Upcoming MBC Drama “Miss Korea” Releases Second Teaser

Medical Top Team is ending which means another drama gets to take its home. The new occupant of the very low ratings spot is none other than Lee Sun Kyun’s and Lee Yeon Hee’s romantic comedy Miss Korea. I hope they have better luck here.

What is it about? From AsianWiki:

Set in the year 1997. A cosmetics company is in bad financial shape. To save the company, Hyung-Joon (Lee Sun-Kyun) and other employees try to make Ji-Young (Lee Yeon-Hee) into Miss Korea. Back in their high school days, Ji-Young was the most beautiful student. She now works as an elevator girl.

Character Introductions:


Romantic comedies are a hit or miss these days and none of the writer’s (Seo Sook Hyang – Romance Town, Pasta) or director’s (Kwon Seok Jang – My Princess, Pasta) previous work have impressed me. I enjoyed My Princess but mainly because I got to stare at Song Seung Heon’s abs on several occasions.

The teaser looks interesting so let’s cross our fingers that drama is. The first episode airs on December 18th.

Credit: AsianWiki, TopStarNews, TvDaily

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