Answer Me (Reply) 1994: A Special Finale Discussion

Episode 20 was a big blow for me because I really saw how the story came about in this episode. Watching it with subtitles really had a huge impact, not to say that it didn’t stir my emotions already. My initial assumptions had a new light, seeing how each moment comes in full view. It brought a different kind of experience that made me think otherwise. It is a hard pill to swallow at first. But don’t let yourself miss out on the story because of this.

Now a simple surprise for you all. I’m not going to do this alone. As you already know, I am a biased Chil Bong shipper. So just to balance this post and to help us all understand the story much better, with a different point of view and amazing insights, I am writing this with a good friend whom I respect as a blogger herself. From here at the Couch let’s give the warmest welcome to Blue (

In this post, Blue and I discuss Episode 20 highlights along with some flashbacks: Why we are on board a different ship, some finale spoilers, our personal thoughts about the story as a whole, and more tidbits in between. Let’s have an open heart and join us in this final discussion.

Leila: Blue, wanna have a discussion of the finale together and share it with viewers?? What do u think??

Blue: Sounds like a great idea! Since you’re known as the Team CB blogger and me the Team Trash blogger, perhaps we can somehow help the two teams make amends.

Leila: Yeah!! Let’s do that 🙂 Blue first stop, thank you for gracing this request! Haha

Blue: No, thank you! I think this will be so much fun!

Leila: Let’s start with Chil Bong’s second confession. What first came to mind? Did it bother you he’d try again?

Blue: Hmm, not really. I think it was in his character to believe that if he truly tried at anything, he can make it come true. It was a mistaken assumption, but he needed that to get full closure for him. Perhaps the timing was wrong, especially with it being right after Dad’s surgery. But I don’t blame him for his second confession, especially since as far as he’s concerned, NJ was available again. Do you agree?

Leila: He saw the opening and like baseball he attacked, straight on. Aigoo I hate to use this meta. But as for me, I think he had a chance there. If only they didn’t saw Oppa at the elevator. That was really timing at best! Or I think its more like she’s about to start giving him a chance then she saw Oppa and realized she hasn’t forgotten. Not yet.


Blue: It was clear to me that she was never over Oppa even after the “breakup”.

Leila: I wouldn’t want CB to be a rebound that’s why I thought the writer would be giving them the right time so that NJ can heal. But the heart, you can’t force it to love ASAP. Especially with what she had with Oppa. I know she’d need time

Blue: You know, I think a story about moving on from your first love and finding new love would not have been a bad drama at all. But from the direction this drama took from the beginning, it just didn’t appear it was going that route.

Leila: Actually, that was the EXACT theme I had in mind at first. Someone new. And CB was the best person to finally play that part.

Blue: But if that was the route the drama would take, they should have made NJ’s love/dating with Trash at the very beginning and took episodes to show how she moved on and found new love. The framework for how this drama was set up just wasn’t that route.

Leila: Sadly, that’s true.

Blue: Having her find love in Trash Oppa for 19 episodes and then just move on to CB at episode 20 would have been just a whiplash for the viewers.

Leila: The story wasn’t finding new love it was actually about a love that matured from being oppa-dongsaeng to true love. With all the obstacles in between.

Blue: Yes! I don’t think the story that Team CB was looking for is a bad one at all. But I just felt like they were looking for it in a wrong drama.

Leila: That’s what I told you! IT really felt like both team were watching two different dramas! it’s kinda crazy! haha

Blue: Hehe, I know! Because this drama always gave me the impression that it was about that maturation from oppa/dongseng to being true lovers.

Leila: That’s my biggest qualm though. Na Jung’s heart that loves only Oppa.

Blue: Hmm, can you explain why it was a qualm to you?

Leila: Maybe because Na Jung could have loved Chil Bong if only her heart wasn’t pre-occupied. To tell you honestly, I was actually waiting ONE sign from her that maybe CB has a chance. I thought that Sampoong Department collapse was IT. But Episode 20 just ripped my hope to pieces and what I thought is a possibility, turned out to be the exact opposite. How cruel is that scene?! CB’s pain, I wasn’t able to bear it during that flashback. It was just too much.

Blue: If it happened, it should have happened at Sampoong. When it didn’t, I thought any chance for CB went down to zero, honestly. Because you’re right. Sampoong was big and could have been used as a tool to awaken a feeling in NJ. But if that didn’t do it, it felt like the writer was saying, “Nope, this girl’s heart is steadfast and will NEVER waver.”

Leila: Aww *cries* Because after that scene, she dated Oppa. That’s the exact character of Na Jung. She never gives up. If she wants something, she gives her all.

Blue: For the drama that Team CB to have imagined to occur, here is how it should have happened. NJ has crush on Trash. She may even have confessed to him and experienced heartache. This could go on until Ep 6, assuming it’s 16 ep drama. And then they should have started showing hint of her feeling being awakened for CB by Ep 7. There was actually a K-drama like that in the past. For example, Jealousy in 1992 (or 1993) went exactly that route. It’s not that NJ dated someone else earlier that is the problem. Dating just one guy in your lifetime doesn’t happen often in real life.

Leila: I thought Episode 7 was a great episode for CB. But sadly, Na Jung simply received the ball and didn’t do anything more than that.

