“Prime Minister and I” – First Impressions

I’ll admit that I had to be dragged into watching “Prime Minister & I”. I’m a fan of Yoona’s. *gasp* (I know) I think she shows excellent comedic timing but I’m not fond of her melo performances. Still, I’m a fan of her goofy, awkward side which made me want to watch this. However, when the lead male was announced – I was put off.  I don’t know much about Lee Beom-Soo except that he’s been in a TON of movies and dramas (none of which I’ve seen) and he’s 43. That put me off a lot, considering Yoona is 20 years younger.

So I’m now eating my words and ashamed of all the horrible assumptions I made. This drama is good, REALLY GOOD. Yoona is firing on all cylinders and Lee Beom-Soo is making me want to go watch all his dramas and/or movies I’ve missed. I can’t believe I made the decision to not watch this based on the actors ages! That’s just insane (I realize now) and my apologies to all the fans of this drama.
Lee Beom-Soo plays Kwon-yul, a candidate for Prime Minister. He is a widowed father of 3 adorable children (ages 15, 12 and 7) Yoona plays Da-Jung, a tenacious, clueless -about-politics reporter who works at a scandal rag. Their paths first cross when he catches her taking pictures of a celebrity and assumes she’s taking pictures of him –  before it’s announced that he’s in the running for Prime Minister. (which is something he doesn’t want) Erasing the picture she took of him accidentally, he tells her off and leaves.

Her boss assigns her to dig up dirt on Kwon-yul since he’s the youngest candidate in history for Prime Minister and he’s hot news. Plus his assistant Hye-Joo (Chae Jung-An) is a beautiful woman who has been by his side for 10 years – there must be something between them, right? Da-Jung is humiliated in front of the other established political reporters and then Kwon-yul has her arrested for being a stalker. (LOL)
We also meet Joon-Ki (Ryu Jin) who is not only Kwon-yul’s ex-brother-in-law but a political rival. And Kwon-yul hires a new assistant, In-Ho (Yoon Si-Yoon) who appears to be up to no good. I’m not sure what he’s up to yet. One the one hand, he seems to be a huge fan of Kwon-yul’s but on the other there have been sneaky, strange looks so I’m putting him on hold until I find out more.

When Kwon-yul’s youngest son goes missing, having been taken by one of those “serious” reporters, Da-Jung finds him  – only to be chewed out by Kwon-yul even more since he believes she took his son to pump him for information. He shoves her against a tree, berating her – while someone we can’t see takes pictures of this. Hmmmm…
Once he discovers Da-Jung rescued his son, he grants her an interview. Her questions are, as he suspected, frivolous like his favorite ice-cream flavor. However, when she starts asking about his children’s dreams – he realizes he doesn’t know much about his own children. When she asks about the hardest time in his life, he flashes back to the car accident that killed his wife. (which Da-Jung is not aware of) She discovers this after searching and feels bad so she decides to make her article nice.

The next morning, the photos that were taken in secret are on the front page of the papers. And it looks like a romantic moment captured between a candidate for Prime Minister and a young woman. Kwon-yul furiously orders Hye-joo to have the article removed but it’s too late and spreads like wildfire. Even worse, netizens think the girl in the picture (Da-Jung) looks like a schoolgirl so it’s assumed this guy is kissing a minor.
Kwon-yul’s brother-in-law Jung-Ki is delighted, thinking Kwon-yul will now have to withdraw while Hye-joo believes Jung-Ki is the culprit behind this scandal. She wants to immediately release the information that the girl in the picture is Da-Jung (not a minor) but In-Ho argues against this. The tabloid she works for would twist things even more to protect her. Hye-joo suggests releasing information that Da-Jung is working with Junk-Ki to spread false rumors about Kwon-yul. Kwon-yul refuses to do that.

We find out the “serious” political reporter Woo-Chul is behind this – he took the pictures but he didn’t recognize Da-Jung. Hye-joo goes behind Kwon-yul’s back to release information that Da-Jung was paid. (implying she’s working with Kwon-yul’s political rivals) Kwon-yul decides to withdraw his nomination – he won’t allow Da-Jung to be used this way. Awwww, he’s a good guy.
At the press conference to withdraw his nomination, Kwon-yul gets hammered with questions about the woman he’s seeing and the “serious” reporter Woo-Chul (who finally figured out the girl in the picture was Da-Jung) announces who she is. Da-Jung shows up at the press conference, admits she’s the girl in the photos, grabs Kwon-yul’s arm and announces they’re in love. Ahahaha – WHAT?

