Bevy Of “Blood Boiling Youth” Stills Feat. Lee Jong Seok, Park Bo Young, & Others

Holiday, schmoliday! There’s no rest for us bloggers, as production of Blood Boiling Youth unveiled a bunch of stills that reveal the relationships between its four leads and more about each individual’s personality.

From the looks of the stills, the movie might be taking on several lovelines (or maybe that’s just my hope). The alpha female Young Sook (Park Bo Young) and the badly dressed bad boy Kwang Sik (Kim Young Kwang) appear to bond with each other, maybe owing to their similar badass reputation. However, her locking horns with the skirt-chasing Joong Il (Lee Jong Seok) might just be the spice needed for their potentially sweet romance. Maybe she’ll be the one to tame him? Or will it be the town’s new, angelic beauty, So Hee (Lee Se Young), who’ll reform the playboy? 😉




Source  |  Blood Boiling Youth DAUM Movie Page


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