Blue: They can’t do a drama showing her loving one man for the entire series, only to do a turn around at the last two episodes.

Leila: I understand. The feeling would have been rushed. I think what really ignited the hope of most Team CB is the fact that his love for Na Jung is unwavering, and lasting.

Blue: But NJ’s love for Trash was also unwavering. And once Trash decided to accept NJ’s love, his love was unwavering for NJ as well.

Leila: Going back, what scene had the most impact to you?

Blue: My most heartbreaking scene of CB was the episode when they had a blackout and they were listening to the radio together.And the DJ said to turn to the person you’re in love with. He turned to NJ, and NJ turned to Trash. I think that was the direction of the drama for the entire show.

Leila: Remembering that part breaks my heart too! Damn, sometimes it’s the way that Chil Bong stared at Na Jung longingly that really got me to love him. But just like what I’ve said, Oppa didn’t sit well with me after he questioned his feelings for her. He needed CB to actually realize that. I think I didn’t like the fact that he didn’t took the risk first.

Blue: I sensed that from your earlier DMs. But I don’t know. I guess I understood where he was coming from and what he feared. And based on what actually unfolded when they broke up, I thought they showed that his fears were not unfounded.

Leila: The conversation Oppa had with Dad made me understand the weight why he hesitated at first. He is family already. Its either he is serious or not.

Blue: Yeah. For him, it was never a matter of should I take the risk of accepting NJ’s love or not. It was a matter of can he take the risk of marrying NJ. And for that kind of decision, it made sense to me that he took months to decide.

Leila: That’s why I really wavered when he finally confessed to the parents. But damn CB, he gave that “its not over” phrase. Hope torture.

Blue: The “it’s not over” phrase really got so many people! I was reading YYS’s interview, and he expressed surprise himself saying that he didn’t know back then that it would have had such an impact. He said that in his High Cut interview.

Leila: You know what Blue, Yoo Yeon Seok is really amazing! he can do anything & it WILL have an impact. Even just seating there silently, he’s making me cry.

Blue: Yoo Yeon Seok is GREAT. I predict he’ll go far in his career. And what’s amazing about him is how versatile he is. If CB was played by any other actor, I don’t think there would have been such a big shipping war in the first place.

Leila: True. That aside, still Oppa really frustrates me especially whenever he sees CB. It feels like his insecurity is coming out.

Blue: I think you’re right that he did have that insecurity. During a scene, they played a song by Lee Sora in the background. Hold on one sec. I’ve translated that lyrics once before. Just going to find it.

Leila: What’s the background music about??

Blue: Found it! “To me who is going on a road different from others. You said nothing. I know that you’re growing tired from the waiting. I still have a long way to go, and you won’t be able to lean on me I am so afraid that your feelings (for me) will cool down”

Leila: I love that BGM brings the scene a lot of meaning. Such beautiful detail.

Blue: Based on the lyrics, it seems the insecurity stems from Trash’s guilt that he can’t be there for NJ because of the road that he has chosen – residency and that may lead him to be afraid that some other guy (whether it be CB or someone else) can then take his place during his absence.

Leila: Yes, that’s why I thought NJ will give CB a chance because he was always there. He’s always present. That’s the exact message of CB to him when Oppa received the ball. If he’s not careful, NJ will have another. But NJ’s love is just loyal like that. Poor CB. Or maybe it was also the fact that I feel Oppa is really not doing anything. I really felt like it was all Na Jung. Oppa was just a recipient. I’m in the medical field and I understand the hard work. It was fortunate he had NJ’s love or else, what they have wouldn’t work.

Blue: Hmm, can you explain? I know many others said the same thing, but I just never understood it. Do you mean when they were dating? Or leading up to them dating?

Leila: When they were dating. He really made me feel like he was just studying, while Na Jung can go as far as Busan just to be with him.

Blue: But can’t that be explained away by him doing his residency? And I think that is another cause for his insecurity. Him knowing that he won’t always be available for NJ. Even when she came over to Busan for his birthday and he got called back to the hospital, he always had that fear.

Leila: But why feel that way when NJ loves him so much? That really confused me. While CB is very secured with his love. Just that Na Jung hasn’t given CB the chance. If only she did. What NJ had then with Oppa is really waiting for him. Waiting for him to move. Because honestly he’s not moving. Not until that text message that happened in Episode 20.


Moving forward, what is your favorite scene in Episode 20?

Blue: My favorite moment from Ep 20 was NJ’s narration explaining why she and Trash broke up. It left the biggest impression on me.What about you?

Leila: I love that cafe scene too. I think I totally ate my words when I referred what usually happens in long distance relationship. Her explanation was relatable.

Blue: Yeah, I was disappointed when they first gave the LDR/drifting apart explanation. But NJ’s latter explanation made so much sense.

Leila: It’s honesty and dependability. They weren’t honest about the fact that they are experiencing a hard time and just lifted the burden on their own. When in fact, they could have lean on each other.

Blue: I think their break-up proved that there was indeed a problem in the relationship. But what relationship doesn’t? I thought them working through this was more realistic.

Leila: In episode 20 it made me understand why they need to break up. Na Jung has to mature in a way and I’m happy she did.