It works. Public opinion suddenly shifts in Kwon-yul’s favor. Turns out the whole idea was In-Ho’s which infuriates Hye-joo (who has been secretly in love with Kwon-yul for 20 years) After thinking it over and thinking about all the people counting on him, Kwon-yul agrees to pretend Da-Jung is his girlfriend. But only until he gets the confirmation – after they, they will “pretend” to break up. Uh huh.
And so the pretense begins with Kwon-yul hanging up on Da-Jung when she calls him spouting “Jagiya” on the phone. (LOL) Both families of our pretend lovers aren’t happy. Da-Jung’s Father (who is in the early stages of Alzheimers) is angry she’s seeing a man with 3 children. 2 of those 3 children aren’t happy either but mostly because Dad doesn’t spend any time with them and even forgets Birthdays. The youngest son, Man Se is the only one who likes Da-Jung.

During the confirmation hearings, they come down hard on Kwon-jul about his children – thanks to a tip from evil brother in-law Jung-Ki that Kwon-jul doesn’t know anything about his own children. Wow, so this guy is even willing to use his dead sisters children to defeat Kwon-yul? He’s kinda despicable. Kwon-yul gives a heartfelt answer about his children which assures his nomination. And so his new duties as Prime Minister begin.
From here, events conspire to force our fake-couple into a real relationship. Kwon-yul is pressured by the President about setting a wedding date while Da-Jung learns her Father has a brain tumor and only has 6 months to live. Man Se, Kwon-yul’s youngest son is also involved in throwing them together. When a spy under evil brother-in-law Jung-Ki tries placing a hidden camera, Kwon-yul has to again involve Da-Jung in his life.

Pushed into a corner, Da-Jung suggests a 6-month contract marriage. When Kwon-yul finds out her Father has 6 months to live and with some further prodding from Man Se – he agrees. Both of his assistants are not happy about this since Hye-joo is in love with the Prime Minister and In-Ho has fallen for Da-Jung. Oh, and evil brother-in-law is in love with Hye-joo. (LOL) Tangled webs, anyone?
I’ve only seen the first 4 episodes but I’m in! I won’t be doing regular weekly recaps but I will post my thoughts on upcoming episodes. So if you’re like me and were initially really put off by the age thing? Put that aside and give this a go – it’s worth it.


  • Baesr says:

    hahahaha It is indeed hard to judge a drama/casting without giving it a try even in trailers or stuff. I’m a little bit like you when the drama was announced, but out of curiosity I’ve seen the trailer and loved the chemistry of the lead stars, the five of them, may it be OTP or “cannot be” love line or rivalry.

    While I was reading your recaps, comments and reactions are also floating in my mind, by things, same and not as yours.

    I just hope that even if you won’t give your reviews, but you will still give little opinions especially about their released photos, because I love to read them.

    More power to your blog!

  • noernov says:

    I love this drama also..yoona has the best role yetand lee bum soo is HOT prime minister

  • Gaeina Lee says:

    Awww, she loves PM&I as well.. I’m there from the beginning for the male leads, all 3 of them.. LBS is the 1 who helped me endured and lessen the pain in finishing Dr. Jin, Ryu Jin is my 2nd KActor crush, and my lovely energizer puppy YSY.. how can’t I not be there for them? Just as you, I am a new fan of *gasp* Yoona *gasp*…

    As much as I enjoyed PM&I, EK is still my must watch live on Mon-Tue, then PM&I. My love to JJM, HJW and JCW seems bigger still.. ^^

    • tessieroo says:

      Me too (with watching EK live) but I am definitely now hooked on this one too! (LOL) I knew Yoona had a quirky, funny bone while watching “Love Rain” (although that drama was awful) I really enjoyed this and am now putting LBS movies on my “to watch” list. 🙂

  • Lily says:

    hahah at last someone is writing about this drama which i proposed few weeks ago. glad u write it. so it is a must watch drama and worth it.

