’m In, of course!!! Lee Min Ho ♥♥♥

  • yaya says:

    wow .. I’m in 🙂

  • tokkioncrack says:

    All the way in 🙂

  • Tery says:

    Hi…i’m definitely participating but i would like to ask what would be the subject for the email?

    • goodange says:

      Hi, Tery.

      The subject can be anything you want. Some people didn’t even put them. So, it’s no big deal 🙂 We’re more interested in your first name and screen name.

      We wish you luck! 🙂

  • Rossi says:

    How nice of you guys! I’m gonna try to win this for my aunt who’s a huge Minhot fan =D

  • Ash says:

    Can someone tell me how to get into this??
    i’m completely new here..
    help me plz

  • Ash says:

    and while sending the mail it says
    The address “” in the “To” field was not recognized. Please make sure that all addresses are properly formed… what should i do?? 🙁

    • goodange says:

      Hi, ash. Sorry you’re encountering issues.

      Please try sending it again to

      Just cut and paste the address tot he “To” part of the email. If that doesn’t work, let us know again.

      Just a reminder: provide your first name first and a username 🙂

      I hope it works!

    • goodange says:

      “The address “” in the “To” field was not recognized.”

      I just realized that you included a period (.) after com. Please remove the period after it. That might fix the problem 🙂

  • Ivoire says:

    I was just wondering if I could still enter the contest, since the winners will be announced on December 22nd. Thank you!

    • goodange says:

      Hi, IVOIRE.

      Yes, you may still enter 🙂 We’ll close the contest on Dec. 21st 🙂

      • Ivoire says:

        Hi Goodange,

        Wonderful :-)! I shall enter then (the contest, that is. Man! That sounded naughty, LOL). I know people asked questions about the rules, and even though I read the answers (quickly), I am still confused, so I might be back with some more questions.
        Also, I love your screen name. May I ask how you came up with it?

        • goodange says:

          Hi, Ivoire. If you have any questions, feel free to ask 🙂 But really, the rules are simple. 😉 Just email us your first name only and screen name that includes numbers—i.e. abcde123.

          As for my screen name, it was inspired by the title of a Cat Power song 🙂

          • Ivoire says:

            Hi again Goodange,

            Thank you for your response.

            1–So I am emailing you my real first name, and for my screen name, do I make a new one up? Because I am assuming that you do not want me to use the screen name I am using here, i.e. “Ivoire.”
            2–For the numbers, can they only be 3 numbers, or can we write as many numbers as we wish (but probably less than 10? I am exaggerating here of course, though I would really like to have an idea).
            3–If the screen name I choose means something, should I mention it in the email?
            4–I will be sending the email from my real email account, so my last name will show in the “who” portion of the email. Would that be OK? I personally do not want to create a new email account just to enter this contest, and I am asking because the rules say that we should only send our first name.

            These are the questions I had. Thank you for answering them.

            • goodange says:

              Hi, Ivoire.

              Yes, you can send your real first name or if you don’t want to share your real name, just use Ivoire. Likewise, it’s okay if you use Ivoire for your screen name. Just add numbers at the end. You’re welcome to add as many as you want, really, but less than 5 numbers would be preferable.

              You don’t have to mention what the screen name means to you.

              And it’s okay if your last name shows up in the “who” portion of the email.

              The purpose of the first name is to allow us to thank the winners when we announce them. The screen names will be used to differentiate those with the same first names from each other. And we will also use the screen names to plug into the list randomizer.

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