Blue: Honestly, if she were to date CB, who is to say that there wouldn’t have been another relationship problem. Perhaps of a different kind? I liked that the drama showed Trash and Na Jung working through their issues. And even if she were to have dated CB, the LDR issue would have risen again too. With CB leaving for the Major League.

Leila: Yes, they were working on it but they were pre-occupied by their own work I guess. The symbol of the piles in the offices explains that. The writer really confuses me sometime. But you know, even with CB having his career, it seem he always have time with NJ still. While Oppa is away, the writer made CB and NJ so close. I think this is where Team CB started to still hold on.

Blue: But CB was back temporarily as it was off-season. It was known that he would always leave.

Leila: I guess since the CB-NJ cute scenes were inserted, that narrative kinda stayed at the background. Though during his leave, it’s still NJ he spend time with. I think that was really a torture for his character. Chil Bong’s love is just way beyond that of the ordinary second lead. The fact that he confessed twice already made the difference.

Blue: But there are many 2nd leads who’ve confessed to the girl.

Leila: He’s really in love with her that he’d sacrifice for NJ. I didn’t see much sacrifice from Oppa. Or the writer didn’t show it much.

Blue: I disagree with you on this. What sacrifices have CB made for NJ?

Leila: Time.

Blue: And I disagree with you that Oppa didn’t make much sacrifices. Time? As in spending time with NJ?

Leila: Yes. Or maybe I didn’t see much of Oppa ever since his residency. I think sacrifice is something that the shippers also disagree on. The CB character was just endearing that we thought his love made him sacrifice more. Sometimes we can be clouded by this. CB was really a man I see who can put Na Jung first even with his career on hand.

Blue: I’m confused about that though. CB was gone to Japan, and then later to the U.S. He spent time with NJ when he returned and was available. Trash tried to make time and spend time with her whenever he can as well. When she stopped by his officetel (this was pre-dating), he was dead tired and collapsed on his couch. As soon as he saw NJ, he stood right up to give her a ride back home. Even at Busan on NJ’s bday, he was anxious all night at the hospital to return to her. He just kept being called back by the professor.

Leila: When they were already dating, I think  it was then that he lost time for her. That’s why it was Na Jung who always reach out just for him. I find that unfair. See, Oppa can always have choices. Thats also an issue of mine. But NJ gets pushed back bec of that. Its unfortunate, though its entirely not his fault.

Blue: But that was just the circumstances at that time. As a college student, she would have been more available to go see him, then for him to go see her. What choices do you mean?

Leila: This is where the CB shippers comes in. Because he always seemed to make time for Na Jung even if he didn’t have to. Example was that of the trip to Samcheonpo (SCP). CB always does these things for NJ. Its sad to know it went to waste. ALL of it.

Blue: But it would not have made sense for Trash to have gone to SCP at that time. Especially since he was not at the point of being able to accept NJ’s love at that time. After hearing NJ’s confession just a day earlier, him going to SCP would have signified “Yes.”

Leila: The hope of the CB ship was there too. I think it was this kind of gesture that made CB’s love more endearing to viewers.

Blue: Trash made time for NJ whenever he can.

Leila: I understand that Blue. In my opinion, maybe CB & NJ spending time more together made me think that he’d made time for her compared to Oppa.

Blue: If Trash was choosing something else (friends, for example) over NJ, I would have understood. But this was his medical residency. Did he really have a choice?

Leila: Oppa’s time for her became so limited. Maybe that’s why?? he could have chosen a shorter type of medical field. But he opt the longest one. The conversation Oppa had with Dad also brought hope somehow. It felt like Oppa really chose being a surgeon & his relationship with NJ suffered.

Blue: But neurosurgery was so meaningful for both him and NJ’s family.Because NJ’s brother, Hoon, died of brain tumor. Seeing Hoon be hospitalized for it must have left a big impact on Trash.

Time spent together between CB and NJ, are you referring to Ep 19? I just don’t think the “making time” is comparable between CB and Trash. Between an off-season baseball player and a medical resident.

Leila: Yes. Its part of it. I hoped that the writer could just make CB suffer less. But he was really in love that we all hoped. I think the fault of the writer is being good at the pendulum swing. That made us think of possibilities though NJ doesn’t love CB. Sad right?

Blue: I’m telling you. We just watched two different dramas!

Leila: True!! hahaha!! Its crazy like that!! How can this be? Perhaps my love for CB really made me think more, when they were actually less. The writer was successful in making CB so endearing. His love for Na Jung is way beyond what I’ve experienced. That’s why episode 20 hurts badly.

Blue: I do think CB is a great character, don’t get me wrong! But when it came to him, it was always about his one-sided love. There have been many 2nd male leads like that, and he sort of showed all the elements of them.

Leila: I have to agree. It was wrong for me to think the writer will twist the second lead guy cliche. Oh wells 🙂

Blue: Hey Leila, can you tell me exactly which scenes gave you hope that the pendulum would swing in CB’s favor?

Leila: Dec 31, I thought it would be CB all the way. After the millennium thing.

Blue: But even in that millennium NYE, didn’t you get the impression that NJ was waiting for Trash?