    • tessieroo says:

      Lily, I had quite a few people telling me to watch this! (they know I like Yoona and I love funny stuff) I’m so happy I finally did. 🙂

  • Ibu says:

    Believe it or not, I fell in love with this drama when I first saw the trailer. That was when Marry Him if You Dare was still being aired. I never noticed LBS in other dramas, as you said now I feel like watching all his other dramas and movies. Somehow I just feel the chemistry between Yoona and LBS when I first saw the trailer… and I am loving and really enjoying this drama!

    • tessieroo says:

      I know, I’m so ashamed of myself for not giving this a try immediately! *sigh* Ah, well – I’m on board now. LBS has done OVER 40 movies. O_o I can’t believe I didn’t know who this guy was.

  • Midori says:

    Lee Bum Soo has off the charts chemistry with all his romantic lines. Check out the History of a Salaryman. He’s amazing & funny.

    • tessieroo says:

      You’re the third person to recommend that one so I’m gonna put it on my rainy-day list. 🙂 Thanks so much!

    • carolies541 says:

      I second that, I loved him in Giant (the same producers of history of salaryman) but then his goofy, comedic antics just upgrades itself by another level in history of salaryman that I can’t help to love this ahjussi.

      Anyways, I’m actually recommending anything by the producers of “Giant”(Hwang Jung Eum and Joo Sang Wook+LBS) or “History of Salaryman” or “Incarnation of money”(which stars Hwang Jung Eum and Kang Ji Hwan), they’re written by the same genius. I can’t get enough of how smartly written these series are.

  • LikeSomin says:

    I’m too, very impressed with this drama. At first didn’t think Yoona is a good actress and he age gap between the leads was too much.,,,

  • Robin says:

    I was similarly skeptical only for the opposite actor reason – I had never cared much for Yoona but adore Lee Bum Soo (ya gotta watch him OWN the screen in History of a Salaryman and he’s the über-mensch of all mensches in On Air) – but the age and experience gap of the two made me pause. And pause again. But like you I decided to give it a look-see and was delighted by Yoona, by Lee Bum Soo, by the zippy plot and dialogue. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Yoon Shi-yoon looks yummy with his new dark and short hair and an extra year on him!

    • tessieroo says:

      Hey Robin!

      I’m truly ashamed of the initial assumptions I made about this one. (LOL) These two have amazing, comedic chemistry – both seem to know their timing. And it just WORKS! I’m really enjoying it. Ep’s 5 & 6 were even better.
      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

      • Ibu says:

        Totally agree! Ep. 6 was very heartwarming. I had teary eyes when Kwon Yul hugged Man Se. He’s starting to realize what he’s been missing all this time. This drama gets better by each episode.

        My favourite scenes so far:
        – When DJ was totally happy to know what kind of underwear the PM wears (hahaha.. so cute)
        – When Kwon Yul laid back on his chair listening to the contract terms that DJ created and was reading to him (his expressions were priceless!)
        – When Man Se smiled after being successful of tricking DJ that he’ll be lonely if she leaves (this was when he was hiding from the ahjumma)
        – When DJ’s and KY’s hands were glued to each other, totally loved the chopper scene (including the stares by Chief Kang)
        – When KY was sewing the froggy doll
        – The fake smiles of the ministers’ wives when the reporters were taking their pictures at subway.. hahaha
        – Every skinship scenes of the hubby and wifey… hehehe

        I better stop, I’d probably end up listing out every DJ and KY scenes in episode 6. Hihihi 🙂

        • tessieroo says:

          I teared up at Yoon hugging his little guy too. I think my favorite is when Yool started sewing! I can’t wait for next week. 🙂

          • tessieroo says:

            *sigh* I keep saying Yoon when I mean YOOL. *facepalm*

          • Ibu says:

            Talking about next episode, I read somewhere that episode 7 & 8 will only be aired in two weeks time. Not sure if this is true, can anybody confirm this news? If it’s true then we will have to suffer for 2 weeks!

            • tessieroo says:

              I was told there will be a new episode next Monday but not Tuesday. (so only 1 episode next week) Probably due to end of the year Award shows.

              • Ibu says:

                Well, 1 episode is better than none I guess… thanks Tessieroo! At least that would make our waiting a biiit less painful.

  • Gaby says:

    Good Drama! 😀 // Me encanta este drama! entretenido!

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