“Marry Him If You Dare” Episode 16 Video Preview

Only one more episode left for Marry Him If You Dare. So, Will Mi Rae continue to play house with Se Joo or will she and Shin reunite? Will the story have a satisfying ending for viewers because—from I’ve read—the last few episodes have been a disappointment? And if Se Joo ends up with a broken heart, then, there’s always Yoo Kyung to help mend it. Or has that ship sailed? 😉



Sources  |  Soompi, c/o pechipsky  |  @FrenchNeri




  • Hatav says:

    And put all these Questions in final Ep is not professional!
    Never do writing if you are depressed writer!

  • AlekaOnu says:

    As for me, I prefer to have Seju and Mirae to end up as a couple in this lifetime :). Cos in their future, Mirae and Kimshin are a couple already.

  • AlekaOnu says:

    I prefer to see Mirae and Seju as a couple for this lifetime 🙂 because Mirae and Kimshin have become a couple in the future lifetime. I really hope Mirae will be with Seju 🙂

  • Alex says:

    Male lead LDG is bad casting. He really killed the show along with script writer. There should be better romance between NA MI RI ..se joo to justify unite them last. It should be kinda equaly love with stronger connection towards sejoo because things changed its different universe. Instead writer thinking its future na mi ri universe and dragging everyone along with this mess.

    Writing should be …more love towards sejoo and last min more attraction towards shin and revert back because its different universe.

    Instead…its like love that never fully realized and made every viewer angry.

    This drama writer should be always assistent writer not main.

    Korean drama crack source is romance…otherwise all western TV shows are million times better.

    Only romance part Korean drama kills it.

  • Soo bin (@Soo226) says:

    i like mi rae to end up with kim shin for the only reason that he is truly the one in her heart. but this is korean drama. lol sometimes the ending could be changed due to popular request if the second lead is popular. lol too bad because LDG really is a natural actor and has always been true to all his drama characters effortlessly.he is one actor whose good looks and enigmatic charm don’t interfere with his fine acting.such a talent! YEH is also good in this drama.

  • Reideen says:

    Is that future Kim Shin who went to talk to his past self?? I wonder if that (their talk) will make Kim Shin fight for Mi Rae’s love…. hmmm

  • Teni says:

    I do really hope Mi Rae unite with Se Joo. This is different universe with dynamic changing. i really upset the end of the drama is blurr. how come ?

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