Leila: Yes,I would have to say she might be waiting for him the most. But it was unfortunate he was late, he wasn’t there. In my recap I’ve mentioned, if only Oppa knocked. But he did nothing. That’s another reason why until the very end, I don’t get Oppa. Because I really feel he’s not doing anything. Not until he got sick & texted her.

Blue: I don’t know… could Trash really have just knocked that late at night when the lights were all turned off though?

Leila: It wouldn’t hurt if he tried?? Heh.

Blue: Leila, I have a question. Was it that you wished CB would be the husband, or did you honestly believe that he was?

Leila: I honestly believe he was the husband. It’s not an actual wish, more like I just felt he was it. That finally a man like him, with all his efforts will finally have the girl. But I was totally wrong. It’s really Na Jung’s love for Oppa that made me realize this. That I was wrong. Episode 20 really made me feel that. It was painful.

Blue: How would you have explained the present scenes with Trash being at the wedding and being present at the house warming party?

Leila: You know what the conversation with Dad explained why Oppa was there, he is family. I thought that if CB was not the husband he wouldn’t be at the house warming. After all that happened, it feels unfair. But after Episode 20, I think for CB Na Jung was so important for him to lose, so he was content to just be friends.

Blue: I disagree that it did. (about dad’s convo). Dad said Trash was always like a son to him ever since the loss of his real son, Hoon. And that when Trash started to date NJ, he was afraid that he would lose him as a son. Dad said, “They’re only in their 20s. What if they date and something goes wrong?”

Leila: Exactly. For me, the way I understood it he’d always be a family. So even if he’s not the husband. Its okay for him to be there.

Blue: Dad knew that if something goes wrong in their relationship, Trash wouldn’t be able to return to being just a son.

Leila: Yes, I think at their 20’s they weren’t mature enough to handle a relationship. That’s why it felt too risky.

Blue: This is especially true considering how serious their relationship was to the point of being engaged and just a month away from marriage.


Leila: I understand that fact. Blue what made you think Oppa was the husband??

Blue: Oh gosh, how much time do we have? Cause I could go on and on! First, Trash’s introduction in the beginning of the show. The fact that the drama production took so much effort to hide his identity.

Leila: NO. Stick to the story 🙂

Blue: Oh, okay. Fine no outside the drama production stuff. Hehe

Leila: Yes please 🙂 I’m really having fun at this!!

Blue: Well, most telling was NJ’s character and how it was portrayed. Even when she was at the MT and playing games, she was the last one standing. This was not a girl who would easily give up and waver. Of course, that can be said of CB as well.

Leila: They have the same quality that I love.

Blue: But as soon as NJ’s love for Trash was reciprocated and became two-sided, I just didn’t see it wavering. Second is Trash’s personality and how cautious he is. The fact that Trash decided to accept NJ’s love for him under the circumstances meant that he was serious enough to consider marriage. And in fact, he did exactly that. Tell NJ’s parents and propose to her.

Leila: So that was from the first conversation he had with CB. Correct? I understand. I hate that CB told him, he won’t give up that same night. And I cling more towards CB that time.

Blue: It just didn’t make sense to me after how serious their relationship was (not to mention all that skinship) he would be able to just return to being a brother to her. Assuming that he does, it would not have been appropriate for him to be something of a groomsman by being in that wedding photo.They’re close family friends. They would have the same circle of family friends. Especially once they were engaged and mailed out their wedding invitations, it just would not have been appropriate for Trash to be present at the wedding like that, unless he was the husband himself.

Leila: Good point. Speaking of skinship, the first kiss at the hospital was really.. ouch! Though that was one passionate kiss. But I don’t know why, I still hanged on to CB then. I still didn’t let go despite all that. Maybe, tt was really CB’s love for NJ, his unendless hope that made me love him more.

Blue: Second, I’ve mentioned that we had not seen any hint of NJ falling for CB. But the same can be said for Trash. Once he made the decision to accept NJ, we never saw him faltering in his love for NJ.

Leila: Now I see the loophole for CB. And I have to agree on that, NJ really didn’t reciprocate his love. Not even once.

Blue: Even to the point of calling off a wedding a month before it happens in order for NJ to go abroad for work.That was like the biggest sacrifice for him even granted the circumstances. Can you imagine if your fiancé had to call of a wedding a month before it and asked to delay it for 2 years? The wedding date is set, everything is ready. I would have been devastated. Despite so, Trash agreed to it for NJ’s sake

Leila: I totally see your point. Though he wavered.

Blue: He hesitated for one day. I think that’s understandable. It wasn’t like the wedding was few months away. It was literally a month away.

Leila: I understand. And I’m glad he had a change of mind.

Blue: Oh, and one more thing!

Leila: What’s that??

Blue: Oh never mind. I forgot what I was going to say. Haha.

Leila: I thought it was so serious! Darn it! Hahahaha

Blue: LOL. My train of thought jumps around from here to there!

Leila: I just hope the second confession, nor the Dec 31 NYE shouldn’t have happened at this point. Maybe I wound’t hope as much as I did.

Any additional?? Shall we talk about the scene that made the most impact to me in EP20?? And why I think I love CB despite the fact NJ didn’t love him back?

Blue: Sure!


Leila: It has to be all the time spent when CB was waiting for NJ at the hospital. I think by that time watching it with subs, I somehow knew it was the end.

Blue: Ah yes, it was when he realized that he really had to let go.

Leila: CB is really the character I’d fall for, even for real. I think what made me endear to him more is the fact that he wont give up. So when he came to that realization, I just knew, the painful day has finally come that he’d choose to just let her go. Permanently.

Yoo Yeon Seok is simply amazing here. Even his presence made me cry. I really felt CB’s love for NJ more to even suffer like this. You know that whole scenario, he was waiting with fear that she’d go to Oppa anytime since he is sick. That maybe, she won’t come visit CB. And even when NJ did, her heart wasn’t there. That made a big impact. That’s when I realized that we really can’t control who we love. Like NJ, it was really Oppa all along.

Blue: True, CB is portrayed as a very lonely character. I think that was the point when he realized that even when NJ is physically next to him, he’ll remain lonely because NJ’s heart is elsewhere.

Leila: CB’s love is really beyond what I ever expected. Maybe letting go is already a cliche, but I felt it even more with him. He was hurting so much. This has to be his biggest sacrifice. So I just knew watching EP20, that CB isn’t the husband already. And like most CB shippers, it hurts so bad coz his efforts.. it’s all gone.

Blue: Hmm, I think that’s one big difference between the two shippers. CB shippers always focused on CB, the character. How CB’s hurting, how much effort he put in, etc

Leila: Yes blue, it was really his character loving NJ. It was really having his persona that made us all hopeful he is the husband. This journey I felt like I allowed myself to be on CB’s shoes. Because I thought I felt he really is the husband. My mistake.

Blue: But NJ always loved Trash, and Trash loved NJ back. How does this fit into the story then?

Leila: Now that you’ve mentioned that. I just realized that recently! haha. While I was watching the series again. Love can really cloud us into thinking straight sometimes that we forget. For me it was really about CB loving NJ and I put a period on that, I guess. Without realizing NJ already gave her answer all along. That it was really Oppa. Though it was still hard to accept because we want CB to be happy. We thought NJ will give his lonely heart just that.

Blue: Oops, I was going to ask you something about Ep 21 again. Is that okay, or should I not?

Leila: Okay go!

Blue: Are you sure? Keke. It’s kinda a major spoiler!

Leila: GO! You are killing me blue! LOL

Blue: Okay, so in Ep 21, they hint at a possible new love interest for CB. Does that serve as any consolation to you?

Leila: NO. hahaha! But I know he’d go there. He needs to go there!

Blue: That even if it’s not with NJ, CB still has a chance of happiness.

Leila: Yes. All of us has a chance for that. I guess what really came as a conclusion for me is, when you love someone the way CB did, happiness is key. Because you’d give that. CB knows exactly who he is for NJ, so he lets her go. I love CB even more.

Blue: I think I understand what the quintessential difference between the two ships are!

Leila: And what’s that?? For me its more on an emotional level. I shouldnt have felt this way.

Blue: CB shippers feel this drama from CB’s perspective, and wants him to be happy. For Trash shippers, it’s always been a matter of Trash loves NJ, NJ loves Trash. Why break these two up for CB’s happiness.

Leila: Exactly! I think it became all about him! When in fact we forgot Na Jung and what she wants. To think, CB focused on Na Jung all along! Good point. Though I can’t speak for all Team CB. I think some of them may also think otherwise.

Blue: Even when Trash and NJ were having relationship issues, as long as there was love underlying it all, we were like, “Let them work it out!”

Leila: Yes because that’s what we do when we are in a relationship, We work it out. Now I see that more clearly as this drama ends. Its rediculous reading the shippers at war! haha. Though most views are amazing reads!

Blue: Even then, it was never about CB to us.

The writer’s problem is that she portrayed CB too well (or maybe that’s YYS’s fault) and people just came to fall too much in love with him.

Leila: That’s why the cafe scene of Na Jung touched my heart. Because I was wrong to think about the LDR issue. It was not really the distance nor falling out of love. It was them lacking honesty and that they didn’t depend on each other when needed. So when Oppa texted Na Jung, it was obvious then. It was him she still loves. She was just waiting for him to move and tell her she needs him. And no doubt, she’d even fly if need be.

I think its Yoo Yeon Seok’s fault. He is brilliant! I’m in awe. CB could have been a dull and irritating character with all his persistence. But YYS just made him more than what the character should be.

Blue: See, here’s the thing. If this was me personally, it’s true that I might have chosen CB over Trash. Because he really is a great guy deserving of a great girl. And would make a great husband to some girl. But I just always felt like he was knocking on the wrong door, when NJ wasn’t that girl for him. If NJ ever showed hint of loving CB earlier, I would not have hesitated to jump to Team CB.


Leila: Blue, that’s exactly how I feel. And I was wrong to feel that way. The story narrative suffered for me. Without watching the finale, this came to mind already. I love CB but AM 1994 is special so I want to accept it as is, even with a broken heart.

Yes. What a stubborn heart I have, right?! haha

Blue: Awww. Can I just say how much I love that attitude of yours?! I know some people want to just dismiss the entire series because they are unhappy with the endgame. But even without that, I think this is a great series. And I respect you so much for what you just said!

Leila: After watching so many dramas, I’ve learned a lot! haha. I will abandon my blog if that’s the case, if I’m always bitter. I wouldn’t even dare to write. My only mistake is having my heart control over everything again. I really fell in love with CB. I don’t regret that. You know, I write with my heart. I’m still learning to be neutral. But with someone like CB, not YYS per se, what can I do?? haha

Blue: I’ve been on a wrong ship twice in my life. It did hurt very badly, I must admit. I remember crying myself to sleep for one. The drama that was mentioned in AM1994 – Sandglass! It was a great drama. Many call it a masterpiece. But I remember watching the entire series being pissed at the female lead for failing to see the love of the bodyguard character. I knew he didn’t have a chance, but even so, I couldn’t understand why when he did so many things for the girl!

Leila: Yes. It really is. My fellow co-blogger clock keeps me sane. And I understood right away when she said that to NJ, it was only Oppa. Just him, all this time.

That aside, the story is still amazing!


Blue: I really love the idea of bunch of people from the countryside coming together and becoming family.It really was a brilliant idea by the AM 1994 writer.

Leila: Yes. And the bonding at the Sinchon Boarding house! Family. That’s why CB kept coming back there! The gang had the best display of friendship! It was awesome that they grew up together experiencing life. Not just simply chatting around.

Blue: Man, I seriously want to move in that boarding house! Ditto to what you said!

Leila: True!! I also want to try eating Omma’s enormous food servings! Lol. Imagine eating that amount, EVERYDAY!!

Blue: I know!

Leila: Drama really showed what it feels like to belong to a family. To have people to come home to. It is so meaningful.

Blue: And sad to say, it was a life lesson for me as well. For instance, when a friend calls and asks to meet up, there are times when I can but I’m just not up for it, you know? But I remember the friendship of those people at the boarding house, and it’s almost like a reminder for me that that’s the kind of friend and family member I should be to mine as well. I mean I should strive to be, just as I’d hope that others would be for me

Leila: True! How nice it is to have friends like them 🙂 that’s why it all made sense they are happy in 2013. Heartbreak aside.

Blue: It’s rare for a drama to give you that kind of reminder, you know?

Leila: That’s why I still choose to cherish this series. Because it gave me not only CB, but a family.

Blue: And it gave a family to CB as well, don’t forget! Hehe, I hope this talk made you feel a little better about facing the finale episode and coming to terms with NJ’s husband decision!

Leila: Touche! I think after the chaos that was last weekend. I’m more calm now. This isn’t a first heartache after all. Though I still hurt for CB. He brought a different kind of experience on top of all that. His love, I wouldn’t regret that I experienced how he endured it and chose to move on in the end.

Blue: Okay, it’s getting late here and so I got to go. But it’s always good chatting with you!

Leila: Blue you know how much I respect your views. So even if we are on a different side, I still read your posts. I just have a very stubborn heart. LOL. Thank you for this time! It meant a lot 🙂

Blue: And although we had a different opinion this time, I respect your views as well! Pleasure is all mine! Thanks, Leila!


  • Jomo says:

    Wow! This is awesome. What a great idea, too. Both sides lovingly and thoughtfully presented. I hope all who read this are healed by your efforts.

    I loved the final episode; it hit all the right notes with me and I sobbed as they said goodbye to the boarding house. Even knowing they are all friends in 2013, I was sad to see them watch that part of their life flow into the past.

    Oppa so loved NJ who so loved him back. CBie’s future happy life with Jung Yoo-mi does soothe some of the pain. Mostly because I know from other dramas she’s a good kisser. LOL.

    Thanks for doing this!!

  • Blue says:

    Thanks once again for this opportunity! It’s always fun to have a drama discussion with you!

    And re-reading through this again, I realized that I sometimes talked about what I was saying without addressing what you said. It really was unintentional, caused by the delay in twitter posting our comments. I was typing my comment and didn’t see yours pop up until after mine was already posted!

    • leila108 says:

      Yes, twitter was a bit slow! While editing this, I was surprised because our conversation was longer than I thought. Haha. But you know what, I didn’t even ramble anything, this is really our actual flow. It was easy to connect the phrases even if our reply was late. It was just so fluid, I’m so glad we were spontaneous! Our topic connected just as is, it really went well.

      This is definitely a great conversation that I wouldn’t mind repeating again! I really had a great time. Until the next one chingu!

  • saema says:

    THANKS! you guys, thank you for this amazing post!

  • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

    Thanks for this, ladies! It’s such an awesome idea and it’s great to see people who saw the drama with different eyes have such a lovely conversation.

    Blue, thanks again for this. And leila, you keep me sane too!

  • woonaah says:

    naaah..thanks a lot for reminding’s never about CB.. from the very first it’s always about NJ loves his oppa..

    totally agree with you..its YYS fault for making me falling in love with CB at the second half of the series. it’s my fault though who’s hoping that it ain’t over till it’s over..huaaaa..
    its really breaking my heart.

    And just like you Leila, me with my stubborn heart will stand with all CB shipper till the end.

  • oozzeee says:

    ,so this is where blue has been camping out? I was refreshing her blog to see her thoughts on ep 21..
    I started the series being a neutral, loving ol of d char, more so the second leads.. I was not firmly entrenched on a ship, just hoping that najung will get her HEA. But what sealed the deal for me was when Oppa’s drinking session with Haitai. I scoffed at Oppa’s reason at first, but then by the end of the episode, I understood his stance. It was not an easy situation to deal with, and his taking time to mull things over was what endeared him to me. That’s when I looked forward to how NJ-T relationship would unfold. I was still fine with CB being d endgame as long as they can convince me but I never saw any of d signs people were claiming as the pendulum swinging.
    As blue said, the love story was always about two people raised as siblings, realizing that they had romantic feelings for each other and how they were able to work through the problems that their history together brought about to become the couple they are today. Personally, I find this love story well written and very compelling.
    Re the time issue, you may think that we are making too many excuses for Oppa but I don’t think CB being there during his breaks diminishes Oppa’s love to NJ just bcoz he can’t do the same. If we are to reverse the situation and make CB the lead, wouldn’t we say that NJ is undeserving of his love bcoz it was always him making more effort, making time for her, loving her more and she only a receiver but doing nothing for him in return?
    Shipping wars aside, I love how the episode ended with SCP narrating, the boarding house closing and everything.. How it was a lookback on each of the characters, how they evolved to become who they are now. Thank you RP1994, the only kdrama that I watched live and completed this year. Apologies for the longest comment ever.
    Lastly, happy new year..

  • snowberry11 says:

    yap! I admit fall to Yoo Yeon Seok charm too much.. 😀
    After I watched the ending, I tried to be calm down and think about it.. First, I didn’t accept about ending. Not because T the husband, but there’s some cut didn’t answered yet.. But I agree about the writer give us about CB character too much hope, beside that Yoo Yeon Seok played very loveable. Btw, that’s drama.. I must admit we have different perspective. Let’s face this ending, I believe this drama make us learn about something at least. Watch with positive mind, be neutral for a minute 🙂
    But, me? I will stand with all CB shipper till the end.. Thanks for this post!

  • marinai says:

    Perfect ending 🙂 thanks for this discussion between the two ships!

  • shinko says:

    Nice collaborative post! I follow both your blogs so it was always interesting to jump between the two blogs to read the opposite side’s take on the same drama. Lots of love and respect to you both for this reconciliatory post! btw-I watched this drama with the background music translated and it was often a good indication of where the drama was headed.

  • lovcom00 says:

    Love to read this kind of confront <3 I was all for Chilbongie and I do agree over the fact that probably for a CB's shipper the most important thing in the show was CB's happiness, but they unfortunately choose to keep his happiness tightly tied with winning NJ over until the very end. For me he was like a manga character (Mitsuru Adachi, anyone?) or like that team of losers in a typical American film that ends up winning against the super favorite one, it is difficult not too cheer for someone so hardworking, fearless and faithful with all his beautiful quotes lol You see, I think he wasn't treated like a typical second lead (probably for the "guess the husband" thing too) and I'm usually for the wrist-grabber jerk who gets the girl in the end, so the problem wasn't with CB not getting the girl, but with the show choosing to keep him on hold with his unwavering feelings until episode 20. They had A LOT of time and episodes and all I was asking for was a little arc about his character (like for BG or HT), but I felt like they didn't give him a a closure that was worth of his weight and with this, all of his beautiful principles, that I've hold dear as a I am a little of a quitter and a coward, were crushed as well. Of course I do not hate the show as a whole, but I think the scriptwriter didn't understand just how much the CB's "It's not over until it's over" thing would have affected the viewers, if not, she would have definitely choose to do something about it, they had plenty of time.

    • leila108 says:

      Hi lovcomoo!

      You and I are on the same page, because for me I also didn’t treat Chil Bong as the second lead. That is why I was firm into believing he was the husband. What I saw in Chil Bong is a man that would risk anything for love. I thought that his waiting and his persistence would lead him to eventually have Na Jung. The moment he appeared, I thought Oppa and Na Jung is just going to remain in the Oppa-Dongsaeng zone. Chil Bong showed the kind of character that any girl could possibly ask for. He was made perfect in this series. Who wouldn’t fall for him?

      But I guess, in real life nobody really ends up with a perfect guy.

  • ki ki says:

    WOW! This is amazing discussion. BTW, I am heart broken CB shipper. 🙁
    I even haven’t watch Ep18 coz I want to wait and see who is end gain, unfortunately as expected 🙁

  • littleberry says:

    Thank you for the discussion. My mind is getting calmer now. Haha. But still, #TeamChilbongie forever. 🙂

  • dimmed says:

    after all the hectic fan war, it’s just soooooo nice to see 2 different ships discuss the drama with a civilized manner 😀 thanks for this blue & leila!

  • kdramas says:

    I agree with both view points but it still hurts!! A. LOT!! The pain hasn’t dulled a bit. I wish the writer would’ve made NJ tell all of those things to CB a few episodes back a confession ago. But then again if that had happened then we wouldn’t have had YYS shine in the last bunch of episodes. I solely blame him for making me fall madly in love with Chilbongie!! mrarghhhh…

  • pattys says:

    A strong indicator of the direction of the relationships- CB vs Trash + NJ- was that NJ and CB weren’t intellectual equals. There were a number of times in the series where NJ seems exasperated with CB’s lack of smarts. I don’t think they’d ever be happy together for that reason. Over the years it would cause their relationship to deteriorate.

    • liz says:

      lmao, so I was not the only one that noticed NJ’s face when CB showed he was not that smart into studies than sports. NJ was not amused and did not find it cute at all LOL

    • leila108 says:

      Hi Pattys!

      Very good point! Na Jung’s intellect really didn’t sit well with Chil Bong. Sure they have fun together but in the long run you would want someone who shares the same view. I think Oppa and Na Jung fit each other in this sense more. I remember that scene where they were all debating who is going to be Yoo Jin’s husband and both Na Jung and Oppa’s reasoning explains why they do jive and think alike.

      It was Chil Bong’s flaw. Na Jung is not superficial because if she is, she’s blind not to see Chil Bong’s assets.

      This drama is never the puppy love, first love, giddy love kinda thing. It really showed us what love actually is for real, what really happens in a relationship, and what we really look for in a person that we are gonna have for keeps.

  • VioletG says:

    This discussion made me love AM1994 more. And although I’m a Nareki shipper, I can’t deny that Chilbong is the stuff of dreams and legends. I’m happy that it was implied that he had his own happy ending.

    Nice one, chinggus!

  • DramaAddict says:

    Thanks for doing this like Blue said I was going to dismiss the series because it hurt so much when ChiBong didn’t get NaJung but after reading this it was a really GREAT drama.

  • Denali says:

    Kudos for being able to discuss without harming each other.

    Yet I am in the minority here, as I was on neither team. I know! Seems impossible to you, too, right? Whatever blog/forum I have browsed, it all seems to revolve around NJ/Trash/CB. The central story of NJ/Trash’s love for each other was undeniable, yet I wish the focus would have shifted towards every other interesting relationships, character/plot developments and actors.

  • Celski says:

    It was refreshing to see this type of discussion between two ships.

    I have been part of Team Chilbong since day one, and been having sleepless nights and nightmares about my sunken ship. Honestly, I was one of those CB shippers who thought this drama was a big disappointment. I apologize for being such an immature person. I felt disappointed because the ending was not the one I was hoping for. As time passes, I came to realize that though the drama did not turned out to how I wanted it to be, after all, this was still a great slice-of-life drama for it did emphasize family and friendship, not just love.

    I am thankful for meeting all the characters especially Chilbongie. As a CB shipper, I felt the connection with him. I hurt whenever he’s hurt. I cry whenever he cries. I have no idea why I relate to him so much.

    Thank you, Blue and Leila!
    Reading this discussion kind of mended my broken heart. I hope CB shippers and T shippers discuss this way. In that way, everybody will be at peace.

    • leila108 says:

      Hi Celski!

      We really can’t always have what we want. If we keep on pushing that, we will really end up disappointed. It is good to keep an open heart. A thing that I learned from Chil Bong is to love despite the hurt and to accept defeat no matter how hard it is. This is easier said than done, that’s why I feel for all Team Chil Bong because I have suffered the same. But on that note, I still wouldn’t let it ruin a good series like Answer Me 1994.

  • leila108 says:

    Thank you to all who shared their thoughts here! It’s nice to read all your response. What a venue to see all sides come here and feel good somehow. Blue and I are grateful 🙂

  • Mashimomo says:

    Although I already all along in my head that Trash is the husband, I really *can’t* help myself and fell in love with Chilbong anyway for all the things that he did for Na-jung. I did wish for a twist (which I know was very far-fetched, and felt that way since episode 13 maybe even earlier) that somehow all the trolling would amount to something for Chilbong, but of course that did not happen, and it shouldn’t! The fallout was inevitable but I stuck with Chilbong anyway, mainly because I identified with his loneliness and his desire to be loved. But I also agree with you and Blue’s conclusion, that all I wanted is Team CB happiness, whether or not he ended up with Na-jung. And the answer was there all along, in the 2013 episodes. He IS happy with the family he has now by finally recognizing that he gained a lot more by letting go of his one sided love.

    Another thought that came to me was would I have felt any different if I had watched the series well after its run as opposed to live watching it? And now I know, without the husband mystery it would NOT take away any enjoyment that I have for the show and maybe I would have seen it for what it is instead of my heart taking over. Which I think sucks because isn’t that the point of watching a good drama? I really think the downfall of the series was dragging the husband mystery for SO LONG that those who saw CB as a legitimate contender kept hoping for a reversal, when it was so obvious all along to the Trash-Najung fans that this is really about their love story, and it just got frustrating on both sides trying to explain what their perceptions are and created polarizing views (as you guys said, we’re all watching 2 totally different dramas!). I really blame it squarely on the narrative and keeping the non-mystery alive so viewers will be engaged till the end. But for me I can look past that and truly enjoyed the other moments that the show is so good at and how ALL the characters endeared to me and for that AM1994 deserves a special place in my drama watching heart.

    All in all, a great discussion from differing view points! I like it when viewers agree to disagree and were able to share opinions without being personal, which unfortunately was not the case with this show and its epic fan wars. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with us.

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